After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Can You Pick Me Up When You’re Free?

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Perhaps due to growing up taking care of himself, Qiao Si learned quickly. Song Youji taught him once, and he could handle it on his own.

Song Youji watched from the side, feeling a bit of pity. Qiao Si’s age was similar to Song Lan’s, but his figure was much thinner than that of the same-aged Song Lan. It was hard for him to imagine how this small figure survived in Zone C.

Qiao Si turned to look at him, smiling awkwardly. “Teacher Song, is this okay? I haven’t eaten cake before, so I’m not very skilled at sitting down.”

“You did well.” Song Youji’s nose tingled, suddenly missing Song Lan and Song Shan.

Qiao Si hesitated for a moment, finally gathering the courage to ask, “Teacher Song, can I stay and work here? I know how to do many things, cook for myself, tidy up the bed, and I also understand some traditional Chinese medicine, although not much. But I can do a lot of things. I want to stay here.”

He really didn’t want to go back to that place in Zone C—those rude knocking sounds at night, the street full of hooligans, and the long and narrow dim alley he had to pass through every time he bought food—all were frequent visitors in his nightmares. He often woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep for the rest of the night.

Once upon a time, Qiao Si faced quite a bit of harassment because of his fair and delicate face. Now that he has differentiated into an Omega, he can almost imagine the consequences of returning.

Seeing Qiao Si’s worries, Song Youji assured him firmly, “Of course, the Association’s job is to provide shelter for Omegas in need. As long as you don’t want to go back, no one can force you.”

The nightmares that had troubled Qiao Si for days were finally resolved, and he nearly shed tears, saying with red eyes, “Thank you, Teacher Song.”

“No need to thank me; it’s what the Association should do. Later, I’ll tell you the application process. After filling out the form, submit it to Talina, and the Association will arrange a job for you.” Song Youji, still concerned, asked, “Do you know Talina?”

Qiao Si, looking at Talina demonstrating icing on the platform, whispered, “I know her, but she’s an Alpha, and I’m a bit afraid…”

“Huh? Why do you think Talina is an Alpha?” Song Youji asked in confusion.

While Talina is indeed an Alpha, due to her own pheromone disorder, she lacks pheromones herself and is not easily affected by Omega pheromones. Therefore, she has always publicly claimed to be a Beta, and except for a few internal staff members, few people know her true gender.

This method of differentiation surprised Song Youji. Although Song Jing had mentioned to him before that Alphas and Omegas could be distinguished from the gland perspective, this method was seldom used due to the presence of pheromones.

Moreover, non-professionals cannot distinguish different glands with the naked eye.

Growing up alone, how did Qiao Si learn to differentiate based on glands?

Song Youji made a mental note to ask Song Jing about it later.

He told Qiao Si, “Just treat Talina as a Beta; she’s different from ordinary Alphas and poses no threat to you. Also, don’t tell anyone about this matter.”

“Okay.” Qiao Si nodded obediently.

Song Youji reached out and patted his head, wearing a big-brother-like smile. “After class, come with me to get the form.”

“Sure.” Qiao Si lowered his head, and the tips of his ears turned as red as two small cherries.

Applying to stay and work at the Association was not a difficult task. Under Song Youji’s guidance, Qiao Si completed the form in twenty minutes. After checking it, Song Youji found out that, besides his deceased parents, he also had an older brother.

“Do you have a brother?” Song Youji asked.

Qiao Si said, “Yes, he took care of me until I was thirteen, but then he disappeared.”

“Did you report it to the police?”

“I did, but there has been no result.”

“What is your brother?”

“He is also an Omega.”

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy. The disappearance of an Omega in Zone C was something Song Youji dared not think about.

Qiao Si, looking almost tearful, Song Youji felt both heartbroken and sympathetic. He comforted him, saying, “You can go to the Central Police Station and re-register the missing person information. The police force in the capital is much stronger than in Zone C; maybe they will find something.”

If his brother is still alive.

Song Youji added, “If you want to go, I can find someone to accompany you, or I can go with you.”

Qiao Si looked up at him, his eyes full of gratitude. “Thank you, Teacher Song.”

“No need to be so formal; call me Youji or even big brother.” Song Youji said.

After a busy day at headquarters, Song Youji went back to his apartment after work. He took a shower, sprayed some scent suppressor, and, feeling odorless, messaged Zhao Jiu to ask if he needed to return to the villa tonight. If so, could Zhao Jiu come to pick him up?

Song Youji discovered that Zhao Jiu’s villa was not on the map when he tried to use navigation, and he couldn’t remember the way. If he wanted to go back, he would have to let Zhao Jiu pick him up.

Having to pick up and drop off each other for work made them really seem like a couple. 

Zhao Jiu didn’t reply to him; instead, he called directly, sounding cheerful, “Wait for me, your husband is coming right away.” 

Song Youji: “…” 

After packing some fresh clothes, Song Youji didn’t dare to wait openly at the door. Instead, he huddled in the employee dormitory, waiting for Zhao Jiu to send him a message.

After a while, he heard a knock on the door. Song Youji thought Zhao Jiu wouldn’t come so soon, but when he opened the door, he found Qiao Si outside, holding a form. Seeing Song Youji opening the door, Qiao Si was both surprised and delighted, “Great, Brother Youji, I was afraid you had already left.”

“I’ll leave later. What happened?” Song Youji asked.

“My application got approved. I can help in the kitchen from now on. I came here specifically to thank you.” Qiao Si’s joy was evident.

Song Youji also smiled, “The association acted quite fast this time; it used to take one or two days. Since that’s the case, feel free to stay here. If there’s anything you’re not used to, let me know.”

“Great!” Qiao Si was excited. He glanced at Song Youji’s suitcase, “Brother Youji, you’re moving out?”

“Yeah…” Song Youji hesitated, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I’ll be staying at a friend’s place for a while.”

Qiao Si’s eyes dimmed a bit, but he didn’t ask further. After thanking Song Youji again, he left.

As he left, Zhao Jiu’s call came in, asking Song Youji to come home.

Zhao Jiu had been busy all day with a case, going to many places and checking the missing persons registry at the police station.

When Song Youji mentioned Sang Tong today, Zhao Jiu thought of finding him sooner, so Song Youji wouldn’t keep worrying about him.

In his investigation, Zhao Jiu discovered that Sang Tong wasn’t in the missing persons registry. He had moved to another place with his family, for some unknown reason without informing Song Youji.

Zhao Jiu was contemplating whether to tell Song Youji about this when he saw him running towards him with a suitcase, wearing a hat and mask, looking furtive like a timid rabbit.

The sight was funny and cute. Zhao Jiu’s mind was filled with the happiness of welcoming his wife home. In an instant, Sang Tong’s matter was pushed to the back of his mind.

However, as Song Youji approached, Zhao Jiu’s smile froze.

There was an Omega pheromone scent on Song Youji—like creamy pudding. There was also the scent of odor suppressant, masking the complex Omega pheromones on him. But Zhao Jiu could still smell it.

On one hand, he was relieved that Song Youji was really concerned about his feelings, taking the effort to conceal the scent. On the other hand, he was curious about whose creamy pudding scent that was, given that Song Youji had just seen him.

After the lesson from the last incident with Song Jing, Zhao Jiu didn’t dare to act rashly. He took Song Youji’s suitcase and placed it in the trunk.

Song Youji removed his mask and hat, taking a deep breath of fresh air. “Thanks for picking me up. I might need a few days to remember the way. Do you have time these days…”

“I have time,” Zhao Jiu interrupted, suppressing his dissatisfaction and surging possessiveness. “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Author’s note:

Song Youji: Head full of serious matters.

Zhao Jiu: Jealous but doesn’t say it.jpg

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