After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Even if he’s a Beta, he can only be my Beta

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Although he promised Song Jing, Song Youji couldn’t neglect Cheng Yuan. His big brother was busy all day at the hospital, and his younger siblings were at school. Only he had time to take care of his emotionally unstable mother.

In the afternoon of the next day, Song Youji bought Cheng Yuan’s favorite blue lilies at a flower shop and entered a high-end residential area in the capital.

This was the last guarantee left by their father. They used to live in a villa with two gardens in the prime area closest to the royal palace, inhabited by either the rich or the noble. Inside, there were gardens full of Cheng Yuan’s favorite blue lilies. Although it was considered a high-end community, Cheng Yuan couldn’t be bothered with it. Even though it was clean and well-secured, the residents were just friendly Betas and Omegas with defects.

Song Youji had just cleaned it last week, but upon opening the door, he still caught a whiff of the pungent smell of cheap perfume. The place was a mess, with debris scattered all over the floor—shreds of clothes, paper, shattered glass. There was almost no place to step in the living room.

“Mother?” After tidying up the living room, Song Youji walked towards Cheng Yuan’s bedroom.

The door was closed, and on the white wooden door, there were chaotic lines drawn with lipstick, resembling congealed blood. Song Youji pushed the door open, the curtains were drawn, and there was a huddled figure on the bed.

“Don’t turn on the light!” Cheng Yuan shouted.

Song Youji retracted his hand, which was about to touch the switch, and stood obediently at the doorway. “Mother, I brought you flowers and made your favorite Chinese food.”

Cheng Yuan called out his name, her voice so soft that Song Youji almost thought he had misheard. He hesitated for a moment, walked to the bedside, and crouched down.

A cold hand rested on his arm, and through the thin fabric, Cheng Yuan gently caressed him, just like in their childhood.

“Youji, it was Mom’s negligence that overlooked you and didn’t treat you well. Now she’s making you clean up the mess, it’s Mom’s fault.”

Among the four children of the Song family, Song Jing was born as a top-tier Alpha. He was exceptionally intelligent from a young age, and before Song Youji was born, he was the cherished child of the entire Song family. Even after Song Youji’s birth, he remained so because the genetic test at Song Youji’s birth revealed him as a Beta.

In the eyes of the upper echelons of the Keya society, Betas were destined to be mediocre. Song Youji was not as smart as his brother, and his nature was quiet. He had known his Beta identity since childhood and had grown accustomed to the scrutinizing, sympathetic, or disdainful gazes around him.

Even when he underwent a second test at the age of eighteen, which showed a high probability of differentiating into an Alpha, those gazes remained unchanged. The Song family needed not just Alphas but individuals who were useful to the family.

Now, they needed an Omega.

Cheng Yuan murmured words of guilt and sadness weakly. Song Youji lowered his head, resting his forehead on her slender wrist. There was a hint of fondness in his eyes, but more than that, there was resignation.

He couldn’t be of much help, and even if there was a probability of him differentiating into an Omega, he wasn’t willing to use marriage to salvage a barely surviving family. Instead, he wanted to pull Cheng Yuan out of unrealistic fantasies and start a new life.

Song Youji listened quietly until Cheng Yuan, exhausted, fell asleep by the bedside. He tucked her in and went out to clean.

In the afternoon, Song Jing called. His voice sounded tired. “How is Mom doing?”

“Much better. She’s taking a nap. How about you, big brother?” Song Youji sat in the freshly arranged living room, where blue flowers adorned the coffee table.

“I’ve been busy with surgeries these days. Zhao Jiu, leading the Three Summer Legion, returned last night. This guy actually guided the forces from the unexplored wormhole of the Naiqi star… There should be reports in the next couple of days.”

Song Youji stayed silent for a moment and hesitated before asking, “Big brother, how do you know all this?”

“I’m more informed than you. I tell you this to warn you. Zhao Jiu is a complete madman. Don’t be deceived into marrying him just because of Mom’s words.” Song Jing probably knew his younger brother better than anyone in the world. Soft-hearted and soft-minded, he was the least resistant to refusal.

Song Youji remained silent for a while before saying, “I know. I will persuade Mom. Even if she wants us to get married in the current situation, the Zhao family will find ways to cancel the engagement.”

“If Zhao Jiu could cancel it on his own, that would be the best.”

After ending the call, Song Youji heard the door opening. Cheng Yuan, dressed beautifully, walked out. She looked radiant, and her spirit was much better than yesterday.

She reached out to him, “Son, accompany Mom for shopping.”

Song Youji was a bit surprised but still took her arm. “Where are we going?”

Before leaving, he sent a message to Song Jing.

Song Jing didn’t receive it. He and two other doctors had all their communication devices confiscated and were assigned to the highest-spec VIP ward in the capital hospital. It was said that a high-ranking figure of the Three Summer Legion was staying there.

On the way, the two doctors discussed in low voices who might be inside.

“Could it be Marshal Zhao Jiu?”

“What nonsense are you thinking? A general of that rank wouldn’t come to our hospital.”

“We’re still in the capital hospital!”

“Probably just an ordinary soldier.”

Song Jing said, “Even if it’s just a soldier from the Three Summer Legion, he’s a first-class merit holder.”

The two fell silent as they followed him into the quiet and long corridor leading to the VIP ward.

Song Jing caught the scent of Alpha pheromones in the air, a mix of white peaches and white brandy. It was initially sweet but deceptive, and a slight carelessness could be overpowered by the strong alcohol, making it irresistible. Despite being an Alpha himself, he felt suppressed, indicating that the person in the ward was at least an A-level Alpha like him.

There was another possibility – the person inside was an S-level Alpha, the only two in the capital of Keya, one in the palace and the other… Zhao Jiu, who had just returned last night.

One of the accompanying doctors was an Alpha, frowning as he looked at Song Jing. “Such overbearing pheromones.”

“After all, he’s a big shot.” Song Jing’s face remained expressionless.

The other doctor was a Beta, unable to smell the gradually thickening pheromones in the air but could judge from the expressions of the two that the person inside was not someone to mess with. He couldn’t help but tense his nerves.

The door opened, and the room was uncomfortably saturated with pheromones. On the hospital bed lay a figure resembling a sculpture, with perfect features that made one suspect that the person before them was the son of a god. A faint aura of hostility lingered between his eyebrows, and even with closed eyes, he exuded an irresistible majesty.

It was Zhao Jiu.

As Song Jing approached the bedside, a sense of unspeakable desolation filled his heart.

The Alpha doctor accompanying them dared not come closer due to his imposing aura. He stood at the door, holding his head, scared, while Song Jing had to call another to help.

“His pheromones are beyond the threshold now. Give him a suppressant injection to prevent entering the susceptible period first.” Song Jing calmly directed. He noticed the other Alpha doctor’s fluttering eyelashes moving slightly – he was waking up.

Song Jing felt an inexplicable fear, especially when those black deep eyes glanced at him, whispering the name “Song Youji” for a brief moment.

“No, you’re not Song Youji,” Zhao Jiu’s gaze cleared, and a mocking smile appeared on his lips, “Song Jing.”

“I don’t need suppressants.” Zhao Jiu’s gaze swept over the Beta in the room, startling him and making him tremble with the needle in his hand. “My pheromones have a bit of a problem, but I can still control them when I’m awake.”

As he said, the concentration of pheromones in the room rapidly decreased, leaving only a faint peach scent.

Song Jing gritted his teeth, pretending to be calm, and continued the examination.

Zhao Jiu cooperated but kept talking non-stop, each sentence sending shivers down Song Jing’s spine.

“Long time no see, Dr. Song. Oh no, maybe in a while, I should start calling you ‘big brother.’ I heard that the twins in your family differentiated into Alphas. Does that mean only one person in your family can be my wife?”

“I came back this time with a three-month marriage leave granted by His Majesty. I was thinking about how to find you guys, and unexpectedly, I met you here.”

“Let’s set a date when we get back.”

Chatter, as noisy as ever.

Song Jing increased the pressure in his grip, but Zhao Jiu showed no reaction, smiling at him.

“Youji is an Alpha.” Song Jing gritted his teeth.

“So what?” Zhao Jiu still had a smile on his face, but his eyes sent chills down one’s spine. “Even if he’s a Beta, he can only be my Beta.”

“If they’ve done something wrong to me, they will have to pay the price.”

Author’s note:

Zhao Jiu: Preparing for revenge (begin to play dead).

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