After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 70

Chapter 70

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It’s not entirely Wu Kai’s fault.

An archer needs countless arrows to practice, and it takes financial resources to acquire the precision and strength required.

Wu Kai comes from a humble background and doesn’t even know how to read. How could he have practiced archery since childhood?

Even if he exerted all his strength, archery is not just about strength.

Yuan Li didn’t blame him and said, “It’s nothing, get up.”

After beating Wu Kai, the Wuwan people were filled with confidence. Zuosang felt it wasn’t enough and turned to Wang Er, saying, “You’re also a military officer under the governor, right? Why not come up and compete against our Wuwan warriors?”

Wang Er clenched his teeth, unsure whether he should volunteer. Like Wu Kai, he came from a poor family. Although he had been training in archery and horsemanship for nearly a year, he couldn’t compare to Tamuda. If he participated, failure would be inevitable.

Yuan Li’s subordinates looked at each other in silence.

Among them, Zhan Shaoning had the best archery skills. With a solemn expression, Zhan Shaoning prepared to stand in for Wang Er. He once again regretted his laziness during previous martial training sessions, relying on the care of his parents and elder siblings.

If only he had been more diligent in the past…

“Why is nobody moving?” Zuosang shouted, “Isn’t it true that the Governor of Youzhou doesn’t have a warrior under his command who can fight us?”

Yuan Dan, seated in the center, turned red with anger and muttered through his teeth, “Brother, I’m so angry.”

Yuan Lou was also quite upset but managed to remain composed. He said, “Stay calm.”

On the other side, He Lang muttered quietly, “They’re just bullying us!”

With the generals present, the Wuwan people dared to be so arrogant. If the generals weren’t there, wouldn’t they regard themselves even more highly?

The frustrating part was that they had never really confronted the Wuwan people. Without a valid excuse, they couldn’t resort to force against them, as it would be difficult to justify to the court. What’s even more helpless is that after five years of recuperation and growth in Youzhou, the combined forces of the five Wuwan tribes probably amounted to around 200,000.

200,000… It’s impossible to fight them now.

But we can’t let them undermine the authority of Governor Yuan Li like this.

The anger in Chu Hechao’s heart grew stronger, and his expression became colder. Yang Zhongfa was startled when he caught a glimpse of Chu Hechao’s expression. Why does the general’s face look like his own wife has been bullied?

Chu Hechao was about to speak up and interrupt the arrogance of the Wuwan people when Yuan Li spoke first. “Among your personal guards, is this warrior the most formidable?”

Zuosang proudly replied, “Tamuda is just slightly exceptional.”

Yuan Li raised an eyebrow, seemingly curious, and asked, “And how does he compare to your Wuwan leaders?”

Zuosang instinctively replied, “Naturally, our Wuwan leaders are stronger.”

Da Dan confidently said, “These personal guards cannot match our abilities. If we don’t personally take the field, it’s already not considered bullying you.”

Yuan Li smiled and said, “Then, please let your esteemed Wuwan leaders personally take the field.”

Another Wuwan leader responded unhappily, “With our status, how can we compete with a mere junior military officer under your command?”

“Hahaha, you misunderstood, esteemed leaders,” Yuan Li leisurely rose from his seat, supported by the table. He walked down from behind the desk, accepted the bow and arrows handed to him by a servant, and calmly looked at the Wuwan people. “How could I allow the esteemed Wuwan leaders to lower themselves to compete against my subordinates? Naturally, it should be me.”

After speaking, he looked regretfully at Gulichi, “I’ve heard that Wuwan Chief Gulichi is exceptionally skilled in horsemanship and archery. It’s a pity that I can’t learn from you today and witness your prowess.”

Yang Zhongfa and the others almost couldn’t hold back their laughter.

That statement hit Gulichi right in the heart.

How could the Wuwan leaders not respond when their chief was insulted? Zuosang stood up directly, his face dark, and walked to Yuan Li’s side. He snatched the bow and arrows from Tamuda’s hand and declared, “Then let me have a match with you. No need for the chief to intervene. I will show you the valor of our Wuwan people!”

Gulichi didn’t stop Zuosang. He sneered and said, “If the Governor of Youzhou loses to our personal guards, it will surely make you, sir, lose face. It would be more presentable if our Wuwan leaders defeat him. Zuosang, you should leave the Governor with some dignity.”

Zuosang responded with a sinister smile, “Of course, I will give way to the Governor.”

Seeing this scene, Zhan Shaoning quickly whispered to Liu Jixin, asking about Yuan Li’s archery skills.

Zhan Shaoning had never witnessed Yuan Li shooting arrows himself. He had only heard rumors that Yuan Li once shot and killed the leaders of the White Rice Gang with a single arrow from a hundred paces away. However, since then, he hadn’t heard anything else about Yuan Li’s exceptional archery skills. That previous rumor seemed exaggerated and more like propaganda to boost Yuan Li’s reputation.

On the other hand, Yuan Lou and Yuan Dan, the two brothers from the Yuan family, breathed a sigh of relief.

Apart from Chu Hechao and the Yuan brothers, almost no one present had seen Yuan Li shoot arrows.

Just by observing Yuan Li standing next to Zuosang, who appeared refined and polite, they couldn’t help but feel anxious.

The Wuwan people noticed their anxiety, and Gulichi’s smile deepened. He felt that it represented Yuan Li’s fierce appearance hiding inner cowardice.

Zuosang became even more confident in his heart. He even proposed, “Shooting these ten arrows in one breath is not challenging at all. How about taking turns, with you shooting one arrow and I shooting one arrow, until we finish these ten arrows?”

When competing in archery, it is better to shoot all the arrows in one breath to maintain a consistent feel and state. But if you take turns shooting, if the opponent shoots well, it will only create a tremendous burden. Instead of utilizing your full potential, you may only be able to deliver half of your best performance.

Yuan Li suddenly laughed and said, “Sure. But since sir wants it to be more challenging, let’s add some difficulty.”

He turned his head and calmly instructed the servant, “Go move the target back twenty zhang.”

The servant complied and moved the target back by twenty zhang, approximately fifty meters.

Yuan Li looked at Zuosang, whose expression had become somewhat stiff, and said casually, “Zuosang, this distance shouldn’t be difficult for you, right?”

Zuosang took a deep breath and said, “It’s not difficult for me, but it may not be the case for the Governor.”

As he had grown older, his eyes had lost the sharpness they had in his youth. Although Zuosang was uncertain about shooting at this distance, it didn’t mean he couldn’t hit the target.

Zuosang intentionally wanted Yuan Li to go first. If Yuan Li missed the target, he would follow up without any pressure.

With confidence, Zuosang said, “Governor, please go ahead.”

Yuan Li didn’t refuse and positioned himself, pulling back the bow and aiming at the target. However, after aiming for a moment, he suddenly retracted the bow and arrow.

Zuosang couldn’t help but laugh. “Is the Governor afraid?”

“In consideration of the Governor’s young and ignorant nature, we can move the target back by another twenty zhang if you’d like.”

Yuan Li seemed not to have heard that and said again, “Someone, move the target back another ten zhang.”

The spectators on both sides let out small gasps of surprise.

The Wuwan people thought Yuan Li might have gone mad.

The shooting range of the Northern Zhou’s bows and arrows was within fifty to one hundred meters. The previous twenty zhang plus the initial distance was already close to one hundred meters. Moving it back another ten zhang meant it was over one hundred twenty meters.

If Gulichi’s arm was not broken, he might be able to achieve this level, and Chu Hechao could also accomplish it. However, both of them were exceptional individuals. One was the eagle of the Wuwan people, a chief who had dominated all the Wuwan tribes and bathed the grasslands in blood, and the other was a war god who had fought on the battlefield since his youth, leading numerous renowned campaigns.

Only a handful of exceptional individuals in the world could achieve such a feat. How could Yuan Li, a seemingly non-athletic and gentle governor, reach such a level?

The Wuwan people still didn’t believe that Yuan Li could achieve such a feat. But Chu Hechao stood up and personally moved the target back another ten zhang. “Is this enough?”

This time, Yuan Li was finally satisfied. He switched from a small bow to a large bow. Under the doubtful gazes of all the Wuwan people, Yuan Li calmly pulled back the bow and aimed at the target.

With the bow fully drawn, he released the arrow.

A sharp sound pierced through the air as the arrow, filled with tremendous force, shot towards the target. In the eyes of everyone, who found it hard to believe, it hit the bullseye with pinpoint accuracy.

The entire field fell silent.

Yuan Li retrieved his bow and arrow, turned to Zuosang, and despite not having Zuosang’s physical strength, his aura exuded righteousness and overwhelming pressure. “Zuosang, it’s your turn.”

At this moment, Zuosang felt the same panic that Wu Kai had experienced earlier.

But he had to begin.

Zuosang took a deep breath and, as he raised his hand, he realized it was trembling. He instinctively felt fear, thinking that he couldn’t hit the bullseye, and once that thought appeared, it meant he was destined to fail.

Zuosang struggled to suppress this feeling and tried his best to shoot the arrow well.

But he couldn’t help but think, what if I really can’t hit it?

Losing to a young lad who had just come of age, how could he face himself?

Amidst his distracted state of mind, he released the arrow. Zuosang held his breath and looked on with hope, but it ended in disappointment. His arrow not only failed to hit the bullseye but fell to the ground before even reaching the target.

Gulichi’s gaze turned cold in an instant.

Da Dan and the others had solemn expressions. They felt embarrassed for Zuosang, yet relieved that it wasn’t themselves in that position.

They cursed Zuosang’s incompetence in their hearts, but they all remained firmly seated, with no one considering stepping up to replace Zuosang.

Yuan Li laughed and stepped forward again to shoot his second arrow. This arrow showcased the same brilliance as the previous one, piercing through the air and firmly nailing itself in the bullseye.

Even if someone tried to console themselves by saying that Yuan Li’s previous shots were just coincidences, they couldn’t utter a word now.

Wu Kai and Wang Er were completely focused, their eyes shining. They knew it would turn out like this. Their lord excelled in both literary and martial arts, and the Wuwan people would never be able to defeat him.

Cheers and applause echoed through the air. These two arrows completely put their own people at ease.

When it was Zuosang’s turn to shoot again, he forcefully calmed his emotions. This time, he managed to hit the target, but only in the outer ring.

After shooting, Zuosang didn’t dare to look at Gulichi’s expression.

Yuan Li consistently hit the bullseye with every shot, while Zuosang’s performance only worsened. After the fourth arrow hit the bullseye again, Yuan Li set down his bow and arrow, crossed his hands behind his back, and asked with a smile, “There’s no need to continue this competition, right?”

Indeed, there was no need to continue. Anyone could see that Yuan Li was superior to Zuosang.

Zuosang put down his bow and arrow with a defeated expression, saluted Yuan Li, and returned to his seat with a dejected look.

The remaining Wuwan people looked at each other, but no one dared to challenge him rashly.

After a moment of silence, Gulichi applauded Yuan Li by slapping his thigh with his right hand. “Young hero, you truly deserve to be a role model for the youth of the world.”

Yuan Li returned to his seat and humbly replied, “You’re giving me too much praise. The Northern Zhou Dynasty is full of talented individuals, and I’m just one of the ordinary ones. I can’t bear such high praise.”

Zhou Gongdan couldn’t help but chuckle, covering his mouth with his sleeve, and said to Zheng Rong, “The lord is truly modest. Such words can leave people breathless.”

This remark was clearly mocking the lack of talent among the Wuwan people. Gulichi, who had no knowledge, didn’t understand. Any talented individual from Northern Zhou could easily defeat their Wuwan leaders.

Zheng Rong also couldn’t help but laugh. “Although it’s modest, it feels refreshing to hear.”

No one knew that Yuan Li’s arms, hanging down in his sleeves, were trembling ever so slightly.

This trembling was uncontrollable, a consequence of exhaustion. Shooting arrows from such a distance with a heavy bow, the fact that Yuan Li managed to shoot four arrows was the result of him gritting his teeth and pushing through.

If it hadn’t been for suppressing Zuosang, if Zuosang or anyone else challenged Yuan Li to another arrow, it would expose the fact that he was already exhausted.


Yuan Li felt relieved in his heart.

Fortunately, he managed to suppress them.

Gulichi didn’t care at all and raised his cup towards Yuan Li. “Lord Governor, you are modest.”

After saying that, he emptied his cup. Yuan Li also raised his sleeve to conceal his trembling hand and finished his drink.

After finishing this cup, Gulichi smacked his lips. “Good wine.”

A servant came forward and poured him another cup of wine. Gulichi tasted the wine and suddenly became interested. “Does the lord know about the situation in Youzhou, where it hasn’t rained for half a month?”

Yuan Li nodded.

Gulichi said, “Youzhou is truly strange. It’s supposed to be the rainy season of spring, but it hasn’t rained for a whole half month. The water in the river is decreasing day by day, and our people and livestock are suffering from dry mouths. The grass on the grasslands can’t grow without the nourishment of rainwater. If this continues for much longer, we might face a severe drought. Both our Wuwan people and the people of Youzhou will starve and die of thirst.”

Yuan Li knew he had more to say, and his intuition told him it wouldn’t be good news.

Sure enough, Gulichi put down his wine cup and turned his head to look at Yuan Li, pretending to be surprised. “It’s quite a coincidence. Since the lord took over as the Governor of Youzhou, it hasn’t rained in Youzhou. This has never happened in previous years. Could it be that the heavens are displeased with the Governor of Youzhou and have sent down punishment?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Liu Jixin immediately stood up and sternly said, “Nonsense! Both Yizhou and Bingzhou have also gone without rain for a month. Are you suggesting that the heavens are displeased with the Governors of these two provinces as well?”

“Ridiculous!” Zhan Shaoning also stood up and snorted. “Lord, this accusation is baseless.”

“Then why is it that once the Lord Governor took office, it stopped raining in Youzhou?” Gulichi calmly said, “This is something that puzzles me greatly. I believe the people of Youzhou must also be worried about it.”

Smart people wouldn’t believe such nonsense, but for the common people who toil away in the fields, such words would make them believe without a doubt.

They may not have read books, but they understand that the authority of the ruler is divinely bestowed. They know that the heavens will select a wise monarch and will also send down punishment if the ruler’s conduct is poor.

Chu Hechao suddenly stood up, took a step forward to Gulichi, bowed with a shadow cast over him, and whispered, “Gulichi, you should be thankful for the lack of rain.”

As he spoke, he slowly straightened up, looked down at Gulichi from a higher position, and smiled with a sneer. “After all, your left shoulder must ache for a long time whenever it rains.”

Gulichi’s face darkened, and he gritted his teeth. “Thanks to you, Chu Hechao.”

“If you don’t want your other arm to ache on rainy days as well,” Chu Hechao said, “then keep your mouth shut.”

Tension seemed to escalate between the two, with the Wuwan people staring intently at Chu Hechao, while Chu Hechao’s subordinates and bodyguards gripped their sword hilts.

In the midst of the confrontation, Yuan Li suddenly stood up and clapped his hands. “Someone come!”

Lintian quickly stepped forward. “Lord?”

Yuan Li spoke rapidly, “Quickly, have the table and dishes moved under the canopy within fifteen minutes!”

Lintian didn’t question and immediately said, “Yes.”

He promptly instructed the servants to move the table and dishes to the area under the canopy.

Yuan Li turned to his own subordinates and said, “You all should also move under the canopy.”

His actions interrupted the standoff between the two sides, and Yang Zhongfa asked with confusion, “Lord, what’s happening?”

“Generals, Lord Yang, quickly take shelter under the canopy,” Yuan Li said solemnly, “In about fifteen minutes, there will be a heavy downpour.”

Yang Zhong immediately looked up at the sky, and several others did the same.

The sky was dark, windless, and cloudless. The ground was covered in dry yellow sand, and the suffocating heat caused sweat to form on people’s skin.

How could it possibly rain in such weather?

And why was Yuan Li so certain that it would rain in fifteen minutes?

The Wuwan people who also observed the weather sneered, “How could it possibly rain in this kind of weather?”

“Perhaps the Lord Governor started talking nonsense out of fear after hearing our leader’s words. It hasn’t rained in Youzhou for half a month, so how could it suddenly rain now? And you’re so certain that it will rain in fifteen minutes. Even the immortals wouldn’t dare to make such bold claims!”

They burst into laughter, and even Gulichi couldn’t help but join in. “The Lord Governor is indeed amusing, quite amusing. There’s no need to move my table and food over. I’ll wait right here for the heavy rain that the Lord Governor spoke of.”

He Lang also felt that it didn’t seem like rain was coming. He instinctively looked at Chu Hechao, who promptly turned around and walked towards the canopy. “Move.”


Everyone hurriedly worked, and before the fifteen minutes were up, everyone except the Wuwan people had moved under the canopy. At this point, they had lost their appetite and stood under the canopy, gazing at the still oppressive and windless weather outside, filled with worry and anxiety.

Of course, they hoped for rain, but within fifteen minutes… Could a torrential downpour really come in such a short time?

Even the self-proclaimed immortals and alchemists didn’t dare to make such claims.

On the open ground, only the Wuwan people sat by the campfire, leisurely observing the people under the canopy.

They mocked the foolishness of these Northern Zhou people in their hearts for actually believing Yuan Li’s words and taking shelter under the canopy. If it didn’t rain, they would lose face.

“How could it be so coincidental? Rain coming just as it is spoken.”

“These people actually believed it. Do they think Yuan Le Jun is a reincarnation of some immortal?”

They didn’t lower their voices as they openly laughed at Yuan Li’s claim that it would rain in fifteen minutes.

Soon, the fifteen minutes had passed.

Just as the time arrived, Da Dan couldn’t wait and said, “Lord Governor, where is the heavy rain you spoke of? I haven’t seen a single drop of rain.”

Yuan Li stood under the canopy, raised his eyelids, and his gaze turned profound. “Don’t worry, the heavy rain is about to come. Da Dan, I advise you to speak less. If you continue to show disrespect with your words, a heavenly thunder might strike you.”

He spoke slowly and with an inexplicable conviction.

Da Dan found it extremely amusing and didn’t take it seriously. He was about to say something more when suddenly, a strong wind blew, and dark clouds filled the sky.

A thunderous roar erupted on the horizon, and a massive lightning bolt flashed above Da Dan’s head.

The campfire was nearly extinguished by the gusts, and under the illumination of the lightning, the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces were clearly visible.

Da Dan’s body turned cold, and he looked at Yuan Li in disbelief.

A raindrop the size of a bean fell from the sky, landing in the yellow mud and being instantly absorbed by the parched earth. In the next instant, a downpour began, catching everyone off guard.

The rain poured relentlessly, extinguishing the campfire and drenching the canopy, causing it to tilt and sag.

It was raining!

It was really raining!

Liu Jixin was almost ecstatic, his trembling hand reached out, “It’s raining… The Lord Governor was right, it’s really raining…”

Zhou Gongdan stared at the scene, goosebumps creeping up his body without his realization. He suddenly shivered and quickly turned to look at Yuan Li.

At the same time, everyone, including the bedraggled Wuwan people in the rain and everyone under the canopy, also looked at Yuan Li.

The young Lord Governor had a calm expression, his robes and sleeves billowing in the wind.

He appeared remarkably composed.

A terrifying thought simultaneously rose in everyone’s minds.

He really… He had truly anticipated this torrential rain in advance.

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