Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 25

Chapter 25: One day you will become mine

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It turned out to be Li Zhennan’s new girlfriend, an omega who was the English class representative of Class 6. She happened to pass by Nandeng Street and saw Xu Xingran, Gu Liyu, and An Lan eating fried noodles. She directly captured evidence with her phone.

“Tsk, why is it this Li Zhennan again? Ah… I really want to crush him with pheromones,” An Lan looked up, unfortunately, his recent pheromones weren’t very effective.

“No, my focus is… he was rejected not long ago, and now he has a new love interest immediately?” Qiao Chuluo expressed his discontent.

“Don’t overestimate your charm. Now, let’s think about how to write the self-criticism.”

Although they said so, An Lan and Qiao Chuluo were still curious. If Bald Qiang really made Xu Xingran and Gu Liyu write self-criticisms, what would they write?

Xu Xingran would definitely write with courtesy and sincerity, convincing people. As for Gu Liyu… it might be another essay, discussing the harmful effects of Nandeng Street night market on high school seniors. Then Bald Qiang, after reading it, would probably say that Gu Liyu’s self-criticism lacked self-reflection.

Thinking about it, An Lan couldn’t help but find it amusing.

In the morning after class, Xu Xingran in the front row turned back and asked, “Are you two okay? Do you need help with the self-criticism?”

“No need, Monitor, your handwriting comes with a ‘moonlight and breeze’ buff. After Bald Qiang reads it, he’ll probably be even more furious.”

At this moment, Gu Liyu passed by with a water cup in one hand and pressed a piece of paper on An Lan’s desk with the other, then left the classroom.

“What’s this?” An Lan curiously opened it.

Qiao Chuluo’s head also leaned over.

It turned out to be a self-criticism, and most importantly, the handwriting was extremely similar to An Lan’s. The places that needed to be flattened were flattened, the places that needed to be connected were connected, but occasionally, a few of An Lan’s ugly words became neat on this self-criticism. Only the original and Qiao Chuluo, who had been looking at An Lan’s writing for many years, could distinguish it while the homeroom teacher and ordinary students would probably think it was written by An Lan himself.

“Oh my god—An Lan, when did you write a self-criticism behind my back?” Qiao Chuluo asked.


The real question should be, why could Gu Liyu imitate An Lan’s handwriting so well?

“It’s an amazing skill…” An Lan sighed.

“No, there’s also this tone, so sincere. It makes me almost feel like going to the eighteenth level of h*ll after eating Nandeng Street snacks. It’s just missing a tearful performance… Could it be that the School Grass wrote this for you?” Qiao Chuluo looked at An Lan and asked.

“How about… you ask the School Grass?”

“I dare not.”

But An Lan didn’t have the chance to ask Gu Liyu that day because after this class, he asked for leave and didn’t return to the classroom.

His grades had always been among the best. To be honest, even if he didn’t come to class for ten days or half a month, it wouldn’t affect his grades.

But Gu Liyu, as a person, almost never took leave.

So when he took leave, everyone started speculating about the reason.

And the gathering place for various information was Qiao Chuluo’s omega group.

The English teacher finished analyzing the cloze test, and An Lan opened his phone to pay attention to the messages in the group.

[I know, I know, today is Gu Liyu’s birthday! Maybe there’s some celebration at the Gu family, and he has to go back!]

[What? Today is the School Grass’s birthday? Although School Grass x Aloof, our hearts are fiery! We must celebrate the School Grass’s birthday!]

[How to celebrate? The main character isn’t even in school. Shall we pool money and buy a cake to eat ourselves?]

An Lan was stunned for a moment. So today was Gu Liyu’s birthday?

[You guys really don’t understand Gu Liyu. He doesn’t celebrate birthdays.]

[How do you know School Grass doesn’t celebrate birthdays?]

[Our family has some acquaintance with the Gu family. I heard about something—the A value of his dad was too high, so there was a problem with his mental state on the day Gu Liyu was born. I can’t say the specific details, so Gu Liyu doesn’t celebrate birthdays.]

[What happened on that day?]

[+1 What happened on that day?]

[+2 What happened on that day?]

[+10086 What happened on that day?]

An Lan’s brows furrowed. Unable to resist, he spoke up in the group.

An Lan always wants to sleep: [That’s School Grass’s private matter. Since School Grass has never mentioned it, let’s give him some respect.]

After An Lan’s words, the group quieted down.

Then Qiao Chuluo followed up with a reply: [Yes, he is our School Grass, so we need to protect him. The best way to protect him is not to pry into things that make him unhappy. When School Grass puts it down someday, we can celebrate his birthday together.]

[Well said. No matter what happened in his family, he is still our School Grass.]

[Although I really want to know what happened to School Grass, I don’t want him to be unhappy.]

[Hoping School Grass is happy.]

Seeing that people in the group were no longer discussing Gu Liyu’s private matters, An Lan breathed a sigh of relief.

The last two classes in the afternoon were Chinese and physical education. An Lan handed in the self-criticism to Bald Qiang and then took leave, saying he needed to go to the hospital.

“To the hospital? Did you get sick from eating something on Nandeng Street yesterday? It’s all gutter oil, and many frozen ingredients have been stored for who knows how long. Look at yourself…”

“Teacher, I’m going to the hospital because the results of the hormone test are out, and I need to see a doctor,” An Lan quickly stopped Bald Qiang, otherwise, the matter about Nandeng Street would never end.

“Oh, then you should go see a doctor. Go ahead,” Bald Qiang tapped on An Lan’s self-criticism, “Just this once, not setting a precedent.”

“I remember, teacher, don’t worry.”

An Lan left the school and rode his bicycle to the hospital.

Originally, today his parents were supposed to go with him to receive the test results, but his aunt in the neighboring city had surgery, so his parents went to visit her by car, and it’s estimated they won’t be back tonight.

At the hospital, An Lan met with the attending doctor.

“Doctor, how are the results of the last blood sample test?”

The attending doctor adjusted his glasses and exhaled.

This made An Lan nervous, “Doctor, are the results not good?”

Could it be that he was really heading towards omega differentiation? He hadn’t finished reading the explanations about the alpha differentiation period and susceptible period on his bedside table, and now he had to switch to books about omegas?

“First, let me give you some common knowledge since it seems like you, this student, are always focused on solving problems and haven’t paid much attention to alpha physiological knowledge.”

“Sure, I’m listening attentively.”

“In alpha pheromones, there is a very special component, and I won’t tell you its scientific name because you probably won’t remember it anyway. In daily life, this component is referred to as ‘aplus.’ When an alpha generates a mark of desire, in simpler terms, when this alpha is interested in a particular omega, a large amount of aplus is produced. It is part of the alpha pheromone and the core component marking omegas.”

An Lan realized the doctor’s intention in explaining this special component.

“I isolated the alpha hormones from your blood sample that don’t belong to you and found that the content of aplus is 0.3 parts per ten thousand. Sounds small, right?”

“What should the normal content be?” An Lan asked.

“0.1 parts per ten thousand,” the doctor answered.

An Lan was stunned for a moment, “But this blood sample was taken many days after the incident. It should have metabolized quite a bit by now.”

“That’s the problem. Even though its content is now at 0.3 parts per ten thousand, when he bit you back then… it was basically explosive. Fortunately, no matter how high the concentration is, it will metabolize. I estimated the metabolism time, and it probably still needs three months, provided that the alpha won’t bite you again.” The doctor adjusted his glasses, “You’re sure that alpha isn’t someone you know, right?”

“I think… not.”

“Right. With such strong obsession, if it’s someone you know, they wouldn’t be able to resist not making a move again.” The doctor’s pen paused on the medical record, “It’s also possible that the other person is really someone you don’t know. When you took a high-concentration dose of Eve’s Apple back then, it’s likely that symptoms similar to the omega estrus period occurred, causing this high-quality alpha to develop protective instincts towards you, leading to an excessive concentration of aplus in his pheromones.”

“But if he won’t bite me again, can’t we each go our separate ways, enjoying clear skies?” An Lan said.

“I like your optimism,” the attending doctor laughed too, “But the examinations still need to be done regularly.”

Just at that moment, a commotion came from the corridor outside the consultation room.

Security guards whistled and ran with electric batons in hand, and doctors shouted, “Quick—quick, call the Alpha Management Committee!”

“All Beta personnel go to the West Building to maintain order!”

“He attacked his own son! Where’s the electric baton! Quick!”

The hospital, which had been quiet and orderly, suddenly felt chaotic.

“What’s going on?” An Lan turned back to look at the door.

The attending doctor’s brows furrowed, and he patted An Lan’s shoulder, saying, “Stay here and wait. I’ll check it out.”


After the attending doctor left, he closed the door to the consultation room. He said to the nurse at the door, “There’s a student in my consultation room going through a differentiation period. Take him out through the stairs.”

He thought An Lan couldn’t hear, but An Lan caught two important pieces of information—one was “differentiation period,” and the other was “leave through the stairs.”

In other words, the attending doctor already knew roughly what had happened, and this incident might have an impact on An Lan. Coupled with the call to contact the Alpha Management Committee just now, it’s likely that some alpha, who was isolated here due to the susceptible period, had an accident.

When the attending doctor had walked far enough, the nurse opened the door and smiled at An Lan, saying, “Classmate, Director Zhao has an urgent situation to handle. I’ll escort you out of the hospital.”

An Lan nodded, and the nurse opened the door to the safe passage. Upstairs and downstairs, some patients were already evacuating.

“What’s going on? Why are they suddenly telling us to leave?”

“I just finished surgery, and the painkiller stick is still on me.”

An Lan didn’t join their discussion, knowing that his condition wasn’t suitable for contact with too strong pheromones.

He descended quickly, and after walking down two floors, a certain smell spread in the air, spreading like layers of overlapping nets that left no escape.

The entire space turned into a closed steamer, the melting snow, and the evaporating seawater being sucked up into the sky. The distance between heaven and earth was infinitely compressed.

An Lan’s knees went weak, and his hands gripped the stair railing.

“Classmate? Classmate, what’s wrong with you?” The nurse supported An Lan.

But An Lan became more and more powerless, unable to bear the oppression and control of this force, and knelt directly on the stairs.

His brain seemed filled with stifling steam, the mist of boiling oceans, fear spreading from the bottom of his heart to his limbs and bones, his scalp tingling, his back covered in cold sweat.

An Lan tried hard to stand up, wanting to leave the suppression and control of this force, but it was too powerful. The vast sky was being dragged down by this force, its existence meant to make everything submit.

Finally, An Lan knelt down, hands supporting the ground, unable to stand up.

It feels so uncomfortable… really uncomfortable.

Was he going to die here?

“Classmate? Classmate, quickly get up!” The nurse’s voice echoed in An Lan’s ears repeatedly, but An Lan was like being engulfed by boiling seawater, losing consciousness, losing breath…

An Lan fell endlessly into that darkness.

Unconsciously, a cold breath spread in An Lan’s mind, gradually cooling the evaporating seawater. The world became clear, the stifling steam transformed into refreshing rainwater, falling from the sky.

The vast sea restored its expanse.

“An Lan, An Lan, why are you here?”

A clear voice sounded in An Lan’s ears. He forced his eyes open and saw Gu Liyu half crouching beside him, one hand supporting his ear, the other hand cradling the back of his head.

“Gu… Gu Liyu…”

An Lan tried to sit up, but his arms went weak, almost falling back. Gu Liyu’s arm went around his neck, lifting him up.

“What happened?” An Lan felt dizzy.

“You were overwhelmed by an extremely strong alpha pheromone. His pheromones affected your respiratory system, causing you to lack oxygen. Fortunately, he wasn’t targeting you.”

Gu Liyu walked, and there were numerous people in black suits passing by them. At the end of the corridor, several people in black suits were restraining a man, his hands wearing special handcuffs, and it seemed like he had a collar on his neck to suppress the release of pheromones.

A cold and obsessive voice, similar to Gu Liyu’s tone but deeper and more terrifying, resounded.

“You will soon understand me… and then you won’t think I’m paranoid, won’t think I’m crazy. Because we are the same… one day, you will become like me.”

The man smiled, his laughter cold as if devoid of emotions but possessing a mesmerizing allure, naturally dominating everything.

The phrase “one day you will become like me” made Gu Liyu’s shoulders tremble slightly.

An Lan turned his head to look, but Gu Liyu lifted him slightly, placing his face against his chest.

“An Lan, don’t look at him, don’t listen to what he says.”

Gu Liyu lowered his head, the glimmer in his eyes resembling sunlight reflecting on undulating seawater.


Gu Liyu carried him into a special room, windowless, with all four walls sealed with sponge. He laid An Lan on the bed, and there were restraints on both sides of the bed. An Lan tensed; this clearly wasn’t an ordinary hospital room.

But Gu Liyu gently touched An Lan’s forehead. “Don’t be afraid. These restraints aren’t to bind you. But only in such a room can other pheromones be isolated. Sleep here for a while, and when the external pheromones are cleared, you can go home.”

An Lan closed his eyes, feeling Gu Liyu’s warm palm and the softness of his fingertips. His nerves relaxed, like a drowsy cat.


An Lan laid down, and Gu Liyu pulled up the blanket for him, then turned and closed the door, walking out.

An Lan slept for over two hours because he was too hungry, waking up only when he realized it. 

When he opened the door of this room, he discovered it was the top floor on the west side of the hospital. He looked at the doorplate, which read “Isolation-3”. His heart trembled; these rooms were rumored to be the “small black rooms” used to isolate alphas entering the susceptible period.

The nurse who had taken care of An Lan ran over with a bottle of mineral water. “You’re awake? I just left for a moment, and you’re already up? Are you okay now? Any discomfort?”

“No. I wanted to ask, the classmate who brought me here… his name is Gu Liyu, do you know where he went?”

The nurse was surprised and pointed to a closed room at the end of the corridor.

An Lan was stunned, feeling nervous.

“Why… did he go in there?”

“He endured very strong pheromone suppression. Due to stress, his current pheromones are very aggressive and need to be isolated in the closed room. Once he calms down, he can come out.” The nurse replied.

“Who used pheromones to suppress him?” An Lan asked.

Gu Liyu was a high-quality alpha, widely known throughout the school. How could someone suppress him?

“That’s his privacy; you have to ask him. I don’t have the right to tell you.” The nurse apologized.

“Oh, it’s okay. I understand. How long will it take for him to come out?”

“If fast, one hour; if slow, maybe three or four hours. Why don’t you go home first?” The nurse suggested.

Although An Lan was very hungry, his intuition told him he couldn’t leave. Gu Liyu rushed to him when he collapsed; how could he leave when Gu Liyu was isolated?

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