After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Why Aren’t You an Omega?

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Song Youji remained silent for a long time, only speaking softly when the elevator reached the first floor, “They’re right.”

Everyone in the entire empire knew the story behind his engagement with Zhao Jiu. Blame it on Zhao Jiu being overly kind to him these days, making him forget that he was just a little plaything that could be casually toyed with and discarded in the Zhao family’s eyes.

“Youji? Don’t be angry. I’ve already rejected them and even scolded Uncle Zhao and my dad. My brother will definitely want to kill me now. Can I go with you guys?” Seeing Song Youji’s pale expression, Siwan started to panic.

Did he say something wrong?

Song Youji squeezed out a forced smile. “Sure, you can come with us to the association for a while.”

Siwan felt even more uneasy. He had heard Song Jing mention that his second brother was best at yielding and concealing all sadness inside. Now, looking at him so desolate, how much pain must be hidden in his heart?

Cui Ling patted Song Youji’s shoulder. “Youji, you’re the best person in the world. Whoever can marry you is lucky, and whoever misses you is blind. If you do decide to break off the engagement with Zhao Jiu, why not consider me?”

“I know, I’m fine.” Song Youji’s faint smile in response to Cui Ling’s joke brightened. “You go back to work. Take care of yourself.”

He didn’t need to feel sorry for this matter. After all, he and Zhao Jiu were just a contractual couple.

What Zhao’s family eagerly anticipated was, in fact, what he desired. He should recognize and remember this fact.

Talina drove, Siwan and Song Youji sat in the back. Siwan pulled Song Youji’s sleeve, “I’m sorry, Youji, my words just now upset you.”

“You just stated a fact,” Song Youji smiled and patted his wrist soothingly.

This made Siwan even more uncomfortable. “If you’re upset, Youji, you can vent it out. Curse me, curse my dad, curse Uncle Zhao, curse Zhao Jiu, anything is fine.”

Song Youji couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m really fine. You don’t have to worry about my engagement with Zhao Jiu. It’s almost impossible for me to differentiate into an Omega.”

Siwan fell silent, unable to tell if Song Youji genuinely didn’t care or was pretending not to be upset.

Silence filled the car.


Jia Suiyu drove to the Bureau of Personnel and Social Affairs, intending to report the Omega matter in Zone C to a familiar vice director. Unexpectedly, she found Zhao Jiu in the office.

Zhao Jiu greeted her, “Long time no see, Sister-in-law, uh… President Jia.”

Under Jia Suiyu’s stern gaze, he quickly corrected himself.

“What brought you here?” the vice director asked.

Jia Suiyu presented the evidence neatly organized by Song Youji, about to speak, but the vice director interrupted excitedly, “What a coincidence! Marshal was just discussing this matter with me! Your timing is perfect, and this evidence will be useful.”

Jia Suiyu glanced at Zhao Jiu, “Why are you involved in this matter?”

Zhao Jiu looked innocent, “I was investigating my case and happened to come across it.”

Jia Suiyu didn’t inquire further. Cases that Zhao Jiu personally investigated must not be simple. Due to confidentiality, she couldn’t ask more.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll leave this case to you. If there’s any need for our association’s cooperation, feel free to ask,” Jia Suiyu said.

Zhao Jiu, with a hint of mischief in his smile, said, “I want to interrogate… inquire about this Omega named Qiao Si. What procedures do I need?”

“He’s new and a bit shy. You can find a Beta to question him, or… if you need, a staff member from the association can accompany you,” Jia Suiyu suggested, sensing Zhao Jiu’s not-so-good intentions.

“That’s quite a coincidence. My wife is in your association. Let him accompany me,” Zhao Jiu said with a smile.

Jia Suiyu: …

The vice director, holding a teacup, chuckled. He had already seen through everything.


Siwan stayed at the association for only an afternoon and was picked up by his brother. After all, he was the most favored child in the family, and at most, he would receive a scolding when he returned.

He insisted on staying, wanting to accompany Song Youji.

Facing Beck’s probing gaze, Song Youji smiled helplessly, “Maybe you can find something for him to do. Don’t let him stay bored at home all the time.”

“Thank you for your concern.” Beck’s tone was icy. “Mr. Song, the marriage between families is not something we younger generations can decide. Please don’t blame Siwan.”

“I would never blame him. I understand this feeling better than anyone else,” Song Youji said.

Beck’s heart trembled, “Mr. Song, you are a truly outstanding person.”

“Everyone says so,” Song Youji smiled.

On the way back, Siwan said to Beck with a sulking face, “Big brother, you like Song Youji.”

Beck ignored him. Siwan continued, “Actually, Song Youji is still in the age where he hasn’t differentiated. But, you know…”

Siwan deliberately paused, and Beck glanced at him through the rearview mirror. “But what?”

“But Zhao Jiu is an S-level Alpha. Being immersed in his pheromones for a long time may increase the probability of differentiating into an Omega,” Siwan grinned mischievously. “Big brother, you have no chance anymore!”

“…,” Beck gripped the steering wheel tightly. “Later, I’ll send you to train in physical fitness with Nord.”

Siwan’s smile froze on his face, “No, big brother!”


After finishing a day’s work, Song Youji drove himself back to Zhao Jiu’s villa. He couldn’t remember the route and took many detours before reaching his destination.

Zhao Jiu called to ask when he would be off work. Song Youji told him he was already home.

“You remember the way?” Zhao Jiu’s voice carried a hint of disappointment. “Didn’t we agree that I would pick you up these days?”

“I heard from Sister Jia that you’re very busy, so I didn’t want to trouble you,” Song Youji said.

“Picking up my wife can never be considered a trouble,” Zhao Jiu’s voice, amidst a noisy environment, hinted at disappointment.

The Marshal of the Empire must be very busy.

His thoughts drifted far away, so much so that he forgot to respond.

Sensing Song Youji’s low spirits, Zhao Jiu’s tone turned serious, “Wait for me to come back.”

The private doctor in charge of the examination looked up at him. “Did the madam call to check on you?”

Zhao Jiu took the report and asked, “So, it’s possible to do it before differentiation?”

The doctor, whose question was ignored by Zhao Jiu, smiled bitterly and said, “As an S-level Alpha, your pheromones also have the effect of promoting differentiation. However, be mindful of the madam’s health.”

“Understood,” Zhao Jiu put away the report, eager to return to see Song Youji.

When he arrived home at eight o’clock, the food on the table was still steaming, but there was only one bowl.

Feeling somewhat dissatisfied, Zhao Jiu wondered why Song Youji, who promised to have dinner with him, had only lasted a day?!

Without eating, he rushed to Song Youji’s room.

Song Youji, sitting at the desk and going through documents, was startled by him. He pushed his glasses up his nose and said, “Remember to knock next time.”

He was wearing a white silk pajama that hung loosely on his slim figure due to his slight build. A large area of fair neck was exposed, the dim yellow light casting a soft glow on his face adorned with gold-rimmed glasses. Semi-dry hair droplets fell, following the clavicle and disappearing under the pajamas.


All dissatisfaction turned into a blaze of desire. Zhao Jiu felt his scalp tingling, and a hot stream gathered from his waist to his abdomen.

“You said you were going to have dinner with me, didn’t you?”

Zhao Jiu, suppressing his desire, approached Song Youji, smelling the refreshing scent of shower gel and the fragrance of white peaches emanating from him.

The flames of desire flared even more intensely.

Song Youji hadn’t sensed the imminent danger yet. “I’ve already eaten, and the food is still warm.”

He didn’t want to see Zhao Jiu, and he certainly didn’t want to soften his heart towards him again.

Zhao Jiu hugged him from behind, his warm lips licking the undeveloped gland. Startled, Song Youji asked, “Zhao Jiu, did you enter your susceptible period?”

His brain, burned by desire, could no longer think rationally. He just wanted to hold Song Youji, enter his body, preferably turn him into an Omega, thoroughly marking him, making him belong to him for generations: “Seems like it.”

“Suppressants, where are the suppressants?” Song Youji hastily got up, but Zhao Jiu held him too tightly, preventing him from moving.

“They’re used up, no time to prepare,” Zhao Jiu, who had specifically checked and obtained suppressants today, didn’t expect the susceptible period to come so soon.

Even though the items were downstairs, he didn’t want Song Youji to go get them. With a despicable thought, Zhao Jiu figured if he could make Song Youji differentiate into an Omega, he would stay by his side without worries.

“Is it still possible to buy them now? Just wait a moment…” Before he could finish speaking, Zhao Jiu had already kissed him.

“Song Youji, why aren’t you an Omega?”

If Song Youji were an Omega, he should have been induced into heat by his pheromones long ago, and he wouldn’t have looked at him with such calm and distant eyes.

A surge of anger burned in Zhao Jiu’s heart. He carried Song Youji to the bed, whispering in his ear, “Will you help me?”

He wanted to see Song Youji sink into the abyss of desire, wanted Song Youji to go crazy with him.

Song Youji’s mind was filled with the phrase, “Why aren’t you an Omega?” An inexplicable sadness and grievance spread in his heart.

Why did it have to be an Omega? Did he only deserve to exist in this world if he differentiated into an Omega?

“Zhao Jiu, I am who I am,” he looked at the person on top of him with a cold gaze.

Zhao Jiu raised his eyes, filled with lust and deep possessiveness. He lifted Song Youji’s right leg, leaving marks on it: “Yes, you are.”

“Let’s do it.” Song Youji held Zhao Jiu’s hand, kissing his wrist. He looked at Zhao Jiu with eyes that revealed an allure he hadn’t noticed himself, unbuttoning Zhao Jiu’s clothes and tracing his beautiful and smooth muscles with his fingertips. “But let’s be clear; I won’t take responsibility for you…”

Passion surged, and Zhao Jiu, tormented by desire, couldn’t bear it any longer. A surge of affection blocked Song Youji’s lips.

Song Youji’s thoughts fluctuated in the sea of desire. He let go of the last reins of reason and surrendered himself entirely to Zhao Jiu.

Whether he was an Omega or Beta, his fate should not be controlled by others.

Author’s note:

Zhao Jiu: My wife has fallen in love with me.

Song Youji: Anyway, I’ll run away. Let’s have fun first. (Darkening)

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