After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Can I Call You Youji in the Future?

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It was the first time Song Youji kissed someone while conscious. Zhao Jiu’s kiss lacked finesse; his soft tongue aggressively swept through Song Youji’s mouth, entangling with Song Youji’s attempting to evade tongue, forcing him not to separate from Zhao Jiu. Song Youji tasted the flavor of brandy; being kissed left him breathless, and his mind became muddled with alcohol.

Fortunately, Zhao Jiu still had some sanity. After a brief entanglement, he released Song Youji, picked up the person who had become weak-legged from the kiss, exchanged a few pleasantries with the guests below, and took Song Youji upstairs.

Zhao Jiu locked the door of the rest area and loosened his tie.

Although he had just spoken out of anger, he hadn’t expected a kiss to ignite his desires. Zhao Jiu pressed Song Youji onto the sofa, his eyes low and filled with hidden desires.

There was a faint scent of citrus green tea on Song Youji’s body. The Alpha who left this scent had skillfully concealed it, but it couldn’t escape Zhao Jiu’s nose. Under these circumstances, being able to leave a scent meant the two had engaged in intimate activities, like hugging or kissing.

Just thinking about the two embracing each other made Zhao Jiu want to tear them apart.

Zhao Jiu’s hand moved down slowly. His gaze was dark and sinister, wandering on Song Youji’s body, and he unbuttoned the first button of his shirt. The warm hand moved intentionally or unintentionally outside the shirt, touching Song Youji’s waist.

Song Youji hadn’t expected him to react like this in such a situation. Embarrassed and annoyed, he turned his head away. Zhao Jiu noticed this and sneered, with a mocking tone, “Looks like your lover couldn’t satisfy you.”

“Song Youji, I’ll give you a chance. If you can satisfy me, I’ll consider sparing your lover.” Spare him a complete corpse.”

“No… No.” Not a lover.

Zhao Jiu interrogated, “Then who is it?!”

His big brother had sneaked in with Siwan’s help. If Zhao Jiu found out, not only would the two be in danger, but the Pulan family might also face consequences.

Song Youji tightly pressed his lips, showing a clear attitude.

Provoked by this action, Zhao Jiu, filled with jealousy and anger, pulled Song Youji up, making him sit on his lap. “You still want to protect him? Fine, I’ll let you know now who your Alpha is!”

Song Youji’s Alpha, Song Youji’s fiancé, Song Youji’s partner, could only be him alone!

Desire and anger surged in Zhao Jiu, but before he could act, Yuna’s voice came from outside, “Zhao Jiu! Control your pheromones, or I’ll have someone bind you and take you back! This is an order!”

The king’s order did not calm Zhao Jiu. He bit Song Youji’s delicate neck, like a vampire enjoying his prey, intending to bite through Song Youji’s gland and merge their blood.

“Song Youji, whether you love me or not, we have an engagement. You should be loyal to me.”

“I didn’t.” Song Youji’s voice carried a trace of grievance, as if he would burst into tears the next second. “I’ve only done anything with you.”

In an instant, Zhao Jiu calmed down. Song Youji’s words were like a decree; if he was willing to say it, Zhao Jiu would believe it.

“Who is that person?” He forced himself to think. Song Youji wouldn’t have the courage to have a private meeting with someone else here. 

Perhaps he was blinded by jealousy. 

“I can’t tell you, but I really haven’t. Zhao Jiu, during the validity of our engagement, I will be absolutely loyal to you.” This was his principle.

“Alright. I believe you.” Watching Song Youji’s disheveled clothes and the red marks on his neck, Zhao Jiu suddenly felt guilty. “I, I was too angry just now.”

For anyone, discovering their fiancé engaging in intimate acts with someone else half an hour before the engagement ceremony would make them angry. Song Youji expressed understanding.

He got off Zhao Jiu’s body, his back to him, and walked away.

“Where are you going?” Zhao Jiu asked.

“To the bathroom.”

“I’ll accompany you.”


Song Youji acquiesced. Just now, it was Zhao Jiu’s fault, but he had indeed concealed something from Zhao Jiu. Zhao Jiu, surprisingly, was willing to believe him beyond his expectations.

“Song Youji, can I call you Youji in the future? Did you just meet your big brother?” 

After being released, Zhao Jiu’s mind was completely clear. After a little thought, he knew who Song Youji had encountered.

Song Youji pursed his lips and didn’t answer. Zhao Jiu continued, “Don’t worry; I won’t pursue this matter. It’s reasonable for our big brother to be present during the engagement.”

Zhao Jiu adeptly called him big brother.

“Up to you.” Song Youji said, “Big brother has been here. I told him about us.”

He hadn’t differentiated yet, and he wasn’t sensitive to pheromones. With Zhao Jiu’s keen sense of smell, he wouldn’t be able to hide anything from him in the future.

Zhao Jiu affectionately called, “Youji. Youji, Youji, it was just my momentary confusion. Don’t take it to heart, okay? Youji.”

Song Youji blushed at being called so, covering his ears. “I got it. I’m not angry.”

He had no way to deal with Zhao Jiu. Song Youji helplessly thought, how did he end up bound to Zhao Jiu?

Zhao Jiu left the hotel with Song Youji, and before leaving, he only told Yuna.

Suppressing the urge to beat up Zhao Jiu, Yuna reminded him, “Remember to take your medicine on time.”

Zhao Jiu laughed confidently, “Thanks for your concern, Your Majesty. By the way, Your Majesty, our big brother is also in the hotel. He probably hasn’t left yet.”

After saying that, he boarded the spacecraft, leaving Yuna alone in disarray.

He was called so quickly, and ‘our big brother’? Couldn’t Zhao Jiu save some face?

Yuna, with little effort, found Song Jing, who was about to leave, accompanied by Siwan.

Siwan was startled by the sudden appearance of the king, hid behind Song Jing and refusing to come out.

Smelling the mixed scent of citrus green tea and sweet chocolate in the air, Yuna smiled, “Long time no see, Song Jing. Want to have a drink?”

Song Jing was about to refuse when Yuna added, “Regarding your father’s case, there are some things I’d like to discuss with you.”

Now, he shouldn’t have any reason to refuse, right?

Yuna glanced at Siwan and asked, “Is the young master coming too?”

Siwan replied, “I’ll… stay back. My big brother asked me to review my lessons. Senior, don’t forget our agreement; we’ll meet later.”

Yuna’s gaze darkened. He naturally placed his hand on Song Jing’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go.”


The celebration banquet wasn’t broadcast in real-time. When the morning news aired the next day, not many people watched it, but this didn’t stop the news of Zhao Jiu and Song Youji’s engagement from causing a sensation in the country.

What the heck? Engaged?!

What the heck? Kissed?! Was it the Marshal who took the initiative?!

Must be staged.

Most people had such thoughts.

They firmly believed that the Marshal was coerced because, in the video, Zhao Jiu didn’t seem happy when they kissed, even looking a bit angry. Moreover, Song Youji’s face was completely covered in the video!

All obscured, but it was apparent that his figure was excellent, slender waist, long legs—standing next to the Marshal, they looked quite compatible.

“Compatible my foot! It’s fake, right? Engaged so quickly, does he have something on the Marshal!”

“Is he pregnant? Shotgun wedding?”

“Omega? He doesn’t really look like one.”

“Someone save the Marshal!”

Guided by those with ulterior motives, the engagement didn’t receive the blessing of the empire’s citizens.

Meanwhile, the worried Zhao Jiu was in Song Youji’s room, helping him choose clothes.

On his first day back to work after the incident, Song Youji felt a bit uneasy, fearing his colleagues’ curious glances. Zhao Jiu, oblivious to his concerns, thought he was worrying about what to wear and pulled out a plain white shirt. “How about this one?”

Staring at him for a while, Song Youji questioned, “Zhao Jiu, why do you like me wearing white so much?”


Under his gaze, Zhao Jiu’s face turned red all of a sudden.

Author’s Note:

Zhao Jiu effortlessly switches between a pure high-school boy and a powerful marshal.

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