After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 11

Chapter 11: You Have to Compensate Me Properly

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Song Youji felt utterly embarrassed.

Zhao Jiu led him to the study with a serious expression, taking out a blank paper and two pens. “Come, each of us writes one.”

Song Youji: “Huh?”

Shouldn’t this be pre-drafted? And isn’t it a bit casual to handwrite it?

“I’ll write first then.” Zhao Jiu picked up the pen and wrote the words “pre-marital agreement.” “First, Song Youji is not allowed to be ambiguous with other Alphas, Omegas, and Betas before and after marriage.”

Song Youji: ???!

He spoke while writing, but Song Youji pressed the pen down after just one word.

“This is not right. We shouldn’t be drafting this kind of agreement. Can’t you be more serious?” Song Youji said.

Zhao Jiu looked at him puzzled. “I am serious. Do you want to cuckold me?”

“…Let me write the first point.” Song Youji said.

Zhao Jiu readily agreed. “Sure, you go first.”

“For the first point, let’s start with what your father said.” The current foldable notebooks were thin enough to fit into a pocket. Song Youji hadn’t used a pen to write in a while. Frowning slightly, he held the black pen with his pale fingers, flowing smoothly on the paper.

Zhao Jiu propped his chin, watching him intently. He had noticed before that Song Youji tilted his head slightly to the left when writing—a small but cute gesture. When faced with an unsolvable problem, he would frown and bite his lip, just like now.

“The first point: if Song Youji doesn’t differentiate into an Omega, the engagement is invalid, and the marriage contract is nullified. Is this okay?” Song Youji looked up, meeting Zhao Jiu’s deep, profound eyes. His heart trembled for a moment.

He found this gaze very familiar. A long time ago, during a summer in the classroom, he spent a whole afternoon solving a difficult problem that even the teacher couldn’t figure out. The patrol robots in the school had gone, and he hadn’t had time to eat.

When he finally solved it, he looked up excitedly, only to meet Zhao Jiu’s gaze from a diagonal angle. Zhao Jiu had a faint smile on his lips, and his eyes were as vast as the starry sky, quietly watching Song Youji, like a curious little beast exploring the entire universe.

At that time, Song Youji’s impression of him was: a child, a jump-grade student who didn’t listen very well.

Back then, Zhao Jiu seemed to have asked him something, and he replied, but he was in a hurry to find the teacher to verify the answer and left the classroom without paying much attention.

It wasn’t long before Zhao Jiu jumped a grade and left, and their interactions ended there. But the gaze from back then, Song Youji hadn’t forgotten.

Now, an adult Zhao Jiu had shed the childishness, but the gaze remained the same.

He suddenly became curious, what did Zhao Jiu say to him back then? 

Adult Zhao Jiu had shed his childishness, but his gaze was still reminiscent of those years.

“Okay.” Zhao Jiu said absentmindedly. His eyes were only on Song Youji and the hand holding the pen. “Song Youji, why is your handwriting so beautiful?”

Song Youji was taken aback. “Um, I practiced when I was young.”

“And your hands are pretty. Do you know a phrase: ‘Beside the well, people are like the moon, with frosty wrists like snow’?” Zhao Jiu, with his long arms, easily grabbed Song Youji’s wrist. “See, the marks here haven’t disappeared yet. Do you know how they got here?”

If Song Youji were a bit more sensitive to pheromones, he would have sensed a powerful and rich pheromone trying to envelop him. Oblivious to Song Youji’s lack of smell, Zhao Jiu shamelessly released his pheromones.

“Got bitten by a dog.” Song Youji couldn’t take it anymore and slapped Zhao Jiu’s hand away. “Zhao Jiu, stop being so shameless.”

In high school, although Zhao Jiu could be a bit mouthy, it hadn’t reached this shameless level. After all, they were just classmates.

Well… now it might not be as innocent.

Song Youji felt the need to clarify some things. “Although we… have slept together, fundamentally, we are in a transactional relationship. I appreciate your help and will do my best to repay you. So, I hope we can reduce physical contact between us.”

He didn’t want Zhao Jiu to see him as someone who could easily get into bed with others. Just the thought of his shameless appearance that night, actively seeking pleasure, made Song Youji want to bury his head in the ground.

“Slept together, and you’re casually passing it off like that? Do you know how tightly you held me that night, how seductively you were panting? You want to deny it as soon as you get out of bed?!” Zhao Jiu’s voice wasn’t loud, but each word felt like a blade piercing into Song Youji. “You’re just treating me as a tool for pleasure, right? You enjoyed yourself, but now you don’t want to admit it. You’re turning your face and disowning me!”

Song Youji was confused by these words, finding himself labeled as a heartless man who began and ended things recklessly.

Zhao Jiu lowered his gaze, sounding a bit aggrieved. “I’m also a victim.”

Song Youji clenched his fists: Guilt +10086.

After all, it was because of his mother that Zhao Jiu was forced to be tied to him.

“I’m sorry for not considering your feelings.” Song Youji apologized.

“Then you have to compensate me properly.” Zhao Jiu said seriously. “We want to appear harmonious in front of our fathers, so physical contact is essential.”

“Sure. During the continuation of the agreement, I will cooperate with you.” 

Song Youji easily fell into Zhao Jiu’s trap.

Zhao Jiu held Song Youji’s left hand, interlocking their fingers. “Then let’s write the second clause like this.”

“However, there’s no one now; there’s no need to act…” Song Youji’s brain attempted to escape the trap.

“If you don’t get used to it in advance, what if the performance is not good in the future?” Zhao Jiu said.

Seemed to make sense.

Song Youji said, “Well, then let’s practice.”

Brain: Failed to escape!

“The second clause: Song Youji must cooperate with Zhao Jiu in performing a loving couple. In public, you cannot refuse Zhao Jiu’s holding hands, hugging, and kissing.” Zhao Jiu took advantage of the situation, playing with Song Youji’s fingers while rapidly writing down the aforementioned words at a speed Song Youji couldn’t react to.

“You’re really…. daring to retaliate like this,” Song Youji remarked.

“Of course!” Zhao Jiu said.

The two of them listed several trivial life rules. After writing more than half the paper, Song Youji said, “I want to return to work at the association.”

“Sure, I won’t restrict your freedom,” Zhao Jiu said, suddenly changing his tone. “But if you dare to hug any Omega there, bring the unpleasant smell home, I’ll lock you up and never let you out again.”

It sounded like a threat to scare him, but Song Youji had no doubt that Zhao Jiu could really do such a thing.

Zhao Jiu was an Alpha, so he should be sensitive to pheromones. Song Youji made a mental note to be more careful about this in the future.


The two of them reviewed the contents of the agreement, made sure there were no mistakes, duplicated it twice, and signed each other’s names.

Zhao Jiu extended his hand to him, sounding pleased. “Happy cohabitation, Song Youji.”

“Happy cohabitation.” Song Youji lowered his head. Zhao Jiu’s palm was hot, and the warmth spread to his heart.


Song Youji received his repaired phone from Zhao Jiu and asked how it broke.

“When doing it, I accidentally landed on it.” Zhao Jiu said.

Song Youji: … Blame his big mouth.

After the phone was turned on, it was full of missed calls and unread messages, all from his elder brother and colleagues.

Feeling nervous, Song Youji found a secluded place, took a dozen deep breaths, and finally dialed Song Jing’s number.

“Youji?! Where are you now?” His call was quickly answered, and his elder brother’s concerned voice made Song Youji’s nose tingle.

“Brother, I’m at Zhao Jiu’s place…”

“Has he done anything to you?”


From Song Youji’s silence, Song Jing guessed the worst outcome. “Have you taken contraceptives? You still haven’t differentiated, and the pregnancy rate is very low, but you still need protection.”

Song Youji’s ears turned red. “Brother, what are you talking about? We didn’t…”

“…” Song Jing fell silent too.

“No… that’s good.” After a pause, Song Jing continued, “Song Lan and Song Shan are doing well too.”

Thinking of his mother, Song Youji’s heart sank. He couldn’t forgive Cheng Yuan for pushing him into this situation.

Both of them tacitly avoided mentioning their mother. Once Song Jing knew that Song Youji was safe, he felt relieved and asked if they could meet.

Although Zhao Jiu had promised not to restrict Song Youji’s freedom, the condition was to wait until after the engagement.

“Brother, have you heard about the celebration banquet of the Three Summer Legion?” Song Youji cautiously asked, unsure if his brother knew about his engagement to Zhao Jiu.

“I heard. With such a big event, I’m afraid the entire capital knows about it.” Song Jing said.

Song Youji’s heart tightened. “Really?”

“Yes, the originally scheduled celebration banquet for next week has been moved up to tomorrow night. I don’t know why, but His Majesty personally ordered it.” Suddenly changing his tone, Song Jing asked seriously, “Is it related to you?”

Song Youji nervously gripped his phone. “It, it might be.”

Tomorrow night? He wasn’t prepared yet…

On the other end, Song Jing sighed softly. “Tomorrow night, I’ll try to find a way to get in and see you, and then take you away. I’ve already arranged everything. We can talk in detail when we meet.”

Song Youji wanted to tell Song Jing about the agreement he and Zhao Jiu had made, but he felt it wasn’t appropriate to discuss such matters over the phone. So, he said, “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Author’s note:

Vice General: Marshal, do we really have to advance the celebration banquet?

Zhao Jiu (cold-faced): The sooner, the better.

Inner thoughts: Hehe, let them see how good-looking my wife is.

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