After Being Abducted by the General Chapter 71

Chapter 71

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“It’s raining!”

“Oh, thank the heavens! It’s finally raining!”

Outside the farm, the ecstatic cheers of the tenants reached the ears of the motionless crowd inside the walls.

The heavy rain poured like a water curtain, accompanied by strong winds, blowing under the canopy.

The Wuwan people, drenched and resembling drowned rats, stood dumbfounded in the downpour, while the chill from the rain penetrated their feet and reached their hearts.

It was really raining.

Yuan Le Jun was right.

Da Dan, who was being stared at by Yuan Li, lost his footing, stumped and fell into the muddy water.

Fear rose within him, and he looked at Yuan Li in horror.

Yuan Le Jun… Does he… know the will of heaven?

The same fear and shock engulfed Gulichi, who stood in the pouring rain.

He clenched his teeth tightly, and after the fear subsided, a surge of killing intent rose within him. This murderous intent even surpassed his desire to kill Chu Hechao.

A person who possessed such insight into the workings of heaven and earth must not be allowed to live! If he were to be spared, it would bring only harm to the Wuwan people and no benefits.

Gulichi was clear in his mind. At this moment, Yuan Li’s threat to him far surpassed that of Chu Hechao.

How could it be–

How could anyone achieve such a level!

“Kill him!” Gulichi forcefully pulled out his remaining right hand to grab his left sash, his bloodshot eyes filled with murderous intent and fear. “Zuosang, go and kill him for me!”

However, Zuosang trembled uncontrollably, vigorously shaking his head. “I dare not… Chief, I dare not kill him…”

Gulichi roared, “You fool!”

He was about to get up and call for his personal guards. Gulichi couldn’t even afford to delay for further consideration. Yuan Le Jun’s supernatural abilities were too unpredictable and unfathomable. He mustn’t be given any time to grow.

After killing Yuan Le Jun, they would escape. It was perfect timing with the sudden heavy rain, as Chu Hechao wouldn’t be able to pursue them.

The Northern Zhou Dynasty was preoccupied and wouldn’t immediately send troops against them just because of the death of a provincial governor. Even if it led to a war between the Wuwan people and Northern Zhou, Gulichi was determined to kill Yuan Le Jun.

However, as soon as Gulichi stood up, a thunderous roar erupted in the sky.

Gulichi stiffened in place, his curly hair drenched by the rain, sticking to his cheeks. He widened his eyes and dared not take a single step forward.

Was this a warning from the heavens… telling him not to lay a hand on Yuan Li?

The impact felt by the people under the canopy was no less than that experienced by the Wuwan people.

Yuan Dan stood there in a daze, reaching out his hand and feeling the raindrops fall into his palm.

“Brother, it’s really raining. It’s not a dream,” Yuan Dan’s voice trembled. “Le Jun predicted today’s heavy rain.”

How could someone predict a torrential rain in advance?

But Yuan Li did it.

Not only did he predict the heavy rain, he also knew the exact timing of its arrival.


Yuan Dan gasped and thought of an even more chilling possibility. Could it be that Yuan Li didn’t predict the time of the rain but actually invoked it because of the audacity of the Wuwan people?

Yuan Lou had always been calm, but at this moment, he could no longer maintain a composed expression. His heart pounded as if it was about to jump out of his throat. The immense shock rendered him speechless.

The heavy rain poured down, covering all sounds in an instant, thunder rumbling and echoing through the skies.

Under the flickering lightning, the people under the canopy stared intently at Yuan Li, their gazes filled with astonishment and reverence.

Their hearts raced with excitement, looking at Yuan Li as if he were a divine being.

After Liu Jixin’s ecstatic joy, he became even more excited.

The words appeared in Liu Jixin’s mind faster than anyone else—Heaven’s Will.

After these words emerged, his breathing suddenly became rapid, and he even had some difficulty breathing.

Heaven’s Will.

A wild ambition that had never appeared before began to take shape in Liu Jixin’s heart. Liu Jixin gazed intensely at Yuan Li, almost breaking out in a cold sweat from his own thoughts. He felt a mix of fear and an indescribable, uncontrollable fervor.

If, if the Lord could really achieve such heights, then being by the Lord’s side, he would completely accomplish a great feat and leave his name in history!

The mere thought of it made Liu Jixin’s brain start to lack oxygen.

Oh heavens, Liu Jixin had never even considered such a possibility before. But at this moment, once he thought about it, his agitated heart couldn’t stop.

However, when he saw Chu Hechao standing beside them, Liu Jixin suddenly became calm again.

Now was not the time to expose his ambitions, Liu Jixin thought. He would silently assist the Lord, and if the Lord could achieve such greatness, he would be willing to die for it. But if it turned out as he imagined, the biggest obstacle right now would be Chu Hechao.

Without Chu Hechao’s military assistance, the Lord would have no way to pacify the world.

But if Chu Hechao had the strength to vie for supremacy, how could he willingly serve under the Lord and assist him with all his heart and soul?

Liu Jixin fell into deep thought.

Some people were still too scared to come back to their senses, others were contemplating, and even the ignorant servants didn’t care about the mud on the ground as they hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed to Yuan Li.

“Divine Lord, we pay our respects to the Divine Lord!”

Yuan Li looked at them and showed a helpless expression. “Quickly, get up, there’s no such thing as a Divine Lord here.”

The servant remained kneeling on the ground and refused to get up. Yuan Li glanced at Wu Kai and Wang Er, and the two of them swallowed nervously before stepping forward to help the kneeling servant up.

Yuan Li appeared as usual, but the others were somewhat uneasy. Yang Zhongfa cautiously asked, “Sir, how did you calculate that there would be a heavy rain in fifteen minutes?”

How could Yuan Li respond to that?

Yuan Li calmly replied, “By observing the astronomical and meteorological signs. I not only predicted rain today but also calculated that it would last for three days.”

Yang Zhongfa looked at Yuan Li with eyes that went beyond admiration. “When the Sir says three days, it definitely won’t go beyond a moment!”

Yuan Li: “…”

He belatedly realized that something was off about the people’s demeanor.

Just now, despite his composed and calm demeanor, Yuan Li was actually quite nervous. The weather forecast provided by the system was accurate down to the minute, but the technology from his original era couldn’t achieve that level of precision. Yuan Li wasn’t sure if the predicted thunderstorm would arrive on time. Despite his confident words, it was nothing more than a gamble, relying on his trust in the system.

Finally, he won the gamble.

Yuan Li let out a sigh of relief.

But looking at the reactions of those around him, Yuan Li remembered that his actions would have a significant impact on people in ancient times.

It seemed somewhat supernatural, perhaps it would become a widely spread story, similar to borrowing the East Wind from Zhuge Liang.

Yuan Li smiled helplessly.

He wasn’t sure if this newfound reputation was good or bad.

But rumors are unstoppable.

After all, the Wuwan people were still present.

However, it was evident that Yuan Li’s prediction of rain carried more deterrence than anything else he had done.

The subordinates of Chu Hechao looked at Yuan Li with great admiration. It seemed that whatever Yuan Li said from now on, they would fully believe him.

Yuan Li sighed, realizing that he had played quite a big hand.

Soon after, the rainstorm intensified, becoming even heavier and fiercer. The Wuwan people in the rain couldn’t withstand such a torrential downpour and crowded under the last remaining canopy.

A strong gust of wind suddenly blew, causing the canopy above Yuan Li and the others to be lifted halfway.

The heavy rain poured down abruptly. Chu Hechao instinctively grabbed Yuan Li and retreated to the second canopy. Some people were blown directly into the heavy rain by the wind, drenched all over, and squeezed into other canopies.

Everyone was freezing cold, and someone shouted loudly, “This rain is too heavy! We need to go back to the rooms!”

“I’ll be soaked through if I go out there. This canopy doesn’t look like it can hold up for long!”

“The governor said the rain will last for three days. We can’t wait for the rain to stop under the canopies. General, what should we do?”

Chu Hechao looked at the heavy rain, then lowered his head to see the muddy ground that was already beginning to accumulate water. He frowned.

Yuan Li had surveyed the farm in advance and knew where they could take shelter from the rain. He not only had the canopies set up but also prepared straw raincoats.

However, there weren’t many straw raincoats, only enough for about ten people.

“Let’s go in groups of ten or so,” Yuan Li said. “Take a shortcut, I’ll lead the way.”

As he spoke, he put on a straw raincoat and ran into the rainwater first.

Yang Zhongfa, Liu Jixin, and the others quickly followed suit.

Yuan Li ran ahead with his head down. The rain was slanting, hitting him directly in the face. After a while, Yuan Li suddenly felt that the rain falling on him had reduced. He looked up and saw Chu Hechao standing tall beside him, blocking the slanting heavy rain.

The straw raincoat covered the man’s face, revealing only his resolute chin.

Indeed, he liked him…

Yuan Li clenched his fist against his lips and continued to lead the way.

But the further they went, the stronger the wind became. It was even strong enough to blow people away when facing the wind. Before they reached the rooms, someone exclaimed as their straw raincoat was blown away.

Yuan Li turned around and saw another gust of wind and rain approaching, threatening to scatter his straw raincoat.

Not good.

Chu Hechao looked around and pulled Yuan Li, running towards a nearby rockery made of rocks.

The people behind them hurriedly pressed their conical hats and followed them into the rock cave to seek shelter from the rain.

Among the rocks of the rockery, there were many caves that provided shelter from the wind and rain. Chu Hechao pulled Yuan Li and squeezed into a cave first, only to realize that the cave was not very spacious and could barely accommodate the two of them.

The others quickly took refuge in other cave entrances, not too far apart from each other. They could still hear each other speaking.

“This wind is terrifying,” Yang Zhongfa shouted, then burst into laughter. “But it’s better to have a strong wind! Let’s wait here until the gust passes, or else we’ll all be blown away!”

“I think that’s a good idea,” He Lang shouted back loudly. “Everyone, make sure you find a good spot and don’t catch a chill!”

“Don’t worry, we’re all tucked away safely.”

In the cave, Yuan Li and Chu Hechao were pressed close together.

Despite the shouts of others and the roaring rain right next to their ears, Yuan Li felt an unusual sense of tranquility. All he could hear was the “drip, drip” sound of rainwater dripping from the straw raincoat.

The cave was too small, and it was uncomfortable wearing the straw raincoat. What’s worse, the cave was too low, and both of them had to bend over. Chu Hechao took off his conical hat and straw raincoat, glanced at Yuan Li, and said, “Take off the raincoat first.”

Yuan Li nodded and took off his straw raincoat. The two sets of raincoats were placed at the edge of the cave entrance, covering half of it.

The others continued to chat, discussing the heavy rain, Yuan Li’s astonishing prediction, the ugly faces and disheveled appearance of the Wuwan people. They occasionally burst into laughter, making the most of their time in the rain.

After taking off the raincoat, the cave became slightly more spacious than before, but it was still not enough. Yuan Li could still touch Chu Hechao with a slight movement of his arm. Standing was uncomfortable, so the two of them simply sat on the ground. The earlier excitement and fervor that had intimidated the Wuwan people gradually faded, replaced by an inexplicable awkwardness and unease.

Yuan Li glanced at Chu Hechao out of the corner of his eye.

Their clothes were half-dry, with the fabric clinging to their waist, cuffs, and legs. Their faces were also damp with rainwater, streaming down their necks.

Yuan Li inexplicably recalled the scene where Chu Hechao was sweating from the pressure he had exerted on him.


After realizing his thoughts, Yuan Li quickly averted his eyes.

The cave was very dark.

Not only the cave, but also the outside gradually became pitch black after they took shelter in the rockery. The wind howled, and only occasional flashes of lightning provided a brief moment of brightness. Fortunately, although the cave was cramped and low, the walls had a semi-circular recess that provided some shelter from the wind.

Just as he finished thinking this, a gust of cold wind carrying the scent of grass and yellow clay blew in from outside, causing Yuan Li to shiver.

His soaked clothes gave off a chilling sensation. It was only early April, and it was still only the third lunar month. The weather turned cold frighteningly quickly.

Suddenly, Chu Hechao reached out and forcefully pulled Yuan Li into his lap. “Come in closer, away from the draft.”

Yuan Li ended up tumbling into Chu Hechao’s arms, half carried and half embraced by the man, sinking into the semi-circular recess.

Chu Hechao leaned against the stone wall, which was too narrow to fully cover his broad shoulders, so he exposed half of his shoulder to block the draft.

With one leg extended and the other bent, he firmly protected Yuan Li. Yuan Li knelt between his legs, on this calm and stable spot.

In the darkness, Yuan Li seemed to hear the strong heartbeat of Chu Hechao, beating rhythmically. He looked up to observe Chu Hechao, and just as a flash of lightning streaked across the sky, he saw Chu Hechao gazing outside the cave, his thick eyebrows furrowed and lips tightly pressed. The brief illumination outlined his jaw and prominent nose bridge before quickly plunging back into darkness.

Yuan Li also caught a glimpse of the man’s hand on his knee, tapping against it with water stains all over the gloves.

Ah, Yuan Li thought, this is so awkward.

In this enclosed and dark environment, remaining silent would only make things more awkward. Yuan Li cleared his throat and said, “You…”

Chu Hechao immediately interrupted, “Don’t speak.”

He prevented Yuan Li from speaking, but it only made Yuan Li want to speak more. “Why won’t you let me speak?”

Chu Hechao turned his head and glanced at Yuan Li.

Naturally, he couldn’t see anything, but Yuan Li felt as if he could. Yuan Li pressed his lips together, suddenly feeling an urge to say something that he hadn’t intended to reveal. “Chu Hechao.”

The man continued to try and see Yuan Li through the darkness, emitting a husky sound from his throat, “Mm?”

It had a hint of sexiness to it.

Yuan Li’s voice grew lower, “Do you… like me?”

As he asked, Yuan Li’s face began to heat up.

But he was incredibly curious about Chu Hechao’s answer.

Chu Hechao’s pupils contracted, and the hand on his knee clenched into a fist.

In the silent and narrow cave, the heartbeat of someone, it was unclear whose, grew faster and louder, resembling the pounding of a drum.

Chu Hechao’s temple throbbed, and his jaw clenched, as if he were a tiger facing danger.

Ready to flee at any moment.

But the current situation didn’t allow him to escape.

After a long pause, Chu Hechao finally said, “No.”

Yuan Li frowned, not believing it, wanting to get closer to see Chu Hechao’s expression. “Really? You truly don’t?”

He was filled with doubt.

It couldn’t be that there was nothing.

Could it be that he was just narcissistic?

Chu Hechao remained silent.

Yuan Li squinted his eyes, unable to see Chu Hechao’s expression clearly. He sighed inwardly and felt a twinge of restless competitiveness.

He refused to believe that Chu Hechao truly didn’t like him.

Yuan Li wanted to push Chu Hechao a little further.

Once this thought arose, Yuan Li felt a pang of guilty conscience. Even as he pushed Chu Hechao, he found a hint of improper excitement.

Yuan Li took a deep breath, raised his slightly trembling hand, and from Chu Hechao’s profile, he touched his chin, his arm, and the hand resting on his knee.

All while pressuring Chu Hechao to respond to his question.

The man’s breath grew heavier and hotter. Outside, the storm raged, voices of others mixed in chaos. The damp scent mingled with the smell of moss, accompanied by the elusive currents of darkness in the dim cave.

Outside the rockery, a bolt of lightning split across the sky, illuminating the world for a fleeting moment.

The two faces, now incredibly close, were exposed in each other’s gaze in an instant.

Both parties felt their hearts skip a beat.

Chu Hechao felt as if the lightning had also shattered his sanity.

He abruptly grabbed Yuan Li’s hand.

His palm was scorching, causing a tremor to run through Yuan Li’s heart.

“Sister-in-law,” the man whispered a term he hadn’t used in a long time. The pain and desire in his voice were unmistakable. “I know you like Chu Mingfeng.”

He slowly pulled Yuan Li’s hand towards himself.

Yuan Li’s body leaned forward, pulled by his grip.

Chu Hechao’s breath grew slightly rapid. With a faint gasp and the scent of rain on his lips, he whispered in Yuan Li’s ear, “Just this once, Yuan Li, let me indulge myself this once.”

The heavy rain masked their voices, while the cold wind howled. The people around them in the rockery had no idea what they were up to and continued their relaxed conversations.

In the dark cave, within the confined space, the temperature rose relentlessly, nurturing the sinful and illicit side like a sinful hotbed.

In this environment, Chu Hechao wanted to break his own convictions, to temporarily isolate themselves from the world, casting aside their roles as brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and just indulge in this one time.

Only one time, the final time.

Chu Hechao’s actions in pulling Yuan Li were light and slow. Yuan Li could withdraw his hand at any moment, and there was enough space for him to contemplate.

Yet in this chaotic and murky environment, it felt as though the air was gradually depleting, exhaled breath turned into a mist that filled the air, and everything became suffocating, obscuring faces and rationality, leading to actions that felt dizzy and disoriented, as if the brain lacked oxygen.

Yuan Li didn’t pull his hand back. Through their clothes, he felt a bundle of scorching heat.

Chu Hechao’s virility was overwhelming, heavy. Yuan Li’s fingers trembled, and even his breath momentarily ceased.

His brain was even more deprived of oxygen.

Once their hands were locked together, Yuan Li realized how intimidating it was. The man’s hand enveloped Yuan Li’s hand.

Soft, shallow gasps sounded in his ears, and the scorching breath sprayed around his neck. Yuan Li’s face grew hotter and hotter, and he felt intoxicated, as if he were drunk. The man shrouded Yuan Li, his muscles flexing, Adam’s apple rolling repeatedly, his voice low and husky, “Yuan Li…”

The voices of the others reached their ears clearly.

“After three days of heavy rain, the river will be full.”

“If the heavy rain continues like this, I wonder if it will be too much.”

“Do you think it’s raining in Yizhou and Bingzhou?”

And someone said, “Hmm, why isn’t the Lord and the general saying anything?”

These voices were both near and far in Yuan Li’s ears. He thought haphazardly, alternating between moments of clarity and sinking into a quagmire. What exactly were he and Chu Hechao doing?

Their subordinates were nearby, and they were a nominal brother-in-law and sister-in-law, yet they were engaging in these unspeakable acts behind everyone’s back.

But even with these thoughts, Yuan Li still softly responded to Chu Hechao, “Mmm.”

He thought that he no longer needed Chu Hechao’s answer.

He already knew the answer.

The trees swayed violently under the onslaught of wind and rain, each gust stronger than the last. The wind and rain shook the trunks, and the water-deprived trees stood tall and resilient, not surrendering so easily.

Soon, Yuan Li heard a muffled sound from the man, signifying the end.

This was Chu Hechao’s quickest time yet. As long as he knew the person in front of him was Yuan Li, his veins bulged, and he collapsed in defeat.

The cave was filled with scents familiar to all men. Yuan Li’s ears even started to burn, and he shook his hand, embarrassedly wanting to move back a bit.

But at that moment, the man’s hands touched Yuan Li’s face.

Chu Hechao said nothing, his breath drawing closer.

In the darkness, no one could see anyone else. Yuan Li’s eyes widened instantly, but strangely, just like before, he didn’t move. He didn’t even try to evade.

The man’s lips met his, pressing against them.

Chu Hechao’s lips were hot, causing Yuan Li to shudder. The rough fingers caressed Yuan Li’s cheek, a bit painful, a bit itchy, and somewhat restless.

Yuan Li trembled, and the man began to bite him.

Moist saliva exchanged between their lips, while outside, the rain was damp, the ground was damp, and their lips, which met, were sticky and wet.

The man seemed addicted, his breath becoming increasingly heavy and urgent. He transitioned from probing to aggressively taking, biting Yuan Li’s lips until they hurt, even the root of his tongue ached.

Yuan Li’s voice trembled with a hint of grievance, “It hurts…”

“I’ll be gentle,” Chu Hechao murmured, “This is the last time, and I’ll be gentle.”

Yuan Li nodded slightly.

The man leaned in again, his high and straight nose brushing against Yuan Li’s, breath sprinkling over their lips.

It started off cautious but grew into a downpour, more and more agonizing and overwhelming.

Yuan Li’s lips were parted, and the man greedily swallowed his saliva. From Chu Hechao’s increasingly muffled breathing and the tight grip on his clothes at his back, Yuan Li knew that Chu Hechao was in pain.

Because, as he had said, this was an indulgence that would ultimately come to an end.

How could there be anything between a brother-in-law and sister-in-law? Having feelings for each other was a mistake. Chu Hechao’s kiss was like the indulgence of a death row inmate, the closer it got to the end, the more reluctant and tormented he became.

The pain was too heavy and real, causing Yuan Li to taste bitterness and even feel a stinging sensation in his eyes.

Outside, someone exclaimed, “The wind has subsided!”

The kiss came to a halt.

In the blink of an eye, the cave, which had been filled with restlessness, surging desires, longing, and sensuality, gradually fell into silence. Chu Hechao retreated, leaving only the sound of their intertwined breaths.

After a brief moment of silence, Chu Hechao made a move.

In the darkness, Chu Hechao carefully adjusted Yuan Li’s clothes and his own, then bent down to pick up their raincoats.

Yuan Li silently dressed himself, and the two of them walked towards the exit of the rockery.

Step by step, it felt like they were leaving behind a utopia and entering the real world, a world bound by the Three Principles and Five Virtues, ethical and moral constraints.

But the small cave was only a few steps away, not even giving them enough time to hesitate.

Outside, their subordinates had already put on their raincoats again.

The cold wind blew, and the dark night concealed the two of them, making it impossible for anyone to notice their inappropriate behavior or the swollen lips of Yuan Li.

They stood one in front of the other, with half a person’s distance between them.

Chu Hechao glanced at Yuan Li’s lowered head from the corner of his eye. The turbulent emotions in his eyes gradually settled, and he lowered his head and adjusted his bamboo hat. “Let’s go.”

The two of them walked at the forefront, followed by the others from behind, appearing like the most ordinary brother-in-law and sister-in-law, hastily leaving the rockery in the rain.

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