Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Accidentally Becoming a High-Quality Alpha

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The sun was scorching, casting its rays on An Lan’s back, soaking his cotton T-shirt with sweat.

Sweat trickled down his forehead, hanging on his chin. As An Lan’s body moved with coordinated muscle contractions, that droplet of sweat, in free fall, left a small dark mark on the safety mat.

By now, he was almost climbing to the second floor, his knees bent. The lines from his arms to his waist were both taut and relaxed, indicating the use of skill.

An Lan’s right foot rested on the pivotal point of the water pipe. Finally, with a push, he smoothly reached the window of the changing room. He still had the inhibitor box in his mouth, not daring to bite too hard, afraid of accidentally breaking the syringe inside.

On the ground just below him were stacked three or four layers of mats, and several staff members looked at him nervously.

They all had work badges around their necks, with the words “Provincial Shooting Range” written on them.

“An Lan, be careful. That water pipe doesn’t seem very stable. Don’t slip!”

“Oh, we shouldn’t have let him take the risk…”

“Don’t shout at him randomly. What if he gets distracted and falls? What do we do then?”

An Lan, reaching his destination, breathed a sigh of relief. He gripped the window ledge with one hand and knocked on the glass of the changing room with the other.

The entire changing room was dark, with only the sunlight from outside illuminating a small area. An Lan pressed his face against the glass to look inside, faintly seeing someone sitting in the corner of the changing room.

That person lowered their head, enveloped in shadows, with a tall and well-defined shoulder silhouette. Even in a self-contained posture, there was a sense of strength.

Truly a high-quality Alpha’s physique, naturally suitable for an athlete.

An Lan, a beta, would not sense the pheromones of an alpha during his susceptible period , no matter how intense they were.

But at this moment, the darkness seemed to become a part of that alpha, spreading infinitely, and the oppressive feeling rushed overwhelmingly.

How to approach without getting too close?

Wait a minute, is the window unlocked?

An Lan used his fingers to pry open the gap in the window, exerting all his strength. His foot slipped, almost causing him to fall, but fortunately, the other hand caught him. It was truly a nerve-wracking moment. He heard a faint sound of bones between his wrist, indicating a slight twist.

D*mn… truly unlucky!

The window was finally opened.

As An Lan was about to climb in, the previously silent alpha suddenly spoke.

“Get out.”

Just two words, but they sharpened An Lan’s auditory nerves like wood shavings after a burning blaze.

An Lan swallowed, knowing that alphas during their susceptible period could be aggressive. He carefully placed the inhibitor on the inside windowsill of the changing room.

“I’m leaving… make sure to take this medicine, or else…”

“Thank you, I will.”

For some reason, the other person’s commitment made An Lan feel that his efforts were respected.

He retreated from the window ledge, casually closing the window to leave only a crack, and then slid down the drainage pipe.

“The medicine has been delivered, and he said he’ll use it.”

After An Lan finished speaking, everyone applauded sincerely, expressing genuine admiration and gratitude.

However, An Lan couldn’t force a smile because he had just injured his wrist.

In this provincial shooting competition, where young and talented marksmen gathered, no one anticipated that an omega contestant would suddenly go into heat. His pheromones, like a silent bomb, rapidly spread within the enclosed shooting range, affecting almost all the alphas present.

Alphas and omegas were evacuated from the scene, and the beta staff at the shooting range were insufficient. Beta contestants volunteered to help join the staff to maintain order and distribute inhibitors.

The situation was chaotic at first, but order was quickly restored within a short time.

At this moment, An Lan and his group received news that a high-quality Alpha, in self-isolation, had locked himself in the changing room on the second floor. Staff detected through the gap in the door that his pheromone concentration had far exceeded the limit tolerable by a normal alpha. It was imperative to use inhibitors immediately. Otherwise, before the Alpha Management Committee arrived, this high-quality Alpha might have already lost his sanity.

However, the changing room door was sturdy, and without special equipment, it couldn’t be forced open. The high-quality Alpha was desperately suppressing his destructive instincts. At a critical juncture between man and nature, no matter how they shouted for him to open the door, he showed no response.

This led to the scene where An Lan climbed to the window to deliver the inhibitor.

It was said that the high-quality Alpha was now fine. However, An Lan, avoiding the other staff, went to the restroom at the end of the second floor. He leaned over the sink, splashing water on his face.

Looking at his hands, trembling slightly, the pain from the recent wrist injury became more apparent. An Lan knew he had to give up the competition.

Reluctant… Clearly, he was in such good condition for this competition, even reaching the finals, but now he had to withdraw due to an injury.

He didn’t even dare to tell his parents the truth—this was because he got injured meddling in others’ affairs.

But in such an urgent situation, if he didn’t help, a shooting contestant might collapse or even go insane due to pheromones. The contestant wouldn’t just lose the chance to participate in the finals but potentially their entire life.

Oh well, victory and defeat are fated; gains and losses follow the heart.

An Lan wiped away the tears of frustration from his face and took a deep breath.

Just as he was turning around, he suddenly noticed what seemed to be… bloodstains on the floor of the restroom compartment?

And the door to this compartment was tightly locked, indicating someone was inside.

“Hey, buddy, are you okay?”

An Lan knocked on the door a couple of times.

No one responded to An Lan, but he could still discern the suppressed sound of breathing.

The air solidified into a thick cage, imprisoning the other person’s breath, with silent waves of turmoil struggling to find an exit.

An Lan took a sharp breath—perhaps locked inside was another alpha entering their susceptible period!

Thinking of his injured wrist, An Lan no longer had the energy to mind others’ business. He decided to call the competition organizing committee.

The sound of An Lan unlocking his phone screen startled the alpha in confinement.

“Don’t make a call.”

The hoarse voice sounded, sending a sudden chill down An Lan’s nerves.

“But what you’re doing is useless. You need professional help.”

An Lan tried to make his voice gentle, reducing the other’s hostility.

“I can do it.”

His voice was soft yet determined, carrying a distant desire for intimacy, contradictory and trembling.

“No, you can’t. Your breathing is heavy.”

Not to mention he was also bleeding, indicating he was injured.

“I can endure it.”

The other’s voice remained resolute, even with a hint of oppression.

Were these alphas confident or arrogant, thinking they could overcome any situation with their strong will?

An Lan sighed helplessly, “Are you afraid of being confined and missing the finals?”

The other person didn’t answer again, indicating An Lan’s guess was correct.

“The finals… Do you have a significant opponent?” An Lan probed.

After a long time, the other finally answered, “Yes.”

“Hopefully, your opponent is worth the price you’re paying. Where are your personal belongings? Is there an inhibitor inside?”

“KD26… Password 3342.”

Hearing this, An Lan’s head throbbed. They were currently in the east wing of the shooting range, and the storage locker KD26 should be in the west wing. Presumably, this player, who locked himself in the restroom, participated in two events, with the previous event taking place in the west wing.

“Don’t ask others for help.”

This command was less authoritative than before, more like an agreement.

“If the inhibitor works for you.”

After saying that, An Lan quickly ran out, against the direction of the staff. Squeezing through the crowd, he finally made it through the passage. He saw the Alpha Management Committee arriving, pressing several alphas who had lost their sanity to the ground, injecting inhibitors and tranquilizers, and then putting on specially made handcuffs before forcibly pushing them into isolation vehicles.

Like handling beasts that escaped from cages.

Those alphas, once proud and spirited, now looked so miserable in the blink of an eye.

An Lan felt a bit panicked. Although he didn’t know who was in the restroom, that person consciously isolated himself, and until now, he hadn’t lost his sanity. An Lan didn’t want him to fail in his efforts and be treated like that.

Finally, he reached the storage locker in the west wing. An Lan anxiously searched and finally found KD26. He entered the password, and the locker popped open.

An Lan didn’t have time to search. He grabbed the other person’s sports bag, slung it over his shoulder, and began to run.

“Make way! Make way!”

He ran back in one breath, locked the restroom door, and panting, he reached the compartment.

“Hey… are you still conscious?”


An Lan took a deep breath, opened the other person’s bag, and pulled out a box of inhibitors—all in foreign language, imported high-quality goods.

Removing the outer seal of the inhibitors, An Lan placed the syringe through the gap in the door and pushed it inside. Before long, he heard the sound of the other person removing the needle cap, followed by a soft “hiss”—the sound of the medicine being injected.

This time, An Lan nearly ran out of breath. He leaned backward and ended up lying on the tiled floor.

The inhibitor takes five minutes to take effect, and it might take ten to thirty minutes to bring the high concentration of pheromones down to a normal level.

Turning his head to the side, An Lan noticed that the open bag had disinfectant cotton pads and bandages.


An Lan knocked on the compartment’s door, “Hey, friend… Can you show me where you’re bleeding? I see you have bandages and disinfectant in your bag. Uh… I won’t look at your face, okay?”

In reality, An Lan didn’t expect the other person to respond. After all, alphas in their susceptible period had a strong self-isolation awareness, not allowing anyone to intrude into their territory. Moreover, their alpha pride wouldn’t allow others to witness their most embarrassed and vulnerable moments.

But unexpectedly, the door lock clicked open with a “clack,” and an arm stretched out, the palm slowly turning upward. An Lan’s pupils quivered, and he held his breath.

There was a wound in the palm, deep, and blood seeped out along the lines of the hand, dripping from the fingertips and the wrist.

“How did you get this injury?” An Lan asked anxiously. This wound was so deep that it might affect the stability of holding the gun.

If he dared to injure his left hand, the coach would surely give him a severe beating.

The alpha on the other side of the door remained silent and didn’t answer. Just as he was about to retract his hand, An Lan, in a hurry, grabbed his wrist.

The other person noticeably trembled.

“Don’t move.”

An Lan knelt by the door, placing the other’s arm on his knee, and opened a bottle of mineral water. He washed away the bloodstains around the wound, carefully disinfected it, and checked if there was anything embedded in the wound.

“This wound needs stitches,” An Lan sighed. He wrapped it with a bandage to prevent exposure to air, which could lead to infection.

“Does it hurt?”

He didn’t expect the other person to answer, but a soft “not painful” came from the other side of the door.

The voice was not loud but clear, and somewhat gentle.

An Lan smiled and was about to push the other person’s hand back to the other side of the door. Unexpectedly, the other person turned the tables, grabbing An Lan’s hand.

He had great strength, urgent. An Lan, in a hurry, almost opened the door, but the other person stopped him.

“Don’t look at me.”

“Oh…” An Lan’s other hand propped against the doorframe, awkwardly turning his face away.

He tried to pull his hand back, but the other person gripped An Lan’s hand more forcefully. An Lan didn’t expect an alpha’s strength to be so great; he almost used his other foot to kick on the doorframe for leverage to retract his hand.

The bones in An Lan’s fingers felt like they were being crushed, yet the person inside remained motionless.

“Friend…what’s wrong with you? If you use such force, the wound might reopen!” An Lan became anxious.

“Don’t move; it’ll be fine in a moment.”

The other’s voice came softly, and An Lan froze.

An Lan plopped down on the ground next to the door, leaning against the door frame. He had just glanced at the other person through the crack in the door when the other spoke, “Please don’t look at me.”

Hmm, quite sensitive, An Lan thought.

Although it was just a glance, he saw the other person bowing their head, the other hand hanging limply at their side, looking quite dispirited.

It was also quite heart-wrenching.

Everything became quiet. It wasn’t the kind of quiet related to sound because they could still hear various noises coming from outside the bathroom. The real quietness was within their hearts.

An Lan closed his eyes, feeling the other person lifting his hand and placing it on his forehead, as if he could find great solace from An Lan.

“Hey… you’ll be okay. When it comes to the finals… you’ll definitely win against your opponent.”


As soon as he spoke, the breath between his lips overflowed onto An Lan’s palm, causing An Lan’s fingers to tremble uncontrollably.

“Your opponent won’t be more formidable than the susceptible period.”

The other person didn’t speak again but turned their face, pressing against An Lan’s wrist and taking a sniff.

This action accelerated An Lan’s heartbeat because his omega friends had told him that besides the back of the neck, an alpha smelling the wrist was also a suggestive behavior, indicating that he was fascinated by your scent.

“Hey, I… I need to go to the match…”

An Lan became nervous. Friend, I’m a beta; I don’t have pheromones.

“Just a little longer.”

The other person’s voice became more suppressed and hoarse, indicating that the medicine was starting to take effect, forcibly neutralizing the excess pheromones in his body.

An Lan’s senses became acute. It seemed he could hear the trembling of the other person’s bones. Impulse and enforcement formed two forces, clashing and confronting each other in his bloodstream like a mighty army, making the young alpha extremely uncomfortable.

He forcefully smelled An Lan’s wrist, as if trying to break through the constraints of the skin, feeling his flesh, bones, and everything that constituted An Lan.

An Lan didn’t dare to look at that alpha, feeling a softness on his wrist. He wasn’t sure what had pressed against it, but the other person’s nose slowly moved upward, finally stopping in An Lan’s palm.

It was a devout posture, as if An Lan were a deity controlling all his breaths and heartbeats.

His grip on An Lan’s wrist tightened, as if trying to squeeze An Lan’s hand into his heart… or perhaps imploring An Lan to hold onto his heart tightly, not allowing him to fall into a darker darkness.

“Are you… feeling better now…?”

An Lan’s wrist was injured, and he really worried that the other person might crush his hand.

“Thank you.”

Suddenly, the alpha let go of An Lan.

Exhaling a breath, An Lan conscientiously closed the compartment door behind him.

“Haven’t you ever worried that I might lose control?” The voice of the alpha, now sounding tired due to dehydration and mental torment, echoing when An Lan left.

An Lan hesitated for a moment and whispered, “I have worried, but you insisted on staying in this small space, unwilling to give up. Is it to win against that opponent in the finals? Do you care more about winning or facing your opponent again?”

“My opponent is important,” came the reply.

The voice, once dry and seemingly on the verge of bleeding, surprisingly cleared up when mentioning that opponent.

“Promises are more important than victories, so I believe in your self-control.”

Now thinking about it, An Lan realized he had been too reckless.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the finals.”

He was firm, like an anchor plunging into the depths of the sea in the dark night.

An Lan paused, and it sounded as if he were the opponent the other wouldn’t give up on.

“Thank you.”

Leaving the shooting range, An Lan immediately went to the hospital.

Probably due to the major incident at the shooting range today, the entire hospital was bustling. Several alphas, it was said, had been sent here for isolation.

An Lan registered, got an X-ray, and the doctor’s diagnosis was within An Lan’s expectations. Soft tissue injury to the wrist—it was impossible to participate in precision sports like shooting during this period. Moreover, the recoil of the gun could exacerbate An Lan’s wrist condition.

Seated outside the examination room, An Lan sent a message to his coach: [Coach, I’m sorry, my wrist is injured and needs two weeks to recover. Please help me withdraw from the finals.]

After sending this message, An Lan rested his forehead against his phone, tears streaming down.

Originally, he felt a bit uncomfortable, but when that alpha in the bathroom said he would meet him in the finals, An Lan found this discomfort intensifying, pressing on his heart.

Because… someone was also looking forward to a showdown with him.

Thinking about it, An Lan smiled bitterly again. It was just the other person’s polite words. After all, the other’s final event might not be the ten-meter moving target; there were also three-position competitions and team events.

“Does anyone have Su Songning’s version of ‘City of Love’ in their phone?”

“No, sorry.”

“Sister, do you have Su Songning’s ‘City of Love’ in your phone?”

“Su Songning’s version… it’s been over ten years, right? It’s long out of print. I have a new version covered by a young diva, do you want that?”

“No need, thank you. I only want Su Songning’s version.”

As An Lan wiped away the moisture at the corner of his eyes, a girl in a middle school uniform, around twelve or thirteen years old, came up to him with an anxious expression.

“Brother, do you… do you know Su Songning?” The girl opened her mouth, watching An Lan’s confused expression. She sighed and lowered her head. “Forget it.”

“I know Su Songning’s ‘City of Love.’ I have it on my phone.” An Lan took out his phone and played a segment of the audio.

Su Songning’s gentle and nostalgic voice filled the air, and the girl’s expression turned from worried to joyful.

“Brother, my phone got stepped on and broke. Can I borrow your phone to let someone listen to Su Songning’s song? I’ll give it back to you in five minutes!”

Under normal circumstances, one wouldn’t agree, as who knows what a stranger might do with your phone?

But this girl had been searching for Su Songning, and the person she wanted to share the song with was surely very important to her.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you! I’ll give it back to you in a while. Wait for me!” With that, the girl ran upstairs with the phone.

“Student, you just handed your phone to her like that. Aren’t you afraid she might be trying to scam you?” A kind-hearted lady waiting to see a doctor reminded from the side.

“She probably isn’t a scammer. Su Songning’s songs are all out of print, and if she wanted to scam, she wouldn’t choose Su Songning.” An Lan smiled.

In fact, not being able to participate in the finals made him feel quite disappointed. Just now, he told the coach that he wanted to withdraw, and now his WeChat was probably going to explode. If someone took away his phone, at least he could enjoy some peace for a while.

Leaning back against the chair, An Lan covered himself with the shooting suit and took a short nap.

Unconsciously, he fell asleep until something poked his cheek.

Turning his head, An Lan found it was the middle school girl who borrowed his phone.

“Brother, sorry for making you wait for so long. You’ve fallen asleep.”

“I’m fine.” An Lan took back his phone. “What about you? Is the person who wanted to listen to the song okay now?”

The girl looked at An Lan’s shooting suit and said, “He’s fine now. He’s my brother, just like you, was supposed to participate in the shooting competition. But due to an unexpected accident, he entered his susceptible period…”

An Lan was stunned. “Is he in isolation here?”

“Yes. He’s been greatly affected; I heard he used several inhibitors… When he woke up, he had no reaction to the world around him. The doctor said he needed a stimulus to bring him back.”

“He really likes Su Songning’s song?”

“No… Su Songning is the most important person to us.”

An Lan felt a bit sad upon hearing this. Because Su Songning had committed suicide many years ago.

“I’m glad your older brother has awakened.”

Talking about her older brother, the girl’s expression became lively. “Yes! My older brother has woken up, and you want to guess the first thing he said?”

“What did he say?” An Lan asked with a smile. Perhaps he wanted a cola?

“He said, ‘Whose phone is this? It smells good.'” The girl looked at An Lan expectantly.

An Lan paused for a moment and chuckled.

“Sorry, I’m a beta. I don’t have a scent.”

With that, An Lan patted the girl’s shoulder reassuringly and turned to leave.

The chaotic day came to an end just like that.

An Lan’s hope of improving his college entrance exam scores through the provincial shooting competition rankings fell through. The next competition would be a month before the college entrance exams.

For now, he had to return to campus life, focusing on academic courses and practicing mock exams.

At night, leaning against his pillow, An Lan turned over and fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 1: Why Can I Smell Pheromones?

Feeling drowsy in spring and fatigued in autumn—universal truths.

Not to mention the first class in the afternoon, where almost everyone in the classroom struggled to keep their eyes open to look at the blackboard. 

Most students’ eyelids felt like they were coated with thick glue, yearning to stick together immediately.

An Lan had been growing taller recently, and at night, apart from occasional cramps in his calves, he mostly felt drowsy. At this moment, his forehead was almost drooping onto the desk.

“Grant me dreams, grant me wakefulness,” that undoubtedly came from the math teacher.

“An Lan, come up and answer this question.”

Suddenly, dozens of half-asleep brains awakened, all looking in An Lan’s direction.

An Lan took a deep breath. Who knew what the math teacher had just been talking about?

He pulled the sleeve of his desk mate, Qiao Chuluo. This was a critical moment of mutual assistance between brothers.

You help me, I help you.

If you don’t help me, next time, I’ll dance on your grave.

But Qiao Chuluo, unexpectedly, just lowered his head, showing no response.

An Lan tugged at Qiao Chuluo again, but he still didn’t react. Could this guy also be sleeping like a log?

An Lan cast a sidelong glance at Qiao Chuluo, who had his head down, suppressing his breath, with a blush on his fair neck, like a trembling quail.

Was Qiao Chuluo uncomfortable?

There seemed to be a faint and sweet fragrance lingering in the air. An Lan sniffed hard, with a slight sweetness, like the scent of golden osmanthus.

It wasn’t osmanthus blooming season, though.

From the back row of the classroom came the sound of desks moving. It sounded anxious, restless, and there was a sense of urgency.

An Lan remembered that most of the alpha classmates sat in the back rows because of their tall stature.

What happened to them?

As he pondered, An Lan felt a tickle in his throat. It was like smoke lingering in his lungs, extinguished yet still choking, and he really wanted to pour a large glass of ice water and gulp it down.

“An Lan, do you know how to solve this problem?” The math teacher knocked on the blackboard.

An Lan looked at the blackboard and realized it was a big problem, but he couldn’t concentrate. Subconsciously, he was thinking about that faint smell of sweet osmanthus.

Suddenly, a clear and cold voice rang out.

“All alphas, leave the classroom.”

Short and decisive.

Even though An Lan was in a strange trance, he could easily identify who the speaker was.

This person rarely spoke. Once he did, he instantly attracted everyone’s attention—Gu Liyu.

The faintly sweet fragrance, like a light veil floating on the water’s surface, was suddenly dispelled by Gu Liyu’s voice, and a thin frost instantly spread out, freezing the gentle ripples.

Several tall classmates quickly left. Each one, when passing by Qiao Chuluo, instinctively turned their heads away.

One of them even staggered slightly. He lowered his head, rested one hand on the corner of the desk, and stared at Qiao Chuluo’s neck for a moment.

“Student Li Zhennan, don’t dawdle. Leave the classroom quickly,” the math teacher’s voice sounded.

Li Zhennan gritted his teeth, red faced, and walked out.

About a fifth of the classroom emptied instantly.

A male student walked to the math teacher’s side, speaking gently, “Teacher, you stay here to maintain order. I’ll go call the school doctor to bring inhibitors.”

The person was their class monitor and Chinese class representative, Xu Xingran… an alpha.

The monitor, Xu Xingran, scanned over more than half of the classroom and loudly said, “Xiao Chen, stop sleeping and come out quickly.”

A figure hunched over in the last row moved, slowly lifting its head.

Named Xiao Chen, the young man had deep eye sockets, with the corners of his eyes slightly upturned, resembling a sharp blade. However, his current gaze seemed a bit bewildered.

Xiao Chen basically slept through every math class, and what made the math teacher embarrassed was… Xiao Chen was also the class representative for math.

Initially, the teacher used to wake him up and ask questions, but he answered each question fluently.

Then, one day, the math teacher couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Chen, as a math class representative, can you give me a little face?”

“I’ve given you face, haven’t I? Did I not rank first in math? Or did I talk to other students during class?”

The math teacher choked and took out a quick-acting heart pill. After that, Xiao Chen was never called upon again.

Now, Xiao Chen stood up, casting a somewhat oppressive shadow in front of him, and then walked past Qiao Chuluo without even glancing at him.

Yawning as he walked.

As if the sweet scent had no effect on him whatsoever.

Xu Xingran stood at the classroom door, reminding once again, “Alpha students in the class, please leave as soon as possible. Although you are confident that you won’t be affected, you might affect other classmates.”

An Lan felt a moment of confusion. He thought Xu Xingran was looking at him, but he was just a beta.

Someone walked from the diagonal back row to his side, grabbed his shoulder, firm and warm. With a strong pull, he was forcibly taken away from his seat.

Until they left the building, An Lan watched the school doctor in a white coat rush past him, and his bewildered mind suddenly woke up.

He found himself half-clasped in someone’s arms. When he raised his head, he found that it was Gu Liyu, the one who had been the first to remind all alphas to leave.

His eyes were like a deep ancient well, cold and distant, making it impossible for people to see the world beneath the well’s surface.

“What happened?”

As soon as An Lan spoke, Gu Liyu let go of him, walked to the side, and leaned against the wall, continuing to be a silent and quietly present man.

On the other hand, class monitor Xu Xingran walked over and said to An Lan, “It seems like the suppressant of your desk mate has worn off, and he has entered a rather susceptible period.”

The so-called “susceptible period” should refer to the heat period.

An Lan had been playing with Qiao Chuluo since kindergarten. In the second year of junior high, Qiao Chuluo differentiated, and he had told An Lan that his pheromones smelled like golden osmanthus. An Lan had been curious about what that scent was like, and later, Qiao Chuluo directly fried sweet osmanthus-flavored rice cakes for him.

This incident changed An Lan’s impression of Qiao Chuluo’s pheromones. He always thought it was… the smell of fried rice cakes. And today, when he smelled the scent of golden osmanthus, he didn’t immediately realize it was Qiao Chuluo’s pheromones.

“So… the fragrance of osmanthus is Ah Luo’s pheromones?” An Lan tilted his head.

Xu Xingran squinted his eyes. “You smelled it?”

An Lan was stunned. He suddenly realized a problem—how could he, a beta, smell Qiao Chuluo’s pheromones?

“How old are you?” Xu Xingran asked.

“Eighteen.” An Lan didn’t understand why the class monitor asked such a question. Aren’t they all about the same age?

“An Lan… do you want to get a check-up?” Xu Xingran suggested.

Xiao Chen, who was playing with his phone with his head down, smirked, “Oh, congratulations. You might be an alpha. Although since you’re differentiating at this age, you probably won’t be high-quality.”

An Lan was dumbfounded. He could smell Qiao Chuluo’s pheromones, so he must be an alpha?

“What if I’m an Omega?” An Lan subconsciously asked.

After he said this, Xiao Chen, who was playing with his phone, paused and looked at An Lan carefully, then smiled, “Let me imagine, what would this student look like if he became beautiful?”

His voice was drawn out, with a hint of teasing and playfulness.

Xu Xingran also froze. “So… An Lan, do you prefer to be an Omega?”

“No, what I mean is, can only alphas smell Omega pheromones?” An Lan asked.

“I guessed based on your reaction at that time. You looked like you were affected by Qiao Chuluo’s pheromones. Did you know that you lowered your head and leaned toward Qiao Chuluo’s neck? If it weren’t for Gu Liyu taking you out, I would have suspected you might bite your desk mate.” Xu Xingran explained.

An Lan was dumbfounded.

If he dared to bite Qiao Chuluo, Little Qiao would definitely lift the desk and smash it on his head.

“Oh, I see.” An Lan remembered that when he was absent-minded, it was Gu Liyu who took him out of the classroom. He subconsciously looked in Gu Liyu’s direction.

He remembered that Gu Liyu had been standing against the wall before, but he didn’t know when Gu Liyu had also looked over, as if it was when An Lan mentioned the possibility of being an Omega.

Maybe it was an illusion, but Gu Liyu’s hand in his school pants pocket seemed to be clenched into a fist. Was he nervous about something?

Xu Xingran also looked at him, making An Lan uncomfortable.

“Class monitor, why have you been staring at me?” An Lan asked.

Before Xu Xingran could speak, Xiao Chen raised his voice and said, “Xu Xingran, that seemingly serious old hooligan, might be thinking about how to get you if you turn out to be an Omega.”

An Lan widened his eyes and looked in Xiao Chen’s direction. He suspected he had misheard.

Xu Xingran didn’t get angry at all. He just said calmly, “In the eyes of an old hooligan, the world is tinted with hooligan colors.”

“Tsk.” Xiao Chen lowered his head to continue playing with his phone and coolly replied, “Why not guess which one of us three is the best at pretending?”

The “three of us” in Xiao Chen’s mouth probably referred to himself, Xu Xingran, and Gu Liyu.

During the school physical examination earlier, alphas had a mandatory test—A value. The assessments of the pheromones for these three were all A+.

The higher an alpha’s A value, the more outstanding their growth and evolution would be in terms of physical strength and brain development.

However, everything had two sides. While they were more outstanding than ordinary people, they were also more prone to extreme emotions, and their possessiveness and destructive desires were stronger than ordinary alphas. Especially during the susceptible period, these alphas could be extremely dangerous.

But on these three, An Lan had almost never seen such negative emotions.

Xu Xingran was calm and steady, with a moderate temperament as the class monitor with excellent popularity.

As for Gu Liyu, let alone extreme emotions, they had been classmates for three years of high school, and this guy… almost had no emotions. No one had seen him smile, and even fewer had seen him get angry.

As for Xiao Chen, his behavior was much more outrageous, but he was far from reaching the point of being violent or arbitrarily hurting others.

So, for An Lan, a beta, they were just classmates with excellent grades but no opportunity to get to know each other deeply.

The morning classes couldn’t be attended anymore. An Lan accepted Xu Xingran’s suggestion, asked for leave from the teacher, and went to a hospital near the school to have his blood drawn for tests.

At this age, testing pheromones was met with strange looks from the doctors during the registration process.

When he rolled up his sleeves in the blood collection room, the nurse was looking for his blood vessels and seemed a bit nervous.

At this moment, the head nurse answered a phone call, and her expression suddenly became serious. When she saw An Lan, she hurried over, “Don’t come over! I’ll handle this student!”

But An Lan said, “It’s okay. Let this sister do it for me. It’s just a blood sample, not surgery.”

“How can I use you to practice? Uh, you go make a cup of sugar water for this student. After drawing blood, let him drink sugar water.” The head nurse insisted on doing it herself.

Upon hearing this, An Lan also felt apologetic. The head nurse was so enthusiastic. It was different from the legend outside that said one, two, three, draw blood, and then leave.

An Lan walked out, faintly hearing the nurses discussing.

“Head Nurse, weren’t you too kind to that student just now?”

“The hospital director personally called me and said that a high school boy would come for a blood test, and we must take good care of him.”

An Lan touched his nose, feeling that the head nurse must have mistaken him for someone else. How would he know the director of a hospital?

But after a few steps, An Lan felt strange again. Why could he hear the voices of those nurses discussing so clearly?

The doctor, holding his test results, frowned and looked for a long time before ordering more examinations for An Lan.

“Do I need to do all these exams?” 

The doctor nodded, “We must do it, your are is particularly unique, and we need to consider many factors comprehensively to draw conclusions.”


An Lan came randomly and didn’t have much money with him. His parents were still at work, and if they knew he came to the hospital, they would definitely worry. So, he had to borrow some money from his older sister, who was in college.

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