Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 29

Chapter 29: An Lan’s Pheromone Suppression

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“Another type of pheromone? From another omega?”

An Lan guessed this because there is a bit of hostility and competitiveness among alphas, and the pheromones of other omegas can soothe out-of-control alphas.

“That scent was unique. It was very faint, so faint that when it suddenly appeared, I had to mobilize all my senses in the rich aroma of omega pheromones to distinguish it, follow it, search for it, and capture it. It had an immature, green flavor, but it was pure and resilient. I chased it, and it occupied me. However, it just quietly stayed in my mind, not overbearing at all, with no hint of seduction. And when I woke up, it disappeared.”

“Did you find that person?” An Lan asked.

“I found him.” Xu Xingran leaned on his chin, looking out the window, while his other hand gently rubbed An Lan’s head.

“Is he an omega or an alpha?” An Lan asked again.

“He… Sometimes I hope he’s an omega, but sometimes I worry about what to do if he really is an omega.”

“Oh? Why?” An Lan was surprised to learn that Xu Xingran also had such conflicting thoughts.

“If he’s an omega, many alphas will want to bully him,” Xu Xingran said.

“You have to believe that even if he is an omega, he will surely be able to protect himself. I heard that a person’s pheromone scent is very similar to their personality. If his pheromones are pure and resilient, then he must be that way too.”

Xu Xingran laughed a little and said in a soft voice, “You’re too confident.”

“Huh?” An Lan leaned over; Xu Xingran spoke too quickly, and combined with the fact that he had just pressed An Lan’s head.

“But almost every night, I find myself wishing that he were truly an omega.” 


“Then I could seduce him…” Xu Xingran turned around to look at An Lan. Half of his face was in the sunlight, and the other half was in the shadow. “Mark him… possess him.”

At that moment, An Lan felt Xu Xingran was a bit scary. He subconsciously moved to the side, but Xu Xingran grabbed his shoulder.

“What are you thinking?” Xu Xingran smiled with narrowed eyes, like a sly old fox who had succeeded in his strategy.

An Lan had a feeling that the other party deliberately scared him just now.

But he’s not an omega. Perhaps Xu Xingran’s words were only meant to scare omegas?

“What about Gu Liyu? He’s also quite powerful.” An Lan quickly changed the subject.

“Gu Liyu… he’s a person who is quite tough on himself. I said I was attracted to another’s pheromones, so I escaped. Gu Liyu’s way of diverting attention is pain.” Xu Xingran said.


“That’s his thing. It’s better not to say it without his permission.” Xu Xingran answered.

But it was like a seed had fallen into his heart, taking root and sprouting. An Lan, even if he didn’t want to think about Gu Liyu’s situation, couldn’t help but be curious… What kind of pain could resist Ye Yun’s pheromones?

Raising his eyes, they had already arrived at the entrance of the Observing Mountain and Sea Club.

After getting out of the car, there were many more people in the club than the last time.

Xu Xingran introduced An Lan to the people in the club. Everyone was curious when they saw that An Lan was brought here by Xu Xingran himself.

“Xu Xingran, who’s this little handsome guy?”

“Why didn’t we see him in the previous matches?”

“Let me guess, which club is he from? Junhe? Or Jinxiu Tianxia?”

An Lan, feeling embarrassed, said, “I’m from Above Cloud Club, and my name is An Lan.”

The club members looked at each other.

“Above Cloud Club… never heard of it?”

“Did we invite players from other clubs besides Jinxiu Tianxia and Junhe?”

“Are you… a friend of Xu Xingran here to watch the match?” One of the members asked uncertainly.

Xu Xingran spoke up, “No, An Lan is here to join the match. He’s very talented.”

The phrase “He’s very talented” made An Lan feel a bit embarrassed.

At this moment, a slender figure walked over and whispered, “Xu Xingran, long time no see.”

An Lan followed the sound and saw a fair-skinned, well-featured young man with light brown short hair. His smile carried a hint of nobility.

“Ye Yun, you’re here early.” Xu Xingran shook hands with him.

An Lan was momentarily stunned; this was Ye Yun. An Lan had seen him from a distance before, but seeing Ye Yun up close still surprised him.

For omegas, An Lan’s impressions were mostly based on Qiao Chuluo—rosy lips, white teeth, delicate and pretty features, although it didn’t necessarily mean a gentle personality.

But Ye Yun, even if someone said he was an alpha, An Lan would believe it.

His every movement exuded a cool and handsome charm. It was precisely because of this that An Lan felt a strong aversion to the guy who had secretly used Eve’s Apple against him.

As An Lan looked at Ye Yun, Ye Yun also glanced at An Lan from the corner of his eye. Then he smiled and blinked at An Lan. A hint of the fragrance of snow lotus passed through the air, carrying a slight sweetness.

His heart skipped a beat. An Lan took a step back subconsciously, his honest reaction making Ye Yun smile even more.

Someone reached out from behind, covering An Lan’s eyes. In an instant, An Lan couldn’t smell that fragrance anymore.

In the warm and dry palm, for some reason, An Lan’s first reaction was…

“Gu… Gu Liyu?” An Lan grabbed the wrist of the other party.

Ye Yun’s smile became even more obvious. “Interesting, you didn’t need to turn around to know that it’s Gu Liyu behind you.”

“Stop messing around.” Gu Liyu’s clear voice rang out.

“I’m not messing around.” Ye Yun spread his hands, walked up to Gu Liyu, and tapped his chest. “Clearly, he’s your little friend, and he doesn’t know how to restrain his pheromones. I was just teasing him.”

Xu Xingran squinted at Ye Yun and said seriously, “Brother Ye, our friend’s situation is a bit special. If possible, it’s best not to let him come into contact with any pheromones.”

Ye Yun looked a bit surprised and asked with lip movements, “Is he undergoing differentiation?”

Xu Xingran nodded.

Ye Yun showed a knowing expression and said to An Lan, “I’m sorry, classmate. I didn’t mean to. That little Gu and Xingran… You guys should teach him.”

An Lan was completely puzzled. From their conversation, he could guess that Ye Yun might have released a bit of pheromones to him just now, but it should not have been malicious. But why did Ye Yun want Xu Xingran and Gu Liyu to teach him?

“I will teach him.”

After saying that, Gu Liyu took the gun from An Lan’s back, and An Lan followed Gu Liyu to the dressing room to change.

Perhaps because they had supper together, plus they became WeChat friends, An Lan always felt like he and Gu Liyu were somewhat friends.

Following behind Gu Liyu, he asked, “Ye Yun said you guys should teach me… teach me what?”

Gu Liyu stopped in front of his wardrobe, turned around suddenly, and looked at An Lan.

There was a kind of oppression in his gaze that made An Lan step back, and behind him was the sofa chair that Gu Liyu had sat in before in the dressing room. However, this time, An Lan fell into it.

An Lan originally wanted to stand up, but Gu Liyu had already turned around. His hands were on the armrests of the sofa, and his body leaned forward slightly. An Lan’s back immediately pressed against the sofa. He wanted to create some distance, but unfortunately, there was nowhere to retreat.

Gu Liyu just looked at him like this. In his eyes, there was not only coldness and detachment but also a sense of urgency. His aura always felt cold, but at this moment, An Lan felt the air was strangely hot.

“Gu Liyu…”

“Your pheromones are everywhere,” Gu Liyu said.

“Huh? My pheromones?” An Lan raised his hand and smelled his wrist. “No… I don’t smell anything…”

“Very faint. But high-quality alphas and omegas can smell it,” Gu Liyu said. “This will make Ye Yun feel that you have feelings for him. So, he used his pheromones to tease you, letting you know that in this attraction process, you are not a match for him.”

“I don’t! I don’t mean that to him. I just think he’s handsome, like an alpha, so I…”

So I just glanced at him a bit more. Everyone loves beauty; it doesn’t mean I have bad intentions.

“You think he’s handsome?” Gu Liyu’s gaze became heavier, getting closer.

Invisibly, some kind of force approached An Lan, making him unable to avoid or retreat.


From a normal aesthetic standpoint, Ye Yun was indeed quite handsome.

“So, you can’t control your pheromones because of him?”

“I can’t feel my pheromones at all.” An Lan felt wronged.

Gu Liyu lowered his eyes. An Lan didn’t know what he was thinking, but his hands left the chair’s armrests, and the feeling of being confined instantly disappeared.

But An Lan felt inexplicably lost in his heart. Just as Gu Liyu was getting farther away from him, An Lan suddenly reached out and grabbed him.

“Teach me.”

“Do you want to learn how to control your pheromones?” Gu Liyu asked.


“Now close your eyes, don’t smell any scents, don’t feel anything, focus only on yourself.” Gu Liyu said.

“Too abstract.” An Lan closed his eyes, but he could still smell Gu Liyu’s scent and feel the temperature and humidity in the dressing room.

Being aware of existence makes it impossible for An Lan to give up feeling everything around him, unless he fell asleep, otherwise, how could he do it?

Gu Liyu’s finger tapped An Lan’s brow. “There is a target here, and your pheromones are your bullets. Now you need all your bullets to return to your target.”

“So, this is not an aiming process?” An Lan asked with closed eyes.

“Directing the release of pheromones is the aiming process,” Gu Liyu replied.

“So, now is the process of returning the bullets to the magazine?”


An Lan smiled bitterly. “But I can’t even feel my own bullets.”

When he opened his eyes, he found that Gu Liyu was sitting on the armrest of the sofa, looking down at him with a focused expression.

Very focused.

Someone walked into the dressing room with a voice full of sarcasm. “Because you’re not a real alpha, how could you learn to control pheromones?”

An Lan turned his head and saw a tall guy of similar age, with handsome features even without releasing pheromones, exuding a strong alpha aura.

“Xiao Nan.” There was a clear warning in Gu Liyu’s gaze.

An Lan had heard Xu Xingran mention this name before. He came from the Jinxiu Tianxia Shooting Club and won third place in the ten-meter moving target finals last quarter.

“Gu Liyu, it’s rare to see you personally teaching someone to control pheromones. But this thing depends on talent. The neural development of controlling pheromones needs to be good for the control to be strong.” Xiao Nan walked up to An Lan, looked him up and down, suddenly lowered his head to make eye contact with An Lan, “But you’re an inferior Alpha, right?”

An Lan had never seen someone so rude… Oh, no, forgot to count Li Zhennan in.

But Li Zhennan’s hostility came from treating An Lan as a rival, so what about this Xiao Nan?

“I heard Xiao Chen arranged a practice match for you today. That stray dog is only worthy of competing with someone like you.”

Xiao Nan smiled.

Just as he was about to stand up, An Lan suddenly grabbed his collar. Xiao Nan was caught off guard, and with one hand on the sofa edge, his face turned ferocious, “What are you trying to do?”

“Who’s the stray dog?” An Lan asked coldly.

In this guy’s mouth, even Xiao Chen became a stray dog, so what did An Lan, who challenged the stray dog, count for?

At this moment, Gu Liyu, sitting on the other side, leaned down, grabbed An Lan’s hand, and his fingers penetrated into An Lan’s fist, opening it.

Xiao Nan snorted, “Gu Liyu, your friend is impolite, you should…”

Little did Xiao Nan know, Gu Liyu leaned over to An Lan’s ear and said, “Among alphas, using fists is the most primitive way to solve problems.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean…”

After all, this was Observing Mountain and Sea. The upper-class Alpha society formed an integral whole. It was not appropriate for him to almost use his fists on someone else’s turf.

“We’ll solve it with pheromones,” Gu Liyu said.


Not only did An Lan freeze, even Xiao Nan was momentarily stunned.

“Gu Liyu, what are you saying? Are you standing up for him?”

Gu Liyu raised his hand, covering An Lan’s eyes as he did before, countering the pheromone intimidation from Li Zhennan.

“An Lan, since you can’t retrieve the bullets to the magazine, do what you’re good at—aiming and shooting.”

An Lan instantly understood Gu Liyu’s meaning. He wanted him to use pheromones to intimidate Xiao Nan!

How was that possible?

Apart from not having fully differentiated into an alpha, even if he succeeded, in terms of the concentration of pheromones, he might not be a match for Xiao Nan.

Xiao Nan didn’t know Gu Liyu’s intentions and thought Gu Liyu was teaching An Lan shooting techniques. He snorted, “Fine, in the upcoming practice match, let me see your shooting skills.”

Xiao Nan walked to a corner to change clothes, pulling open his sports jacket to reveal the base-layer T-shirt underneath, showcasing the powerful lines of his shoulders that exuded a masculine force, adding a hint of dominance to his aura.

An Lan clicked his tongue in his heart. What did alphas eat to grow like this?

Xiao Nan seemed to know An Lan was looking at him, and he lifted the corner of his mouth provocatively.

At this moment, someone grabbed An Lan’s chin and turned him back. When he turned his head, he met Gu Liyu’s eyes.

“Why so unconfident all of a sudden?”

“My pheromone concentration, you should know.”

It was impossible for An Lan to win against Xiao Nan in a pheromone showdown.

“An Lan, if alpha’s pheromones are likened to bullets, Xiao Nan’s bullets are indeed far more numerous than yours. He’s like a Gatling gun, capable of riddling you with holes. But the premise is… why do you want to turn yourself into a Gatling gun?”

Gu Liyu’s voice was calm, like a stream hidden in the mountains and forests, and beneath the rock layers, there was an unseen vast expanse.

An Lan seemed to understand, yet he also seemed not to fully comprehend.

However, when Gu Liyu spoke these words, he didn’t avoid Xiao Nan at all. This was probably the confidence of a strong individual.

“Think about it. Does a fatal shot require so many bullets?” Gu Liyu asked.

The phrase “fatal shot” instantly made An Lan think of a sniper rifle.

Snipers concealed themselves, waiting for the best angle and the right moment, and a single bullet was enough.

An Lan understood Gu Liyu’s meaning.

If he wanted to crush Xiao Nan, an alpha like this, using pheromones, An Lan couldn’t win by creating a significant aura with his low-concentration pheromones.

If that was the case, he might as well concentrate his only pheromones, penetrating his opponent with the smallest range but the maximum intensity.

“Wanna give it a try?” Gu Liyu asked.

In An Lan’s impression, Gu Liyu used to be immersed in his own world, not bothering to compete fiercely with others. Because they were simply not on the same level.

But now, Gu Liyu asked An Lan to try using pheromones to suppress Xiao Nan?

Xiao Nan heard everything, and his smile became colder. He directly sat on the sofa on An Lan’s other side, one leg casually draped over the backrest, lazily saying, “I’m waiting here. You want to suppress me? Give it a try.”

An Lan showed a surprised expression, “There’s such a person? Asking others to use pheromones to suppress him?”

Though the tone was incredulous, it was full of mockery.

An Lan, who usually didn’t like to confront others directly, didn’t know where his confidence came from. Now he had the urge to retort against the other party.

Gu Liyu whispered, “I’ll teach you, but your thoughts must follow mine.”

“Okay.” An Lan nodded.

Suddenly, he remembered the last time he competed with Li Zhennan. It was also because Gu Liyu was by his side.

At this moment, Gu Liyu’s hand reached out, covering An Lan’s eyes. An Lan instinctively closed his eyes, and his eyelashes brushed against Gu Liyu’s palm.

“Now, imagine yourself as a gun.”

Gu Liyu’s voice was already distinctive, calm and desireless, and An Lan naturally let his mind go blank while listening to this voice.

“In your mind, you’re creating a bullet. It has the hardest shell, compressing the almost bursting core, and a sharp tip.”

As An Lan listened to Gu Liyu’s voice, his thoughts became more and more focused, as if something was genuinely condensing in his mind.

Xiao Nan, sitting on the opposite side, was disdainful at first. However, when he saw Gu Liyu bowing his head and leaning against the cheek of this inferior alpha, teaching him patiently how to gather his not-so-high-concentration pheromones, Xiao Nan’s heart inexplicably surged with a hint of unease.

What the h*ll?

Why so serious?

“Gu Liyu, do you really think this guy can use pheromones to suppress me?” Xiao Nan felt everything was just too funny.

But Gu Liyu remained unmoved, and there was no fluctuation in the lowered eyes. An Lan was almost circled in his arms, and this posture… was full of protectiveness and possessiveness.

Xiao Nan had a bad premonition.

At this time, Gu Liyu moved away his hand, covering An Lan’s eyes. In An Lan’s ear, he said, “The bullet will rush out of your mind, cutting deep and straight rifling lines, following your line of sight… conquering your opponent.”

At that moment, An Lan felt like he had entered another intricately detailed world with a different rhythm from reality. When he opened his eyes, the world suddenly accelerated.

Xiao Nan caught a certain scent, delicate and subtle, instantly coalescing into a force. It was like bamboo that had been pressed down to the ground, suddenly bouncing back, moving with both resilience and strength. Xiao Nan couldn’t react in time; countless nerves in his brain shattered, he forgot how to breathe, and the air got stuck in his throat.

He felt as if he had truly been shot in the head.

Even though he could still hear sounds and smell the tension-filled fragrance, he couldn’t move, completely immobilized.

He had been suppressed!

This was different from the overwhelming pressure caused by the high-quality alpha pheromones. The range of this pheromone was small but ruthlessly destroyed his senses, occupying his brain, making him unable to move.

An Lan looked at Xiao Nan, ice-cold without a hint of emotion.

Fear surged in Xiao Nan’s heart; he felt like An Lan had just killed him.

“I thought you guys were doing something fancy in the changing room.”

A voice with a playful tone echoed.

An Lan’s fingertips trembled slightly, and his gaze turned towards the source of the voice. It was Ye Yun, standing at the door, arms crossed, with a smirk on his face.

With An Lan’s distraction, the force suppressing Xiao Nan instantly dissipated.

He took a deep breath, and the oxygen made Xiao Nan realize that he had just been crushed by An Lan’s pheromones!

Anger surged into Xiao Nan. He wished he could strangle An Lan with one hand.

“You dare…”

Before Xiao Nan could stand up, Ye Yun pressed down on his shoulder.

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