After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 1

Chapter 1: You have an 85% chance of differentiating into an O

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At the age of twenty-one, when Song Youji’s sixteen-year-old siblings differentiated into Alphas, three out of four children in the Song family of this generation became Alphas.

His mother, once a gentle and beautiful woman, held the genetic test report in her now wrinkled hands, repeatedly flipping through it from shock, disbelief to despair, finally bursting into tears.

The siblings, who resembled each other, stood awkwardly in front of her, heads bowed, hands clasped together, assuming the typical Song family apology posture.

“Why! Why are even you guys Alphas!” Cheng Yuan cried hysterically. Song Jing, the eldest brother, held her wrist tightly from behind to prevent her from hurting the younger siblings.

Cheng Yuan’s legs kicked in the air, turning the well-bred young lady into a pitiful sight in the busy hospital corridor. Song Youji turned his face away, unable to bear witnessing it.

Song Jing carried Cheng Yuan into the hospital room, giving Song Youji a meaningful look before leaving.

Song Youji understood, beckoning his siblings over. “I’ll take you to school.”

Younger sister, Song Shan, suddenly threw herself into the arms of Song Youji, quietly sobbing. Younger brother, Song Lan, pursed his lips, his expression changing. In a low and weary tone, he asked, “Second brother, we’ve differentiated into Alphas, why is Mom not happy?”

In this world, Alphas and Omegas are the rarest, but whether it’s in mental strength or physical constitution, they far surpass Betas. They often have stronger insight, mental power, and leadership qualities. Especially, Alphas don’t go through a heat period, and unlike Omegas, they don’t lose control due to desire. So, no matter the field, Alphas are considered elites.

All families would be delighted to have an Alpha differentiated in their midst, especially for the Song family, which was once a prestigious and wealthy household.

“Because what the Song family needs now is an Omega.” The younger brother and sister were already adults, and Song Youji wouldn’t hide things from them as he did before. The truth was cruel, but they needed to know. “Only an Omega can form an alliance with the Zhao family.”

The Zhao family, once side by side with the Song family as an Asian aristocratic family, was now the most powerful family in the country of Keya. Zhao Jiu, the only son of the Zhao family, became an S-class Alpha at the age of fifteen, achieving remarkable military achievements at the age of twenty, making him the youngest marshal in Keya’s history, a prominent figure in the national annals.

His engagement with the Song family was the last hope for the Song family to rise again.

Song Youji sent his younger brother and sister to the capital’s No. 1 Highschool. Both of them were facing the college entrance exam in half a year and the military academy selection in two months. The former would lead them down the path of an ordinary person, while the latter could provide them with a route to join the elite military forces of Keya, crossing social classes and changing their fate.

But for the Song family, the second path was no longer viable. The entire family bore the guilt of a crime, facing constant criticism in their ordinary lives. According to Keya’s constitution, the children of serious criminals were permanently deprived of the right to enter military academies.

The eldest brother, Song Jing, was expelled from the Military Medical Academy because of this and now works as an ordinary doctor in a regular hospital.

Song Youji’s expression turned serious as he drove the car to the school gate, signaling the two to get out. “I’ll pick you up tonight. Don’t go back home these few days.”

One by one, the two got out of the car. When Song Shan had half a foot out of the car door, Song Youji stopped her and pulled out a headband with a strawberry crystal attached, handing it to her. “I made this during the handicraft activity yesterday, thinking you might need it.”

He then called the two over to the car window, speaking slowly, “There’s nothing wrong with differentiating into Alphas. Do what you want to do. Mom just can’t accept it temporarily, but she will still be proud of you in the future.”

Both faces, similar and stubborn, nodded at the same frequency. They turned and walked into the campus.

Song Youji sat in the car, lost in thought. His mother’s hysterical screams, his eldest brother’s frustrated and helpless expression, and the puzzled and confused gazes of his younger brother and sister kept appearing in his mind, weaving into an impenetrable web tightly enclosing his heart, making it difficult for him to breathe.

After a while, he looked up, started the car, and drove towards the direction of the capital prison.

His father was a high-level offender with a danger rating of 8+. Logically, visits were not allowed. However, Song Youji drove a car from the Keya Omega Rescue Association, and this week happened to coincide with the association’s activities in the prison. He drove the car into the area for serious offenders, and no one stopped him.

Song Youji worked at the Omega Rescue Association, led by a divorced A-class Omega. She was currently conducting medical examinations for the Omegas in the prison with a group of volunteers.

Upon seeing Song Youji approaching, the person in charge put away the thermometer in her hand. “You’re here just in time. I’ll assign this team to you.”

“Sister Jia… I want to see my father.”

Song Youji stood awkwardly in front of Sister Jia. Since graduating from university and joining the rescue association, he rarely asked Sister Jia for anything. Sister Jia’s acceptance of him during the most difficult times for the Song family was already a great favor. Song Youji knew his request was a bit much, but he also understood Sister Jia’s special status – the only person who could help him.

Indeed, upon hearing his words, Sister Jia frowned and remained silent for a while before casually nodding. “Got it. Someone will take you in later. Finish things here first.”

“Thank you, Sister Jia.”

Song Youji felt a slight relaxation in his tense heart. A sour feeling surged from the depths of his heart to his nose, making his eyes slightly moist.

But he didn’t cry. He just took the things from Sister Jia’s hands and proceeded to measure the temperature of a petite Omega prisoner in front of him.

In the late afternoon, the person arranged by Sister Jia brought Song Youji to the visitation room. After three years, Song Youji saw his father again. The man in his memory, full of vitality and gentle refinement, now looked weary. His straight back had slouched, and a circle of black stubble surrounded his lips. His face was pale and thin, his eyes empty, making Song Youji almost unable to recognize him.

The father and son stared at each other for a long time before Song Youji choked out, “Song Shan and Song Lan have differentiated.”

A glimmer of joy flashed in the man’s eyes. “What are they?”

“A…Alpha,” Song Youji replied, lowering his head, afraid to see disappointment on his father’s face.

Unexpectedly, the man sighed in relief. “Alpha is good. If I hadn’t been imprisoned, differentiating into Alpha would have allowed them to attend the military academy… I, I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you.”

The man choked up, tears streaming down his face.

Song Youji also felt the urge to cry, sniffing as he said, “Even if they don’t go to the military academy, there are many paths for them. Song Shan wants to study design, and Song Lan might go to medical school like our eldest brother.”

“Your eldest brother…” The man’s next words got stuck in his throat. The debt he owed to Song Jing wasn’t something that could be explained in a few words. The pain went deep into his bones, manifesting itself in tears.

After all, their conversation couldn’t last too long. Song Youji succinctly said, “I will take good care of my little brother and sister.”

“And your mother. Spend more time with her. Make her stop thinking about the Zhao family. That kid from the Zhao family is arrogant and will never look at someone from our family.”

“I understand, Dad.”

As the visitation time ended, Song Youji walked out with swollen eyes. Sister Jia was standing in front of the car waiting for him.

“Done? Let’s go back. I’ll drive.”

Song Youji sat in the passenger seat, and they drove in silence for a while before he cleared his throat. “Sister Jia, thank you.”

“No need to thank me. Every family has its difficulties.” Sister Jia skillfully drove the car to the association headquarters, got out, and tossed the car keys to Song Youji. “I have to go to the prison again tomorrow. Make sure to get everything needed.”

Song Youji agreed and drove to the commercial district to buy what was needed for the next day. On the way, he also picked up his younger siblings and brought them home, then drove back to the headquarters.


Song Youji took out his phone and called Song Jing. “How is Mom doing?”

Song Jing had just finished a surgery, his voice carrying a thick exhaustion. “I sent her back home.”

“I’ll go check on her.”

“No need.” After a long silence, Song Jing said, “You better not see Mom these days. Her mental state is not good. I’m afraid she might do something.”

“Alright, big brother.”

Summer nights were supposed to be hot, but Song Youji felt a chilling cold.

“No need.” There was a long silence on the other end of the phone before saying, “Youji, don’t go see Mom for the next few days.”

“Why…” Just as the question came out, an answer that sent shivers down Song Youji’s spine formed in his mind. He stammered into the phone, “Big brother, my previous genetic testing showed that I am an Alpha.”

Song Jing’s voice, filled with helplessness and a hint of resentment, came through, “Normal differentiation occurs between the ages of 16 and 20. Your situation is abnormal. Mom retrieved your genetic sample this afternoon for a retest. According to the results, there’s an 85% chance you’ll differentiate into an Omega.”

“Big brother…”

Song Youji held the phone, at a loss for words.

Song Jing’s voice continued, “Zhao Jiu is coming back these days. Try not to visit Mom too much. Her mental state is not good right now, and I’m afraid she might do something.”

“Okay, big brother.”

Summer nights are supposed to be hot, but Song Youji felt a bone-chilling coldness.

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