Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 44

Chapter 44: How Many People Has He Brought for Breakfast?

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As soon as An Lan’s mother entered, she smelled the aroma of Shin Ramyun and immediately began to complain, “An Lan! Why can’t you make something decent for yourself to eat? Always eating instant noodles is bad for your health—”

However, upon walking in, she saw Xiao Chen.

“Oh… there’s a classmate here… and he’s a handsome guy… really handsome…” An Lan’s mother approached to get a closer look at Xiao Chen. “This child is really handsome—especially those eyes, so attractive. Your mother must be a beautiful woman!”

An Lan’s father was not pleased. “Why is it that when a male classmate has beautiful eyes, it must mean the mother is good-looking? Can’t it be the father who’s good-looking?”

“You just don’t understand, right? Sons usually resemble their mothers more. If someone has beautiful eyes, it must come from the mother.”

Without saying a word, Xiao Chen was praised by An Lan’s mother for his handsome appearance, and his neck and ears turned red.

“Hello, Auntie… An Lan is also very handsome… handsome… his eyes are also beautiful, just like you, Auntie.”

An Lan, on the side, was dumbfounded.

Oh my? Xiao Chen is actually stuttering?

“Auntie, if there’s nothing urgent, I’ll… I’ll go back now…”

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave? Did you guys eat instant noodles? Instant noodles are unhealthy. I’ll peel some fruit for you, replenish some vitamins.”

After saying that, An Lan’s mother rolled up her sleeves and went into the kitchen to wash the fruit.

Xiao Chen stood there, seemingly at a loss for what to do.

“Do you want to watch TV? Tomorrow is the monthly exam, right? Don’t be too nervous. How about sitting down and watching TV together?”

An Lan’s father handed the remote control to Xiao Chen.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Xiao Chen took the remote control and sat down beside An Lan’s father.

Looking at his long legs casually placed, An Lan laughed so hard in his heart that his stomach ached.

Indeed, you couldn’t tell at all. Xiao Chen had a face that defied the heavens, earth, sun, moon, and stars, but internally, he was quite at a loss for the kindness of the elders.

“What shows do you usually watch? You can change the channel however you want. Don’t be polite. Apart from Little Qiao, An Lan rarely brings classmates home to play.”

An Lan’s father seemed ready to start a conversation to understand their daily lives at school.

Several questions, and Xiao Chen couldn’t answer any of them.

Suppressing his laughter, An Lan walked over to Xiao Chen, tugging at his collar, and said, “Let’s go, let’s go, continue watching the TV series in my room.”

An Lan’s mother’s voice came from the kitchen, “That’s right, kids of this age usually watch TV online. It’s different from what you’re watching. Chatting with them for so long, is it awkward or not?”

“That’s right, I brought him in.”

After saying that, An Lan dragged Xiao Chen away.

In the room, An Lan moved a chair to his desk and took out his laptop.

“Just accompany me to watch an episode of the TV series. My parents are very concerned about my classmates. If you want to leave now, it might be a bit difficult.”

Xiao Chen didn’t sit down immediately but stood in the center of the bedroom, looking around An Lan’s room.

“Not used to it? I know my room is a bit small, and I haven’t cleaned it much…”

“You’ve added another ‘first.’ ” Xiao Chen said.

“What ‘first’?”

“The first person to invite me to his room.”

“Didn’t that happen in elementary school? After class, I often did homework and played at other classmates’ homes.” An Lan sat in the chair, one hand resting on the back of the chair, looking at Xiao Chen.

“My mother… is more protective of me. If I get too close to others, it’s easier for them to discover my identity. Children find it hard to hide their feelings and are easily led into conversation. So, I simply don’t get too close to others.”

With his hands in his pockets, Xiao Chen stared at the collection of comics on An Lan’s bookshelf, seemingly lost in thought.

“That’s the comic collection from my elementary school days. It’s hard to find now. Besides, everyone reads comics online.” An Lan stood up, took one and handed it to Xiao Chen.

“I read this when I was a kid too.” Xiao Chen lowered his head, lightly flipping through the pages. “At that time, I used to fight with my sister over it. The book was torn apart.”

Xiao Chen’s expression softened, and a hint of a smile appeared at the corner of his lips, as if he had recalled something interesting.

At this moment, there were two knocks on the door, and An Lan’s mother’s voice came, “You two handsome boys, you weren’t doing anything I shouldn’t see in there, right?”

“No.” An Lan answered with a smile and opened the door.

An Lan’s mother stood outside with a fruit plate.

Xiao Chen took two or three steps forward to take the fruit plate. “Thank you, Auntie. You’ve worked hard!”

“Where’s the hardship? Just cutting some fruit, you guys go play. Your father and I will watch TV.” An Lan’s mother stared at Xiao Chen and added, “The more I look, the more handsome you are.”

Xiao Chen’s face turned red again.

An Lan propped up his chin, watching Xiao Chen chat with his mother. He found that when Xiao Chen faced well-intentioned elders, he was polite and courteous.

When the door closed again, Xiao Chen turned around and placed the fruit plate on the table. At this point, An Lan had already found the TV series.

“Don’t be polite; have some fruit.”

“You seem to have been laughing all the time?” Xiao Chen squinted his eyes, looking at An Lan and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Watch the TV series; this episode takes the disgust to a new level.”

“You’re changing the subject again.”

“Okay, okay, I just think that the teachers at school can’t do anything with you. You always act like you’re not afraid of anyone, but… in front of my parents, you’re so polite. My parents probably can’t imagine that you…”

You’re a school tyrant.

“What about me?” Xiao Chen guessed what An Lan was about to say, and it certainly wasn’t a flattering adjective.

“You slept during class.” An Lan’s mind was racing.

“Even if I sleep from the beginning to the end of the school year, my grades are still better than yours.”

An Lan immediately admitted, “Of course!”

They watched TV for a while, and the usually quiet Xiao Chen suddenly said, “Your parents… are very kind-hearted people.”

“Thank you for the Good Person Card on behalf of my parents.” An Lan jokingly replied.

“I didn’t send a Good Person Card.”

“I know, because you can feel that they really like you.” An Lan propped his chin and said when he and Xiao Chen made eye contact.

When they locked eyes, there was a strange feeling, as if Xiao Chen wasn’t sitting next to An Lan, but a familiar old friend like Qiao Chuluo.

“Mm.” Xiao Chen responded softly, the light from the screen grazing his profile, especially his eyelashes, making him appear delicate.

They didn’t say much more. After watching an episode of the TV series, Xiao Chen took the initiative to get up.

“It’s getting late, you should sleep. Do well in the monthly exam.”

“Thanks, you too.” An Lan replied.

As Xiao Chen walked out, he saw An Lan’s parents sitting on the sofa, laughing together.

As soon as they saw Xiao Chen, An Lan’s parents immediately stood up. Xiao Chen, feeling embarrassed, said, “Uncle, Auntie, please sit, I’m going home.”

“We know, we know. Tomorrow is the monthly exam! An Lan cooked instant noodles for you this time, really not like him! Next time when I cook spare ribs, I’ll call you to eat!”

Xiao Chen lowered his head and smiled, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Leaning against the bedroom door, An Lan sighed, “He’s really well-behaved.”

However, after Xiao Chen left, An Lan found that his phone had been vibrating. It turned out that Xiao Chen had posted a picture of a neck wipe in the group, circling An Lan.

The entire group fell silent, pretending not to have seen it, but privately, many people were asking An Lan what had happened.

Little Qiao: [Little An, what did you do to offend Xiao Chen again?]

Fat Flower: [An Lan! Did you not see the picture Xiao Chen posted? Is he going to deal with you?]

Chen Naonao: [What drama is unfolding now? Can I still burn paper money for you?]

An Lan looked at this group of people, smiled helplessly, and then circled Xiao Chen in the main group, posting a picture with the caption “This kid is not behaving.”

The group remained silent, but it turned into a competition between Xiao Chen and An Lan to use memes.

Xiao Chen sent various pictures threatening “you’re dead,” while An Lan consistently posted “this kid is not behaving.”

One latecomer to the group opened it and was startled by a picture Xiao Chen posted, showing bloody holes, asking timidly: [Baby was so scared that they almost dropped their phone. Is tonight a horror movie marathon?]

Everyone admired his courage, and Xiao Chen responded with: [Horror movie marathon, do you want to join?]

Whether Xiao Chen was serious or threatening him, the student didn’t know, so he hesitantly sent a picture of rolling eyes and was immediately despised by Xiao Chen: [Isn’t there anything more exciting?]

Surprisingly, Qiao Chuluo, the idiot, responded to Xiao Chen, posting a screenshot of a horror movie with blood all over his face and rolled-back eyes. An Lan, who was tidying up the fruit plate, turned around and was scared sitting on the floor when he saw this image on the phone screen.

An Lan privately messaged Qiao Chuluo: [Are you sick?]

Qiao Chuluo: [Responding to the call of our class representative in math class.]

Everyone, in the nervous mood of the monthly exam, seemed to be instantly relieved. The group enthusiastically joined the ranks of posting horror images.

An Lan rolled his eyes, directly blocking this group.

However, Xu Xingran sent a message asking An Lan: [Are you okay with Xiao Chen?]

An Lan replied: [It’s fine, he’s having a fit.]

Xu Xingran: [That’s good, good luck in the monthly exam tomorrow.]

The Class Monitor is still more normal.

The next morning, An Lan entered the elevator and stopped two floors down, thinking it might be Xiao Chen.

The door opened, and indeed, it was that guy who never wanted to wear his school uniform properly.

“Oh, it’s you. Did you sleep well last night?” Xiao Chen entered the elevator.

His figure had a strong presence. Even though An Lan was only half a head shorter, this guy exuded an aura that could easily knock people away.

An Lan didn’t move to the corner but stood behind Xiao Chen. He replied, “Slept pretty well.”

“Why are you standing behind me?” Xiao Chen turned around and asked, “I have to turn around to talk to you.”

“Convenient for throat-cutting.” An Lan grinned and said.

Xiao Chen was about to say something, but the elevator door opened.

“We’re here! Let’s go!” An Lan went straight through Xiao Chen, walking out of the elevator.

He had taken only a couple of steps when the back of his collar was pulled.

“Little guy, where are you going?”

An Lan turned around unhappily, “Little guy, calling who?”

“Little guy, calling you.”

“Oh!” An Lan moved Xiao Chen’s hand away, “So you’re the little guy!”

Xiao Chen hesitated for a moment, unexpectedly falling for such a common trick.

“Let’s go, let’s have breakfast.” An Lan gestured to another bicycle with his eyes. “You… can’t ride a bike?”

“You… can’t ride,” Xiao Chen scanned the code, effortlessly mounted the bike.

An Lan laughed, rode in front, and Xiao Chen followed behind. They arrived at a breakfast stall selling mixed noodles.

They came out relatively early today, and there were fewer customers at the stall. An Lan sat down with Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen didn’t mind and started eating the radish dices on the table with the chopsticks.

“Hey! That was leftover from the previous table’s customers!” An Lan quickly grabbed Xiao Chen’s chopsticks.

Xiao Chen paused for a moment and said, “Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“You ate the radish so naturally and seamlessly. I didn’t have time to react!”

“Naturally, and seamlessly are not used like that. How did you score in Chinese?” Xiao Chen pushed aside the plate of dried radishes.

An Lan was initially worried that he might get angry here, but seeing him stretching his neck to look at the boiling noodle pot, he felt relieved.

“Boss, two bowls of mixed noodles and two bowls of meat patty soup,” An Lan raised his hand to order.

“Sure!” The noodle-cooking boss turned around, glanced at An Lan, couldn’t help but say, “Bringing another handsome guy for breakfast again!”

The word “again” caught Xiao Chen’s attention.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “How many handsome guys have you brought for breakfast?”

“Am I not handsome?” An Lan retorted.

“Gu Liyu.” Xiao Chen directly pronounced that name.

An Lan smiled and didn’t say anything. Well… Xiao Chen and Gu Liyu didn’t have any deep-seated grievances.

The mixed noodles were served, already mixed by the boss.

“Oh, he looks even more handsome up close,” the boss sincerely complimented Xiao Chen.

“Thank you, Auntie.” Xiao Chen also smiled.

This was the first time An Lan had seen Xiao Chen showing such a “friendly” expression to a stranger.

“Auntie, I have one more question…”

“What’s up?” Instead of going back to work, the boss stood by the table and chatted with Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen pointed with his thumb at An Lan, “How many people has my brother brought here for breakfast?”

An Lan didn’t expect Xiao Chen to have such finesse, deliberately saying “my brother” to indicate a good relationship, but not that kind of relationship.

Who knew the boss was also shrewd, “With such a good relationship, you still don’t know how many people he has brought for breakfast?”

An Lan applauded the boss in his heart.

Xiao Chen laughed and said, “It seems you’re still quite fickle.”

After taking a bite of mixed noodles, Xiao Chen said, “Indeed, the taste is better right after mixing. If you take it to school, it will all clump together.”


Xiao Chen glanced at An Lan’s backpack and said, “Going for the monthly exam, just bring a pen. Why carry a backpack?”

“Like you, with a photographic memory, how would you understand the pre-exam struggles of us ordinary people?” An Lan replied.

“Oh. Struggle and then die?”

“…Eat your mixed noodles.”

After breakfast, An Lan and Xiao Chen rode their bikes through the school gate.

Xiao Chen leisurely locked his bike, pocketed his hands, and walked with the pace of walking on the red carpet. An Lan, however, rushed to the exam room with his backpack on his back.

The first subject of the monthly exam was Chinese. In the corridor outside the second exam room, candidates were all carrying their Chinese textbooks.

An Lan had performed well in the last test, so he was in the second exam room, separated by a restroom from the elite group in the first exam room.

Candidates like Xu Xingran, Gu Liyu, and Xiao Chen were in that exam room.

Leaning against the corridor wall, Xiao Chen looked at An Lan, who was reviewing ancient Chinese seriously, with his book spread against the wall.

The sunlight fell perfectly on the tip of his nose, like a pair of small transparent wings had stopped there.

Xu Xingran walked to Xiao Chen’s side. “What are you looking at?”

“Looking at mortals struggling before the exam,” Xiao Chen replied.

Xu Xingran followed Xiao Chen’s line of sight, and when he saw An Lan looking serious, trying to stuff an entire textbook into his brain, Xu Xingran also laughed.

The most important thing before the exam was going to the restroom. An Lan had just come out of the restroom and met Gu Liyu, who was coming out of the water room with a water cup.

“Gu Liyu, opening the water gate?” An Lan greeted with a smile.

Gu Liyu looked at him and asked, “Are you nervous?”

“I get nervous every time before an exam.”

“During the shooting competition, I didn’t see you so nervous.” Gu Liyu said.

“Shooting competitions test mentality, exams… still depend on fate a bit.” An Lan pointed to the sky.

Gu Liyu said, “Since it depends on fate, give me your right hand.”

“Huh?” Although An Lan didn’t understand why Gu Liyu wanted his right hand, he still handed it over.

Gu Liyu placed the water cup on the wall with his left hand, held An Lan’s hand back with his left hand, and used his right hand to draw a circle in An Lan’s palm, delicately depicting something with his fingertips.

At first, An Lan didn’t know what Gu Liyu was doing. When Gu Liyu’s fingertips touched the palm of An Lan’s hand, he suddenly understood.

“Are you drawing the magic array from that book?” An Lan asked in surprise.

The array in that book had quite complex patterns, and Gu Liyu could actually remember it?

“Yeah. Since you said exams depend on fate,” Gu Liyu closed An Lan’s fingers, “you will do well this time.”

An Lan clenched his fist, looking at Gu Liyu walking back to the first exam room with the water cup.

The place where his fingertips had drawn on his palm was slightly warm, as if some power was about to descend on An Lan.

Whether it was due to increased confidence or not, An Lan felt that the difficulty of this monthly exam was much smaller than he had imagined.

When he came out after the math exam the next day, he saw a gloomy and desolate atmosphere.

In the first exam room, Qiao Chuluo weakly collapsed into An Lan’s arms. “I’m ascending… why are the calculations for every question so complicated…”

An Lan patted Qiao Chuluo’s head and said, “If you find it difficult, other students also find it difficult. Everyone is the same.”

“No no no… I saw Xu Xingran and them answering the questions so smoothly…” Qiao Chuluo suddenly raised his head to look at An Lan, “Something’s wrong, why are you so calm? Do you know everything?”

“I… seem to know most of it…” An Lan replied.


On the second day of the comprehensive exam, An Lan still answered smoothly. Gu Liyu accompanied him in brushing through similar questions several times.

When he came out of the exam room, everyone sighed again.

An Lan asked Qiao Chuluo what he wanted for lunch, and Qiao Chuluo replied, “I can’t eat. My soul has left my body.”

“Isn’t your body hungry?”

“Not hungry.”

“In the afternoon, the English exam won’t be as difficult as the comprehensive section.”

“Not hungry.”

“Then you can watch me eat; I’m hungry,” An Lan said.

Qiao Chuluo wanted to cry but had no tears, “Are you a devil?”

An Lan: “…”

The two days of the monthly exam on Thursday and Friday ended, and the melancholic atmosphere instantly disappeared. On the weekend, everyone was in high spirits.

An Lan didn’t forget that on the weekend, Gu Liyu invited him to Gu Yunyi’s art exhibition.

But the exhibition was a formal occasion. An Lan wondered what he should wear.

Opening the wardrobe, all An Lan saw were oversized casual clothes, which were not suitable for an art exhibition.

An Lan touched his forehead and sent a message to Gu Liyu: [Do you still have the suit you wore in junior high school?]

Gu Liyu replied: [Why do you need to wear a suit?]

An Lan thought, does he have any misunderstanding about art exhibitions? [To go to the art exhibition.]

Unexpectedly, Gu Liyu replied: [Just wear your usual clothes. I’m downstairs at your place.]

An Lan immediately walked to the window, looked down, and indeed, Gu Liyu was waiting for him. He was wearing a simple white T-shirt on top and slightly faded jeans at the bottom – what he called “usual clothes.”

An Lan felt relieved, threw on the T-shirt, put on the jeans, grabbed his phone, and headed out.

“Let’s go, get in the car,” Gu Liyu opened the car door.

An Lan stuck his head in to look and found no driver inside.

“Today, are you driving?”

“Yes, it’s me,” Gu Liyu sat in the driver’s seat.

“Do you have a driver’s license?”

“I’m an adult; why wouldn’t I have a driver’s license?” Gu Liyu asked in return.

“How long have you been driving?”

“Since the day after you celebrated my birthday with me until now,” Gu Liyu answered.

“Wow, you got your license so quickly?” An Lan widened his eyes.

Gu Liyu was about to start the car when he heard An Lan’s comment. He turned his head and asked, “Should I call the driver?”

The implication was, I can see that you don’t trust my driving skills.

“No, no need. What I meant was… Am I the first person you’ve given a ride to?”

“You are,” Gu Liyu said and skillfully started the car.

He drove smoothly, decelerating slowly, without any hint of a novice on the road – completely an experienced driver.

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