After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 25

Chapter 25: You’ve Differentiated, Youji

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Song Youji remained unconscious for a full six hours, during which he completed his differentiation.

Without pheromones, without a heat period, he ultimately differentiated into an ordinary Beta.

Song Jing was the first to discover this. He closed the door of the ward, looked at Song Youji, who was still in confusion, and whispered, “Youji, you’ve differentiated. Beta.”

Song Youji paused for a moment, nonchalantly acknowledging the expected result.

While there was a hint of disappointment in his heart, there was more joy and a sense of relief. He no longer had to continue living burdened by the Song family.

Song Jing’s lips moved, as if he wanted to say something. Song Youji’s reaction was calmer than he expected, leaving him unsure of what to say.

“Big Brother, how are Qiao Si and his brother?” Song Youji asked.

“Qiao He has been taken to the police station and was sent to the hospital due to a sudden illness during transport. Qiao Si is also in the hospital; he came to see you, crying quite a lot.” Song Youji didn’t ask, but he voluntarily brought up Zhao Jiu, “He also came to see you, but he seemed to have a task and left hastily after bringing you here, asking me to inform him when you wake up.”

“Did you tell him about my differentiation?” Song Youji asked.

Song Jing shook his head, “Currently, only I know.”

Song Youji remained silent for a long time before saying, “I’ll go check on Qiao Si.”

As a prisoner, Qiao He’s ward was secluded. It happened to be on the same floor as Song Youji’s. There were guards around, some in police uniforms, some in military uniforms, but none from the Three Summer Legion.

Seeing Song Youji approaching, they consciously made way. 

Regardless of whether they knew about Zhao Jiu and Song Youji’s situation or suspected the authenticity of their marriage, after the scene this morning, they now knew that Song Youji was Zhao Jiu’s cherished fiancé.

They still had lingering fear from Zhao Jiu’s pheromone outburst in the morning. If something happened to Song Youji, Zhao Jiu might go crazy on the spot.

Qiao Si was guarding Qiao He’s bedside. His eyes were red. Seeing Song Youji entering, a trace of worry flashed across his face, and he turned his face away.

“How is he?” Song Youji asked.

Qiao Si cautiously glanced at Song Jing and whispered, “It’s a consequence of gland reconstruction, nothing serious.”

After a pause, he added, “Sorry, Brother Youji. It’s all because I almost caused you harm.”

Song Youji was momentarily speechless. After a long time, he said, “You were just worried about your brother. I don’t blame you.”

No one expected Qiao He to react so strongly. Song Youji guessed that he had reached some agreement with the NL organization. He helped the NL organization, and in return, they promised to prevent Qiao He from differentiating into Omega. However, the NL organization did not keep their promise.

Experiencing the suffering of being an Omega made him miserable seeing his dearest younger brother also turn into an Omega.

After calming down, Qiao Si also thought of this. He calmly said, “After meeting you, I feel that being an Omega is not bad. I will assist the police in persuading my brother to reveal the NL organization’s clues, and I will pay the price for my recklessness. I’m sorry, Brother Youji.”

“I don’t blame you,” Song Youji repeated. Yes, being an Omega was not bad, and being a Beta was not bad either. He said to Qiao Si, “After you settle your brother’s matters, you can continue working with the association.”

Qiao Si’s eyes filled with tears again, but this time, he didn’t let them fall. He forced a smile, “Okay, Brother Youji, thank you.”

Coming out of Qiao He’s ward, Song Youji once again received the guard’s curious and admiring gazes at the door. Inspection, curiosity, admiration, disdain… It made Song Youji both puzzled and uncomfortable, so he quickened his pace to escape.

Song Jing asked about his next plan. The annulment of the engagement was a certainty, but what would happen to the Zhao family afterward was still unknown.

“I plan to tell Zhao Jiu first.”

Zhao Jiu’s father had always been firm. Knowing that his father would definitely ask him to leave after differentiating, Song Youji didn’t mind. He had already planned to leave the capital, but he was somewhat reluctant to leave the association’s work and was worried about the family members who were still here.

Song Youji said, “If Zhao Jiu agrees not to cause trouble for you guys, then I can be at ease.”

“Don’t worry about us; I’m worried about you.” Song Jing sighed softly.

He had never been able to understand Song Youji since childhood. He was too quiet and obedient, rarely actively seeking anything. If he was wronged, he would silently shed tears. He was the person closest to Song Youji in the family, but Song Youji rarely opened up to him.

Song Jing was genuinely worried that Song Youji might have psychological problems.

“First, undergo a comprehensive health check to ensure there are no other issues before leaving the hospital.” Song Jing pushed open Song Youji’s ward, and the originally empty room was now filled with many familiar faces.

Father Zhao, Mother Zhao, the Zhao family steward, Father Zhao’s deputy, Song Jing’s colleagues, and the bound Cheng Yuan.

In Father Zhao’s hand was a paper report, and he had a disdainful smile on his face as he looked at Song Youji. “Heard you’ve differentiated into a Beta, so we came to offer our condolences.”

Song Youji’s heart sank, and Cheng Yuan, full of disbelief, shouted, “What are you saying! Youji is an Omega!”

“Madam Song, perhaps your mind is not right, or perhaps you’re blind. It’s clearly stated in black and white on this paper that Song Youji’s differentiation result is Beta,” Father Zhao smirked. “Your Song family collaborated to deceive in marriage; we need to settle this account.”

“Impossible, impossible… It can’t be Beta…” Cheng Yuan, bound hands and feet, still struggled to get up, attempting to snatch the report from Father Zhao.

Mother Zhao opened the report and placed it in front of Cheng Yuan, showing her page by page.

Song Jing’s colleague, a short and cunning Beta, said, “Our hospital’s instruments never make mistakes. I double-checked.”

“Baipu, you used to be General Zhao’s person,” Song Jing’s face turned dark as he stared at him.

Baipu raised his hands innocently, “Dr. Song, I can’t bear what you’re implying. I’m just concerned about General Zhao’s son-in-law.”

“Don’t use such disgusting words,” Father Zhao glanced at him, and Baipu quickly closed his mouth.

“We said from the beginning that if you are an Omega, then we will consider fulfilling the engagement. Now, none of your Song family members are Omega, so our engagement is naturally annulled,” Father Zhao produced an electronic form, the marriage certificate from the Keya Country Marriage Registration Office.

The marriage registration office pledged that for an engagement to be valid, both parties must willingly agree. He had previously requested the unilateral dissolution of the engagement due to the incomplete differentiation of the Song family, but it was rejected.

Now that the entire Song family has differentiated, the conditions no longer apply, and the engagement is automatically annulled.

Seeing the word “annulled” on the screen, Cheng Yuan completely broke down.

“Zhao Tong, you despicable person! You’re kicking someone who’s already down! How did my husband help your family back then? When you were almost injured in the snowy field of Mingxue Star, it was my husband who carried you back to the base step by step. Otherwise, you would have died. How dare you forget the debt of gratitude! How dare you! You ungrateful scum!”

The insults continued, and Father Zhao frowned. A hint of shame flashed in his eyes, but quickly he straightened his posture, saying, “Song Shoucheng almost killed my son! You want him to marry your children? Wishful thinking!”

“Shoucheng made a mistake, but are you really guilt-free? Your son reached his current position; don’t tell me Shoucheng’s help had nothing to do with it? He saved both of your lives! Touch your conscience; do you still have one?” Cheng Yuan shouted desperately, trying to break free from the restraints.

Father Zhao closed his eyes, “One life for another. He saved my son, but also almost killed him. He saved me, and my son helped him avoid the death penalty. It’s a balance of merits and faults. But wanting your son to marry into our family, I tell you, it’s not happening.”

Father Zhao waved his hand, and his deputy came forward, grabbing Song Youji’s shoulder.

“Zhao Jiu is going on a mission tomorrow, and you’re not allowed to see him before that,” Father Zhao said, looking at Song Jing with a threatening tone. “I won’t harm you, but if you force your way, the one getting hurt will be you and your siblings.”

“Big brother, calm down.” Song Youji’s calmness surpassed everyone’s expectations, even causing Father Zhao to pause for a moment. “I won’t see Zhao Jiu, as long as you promise not to harm my family, I will leave here.”

Father Zhao’s gaze was mysterious and unclear. He waved his hand, “Take him away.”

Song Jing clenched his fists, blocking the doorway. Song Youji looked at him deeply and said, “Big brother, I trust General Zhao’s integrity.”

This made even Father Zhao feel a bit uncomfortable. He cleared his throat, “Please make way, Dr. Song.”

Song Jing’s fists loosened and tightened again, ultimately hanging powerless at his sides. He stepped aside, throat hoarse as he said, “Don’t leave the hospital.”

“Dr. Song, rest assured, there’s one more thing we need to trouble you with…” Father Zhao said.

They took Cheng Yuan to the hospital director’s office. Father Zhao’s attitude was not as harsh as expected, but Cheng Yuan cried and screamed all the way, so they had to inject her with a sedative.

Song Youji sat across from Father Zhao, lifted his head, and noticed both Father and Mother Zhao and were staring at him. He remained composed and asked, “We agreed earlier that the engagement would be annulled once I differentiated into a Beta. I won’t go back on my word. Why did General Zhao personally come again?”

Father Zhao showed a difficult expression: why? It was because he heard from the police that, for the sake of Song Youji, Zhao Jiu almost killed a recently captured criminal.

He knew his own child’s character too well. Once Zhao Jiu set his mind on something, nothing could change it. If he set his sights on Song Youji, no matter what Song Youji differentiated into, Zhao Jiu would find a way to continue the engagement.

How could he allow his hard-trained child to marry a Beta?!

This time, Zhao Jiu’s mission was a perfect opportunity. If he didn’t send Song Youji away now, he wouldn’t be able to stop Zhao Jiu in the future.

Author’s Note:

These chapters are written in a suppressed tone. Here’s a little side scene:

A letter from Zhao Jiu to Song Youji in the military camp (excerpt):

Song Youji, today during special training, I fought ten opponents alone, and I made them all surrender.

But I didn’t get injured, so you don’t need to worry.

I heard you studied Omega mental health; I’m pleased. I hope you also learn about Alpha psychology and care about my well-being.

You don’t have to reply; I’m just letting you know that I’ve received the badge for outstanding trainees. If you want, I can leave it for you.

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