Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The First Speculation – Who Could It Be?

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The parents nagged for a long time, talking about how society is chaotic these days and how some people are involved in illicit activities like dealing with EVE’S APPLE. They insisted that An Lan should come straight home after school.

While eating braised pork ribs, An Lan wondered if he was really heading towards alpha differentiation. Why did he feel so much like an omega?

The math mock exam left by the teacher tonight was a bit challenging. In the group named “Since Ancient Times, Male Gods Emerge from Class 1,” people were discussing it enthusiastically.

An Lan realized he had joined quite a few groups, one for the class with the homeroom teacher, one without the homeroom teacher, a school-wide omega and omega-friendly group, and others.

Chen Naonao, that guy, directly posted in the group: “[Who can let me copy the last question? I’ll send a red envelope to whoever helps!]”

Soon, the messages went from +1 to +10086. An Lan spread out the math paper, tried to do it, stumbling through but unexpectedly arriving at an answer. He wasn’t sure if it was correct.

At this moment, someone named “The Sleeper” said: “[Now, shake your heads, everyone.]”

After a brief silence, the group exploded.

“[D*mn! Is this not our math class representative?]”

“[Hasn’t this account always been dormant?]”

“[Xiao Chen, the math god? Is it really you? Have you finally woken up?]”

“[Shake heads!]”

“[Shake heads!]”

“[Shake heads!]”

“[Shake heads!]”

Nearly fifty people in the class, and three-quarters of them were shaking their heads. Xiao Chen rarely spoke in the WeChat group, and everyone was expressing their loyalty desperately.

The Sleeper replied, “[After shaking your head, did you hear the sound of water?]” 


An Lan coughed. The math class representative in their class really knew how to have fun. 

What’s more, those lackeys in the group actually responded with, “[Heard it],” forming a formation as neat as when they had just shaken their heads.

After a minute, The Sleeper suddenly posted a picture, and the group exploded again.

Because on that picture was the answer to the last question.

Xiao Chen’s handwriting, like his person, carried a wild and unrestrained aura. At first glance, it looked like wild grass growing freely between heaven and earth.

An Lan opened the full-sized image, squinting to carefully identify Xiao Chen’s handwriting, and finally confirmed that his answer was the same.

Then he reluctantly went to look at Xiao Chen’s solution.

Xiao Chen deserved his title as the first in math in their school. His problem-solving approach was even more clever and simple. An Lan took a detour to arrive at the answer, but Xiao Chen effortlessly took a shortcut.

At this moment, The Sleeper spoke again: “[Where are the red envelopes?]”

Following that, Chen Naonao and the others, who were leading, began sending red envelopes.

Xiao Chen conducted it like an investigation, addressing each one individually.

For Xiao Chen, no one dared to play any 0.66 tricks, and the smallest red envelope was 13.14 yuan.

After all the red envelopes were opened, The Sleeper unexpectedly circled An Lan’s WeChat.

The Sleeper: “[@An Lan, always wanting to sleep, don’t think I don’t know you’re peeking at the screen. Where’s the red envelope?]”

An Lan almost choked on his own saliva.

This Xiao Chen, why did he only circle him? What about Qiao Chuluo? What about Li Zhennan?

And what about Gu Liyu and Xu Xingran?

Why only him, and why was he being extorted?

An Lan refused to give, plus he had no money in his WeChat anyway.

An Lan directly replied: “[Your writing is too wild; I can’t understand it.]”

The group suddenly fell silent.

At this moment, another picture was posted, and it was from the class monitor, Xu Xingran.

Xu Xingran: “[@An Lan, always wanting to sleep, can you see this?]”

The awkward and silent group erupted once again. Xu Xingran’s calligraphy, already elegant and graceful, made even Arabic numerals look beautiful.

Just looking at it felt soothing, and An Lan immediately saved Xu Xingran’s solution picture.

Classmates in the group began praising enthusiastically.

“[We can see it! We can see it! The class monitor’s handwriting is neat and beautiful!]”

“[What a significant day today, first Xiao Chen, the math god, solves the problem, and now the class monitor supplements it. If I don’t get into college, I’m letting down the heavens and earth!]”

“[Saving Xiao Chen and the class monitor’s problem-solving steps on my phone for a lifetime! This is my youth!]”

An Lan smiled and replied: “[Thank you, class monitor.]”

The Sleeper: “[D*mn, I’m not coming out anymore.]”

“[No! Don’t go, Math Class Representative!]”

“[You’re our dad!]”

“[Ask the heavens and the earth, see if our hearts are filled!]”

This message was from Fat Flower, who clearly intended to say “sincere heart” but ended up saying “filled heart.”

The Sleeper: “[]”

This greeting left room for a lot of imagination, whether it was resentment before going berserk or Xiao Chen trying to figure out what a ‘filled heart’ was.

Fat Flower immediately retracted that message and then resent: “[See our sincere hearts!]”

Tonight, the group was destined to be lively, but An Lan closed the group to concentrate on homework.

In the following days, with Li Zhennan no longer bothering Qiao Chuluo, An Lan and the others enjoyed a comfortable period.

An Lan went to the hospital to check his hormone levels, accompanied by his parents.

The attending doctor frowned as he looked at An Lan’s test report, making An Lan nervous.

“I told you not to take any drugs that could disrupt pheromones… but you unexpectedly used Eve’s Apple, causing a disturbance in your pheromone system.”

An Lan’s parents became anxious upon hearing this.

“Doctor, is this serious?”

“To say it’s serious, it won’t endanger your life or affect your physical health. To say it’s not serious… An Lan, before, your pheromones leaned towards alpha, but due to the influence of Eve’s Apple, it now leans towards omega.”

After the doctor’s words, An Lan’s mother became unsettled. “Doctor, what does this mean? Is our An Lan an alpha or an omega? If it’s not possible, being a beta is fine too!”

“Mom, don’t get too stimulated. Let the doctor finish speaking.” An Lan reassured his mother but felt a bit uneasy himself.

Wasn’t this too much trouble? He had been a beta for almost eighteen years, and before he could adjust to becoming an alpha, his pheromones were now leaning towards omega?

“Don’t worry; I only speculated that you’re affected by the drug. An Lan, you need time to metabolize Eve’s Apple. I checked your test reports during hospitalization, and there’s a 70% chance that your current pheromone disturbance is temporary. However, it’s been almost half a month; why hasn’t Eve’s Apple metabolized yet?” The attending doctor fell into contemplation.

After a while, he asked, “An Lan, you mentioned that there was a high-quality alpha who bit your neck to inject alpha pheromones to neutralize Eve’s Apple. Do you know this high-quality alpha?”

An Lan shook his head, thought carefully, and said, “Actually, I don’t know who he is.”

The attending doctor sighed, “I have a… not very mature idea. It might sound absurd, but… given your abnormal condition, we have to consider abnormal possibilities.”

“What possibilities?” An Lan became inexplicably nervous.

“For example, when this high-quality alpha bit you, did he think you were an omega? Because at that time, he had a possessive mentality mark in his pheromones. He’s an extremely high-quality alpha, meaning his pheromones have a significant impact on the recipient. You see, his action of biting your neck carries marking significance.”

With that said, An Lan remembered what Qiao Chuluo joked about.

“Doctor, what should we do now? Do we need to find that person who bit An Lan?” An Lan’s father asked.

“This is just my speculation. An Lan, you need to draw some more blood. I’ll try to extract the pheromones from the other person, analyze various indicators inside. If his pheromones are degrading and metabolizing, we don’t need to worry. After all, An Lan, you don’t have glands, so biting you won’t have the marking effect. So, the impact is time-limited.”

“I understand. Thank you, doctor.”

Following the doctor’s instructions, An Lan did the remaining tests.

On the way back home, An Lan’s parents were no longer calm.

His mother said, “Oh, that high-quality alpha must have thought our An Lan was an omega!”

His father said, “Why are you so sure? The doctor just said it’s speculation, and there’s a need for further tests!”

His mother turned An Lan’s face towards her, “Look! Our An Lan is handsome everywhere; that alpha wouldn’t be indifferent unless he’s blind!”

An Lan had black lines all over his face. He didn’t know if his mother was praising him for being good-looking or boasting about her own powerful genes.

“Okay, no matter if the other person thought of me as an omega or not, one thing is certain. He saved my life. Whether I become an alpha in the future or continue towards omega differentiation, I am very fortunate to be alive. Think about it, if it weren’t for him, you, Mom and Dad, would be burning paper money for my funeral now.”

“Spit, spit, spit! What nonsense are you talking about! Of course, I’m grateful to him. It’s just that Mom had a beautiful dream that you’ll become an alpha! Actually… no matter what kind of person you become, as long as you study well and make progress every day, we, your dad and I, are proud of you. It’s just… just…”

“Just what?” An Lan leaned over, “Mom, when you play mahjong, you wouldn’t brag about me differentiating into an alpha, right?”

“No! Of course not. I mean, if you really become an omega, should you learn self-defense?”


An Lan didn’t know if he should envy his mother for switching her mindset so quickly.

He believed the doctor’s statement that Eve’s Apple affected his pheromones. However, he absolutely didn’t believe that the high-quality alpha had possessiveness towards him, causing his pheromones to push him towards omega differentiation.

The reason was simple. If there was an alpha with such strong possessiveness towards him, how could they resist not appearing in front of him?

How could they resist not trying to attract his attention in various ways like Li Zhennan?

Moreover, the high-quality alphas he knew could be counted on his fingers.

Firstly, Class Monitor Xu Xingran. He had a gentle and disciplined temperament, not someone with strong possessiveness. Also, when he was hospitalized, Xu Xingran visited him only once, and it was with many other class leaders. After that, their interactions were limited to school. Although Xu Xingran was considerate, his care for An Lan was far from being labeled as possessiveness, especially when compared to Li Zhennan’s actions.

Then there was Xiao Chen, who appeared at the KTV that day… Xiao Chen recognized his phone case, which was quite unbelievable. Xiao Chen slept during class, how could he pay attention to such details? Maybe he liked fortune cats too? But if he really had intentions towards him, why would he still play tricks on them in the small supermarket?

…Wait, Class Monitor said that Xiao Chen kicked that jerk to the point of breaking his ribs, showing a protective inclination towards omegas in his domain…

As he thought about it, An Lan’s goosebumps appeared.

Xiao Chen was straightforward; if he had feelings for someone, he would have expressed it long ago, blocking the path like a bandit.

Was there a need for all this speculation?

So the last high-quality alpha was Gu Liyu, who was known to have no sexual desire. Not to mention that he didn’t even go to KTV that day, but he was nicknamed ‘Gu Piyu*’ at the Observation Club. How could he possibly have any interest in himself?
* same sound diff words; alone reclusive yu

Although… Gu Liyu did show great loyalty in Li Zhennan’s matter, but An Lan didn’t sense any inappropriate intentions.

“An Lan! An Lan, we’re home.”

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