After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 12

Chapter 12: It Hurts a Bit Here

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After reporting his safety to Song Jing, Song Youji called Jia Suiyu and told her that he had some business to attend to and would be back at the association the day after tomorrow.

Jia Suiyu remained silent on the other end. Song Youji anxiously asked, “Sister Jia, did I get fired?”

“What are you thinking?” Jia Suiyu seemed to chuckle, then sighed, “Youji, if you encounter any difficulties, you must tell us. Although I don’t have much power myself, I still have some connections.”

Hearing these words, Song Youji felt warm inside. “Sister Jia, rest assured, I’m fine. As long as you don’t fire me, it’s all good.”

“You silly child…” Jia Suiyu’s tone carried a helpless smile. “Seriously, don’t force yourself. We’ll talk when you come back.”


Facing inquiries from other colleagues and friends, Song Youji sent a group message saying that he was fine and was about to turn off his phone. However, a sudden news notification made him pause his intention to shut down the phone.

“Free Love or Trapped? Unveiling the Mystery of the Second Young Master of the Song Family.”

Shivering, Song Youji opened the article. The first picture he saw was the wedding photo of Song Shoucheng and Cheng Yuan. The article detailed the rise and fall of the Song family, providing a thorough explanation of Cheng Yuan’s background. A literary family, a big family’s young lady, Cheng Yuan used to be a renowned fragrance master in the Nine Heavens System. After marrying Song Shoucheng, she returned to the family and rarely appeared in the media. Of her four children, three were Alpha, except for Song Youji.

Because Song Shoucheng and Cheng Yuan didn’t like their children appearing in the media, there was only one picture online, a photo of Song Jing on the hospital’s honor wall after he started working. Throughout the article, although Song Youji was mentioned continuously, not a single photo of him, Song Lan, or Song Shan was included.

Song Youji held his breath and finished reading. The title of the article sounded mysterious, but the content was merely what had been publicly known before, without exposing their personal privacy. This made him slightly relieved.

However, the comments below were overwhelming with insults and doubts, causing his heart to ache.

“Is this it? After so much talk, they still haven’t revealed what kind of person Song Youji really is.”

“He can sell himself to seduce the Marshal. What kind of person can he be?”

“He’s not an Alpha, probably a Beta? If he’s an Omega, there’s no need for such a big show to force a marriage.”

“Poor Marshal! He’s an S-class Alpha, how could he marry a Beta!”

“I said the name Cheng Yuan sounds so familiar. Over twenty years ago, in the Nine Heavens System fragrance competition, she perfectly replicated the pheromone scent of Xavier, the Crown Prince at that time, with Snow Rose. She became famous with a single move. Could it be that Song Youji seduced the Marshal like this?”

“What a pair of scheming mother and son.”

The malice piled up like a mountain, pressing on Song Youji’s head. He exited the article, turned off his phone, and slowly slid down to the ground, leaning against the wall.

During the days he was cut off from the outside world, public opinion had developed into this state. Jia Suiyu must be aware, family and friends must know too… How were they viewing him?

Song Youji truly felt the power of hurtful words. Every speculation and insult felt like a poisonous thorn stabbing into his heart, making him extremely distressed and breathless.

The most painful part was that, although the report was somewhat exaggerated, it had a certain truth. Cheng Yuan schemed against Zhao Jiu for the engagement, making him a victim but also a co-conspirator. Outsiders wouldn’t know these details; they only knew that he and Cheng Yuan were mother and son, setting a trap for Zhao Jiu together.

“Why are you sitting here?”

Zhao Jiu found him, discovered Song Youji on the ground, and was about to turn on the lights when he heard Song Youji, with a choked voice, say, “Don’t turn on the lights.”

“You’re crying?” Zhao Jiu quickly walked over to him, squatting down. The curled-up Song Youji looked like a little rabbit that had just weathered a storm, pitiful and wronged.

Seeing the phone next to him, Zhao Jiu asked, “Did you contact someone? Your elder brother? Did he scold you?”

Song Youji shook his head. “No.”

Anxiously scratching his head, Zhao Jiu saw the tears on Song Youji’s cheeks and had a sudden realization. “Did you see what those people said online?”

Song Youji remained silent, and another tear rolled down.

D*mn it! He had arranged for someone to delete it. Why hadn’t it been removed completely?

“They don’t know the truth. Don’t pay attention to them. Later, change your phone to smart network. What era is it, and you’re still using this kind of phone? Heavy and inconvenient.” Zhao Jiu pulled Song Youji’s arm, lifting him up. “Come on, let’s discuss the engagement. Do you want to invite your family?”

“No!” Song Youji resisted vehemently, pushing Zhao Jiu away and slamming his back against the wall. “I don’t want to see my mother!”

“Then don’t invite her.” Zhao Jiu’s eyes held a tenderness he didn’t notice himself. “Keep it simple. Apart from the official media, there won’t be any others.”

From the beginning, Song Youji shed tears silently, later crying until he couldn’t control himself. Zhao Jiu stood there quietly, waiting until Song Youji cried himself out and lost strength. Only then did he pull him up and carry him to rest on the sofa outside.

Old Head waiting downstairs had keen eyes and handed over tissues. Zhao Jiu wiped away Song Youji’s tears while muttering, “You cried for such a small matter. When the news of the engagement is released, they won’t dare to say anything anymore.”

Zhao Jiu’s fingertips intentionally or unintentionally touched Song Youji’s cheek. Song Youji tilted his head slightly, feeling a complex mix of emotions: Zhao Jiu was open-minded and didn’t care about these things at all. In comparison, he was too sensitive.

But Zhao Jiu was different from him after all. With multiple honors, even if Zhao Jiu got married and divorced, it wouldn’t affect his image in the eyes of the imperial citizens.

In Song Youji’s mind, there was only one thought now: he had to accompany Zhao Jiu and finish this play properly. Consider it his repayment and compensation to Zhao Jiu. After he differentiated, he would leave the capital immediately and start a new life in a place where no one knew him.

He didn’t want to live under the judgment of others anymore.

Pulan Hotel, the day of the Three Summer Legion’s celebration banquet.

Nord Pulan, Zhao Jiu’s vice general and the second son of the Pulan family, faced media pressure after the incident at the Pulan Hotel involving Zhao Jiu. However, instead of seeking retribution, Zhao Jiu suggested to the Emperor that the celebration banquet be held at Pulan Hotel, a tremendous favor for the Pulan family.

Nord personally took charge of the security for this event, staking his honor as the vice general of the Three Summer Legion to ensure the Marshal’s safety.

“Second Brother! What are you doing?” Siwan rushed to Nord’s side. “You’ve been standing at the staircase for two hours.”

Nord pushed away his brother’s head. “I’m on guard. We can’t afford any mishaps this time.”

Siwan tilted his head, his eyes full of confusion. “Haven’t those people who helped the media sneak in last time already been dealt with?”

“We can’t relax our guard!” Nord said seriously, casting a stern look at his younger brother.

Only a few people knew that today was not just a celebration banquet but also the engagement of Zhao Jiu and Song Youji. Given Zhao Jiu’s popularity, he could imagine how stimulated the people would be when the news was released.

Originally, everyone thought that the engagement between the two families would be canceled. Even Father had arranged for Siwan and Zhao Jiu to go on a blind date. Unexpectedly, the world was unpredictable.

He scolded Siwan, “You’re an Omega. Why are you in a place full of Alphas like this?”

“I came to see you.” Siwan stuck his tongue out at him. “Big bad brother, who doesn’t care about his little brother! I’m leaving!”

Like a cheerful bird, he weaved through the crowd and finally flew into the lounge through a side door.

Song Jing, disguised as a waiter, had long been waiting there. Siwan locked the door to the lounge, immediately rushing towards Song Jing. “Senior!”

Song Jing poked his head with his fingers and pushed him away. “Pulan, be mindful of the boundaries. AO is different.”

“I took my suppressants!” Siwan opened his arms, hugging him tightly. “Senior, I missed you so much.”

Song Jing diligently concealed the pheromones, disappointing Siwan, who couldn’t catch a whiff. However, Siwan found great satisfaction in hugging Song Jing’s broad and handsome shoulders. He thought, “Hey, senior in a suit looks really handsome!”

After the embrace, Siwan explained his plan to Song Jing, “If Youji agrees to go with you, give me a signal. We’ll take the rooftop through the employee passage on the north side. My spaceship is parked there with plenty of food and water, enough for you to go anywhere in the Nine Heavens System. I’ll stop my brother and the others. The spaceship has a stealth system, so once you leave the capital, no one can find you.”

With Siwan’s help, their success rate would be at least eighty percent, but Song Jing had a faint premonition that Song Youji might not agree to go with him.

Siwan didn’t notice the pain that flashed in his eyes. He laughed, “As for the reward, after it’s done, you have to treat me to three meals! No, make it ten!”

“Okay.” Song Jing smiled and agreed.

On the second floor lounge, Zhao Jiu was waiting for Song Youji to change clothes.

He wasn’t satisfied with the black suits Song Youji picked, thinking that a white suit would better complement Song Youji’s temperament. It would also match and look like a couple’s outfit. So, he had a few white suits sent over.

While waiting, the lounge door suddenly opened. This lounge was exclusively for him, and the only person who could casually enter besides him was Yuna.

Zhao Jiu didn’t lift his eyelids. “Your Majesty is here so early today?”

Yuna glanced at him. “You look very happy.”

“Waiting for my wife to change clothes. Sigh, experiencing this feeling for the first time.”

Zhao Jiu looked troubled, but Yuna saw his tail wagging in the air.

“Aren’t you supposed to retaliate against him?” Yuna asked with a smile.

“I think the retaliation in these past few days is enough. He has cried many times in the past couple of days. It was enjoyable at first, but later… it hurts here.” Zhao Jiu suddenly looked serious, touching his chest. He asked, “Do you think I’m allergic to crying sounds?”

Yuna: …

He had the misfortune of knowing a friend with a love-brained unawareness for eight lifetimes. 

Author’s note: 

Zhao Jiu: Revenge plan officially declared over. (Lasted less than two weeks) 

Yuna (biggest victim): Meeting you is my misfortune.

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