Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Who Is Intimidating My Desk Mate?

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An Lan chuckled, “You made such a big noise yesterday, and today you’re sniffing around like nothing happened? Do you like the smell on me? Clearly, your own sweet osmanthus fragrance is pretty good.”

“My suppressant has expired. I’ve told my mom, don’t stock up so many suppressants on Double Eleven; if you can’t use them all, they’ll expire easily…” Qiao Chuluo paused, squinting at An Lan, “You… who told you about my pheromone scent?”

“I smelled it myself.” Although An Lan didn’t plan to tell others about the possibility of him differentiating into an alpha, Qiao Chuluo was his best friend, and An Lan didn’t want to keep it from him.

Sure enough, Qiao Chuluo’s eyes lit up, and he whispered, “You… you… no wonder…”

“No wonder what?” An Lan, seeing Qiao Chuluo so absorbed in chatting, quickly sidestepped to dig out his wordbook, helping him find his vocabulary book.

“You’ve grown so much taller recently. Look at the hem of your school uniform pants!” Qiao Chuluo said.

Hearing Qiao Chuluo say this, An Lan lowered his head and found that his school pants were a bit short, revealing his ankles.

“I feel very secure when I’m around you. And… you’ve become handsome.” Qiao Chuluo intentionally turned his face and leaned on An Lan’s shoulder.

“Oh, stop it.” An Lan knew that Qiao Chuluo was teasing him, not expressing any genuine thoughts.

“I’m not lying to you. Look at the second row in front—Song Yuwen. Since you entered the classroom, she has turned back to look at you at least three times,” Qiao Chuluo said.

“No way.” An Lan looked in Song Yuwen’s direction; she was busy memorizing vocabulary.

“And Xie Xiaofang in the fifth row. Every time, she pretends to turn back to ask for something, but her gaze is on you,” Qiao Chuluo said, with a smug expression, as if he had invested in high-performing stocks.

“…Have you been watching too many melodramatic TV dramas?” 

“Jiang Yini on the right side, three seats from your right, has intentionally looked at you several times leaning forward,” Qiao Chuluo continued.

An Lan sighed, “Qiao Chuluo, how do you know they’re looking at me if you’re not looking at them? You’ve always had an ‘addiction to male beauty,’ when did you become interested in girls?”

Just as Qiao Chuluo, who was analyzing the mentality of the girls in the class, he suddenly frowned, slowly moved away from An Lan, lowered his head, and clasped his hands on the edge of the desk, his face turned pale.

“What’s wrong with you? Is there a problem with your suppressants again?” An Lan noticed that Qiao Chuluo didn’t seem right and immediately searched for his suppressants in his backpack.

“No… not the suppressants…”

Qiao Chuluo’s shoulders trembled violently, as if bearing some enormous pressure, and he leaned forward on the desk.

“What’s going on?” An Lan was about to get up to find a teacher when Qiao Chuluo grabbed him.

“Don’t move… wait a moment… it’ll be okay in a moment…” Qiao Chuluo seemed to be swallowing saliva, and even breathing seemed difficult for him. His teeth were chattering.

An Lan became anxious but didn’t know what to do for Qiao Chuluo.

After more than ten seconds, Qiao Chuluo finally breathed out slowly, and the cold sweat on his forehead slowly sat up.

By this time, the English teacher had already entered the room and stood at the podium.

An Lan lowered his voice and asked, “What’s wrong with you? If you’re not feeling well, you should tell the teacher.”

Qiao Chuluo slammed his vocabulary book down, lowered his head, and said, “An alpha released pheromones…”

“…It can’t be. If an alpha released pheromones, other alphas should sense it.” An Lan deliberately glanced at the back row, where the tall alphas were, but none of them showed any reaction.

“That alpha is intimidating me.” Qiao Chuluo bit his lip, speaking with a somewhat frightened tone. “Targeted intimidation and seduction, only extremely high-quality alphas can do that.”

An Lan was stunned. In their class, there were only three high-quality alphas.

Class monitor Xu Xingran… An Lan looked in his direction.

Xu Xingran was looking at the blackboard, casually playing with the strands of hair in front of his forehead, revealing his brow bone, which gave a stern impression. However, due to his long eyelashes and gentle eye contours, it softened the sharpness between his eyebrows and eyes.

Xu Xingran was one of the rare people who combined the dominance of an alpha with a pleasant warmth.

He seemed to sense An Lan’s gaze and, while looking at his wordbook, lifted his head to give An Lan a faint smile. The serene gaze followed the curve of Xu Xingran’s lips.

Then he noticed that Qiao Chuluo wasn’t doing well, using mouth shapes to ask An Lan, “Is he okay?”

An Lan shook his head, also smiling at Xu Xingran.

This high-quality alpha intimidating Qiao Chuluo probably wasn’t Xu Xingran.

Moreover, using pheromones to intimidate omega classmates wasn’t in line with Xu Xingran’s manners.

An Lan turned to look at the last row at the back, where Xiao Chen was sitting. Xiao Chen was, as usual, sleeping on the desk. Although his face couldn’t be seen, the posture of sleeping on his stomach made his shoulders look broad. Sleeves were piled up on his face, and outside the sleeves were his firm and long arms.

Even when he was quiet, this guy had an imposing aura.

Was he the one intimidating Qiao Chuluo?

But this guy didn’t even recognize most of the classmates. Could it be that he dreamed that Qiao Chuluo offended him, so he released pheromones?

… It didn’t seem logical.

There was one high-quality alpha left. An Lan turned his head to look at the window side of the classroom.

Gu Liyu’s seat was in the third-to-last row. At this time, the sunlight had not yet reached the window sill. Gu Liyu propped up his chin, looking down at the book on the desk. In the interplay of light and shadow, he appeared mysterious and elusive.

His features, in addition to the alpha’s obvious temperament, were delicate. Even from An Lan’s perspective, he seemed a bit enchanting.

An Lan swallowed, and at this moment, Gu Liyu happened to flip the page of the book. The pages fluttered with a breeze, causing Gu Liyu’s eyelashes and the strands of hair in front of his forehead to tremble. Afraid of being noticed, An Lan quickly turned away.

Am I going crazy? How can I find Gu Liyu good-looking?

An Lan organized his thoughts. Perhaps it was because Gu Liyu’s features, although strong in three dimensions, were delicate. If Gu Liyu smiled, he really had a pair of peach blossom eyes.

An Lan turned his head abruptly to look at Xiao Chen again, who was still asleep. His slender fingers rested on the other side’s arm, strands of hair falling by his ear. He seems quite obedient? 

Obedient, my foot, An Lan thought! 

Just then, Xiao Chen suddenly turned his face, looking straight at An Lan. The gaze, which should have been drowsy, unexpectedly carried a powerful intensity. 

An Lan was almost scared out of his chair. 

Xiao Chen tapped his fingers on the desk, and though the sound might not be apparent to others, it was quite loud for An Lan. 

An Lan hastily turned his head, pretending to be looking at Xu Xingran instead of Xiao Chen. Little did he know that Xu Xingran was propping up his chin, looking at him with amusement, as if he found An Lan’s behavior of observing the class alpha quite interesting.

An Lan quickly lowered his head, waiting for Xu Xingran to turn around. An Lan took one last glance at Gu Liyu.

Gu Liyu still had his head down, pen moving between his fingers.

An Lan inexplicably lost focus. The voices of classmates reading, the sound of flipping book pages, and the sea of blue and white school uniforms all seemed isolated in another world.

His keen senses seemed to have been taken away by the other person’s concentration. Gu Liyu’s brow and nose reminded An Lan of a dagger of forbidden desire, but the pursed lips seemed ready to recite gentle poetry at any moment. An Lan had never seen someone like him—appearing internally cold yet capable of treating the world with gentleness.

An Lan took a deep breath and turned away.

Could it be Gu Liyu who released pheromones to suppress Qiao Chuluo?

Unable to resist, An Lan looked back again. Gu Liyu still had his eyes lowered, completely indifferent to both Qiao Chuluo and An Lan.

After three or five seconds, An Lan looked back at Xiao Chen. He was still sleeping.

The English teacher called students up for vocabulary dictation, and everyone in the class became nervous.

“An Lan… An Lan…” Qiao Chuluo nudged An Lan with his elbow.

“What’s up?” An Lan asked in a low voice.

“The English teacher wants you to come up for vocabulary dictation,” Qiao Chuluo said.

An Lan immediately stood up, thinking, “D*mn.” He was called on during math class yesterday and now for English dictation today. So unlucky! Should he go to the temple to shoot the “Tai Sui” (the deity responsible for people’s fortune)?

After An Lan went up, the English teacher smiled and said to the whole class, “Anyone else willing to come up for dictation?”

The other students immediately lowered their heads, pretending to be reviewing vocabulary.

An Lan glanced at Qiao Chuluo. This guy was good at English; he should come up and share the burden with his older brother. 

But Qiao Chuluo, without even giving An Lan a glance, truly embraced the principle of “Brothers are like birds in the same forest, facing adversity each flies its own way.”

An Lan glanced at the students below. Apart from the English class representative wearing thick glasses, only class monitor Xu Xingran was looking calmly at the blackboard.

Probably sensing An Lan’s plea for help, Xu Xingran smiled and was about to raise his hand. However, the English teacher suddenly said, “Gu Liyu, come up. Your handwriting is the best.”

An Lan almost collapsed.

Standing side by side with Gu Liyu at the blackboard, An Lan genuinely felt—being at the top is truly cold!

Gu Liyu closed the book, walked to the podium, and took the chalk. 

If it were Xu Xingran, everyone would have admired the monitor’s heroic posture. Even the not-easily-approachable Xiao Chen would have attracted a few glances.

But if it were Gu Liyu, everyone bowed their heads uniformly, like facing a saint in a temple, no one dared to look up to catch a glimpse of his face.

An Lan also quickly turned around, facing the blackboard.

Ah… With Gu Liyu by his side, he didn’t dare to sneak a peek.

Gu Liyu took the chalk and with a casual sway, he cleaned half of the blackboard with just two strokes.

Meanwhile, An Lan leaned against the other side, keeping a distance from Gu Liyu, nestled behind the blackboard.

As he was gathering his thoughts, a piece of chalk was handed to him.

“Huh?” An Lan turned his head and saw Gu Liyu’s neck and the sleek Adam’s apple.

Seeing that An Lan didn’t react, Gu Liyu, holding the chalk, lightly swung it, wiping away the math formula written by An Lan.

It was from yesterday’s last class.

When Gu Liyu put the chalk back, An Lan realized that he had helped him erase the blackboard!

Gu Liyu, who rarely spoke to classmates, unexpectedly erased the blackboard for him? 

“Some words are often used in compositions. I’ve told you, but you don’t listen. Even if you listen, you forget, and if you remember, you remember it wrong. I really don’t know what to do with you. The first one! Consume!” 

An Lan was also not a fan of memorizing words. Most of the time, as long as he knew how to pronounce a word, he could spell it based on pronunciation rules. 

“The second word, insignificant!” 

An Lan spelled it out according to the pronunciation, although he didn’t quite remember the meaning of this word. 

After dictating ten words like this, the English teacher finally stopped. 

“Alright, put down the chalk, you can go back to your seats.” 

An Lan was about to turn around and leave when he suddenly noticed that he had misspelled “appreciate.” There should be a ‘c’ in the middle, but he wrote an ‘s’! 

I know this word, I can’t accept misspelling it.

However, he had already walked down the steps, and the English teacher blocked his way back to the blackboard. 

Gu Liyu passed by An Lan’s writing on the board, and he paused slightly. 

An Lan watched as he casually picked up the chalk he had thrown, his slender fingers swiping over the ‘s,’ and with a turn of his wrist, he changed An Lan’s ‘s’ to a ‘c’! 

An Lan was stunned, while Gu Liyu acted as if nothing had happened. He passed by An Lan and returned to his own seat.

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