After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 21

Chapter 21: You Deserve to Be Without a Wife.

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Zhao Jiu’s susceptible period lasted for three days. During these three days, the two relied on nutritional supplements. The vegetables in the refrigerator were no longer fresh, but Zhao Jiu’s enthusiasm remained unabated. He even felt somewhat regretful that his susceptible period only lasted for such a short time.

Song Youji’s cooperation and tolerance stirred a different emotion in his heart. It was said that only Omega’s pheromones had a soothing effect on an Alpha during the susceptible period. But Zhao Jiu felt that having Song Youji was enough.

“Wife, you’re awake.” Zhao Jiu laid beside him, looking completely satisfied. It felt great to have a wife.

He lowered his head, wanting to kiss Song Youji’s earlobe, but Song Youji turned his head to avoid it.

“I’m going to take a shower, don’t bother.” Song Youji had no intention of getting entangled with him.

Ignoring worldly conventions and principles, he admitted that being with Zhao Jiu felt good, but as he had said before, he didn’t plan to take responsibility for Zhao Jiu.

Zhao Jiu, caught off guard by Song Youji’s one-hundred-eighty-degree transformation in attitude, said, “…I’ll shower with you.”

“No, I don’t want to shower with you.”

“Your body must be sore now. Can you wash yourself? I’ve been helping you these past few days.”


Song Youji blushed, feeling embarrassed, but certain things needed to be made clear to Zhao Jiu. “Zhao Jiu, I helped you through your susceptible period to fulfill my responsibility as your fiancé. But don’t forget, we are engaged by agreement. Sooner or later, we will part ways. Don’t develop feelings for me.”

“What do you mean? What do you take me for? A dispensable tool?” Zhao Jiu’s eyes were as dark as a frozen abyss, filled with gloominess and raging fury, shocking both of them.

Not exactly a tool, but indeed, something he could do without. Without Zhao Jiu, he would have a lot less trouble.

Not answering is admitting, Zhao Jiu’s face turned black as ink, and an oppressive atmosphere enveloped him. He coldly said, “Song Youji, don’t think too highly of yourself. Do you think I would develop feelings for you? You’re right; you’re just a tool to help me through my susceptible period. Now that you’re my fiancé, you can only be my plaything. If you dare to be with someone else, I will definitely dismember him and place his corpse in front of you.”

When saying these words, Zhao Jiu’s heart ached, but pride and anger made him say even more extreme things, “Song Youji, do you know why I want to marry you? Because I want to see how the high school Song Youji, cold and proud, full of backbone, revolves around me! If your good friends and classmates see you in this state, they will surely be surprised. Look at these marks; they are all left by you begging me to stay…”

“Enough!” Song Youji exerted all his strength, pushing Zhao Jiu away.

He breathed heavily, his eyes full of unbowed spirit. He should have known that Zhao Jiu didn’t have good intentions. The kindness of these days turned out to be a pretense.

Fortunately, fortunately, he wasn’t deceived.

But why did his heart ache faintly?

He thought he had found a bit of a feeling of being needed and cherished by Zhao Jiu, but unexpectedly, it ended up like this.

His nose was sore, and tears welled up in his eyes, but Song Youji tried hard not to let them fall.


Zhao Jiu cursed, picked up his clothes, and left the warm bed where they had entwined for three days.

They met in high school, reunited after many years, just started getting to know each other, and the red thread between them, which had not yet entwined their fingertips, was mercilessly severed by Song Youji.

Song Youji found it somewhat amusing. Growing up lacking love, even the sunflowers that grew in the corner would lean towards the sunlight, only to realize that it was Zhao Jiu teasing him with a flashlight.

Maintaining that posture, Song Youji laid on the bed for half an hour until Jia Suiyu’s call came, asking when he could come to work.

Two days ago, he took leave with Jia Suiyu, who expressed understanding, but frequent leaves were still not good. Song Youji dragged his weary body to the bathroom, took a shower, and returned to the association in the afternoon.

Seeing him looking dispirited, Jia Suiyu sighed, “Youji, do you know why people think AO pairs are perfect? It’s because after mating, AO pheromones can have a soothing effect on each other. It’s a physiological phenomenon. But more important than pheromones is affection. I personally think soul compatibility is more crucial than pheromone compatibility.”

Song Youji’s mind was still in chaos, not understanding the meaning of Jia Suiyu’s words. With a bitter face, he asked, “Sister Jia, did you call me here for something?”

“It’s about Qiao Si’s older brother. In the past few days, the Bureau of Personnel and Social Affairs issued an investigation report. His brother is still alive but now identified as a Beta. In these four years, he underwent two strict medical examinations, and there were no traces of him being an Omega.” After a moment’s hesitation, Jia Suiyu continued, “Zhao Jiu mentioned wanting to ask Qiao Si’s brother some questions, but Qiao Si’s brother’s current condition requires someone to accompany him. Can you do it?”

“Ha—” Song Youji helplessly covered his forehead. Just after getting out of bed and quarreling, they had to work together. It was truly awkward.

“I can,” he told Jia Suiyu.

“Don’t force yourself,” Jia Suiyu warned.

“It’s okay,” Song Youji assured her.

He left with the documents. Watching his figure disappear around the corner, Jia Suiyu took out a file from the drawer—an approval document for establishing a branch in the remote Man City. The superior had already approved it, but the manager had not been decided yet.

The person she thought was most suitable was Song Youji. However, after he got engaged to Zhao Jiu, Jia Suiyu thought he would prefer to stay in the capital. She didn’t want to disturb the couple, so she delayed announcing this news. But now, it seemed that it might be helpful to Song Youji.


Zhao Jiu arrived at the base of the Three Summer Legion in the capital. His anger had not subsided, and as soon as he descended from the spacecraft, the domineering pheromones enveloped the entire base. For AA individuals, there might be mutual pheromone repulsion, but for the soldiers of the Three Summer Legion, catching a whiff of Zhao Jiu’s pheromones only made them panic.

The Marshal encountered a troublesome matter, and a very, very, very unpleasant one!

They immediately rushed to their respective positions, those who could go on an external mission went, those who could leave work left. In short, they absolutely couldn’t appear in front of the Marshal.

In this oppressive pheromone-covered atmosphere, there were still unfortunate guys who needed to report to Zhao Jiu. While Zhao Jiu was resting during his susceptible period, Nord took over his work in the capital. Now, Nord had to report to Zhao Jiu.

Newman shook his hand, “Take care.”

Nord was speechless, “Marshal was so happy when he took leave a few days ago. Why did he suddenly become like this?”

Newman clicked his tongue, “As an S-class Alpha, it’s most suitable for the Marshal to find an Omega of the same level. His fiancé…”

“Nord! Why haven’t you come in yet?” Zhao Jiu’s serious voice came, and Nord dared not delay any longer, holding the documents, he walked into the office.

The office was full of gloom. Zhao Jiu sat at the desk with a stack of files in front of him, frowning, deep in thought.

“Marshal, this is the result of the investigation in the past few days. We can now preliminarily confirm that Qiao He has undergone gland modification. The NL organization we previously traced activities of in Zone C has, conservatively estimated, modified glands for about twenty Omega. We have now found nine of them, all living in the capital.” Nord reported.

Zhao Jiu quickly glanced through the files of others, “What about the others?”

“They have escaped to the border and outer star systems and are currently being secretly tracked.” 

Zhao Jiu took out Qiao He’s file and asked, “Has his residence been found?”

“Found it. He works at a department store in the capital. We have been closely monitoring him as per your instructions. Do you need us to bring him back?” Nord asked.

“No need, I’ll go myself.”

Nord said, “Marshal… if you go, will it not alert the enemy?”

“As a family member of a staff at the Omega Rescue Association, I’m helping him recognize his brother. Is there a problem?” Zhao Jiu looked up at him.

Nord felt his scalp tingling and smiled, “No problem. Is there anything else I need to do?”

“Help me tidy up a bedroom in the base.” Zhao Jiu’s voice sounded somewhat weak.

Nord: Huh?

Has the Marshal been kicked out by his wife?

Zhao Jiu’s complexion made him not dare to ask more. He just said that he received it and left the office.

After he left, Zhao Jiu sighed deeply. Unwilling anger churned within him. He called Yuna on the direct line, staring at him coldly for a long time without saying a word.

Yuna: “… What do you want to do?”

Seeing Zhao Jiu’s appearance of a bereaved dog, Yuna didn’t find it funny at all. He only knew that he might be in trouble.

Sure enough, Zhao Jiu immediately began to vent, “Yuna, I was deceived by Song Youji again.”

Here it comes again…

Yuna lowered his head, “How did he deceive you?”

Zhao Jiu said, “He sweet-talked me, cooked for me, seduced me, and even accompanied me through my susceptible period. In the end, he said he wouldn’t take responsibility for me.”

Excluding Zhao Jiu’s own imagination, Yuna helplessly said, “You are both adults now. Mutual consent in matters of love doesn’t necessarily involve responsibility. Besides, you’re just contract husbands. You agreed that if he can’t differentiate into an Omega, the engagement would be annulled.”

“What’s wrong with being adults? Does being an adult mean you can sleep around without any feelings?”

“Zhao Jiu, your thoughts are too old-fashioned. In today’s society, one-night stands and having multiple sexual partners are not uncommon.”

“So, Your Majesty, do you have sexual partners too?” Zhao Jiu scrutinized him, “Your Majesty, are you still a virgin?”

“…” Yuna’s face turned green, and he retorted, “Zhao Jiu, you deserve to be without a wife.”

And then he hung up the call.

Being scolded, Zhao Jiu stared at the wall in a daze. He touched his chest, recalling the morning argument with Song Youji over and over again.

Were his words too harsh?

But why shouldn’t Song Youji take responsibility for him?!

Then, why did he want Song Youji to take responsibility…

Zhao Jiu’s thoughts seemed to have fallen into a bottomless pit. Facing Song Youji, he always acted based on his thoughts. He wanted to marry Song Youji, be with him, and not smell other scents on him.

However, the knowledge he acquired and the strategies he devised on the battlefield couldn’t answer this question.

Alpha’s instinctive possessiveness toward everything prevented him from delving into the deeper origins of these thoughts.

Regardless of the reason, he wanted Song Youji to stay by his side, and that was enough for him.


Author’s note:

If Zhao Jiu were a bit more polite, maybe he would have been awakened earlier [dog head].

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