After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Sending Wife to Work

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Calm and collected on the battlefield, Zhao Jiu, who could strategize for hours, became incoherent when talking about simple things, “Uh, maybe, um, because your… skin is fair?”

Speaking, Zhao Jiu stared at Song Youji, involuntarily recalling his appearance in the school uniform.

In high school, they wore uniforms all year round. People rotated a few sets, wearing them as aprons and sitting even in dirty places. But Song Youji’s uniform was always spotless, just like the man himself—clean and cool.

Every morning at the school gate, they caught latecomers. With his handsome appearance and picturesque brows and eyes, he always frowned slightly and told them, “You’re late.”

Regardless of the relationship, Song Youji never compromised. He was frustrating but also truly amazing. Many people intentionally arrived late to talk to him, and as a result, the number of latecomers increased. Song Youji was then transferred from the Discipline Department to the Inspection Department.

Song Youji wasn’t a cold person. After work, he chatted and laughed with friends, gently reminding the juniors he disciplined, “Be more careful next time.” That gentle appearance attracted quite a few pursuers.

However, Zhao Jiu had only seen Song Youji frowning. He wanted to be friends with Song Youji, but the constant skipping of levels made him lack the ability to socialize. The methods he could think of to get Song Youji’s attention only earned him anger.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, being friends with Song Youji turned into an obsession. Later, this obsession deepened into feelings that Zhao Jiu couldn’t explain himself.

Pulling himself out of his memories, Zhao Jiu was helping Song Youji pick clothes. Song Youji was smiling, and suddenly Zhao Jiu realized that his dream had come true. Song Youji not only smiled at him, but they also had a relationship more intimate than friends—something that belonged only to him and Song Youji.

Even though it was a deal, Zhao Jiu felt immensely satisfied in his heart. At least, now Song Youji was his alone.

“I’ll accompany you to work,” he said.

Song Youji hesitated for a moment, “Sure, but are you free now? After all, you’re the Marshal of the Three Summer Legion.”

“The whole military should be idle after wiping out that group of space pirates in the Nine Heavens system. The soldiers of the Three Summer Legion are probably scattered across various departments now.” Zhao Jiu’s tone was casual, as if dealing with such dangerous matters was as simple as cutting vegetables. The Three Summer Legion, known for its bravery and countless honors, now seemed like ordinary workers in various departments.

“Besides, I’m on marriage leave now. With ordinary matters, they won’t come looking for me.” Zhao Jiu’s eyes held a smile, and his gaze towards Song Youji seemed to conceal a lot of affection.

Song Youji was momentarily flustered. He knew Zhao Jiu was exceptionally good at playing dumb, but those peach blossom eyes sometimes made him feel that Zhao Jiu’s feelings towards him were intense and deep, as if they were a couple who had been in love for many years.

It was all because he had an incredibly handsome face, making people think wildly.

Song Youji quickly put on a brown shirt and said to Zhao Jiu, “Let’s go.”

Zhao Jiu, with a high profile, wanted to take a spaceship. Song Youji insisted on not allowing it. In the end, they chose a multi-functional car in the garage. It had an autopilot function. Zhao Jiu turned his head, stared at Song Youji’s profile, and took the initiative to start a conversation.

“What does your association do? You even have to learn baking.”

“Mainly, we provide shelter for some homeless and persecuted Omegas, offer them a place to stay, provide psychological counseling, teach them skills, and help them start a new life. We also promote reproductive health knowledge in schools and communities, providing suppressants and health manuals for newly differentiated Omegas.”

So it turns out that when Song Youji speaks, he blinks. He just blinked three times. It seems he really likes this job; his eyes are sparkling as he talks.

Zhao Jiu propped up his face, his gaze inching over Song Youji’s face, and asked, “Is the rescue fund provided by the government?”

“Yeah, not only government funds, but we also have corporate sponsorship, and we generate some income ourselves,” Song Youji replied, noticing Zhao Jiu looking at him. He reached up and touched his own cheek, but there was nothing there.

However, Zhao Jiu didn’t blink, staring straight at him. Song Youji involuntarily sat up straight, feeling like Zhao Jiu was sent by the king to investigate if their association was involved in tax evasion.

“How did you come up with the idea of starting the Association for Aid?” Zhao Jiu, during the time the military was closed off, occasionally inquired about Song Youji’s news. He knew about his college entrance exam, university, and job placement.

But he wanted to hear it from Song Youji himself.

When talking about this matter, Song Youji’s expression became serious. “A good friend of mine in high school always thought he would differentiate into an Alpha, but on the eve of graduation, he differentiated into an Omega. He was devastated, didn’t take the college entrance exam, dropped out, and I don’t know where he is now.”

“Sang Tong?” Zhao Jiu blurted out.

Song Youji was surprised. “You still remember him?”

“Of course, how could I forget the school tyrant? You two stuck together every day in high school. Your relationship was really good. Did you join the Association for Aid for him?” Zhao Jiu’s tone was sarcastic. 

Song Youji didn’t detect the jealousy in his words. He lowered his eyes and said, “Sort of. Although the Equal Rights Act has been in place for many years, the living conditions for Omegas in society are still quite harsh. I want to contribute to them and maybe, one day, meet Sang Tong again.”

“You care about him.” 

Zhao Jiu felt uncomfortable inside. He closed the autopilot and drove himself.

When they were close to the headquarters, Song Youji pointed to a place, “Just drop me off there; no need to get too close. The scent of your pheromones is too strong, and it might affect some mentally fragile Omegas.”

“You can smell my pheromones?!” Zhao Jiu was pleasantly surprised. Did this mean Song Youji was going to differentiate into an Omega?

“No.” Song Youji pointed to the scent detector in the car. “The concentration is almost off the charts; tone it down a bit.”

Zhao Jiu’s joy was short-lived. Watching Song Youji get out of the car, he raised his eyebrows, “Stay away from those Omegas, don’t get their scent on you.”

How was it possible not to pick up their scent when living with them?

Song Youji smiled helplessly and didn’t answer, just closing the car door.

When the people in the Association saw him return, they were momentarily surprised but quickly showed warm welcomes. Tan Yi came forward, hugging him warmly, “We were so worried about you! We thought you wouldn’t be able to work anymore.”

They accepted the fact of Song Youji and Zhao Jiu’s engagement with remarkable ease. To Song Youji, his worries in the morning seemed like a joke.

Talina said, “Although Zhao Jiu is a Marshal, our Youji is no worse! The Association also has support from the finance department. Moreover, Youji is good-looking and has a good personality. Zhao Jiu is lucky to marry Youji!”

“Don’t mind what they say online; we know what kind of person you are is enough,” said Bulu, a colleague.

Jia Suiyu smiled gently, quietly waiting for them to finish. She came over and patted Song Youji’s shoulder, “Go to work. These days will be considered your leave; your salary won’t be deducted, but you’ll lose the attendance bonus!”

“Thank you, Sister Jia.” Song Youji smiled sincerely.

Before the baking class, Jia Suiyu specifically instructed Song Youji to spray deodorant to eliminate the scent of pheromones. She furrowed her brows, looking as if she could kill a fly. “Zhao Jiu is an S-class Alpha and a Marshal. How can’t he control his pheromones? Or is it intentional?”

But Song Youji couldn’t smell it at all. He could only awkwardly smile, “Maybe I accidentally got it on at home.”

Ze, at home.

“Considering what you said, you two are living together, right?” Jia Suiyu, rarely showing a gossiping expression, said, “It seems your relationship is pretty good.”

“It’s okay,” Song Youji replied.

They both had to keep the details of the agreement confidential. Even though they were not very familiar classmates before, it was better than living with a stranger.

In the baking class, Song Youji and Talina were the teachers.

Their association adopted a voluntary sign-up system. The Omegas internally housed could sign up, or Omegas from outside could come. With Song Youji’s class, there were always more people than in regular classes.

Fortunately, they knew about Song Youji’s engagement, but there was no significant reaction. At most, they felt sorry that they wouldn’t have a chance in the future. For the Omegas here, compared to a seemingly unapproachable Alpha Marshal, they preferred the approachable Song Youji right in front of them.

“Today, we will learn about bread and cake. For bread, there’s matcha love, red bean roll, and for cakes, honeycomb cake and brownies. The ingredients are on the table, feel free to choose according to your preferences.” After Song Youji finished, he and Talina distributed the ingredients.

This class had been going on for over half a year, and Omegas had extremely high learning abilities. Many of them were doing better than him now, and with the assistance of the Association, they had taken on some orders from restaurants. Their main role now was to guide newcomers.

The classroom was filled with the fragrance of milk, and as people moved around, the scent followed. The sweet aroma made everyone’s mood pleasant.

Song Youji walked around the classroom, suddenly spotting someone in the corner struggling with beating eggs. He walked over to help. When the person turned to see him, they blushed, “Teacher Song…”

The face was somewhat unfamiliar, and Song Youji thought for a moment, showing a pleasantly surprised expression, “Qiao Si! It’s you. You seem to be adapting well.”

“Mm…” Qiao Si hung his head, his ears turning red, and the sweet scent of pudding wafted from his body. “Thanks to you all, I’ve adapted well to the Association. I haven’t had a chance to thank you personally.”

“There’s nothing to thank us for; this is our job. Is this your first class? Let me help you.” Song Youji naturally took the eggbeater from his hand. “This manual eggbeater is used vertically; the wrist can drive the arm’s force for thorough mixing…”

Author’s note:

“100 Little Things to Do Between Husband and Wife” (Zhao Jiu Edition)

Sending the wife to work (?)

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