Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Changing Seats

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“You… you’re not this kind of person. Well, since you just want a list… I’ll have my secretary send it to you.”

“Thank you, Little Uncle Gu. Little Uncle Gu…” Ye Yun took two steps back, thumb and index finger together, “I give you a heart.”

“You want me to have a heart attack, right?” Gu Yunyi thought for a moment and added, “If you really find that person, you must tell me who he is.”

“Little Uncle Gu, what are you worried about?” Ye Yun asked with a smile.

“I’m afraid he’s not a good person, and you, being loved by everyone, will be deceived by him.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely tell you.”

In the afternoon, Gu Liyu accompanied An Lan home. On the way, An Lan received a WeChat message from Ye Yun, containing the guest list for Gu Yunyi’s art exhibition.

Ye Yun: [I’ve checked it. Most of the guests here are influential alphas. I can find photos for almost all of them. Once I find them, I’ll package and send them to you for identification.]

Seeing the word “identification,” An Lan couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Liyu asked.

“Nothing… It’s just that Ye Yun made a sarcastic joke,” An Lan replied.

“I didn’t know Ye Yun could make sarcastic jokes.”

Gu Liyu was very formal, such as “no talk during meals, no meals while talking,” which seemed to be his style. So, “no chatting while driving, no driving while chatting” should be Gu Liyu’s principle. But why did he start talking before reaching the traffic lights?

“An Lan.”

“Yeah?” An Lan looked at him.

“Do you like Ye Yun?”

This question almost made An Lan choke on his own lungs.

“I… like Ye Yun? Why?” An Lan didn’t understand how Gu Liyu came to this conclusion.

“Because you seem to have endless topics to talk about. And every time you chat with him, you laugh happily.”

“Because we have the same taste in movies and animations, similar hobbies and interests. So, when we talk about movies and animations, it’s bound to be enjoyable.” An Lan thought for a moment and suddenly understood. It must be because he sat in Gu Liyu’s car and chatted with someone else, making Little Gu think he was being neglected?

Gu Liyu remained silent but didn’t say anything. However, An Lan couldn’t help but imagine what Gu Liyu might be saying now: You never discuss movies and animations with me.

“Hey, Gu Liyu… Although we don’t have many topics to talk about, each topic we do have can be discussed in depth. Like the story of Helar, like our views on gender in this world. Do you know, Little Qiao and I grew up together, and I’ve never discussed some topics with him like I do with you.”

“Yeah.” Gu Liyu lightly responded and focused on driving again.

Suddenly, An Lan felt that this Gu Liyu was quite cute. When he realized it, his hand had already reached over to pat the top of Gu Liyu’s head.

“Hmm?” Gu Liyu happened to stop at a crossroads, turning his head to look at An Lan.

“Your… hair is sticking up, let me flatten it for you.” An Lan praised himself for his wit.

“Is it?” Gu Liyu’s reaction didn’t reveal much emotion.

But An Lan had a slightly guilty feeling, as if he had done something sneaky.

Ye Yun’s efficiency was unbelievably fast. When An Lan returned home in the evening, just as he was about to wash up, Ye Yun’s email arrived. It contained photos of alpha guests.

Excitedly, An Lan opened his laptop with trembling hands, unpacked Ye Yun’s email, and started looking through the photos one by one.

For a few hundred guests, it should be quite quick if only looking at the pictures.

After the first pass, An Lan didn’t see that person. He looked through a second and third time, still not finding him.

He had to call Ye Yun, “Little Yun, I couldn’t find that person in the photos.”

“Really? If you can’t find him like this… I remember you mentioned that you only saw his profile clearly, right? Maybe you can’t recognize him because all the photos are full faces?”

“That’s possible,” An Lan sighed.

“How old is that person roughly?” Ye Yun asked again.

“In his twenties, judging by his clothing and demeanor, he should be a few years older than us.”

After some thought, Ye Yun said, “Let’s not bother with the older alphas for now. Check the young ones more carefully. Perhaps that alpha is not a guest but a family member or companion. If they are older guests, I’ll find their appropriate-aged sons, brothers, and let you identify them. If they are the omega’s guests, I’ll look for their male companions.”

“Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. Biting someone’s neck is a highly symbolic act. If the other person doesn’t see you as an omega, they could have bitten you somewhere else. I’m also curious about which alpha would have such thoughts about you.”

An Lan frowned, “Why do I feel like you’re filled with the interest of watching a good show?”

“Haha, you caught me.”

After hanging up the phone, An Lan looked through the photos again, but not a single one resembled that person. He had to give up and went back to bed.

Monday was the battlefield—the day when the monthly exam results were released.

Qiao Chuluo looked sad, lying on the desk with a look of having his soul emptied.

“I really don’t understand why teachers have to be so diligent, insisting on grading all the papers over the weekend. Don’t they need a weekend? Don’t they want to rest?”

“Perhaps they don’t want our happiness to last too long,” An Lan replied.

“Will we still be deskmates?” Qiao Chuluo looked at An Lan with hopeful eyes.

“We will. I think I did okay this time.”

“But I didn’t do well!” Qiao Chuluo said.

“If you chose the seat first last time, and I came to you. This time, I’ll choose the seat first, and you can come to me. It’s no big deal.”

Homeroom teacher Bald Qiang walked into the classroom with a serious expression. Seeing his expression, everyone lowered their heads, not daring to breathe loudly.

“It seems that our class missed the target this time,” Qiao Chuluo said.


The difficulty level of the exam has increased, so everyone in the school will find it difficult.

The scores may not look good, but when it comes to rankings, it should be more or less the same. For example, the three academic giants in their class, regardless of the difficulty of the exam, are always the top performers.

“The results of this month’s exam surprised all the teachers. Some students made rapid progress—worthy of praise and encouragement. However, some students, their regression was unexpected. I won’t say much; now, let’s distribute the report cards.” Bald Qiang’s gaze coldly swept across the entire classroom.

An Lan heard several classmates nervously gulp down saliva, and Qiao Chuluo was also nervously tapping his foot. An Lan patted his back and whispered, “Don’t be nervous; this isn’t the college entrance exam. Next month is another chance.”

“…You really didn’t comfort me.”

Bald Qiang’s gaze fell sharply on Xu Xingran, then swept over Gu Liyu, and squinted at Xiao Chen, who was yawning with his chin in his hand.

This made An Lan feel strange. Why did Bald Qiang look like he wanted to beat up these three people?

“First place, Liang Jing!”

As soon as the announcement was made, the whole class buzzed.

Liang Jing, who was called out, looked confused and pointed to themself, “Me… I got first place in the monthly exam?”

Who knew Bald Qiang would repeat, “First place, Liang Jing!”

Xu Xingran smiled and looked at Liang Jing behind him, saying, “The homeroom teacher is calling you to come up and get your report card.”

When Liang Jing left their desk, there was a loud noise, and they seemed excited as if they had won a jackpot of five million.

“You did well, and you’ve made significant progress. Keep it up in the next monthly exam.” Bald Qiang smiled kindly at Liang Jing.

An Lan was also a bit confused. The first place was neither Xu Xingran nor Gu Liyu, let alone Xiao Chen. How was that possible?

Bald Qiang lowered his head, “Second place, Lin Wanglong!”

The classmates in the class couldn’t hold back their discussions.

“What’s going on? The first and second places… aren’t Xu Xingran, Gu Liyu, or Xiao Chen?”

“Did the three of them collectively miss the monthly exam?”

“That’s impossible. Even if these three close their eyes and answer randomly, they wouldn’t…”

Bald Qiang forcefully slapped the podium and shouted, “Quiet! Everyone be quiet!”

Instantly, silence fell.

“Third place, Li Dafei!”

Li Dafei, called out, looked pleasantly surprised, appearing flustered. When he went to the stage, he almost tripped.

If they weren’t forbidden from using phones during class, their class’s discussion group must have exploded by now.

An Lan also felt something was off. How did the three of them coincidentally miss the mark?

Even more unbelievable was that from fourth to sixth place, there were no names of the three of them.

“Seventh place, An Lan.”

An Lan paused, and Qiao Chuluo lightly pushed him, “Don’t just stand there, it’s your turn. Amazing, my man, seventh in the whole class!”

An Lan quickly went up to receive his report card.

“You did very well. I used to think your science and comprehensive skills were weaknesses, but this time, you did great.” Bald Qiang’s expression was very satisfied.

An Lan looked at Gu Liyu, wondering why.

Even the major questions in the comprehensive science test were accurately predicted by Gu Liyu, but why didn’t he even make it to the top three in the class?

Just at that moment, the teacher continued, “Eighth place, Gu Liyu.”

The whole class looked over.

Gu Liyu calmly stood up and walked towards the stage. Under the gaze of dozens of eyes, he took his report card.

“Gu Liyu, what’s going on with you?” Bald Qiang asked. Probably feeling his tone wasn’t good, he added, “Do you have something on your mind? Or are you feeling unwell?”

“Nothing,” Gu Liyu replied.

“Nothing? Are you satisfied with this ranking? Look at your position; are you satisfied?”

Who knew Gu Liyu calmly answered, “I am satisfied.”

The whole class was dumbfounded.

Bald Qiang almost spat out blood. Pointing at Gu Liyu’s seat, he said, “Come to my office after class.”

Gu Liyu turned around and returned to his seat, still leaning on his chin, looking at his exam paper as before, without any expression of sadness or regret.

“Ninth place, Xu Xingran.”

As the name was announced, Bald Qiang also gnashed his teeth.

“9th place, Xu Xingran.” When Bald Qiang pronounced this name, there was a hint of resentment in his tone. 

Xu Xingran stood up, walked to the stage to receive his report card. 

“Class Monitor, your performance… seems a bit off,” Bald Qiang looked at Xu Xingran with a stern gaze. 

“Yes… it was a bit off,” Xu Xingran replied. 

“As long as you’re aware. Reflect on why. This drop in rank is quite severe.” 

Xu Xingran nodded obediently, and Bald Qiang let him go.

“Tenth place, Xiao Chen.”

When this name was announced, Bald Qiang could only sigh.

“Hey… I thought I did well, but unexpectedly, I did poorly.”

Xiao Chen said this, strolling to the stage, and when Bald Qiang held his report card, Xiao Chen pulled it, causing the report card to tear in half.

“Xiao Chen, you…”

“My performance was a bit abnormal; I know.” Xiao Chen reached for the other half.

“How is it just abnormal? Did you three plan this? Collective regression?” Bald Qiang looked again at Xu Xingran and Gu Liyu.

These two were still as steady as before, one leaning on his chin looking at the desktop, and the other smiling at the homeroom teacher.

“Xiao Chen, you still need to ref—” 

“I know, I will reflect on it. Sigh, if only I had answered the last math question correctly, I might have gotten 8th place,” Xiao Chen’s expression was full of regret. 

Bald Qiang’s eyes nearly popped out, “What did you say? Your goal was only 8th place?” 

“Having one more rank is a waste. Hail to the 8th place.”

Xiao Chen, holding his report card, staggered back to his seat.

Qiao Chuluo’s ranking this time wasn’t much different from the previous one; he got twelfth place. However, there were four people between him and An Lan.

“Only four people; we can still sit together,” An Lan whispered.

Who knew that Xu Xingran, sitting in the front row, turned around and smiled, “Maybe not? An Lan is quite popular.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Chuluo looked helpless, “Ah… Am I going to be separated from my Gongjin? I don’t even know which random person will sit next to me…”

An Lan: “…”

Once all the report cards were distributed, Bald Qiang clapped his hands and said, “Everyone, pack your bags, clean up your drawers, and line up in the corridor according to your rankings!”

Everyone immediately started packing up, and outside the doors of other classes, long queues formed in the corridor.

When Gu Liyu, Xu Xingran, and Xiao Chen stood outside, students from other classes were also astonished.

“D*mn, the three top students in our senior year are said to have missed the mark. I thought it was just a rumor!”

“What the h*ll happened? I heard that Xiao Chen ranked tenth in their class… dropped from the top three in the grade to thirtieth place!”

“So what? A skinny camel is still bigger than a horse! They are still in the first exam room, at the level of top universities.”

Qiao Chuluo’s Omega group was also buzzing, and everyone was speculating whether the top students had taken the wrong test papers or filled in the answer sheets incorrectly. Otherwise, how could they fall out of the top three?

An Lan had never expected that his and Gu Liyu’s exam rankings would be so close.

During seat selection, Gu Liyu stood behind him. When An Lan turned around to look at the dejected Qiao Chuluo, he accidentally bumped into Gu Liyu’s chest.

“Little Qiao!” An Lan extended five fingers, meaning to choose the fifth row.

A position that was not too far back, where the blackboard could still be seen clearly, and not too close to the podium, to avoid catching the teacher’s attention.

Qiao Chuluo nodded.

When it was An Lan’s turn to choose a seat, he went to the middle of the fifth row, put his bag away, and the classmates knew that Qiao Chuluo was An Lan’s designated seatmate. No one would be so tactless as to sit next to An Lan. However…someone did.

That person walked to An Lan’s side, put down his bag, took out his earphones, and a book on competitive mathematics.

When An Lan turned his head, he found that the person was actually Gu Liyu!

“You… Are you going to sit here?” An Lan asked.

“If you don’t want me to, I can change.” Gu Liyu met his gaze, took out his bag from the drawer, and seemed about to get up.

An Lan quickly grabbed his wrist, “I don’t mind! It’s just… you always sit by the window. Sitting here, you can’t see outside.”

“You are better than what’s outside the window.” Gu Liyu answered matter-of-factly.

An Lan almost choked.

D*mn, who said that Gu Liyu was always cold and aloof?

Classmates, take a good look; isn’t this rank quite high?

If An Lan were a little Omega, he would have blushed and spun in place.

Next was Xu Xingran selecting a seat.

Qiao Chuluo, watching Gu Liyu become An Lan’s seatmate, suddenly understanding Xu Xingran’s words. He quietly called Xu Xingran.

“Class Monitor… Class Monitor…”

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xingran turned around with a smile.

“I want to sit with An Lan…” Qiao Chuluo pleaded.

“Even without me, there will be someone else sitting in that position.” Xu Xingran gestured to Xiao Chen behind him.

Xiao Chen, with his head down, said, “What? Don’t compete with me.”

Qiao Chuluo immediately understood; his fate with An Lan… was probably over.

Xu Xingran comforted, “You can also sit with me.”

After speaking, Xu Xingran left the queue and returned to the classroom, sitting on the other side of An Lan.

An Lan caught on—what day was it today? Was it a day of unexpected fortune?

“Class Monitor? Do you want to sit next to me?”

“Is it not allowed?” Xu Xingran didn’t sit down, just pressed his bag on the table, looking at An Lan.

The gentle gaze made An Lan feel that if he said “no,” he would be committing a heinous crime.

Then came Xiao Chen into the classroom.

An Lan only heard a “whoosh” sound behind him; it was Xiao Chen throwing his bag onto the table behind An Lan.

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