A Guide to Falling Asleep Chapter 29

Chapter 29

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Kong Shenfeng thought Liang Chong wasn’t going to answer his call.

His wife, Kang Yixin, and Kang Minmin were sisters, but they weren’t very close. However, Kang Yixin had a good relationship with their mother, and they often talked on the phone. So when Kang Minmin informed their mother about Liang Qichao’s surgery, Kang Yixin also found out.

At that time, after having a candlelit dinner with his wife, Kong Shenfeng was walking home when he overheard Kang Yixin’s conversation with their mother. He caught a few important words from his wife’s conversation.

After Kang Yixin hung up the phone, Kong Shenfeng immediately showed concern, “How did your brother-in-law’s surgery go?”

“It went fairly well.” Kang Yixin put her phone away and looked up. “Why are you suddenly interested in my relatives? Is it because you’re going through menopause?”

“Just showing some casual concern,” Kong Shenfeng said with a sheepish smile.

Kong Shenfeng was concerned about locating about Liang Chong and Ning Yiwei. Plus, he had something to ask Liang Chong for help. After thinking it over, he finally decided to give Liang Chong a call.

Since Liang Chong had always let his secretary contact Kong Shenfeng in the past, Kong Shenfeng wasn’t sure if Liang Chong would answer this time when he called directly.

However, after waiting for almost a minute, Liang Chong did pick up the phone.

“Professor Kong,” Liang Chong addressed him.

Liang Chong had a young and refined voice, but it felt distant. Kong Shenfeng couldn’t remember if Liang Chong had ever called him “uncle” because it seemed that Liang Chong considered Ning Yiwei more important than his mother’s brother-in-law, Kong Shenfeng.

At least Liang Chong certainly wouldn’t donate a laboratory to an ordinary uncle.

With these thoughts in mind, Kong Shenfeng felt a sinking feeling. He was not good at handling situations where he had to ask for favors. After thinking for a moment, he asked Liang Chong, “How is your father doing?”

“He’s still under observation in the ICU,” Liang Chong briefly replied.

“Then… has Ning Yiwei arrived?” Kong Shenfeng asked with a brave face.

“He has arrived,” Liang Chong said and added, “Thank you for arranging his leave. I’ll bring him back as soon as possible.”

The background noise from Liang Chong sounded slightly empty. Kong Shenfeng suspected that he was outdoors. “Are you with Ning Yiwei?”

“Yes,” Liang Chong politely replied, “Professor Kong, what is your question?”

Feeling that Liang Chong was unresponsive and difficult to communicate with, Kong Shenfeng did not know where to begin. He fell into silence for a moment.

Liang Chong, on the other hand, was patient and waited for him to speak. After perhaps a minute had passed, Kong Shenfeng felt that he couldn’t stay silent any longer and asked with difficulty, “Liang Chong, what is your current relationship with Ning Yiwei?”

Liang Chong paused and replied to Kong Shenfeng, “What kind of relationship would you like us to have?”

Kong Shenfeng felt that the conversation couldn’t progress any further.

Unable to hear Kong Shenfeng speaking, Liang Chong added, “Do you have any other matters? If not—”

“—Yes!” Kong Shenfeng interrupted Liang Chong, collected his thoughts, and said, “It’s like this.”

“I want you to help me collect some of Ning Yiwei’s hair.” Kong Shenfeng suddenly found himself unsure if making this phone call was the right thing to do.

But he had considered it, and Liang Chong was the most suitable person to confide in. Liang Chong was a relative of Kang Yixin and had a special connection with Ning Yiwei. Liang Chong cared about Ning Yiwei, and most importantly, he was reliable.

Even if they didn’t talk about it now, when the matter came to light, Liang Chong would be one of the first to know. It was better to inform Liang Chong in advance, gaining both assistance and an ally.

Therefore, despite the difficulty in speaking, Kong Shenfeng forced himself to speak up.

The beginning of any matter was always challenging, but after making the request, Kong Shenfeng felt much more relaxed and at ease.

Liang Chong asked Kong Shenfeng, “What do you need the hair for?” Kong Shenfeng took the opportunity to explain everything he had discovered to Liang Chong.

At first, Liang Chong had a few questions, but eventually, he fell into silence.

Kong Shenfeng’s story began with Kang Yixin’s family photo and led to the paternity test report of Kong Zong, with Shu Meng’s death as the endpoint.

After explaining the cause and effect, Kong Shenfeng finished speaking. Liang Chong paused for a moment and asked him, “So you suspect that Ning Yiwei is your biological son?”

“Yes,” Kong Shenfeng quickly replied, “That’s why I need to perform a DNA test. Can you help me?”

Liang Chong paused for two seconds and said, “I can’t.”

“…Why not?”

“Professor Kong,” Liang Chong seemed to think for a while before asking, speaking a bit slower than usual, “Even if Ning Yiwei is biologically related to you, so what? Do you want him to acknowledge you as his biological father?”

Before Kong Shenfeng could answer, Liang Chong continued to ask, “Have you told Auntie?”

“Not yet,” Kong Shenfeng felt a headache as Liang Chong brought it up. “You also know how your aunt feels about Kong Zong…”

“Will you tell Auntie in the future?” Liang Chong, seemingly uninterested in hearing about Kang Yixin’s temper, interrupted Kong Shenfeng a bit impolitely and continued asking the question he wanted to know.

Kong Shenfeng had indeed considered this matter. He believed that if the paternity test results showed Ning Yiwei was truly his son, Kang Yixin had the right to know. So Kong Shenfeng said, “Of course, I will tell her, but I haven’t figured out how to tell her yet.”

“How you tell her doesn’t matter,” Liang Chong said. “Can you control her reaction?”

Kong Shenfeng remained silent.

After a brief silence, Liang Chong informed Kong Shenfeng, “Ning Yiwei is leading a stable life now, and his adoptive parents treat him well.”

Kong Shenfeng wanted to justify himself, but Liang Chong suddenly took a step back and compromised, “Here’s the deal, Professor Kong. Give me your DNA sample, as well as Aunt’s, and I’ll have the laboratory run the test.”

“What difference does it make?” Kong Shenfeng asked, puzzled.

“I want to know the results as soon as possible,” Liang Chong said. “If you want to do a paternity test with Ning Yiwei, give me your samples.”

Liang Chong’s tone sounded decisive. Kong Shenfeng didn’t have time to object before Liang Chong continued, “Hand them over to my secretary. She will contact you immediately.”

Helpless, Kong Shenfeng reluctantly agreed to Liang Chong’s request.

Liang Chong returned to the living room and saw Ning Yiwei lying on the sofa. Ning Yiwei’s eyes were closed tightly, and his lips were rosy, as if something had happened despite not being kissed or licked. Liang Chong leaned closer, gently touching Ning Yiwei’s face and whispered, “Are you asleep already?”

Ning Yiwei was pretending to be asleep, but upon hearing Liang Chong’s voice, he intensified his act. He let out a dream-like “Mmm” and attempted to turn to the left, wanting to face the back of the sofa for sleep. However, before he could complete the turn, Liang Chong gently pressed him back, returning him to the position of lying on his back.

“You’re not really asleep, are you?” Liang Chong’s voice was close to Ning Yiwei’s ear as he called him, “Little Slave.”

The tone was somewhat pleasant, but the content was impolite.

“Little Slave” was something from many years ago. Ning Yiwei had almost forgotten about it.

There was a time when Liang Chong had made Ning Yiwei do various tasks in front of a certain friend, who then remarked that Ning Yiwei resembled Liang Chong’s little slave. Instead of reflecting on it, Liang Chong strangely took a liking to the term “little slave” and used it as a term of endearment for Ning Yiwei for quite some time.

It wasn’t until it nearly reached Kang Minmin’s ears that Liang Chong stopped using it.

“Little Slave, get up and give me a back massage,” Liang Chong said again.

Ning Yiwei ignored him, pretending to be in an uneasy sleep, shaking his head slightly. Before he could shake it a couple more times, he felt someone’s hand touching his cheek.

Liang Chong held Ning Yiwei’s jaw, preventing him from moving, and used his thumb to tap Ning Yiwei’s chin, then lightly tapped his lips, and called him once again, “Little Slave.”

Ning Yiwei wanted to jump up and stop Liang Chong from calling him that, but he was pretending to be asleep and couldn’t reveal his true intentions. He could only endure the insult silently, without moving.

Liang Chong caressed Ning Yiwei’s face, and Ning Yiwei felt that Liang Chong was probably looking at him. After a while, Liang Chong leaned closer to Ning Yiwei’s ear and called him, “Weiwei.”

Ning Yiwei’s face immediately turned red, and his heart raced, almost jumping out of his chest. Suddenly, a warm breath engulfed him as Liang Chong kissed his lips, gently nibbling on Ning Yiwei’s lower lip, using his teeth to graze it softly. Liang Chong exerted just enough force to make Ning Yiwei feel ticklish and warm.

Liang Chong continued to nibble on Ning Yiwei’s lips, parting his teeth and entwining his soft tongue, gently deepening the kiss. As they kissed, Liang Chong’s breath grew more rapid, and his hand, initially resting on Ning Yiwei’s arm, gradually moved downward, tracing Ning Yiwei’s waist through their clothes. After a brief hesitation, he slipped his fingers beneath Ning Yiwei’s sweater, lightly gliding his fingertips over Ning Yiwei’s abdomen.

With closed eyes, Ning Yiwei couldn’t see anything but felt Liang Chong’s touch all over his body. He felt restless and shy, eventually mustering the courage to twist his body slightly and use his elbow to block Liang Chong’s hand, freeing himself from the wicked control. Pretending to have just been awakened, he yawned casually, rubbing his eyes as he looked at Liang Chong. “I was sleeping. Why did you disturb me?”

Liang Chong paused for a moment, smiled at Ning Yiwei, and said, “You say I disturbed you?”

“Do you know that sleep is crucial for good health?” Ning Yiwei glanced around with his eyes and retorted, “You were on the phone for too long, so I decided to take a nap. Just as I fell asleep, you woke me up.”

As Ning Yiwei looked at Liang Chong’s face, he sensed a hidden meaning and something unmentionable in Liang Chong’s expression.

“Is that so,” Liang Chong said, and the secretive atmosphere dissipated.

Without overthinking it, Ning Yiwei nodded reservedly. “Of course.”

Liang Chong let out a soft “Hmm” and suddenly lifted his hand to pinch Ning Yiwei’s cheek, bluntly exposing Ning Yiwei’s act. “Don’t pretend anymore. You’ve exaggerated your feigned sleepiness.”

Liang Chong held his phone and showed it to Ning Yiwei. The first frame of the video prominently displayed Ning Yiwei’s sleeping face with closed eyes.

In the footage, Ning Yiwei’s eyes were tightly shut, and his lips were tense. Although Ning Yiwei was reluctant to admit it, it did indeed look very fake.

“Do you want to continue watching?” Liang Chong said and pressed play. Ning Yiwei saw in the video Liang Chong’s hand gripping his own chin. The voiceover came from Liang Chong, calling him “Little Slave.”

Then, in the video, Ning Yiwei’s eyelashes twitched slightly.

Ning Yiwei gave himself a fair assessment: indeed, he had no talent for pretending to be asleep. He should stop doing it in the future.

The video continued playing, with Liang Chong’s thumb gently caressing the corner of Ning Yiwei’s lips. Ning Yiwei’s lips appeared slightly moist, and as Liang Chong kneaded them, it gave off a somewhat sensual atmosphere that made Ning Yiwei’s scalp tingle.

“Stop it,” Ning Yiwei couldn’t help but interrupt Liang Chong, “Why did you record this? Delete it quickly.” He wanted to reach out and delete the video but had the misfortune of accidentally sliding the progress bar, causing the video to play the second half.

The screen on the phone turned black, probably because Liang Chong had unintentionally covered the camera while placing it on the sofa. However, the sound of their kissing continued to play through the speaker. Ning Yiwei was already in a state of confusion and anxiety, and hearing the sound of himself whimpering when Liang Chong kissed him caused his mind to buzz, and heat rushed from his collarbone to his face.

Liang Chong probably heard it too. He released Ning Yiwei and rewound the video a bit, as if wanting to listen to it again. Realizing this, Ning Yiwei immediately reprimanded Liang Chong, “What is this? Delete it quickly!” In an impulsive move, he tried to grab the phone but was swiftly stopped by Liang Chong, who held his wrist. Ning Yiwei looked up at Liang Chong and retorted in a low voice, “How can you be so perverted!”

However, before his hand could even touch the edge of the phone, Liang Chong grabbed his wrist with one hand. Lowering his head to look at Ning Yiwei, Liang Chong calmly and slowly asked in response, “Can this also be considered perverted?”

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