After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 24

Chapter 24: He’s the son of a general

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Hearing his words, Cheng Yuan not only did not wake up but became agitated, “Impossible! You must differentiate into an Omega!”

Song Youji had no intention of arguing with her, so he let the bewildered Song Lan and Song Shan take her away. When Song Jing received the message, he rushed back from the hospital. After injecting a sedative into Cheng Yuan, the farce finally came to an end.

Song Jing sighed, “Mother’s mental state has been erratic these past few days. Originally, I didn’t plan to let you meet her.”

“Sorry… Big Brother, Second Brother, it was me who told Mother,” Song Lan stammered. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Second Brother. I thought Mother would want to see Second Brother too.”

Song Jing raised his hand to hit him, “You—”

“Let it go, Big Brother. Song Lan doesn’t understand anything,” Song Youji intercepted Song Jing and took Song Lan and Song Shan to the side. “Have you decided on your career choices?”

Song Lan: “I want to study medicine.”

Song Shan: “I want to study spaceship maintenance!”

“Good, both have ambitions.” Song Youji patted their heads and let them go upstairs.

As for Cheng Yuan, he needed to have a separate conversation with his big brother.

Cheng Yuan slept peacefully on the sofa. Song Jing massaged his forehead, saying, “You know about Father’s situation?”

Song Youji: “Yes.”

“This matter actually has little to do with you. But it’s not completely unrelated either.” Song Jing lowered his head, pondering where to start. “Yuna didn’t plan to execute Father from the beginning. The evidence of Father stealing the map is irrefutable. However, Yuna doesn’t know how Father knew the location of the map and why he collaborated with the star pirates. Father has never revealed that. Yuna suspects that Father was threatened and that the person behind it is from the Army and Government Bureau.”

The Army and Government Bureau were all from influential families with close ties to the royal family. Having a spy in their ranks was no trivial matter.

“Yuna has been secretly investigating this matter for years. It seemed close to a breakthrough, but Mother suddenly pulled such a stunt…” Song Jing was somewhat helpless. Cheng Yuan’s actions disrupted Yuna’s plan, but it also turned out to be a blessing in disguise. “You and Zhao Jiu’s engagement stirred up public opinion online. There must be someone manipulating things behind the scenes. Yuna, in his secret investigation, did find something. He hasn’t told me the details…”

Song Youji wasn’t interested in all this. He only knew that Father might get a reduced sentence, and that news was enough to bring tears to his eyes.

At the same time, the two brothers had faint suspicions. Even though they didn’t know who threatened Father, they were certain that the leverage used was someone close to Father—someone like their family.

Choosing silence, Song Youji changed the topic and smiled, “Big Brother, have you reconciled with His Majesty? You clearly acted like you would never have any contact with him again.”

A rare look of panic appeared on Song Jing’s face, “N-no, it’s not that we never had any contact. I just didn’t know how to face him before.”

“Oh~” Song Youji smiled meaningfully.

Song Jing stood up, “I have to go back to the hospital. I’ll take Mother away first. Remember to go for a re-examination. Also, make sure Song Lan and Song Shan focus on their studies.”


Seeing his big brother in a flustered state, Song Youji smiled knowingly, not exposing the fact that Song Lan and Song Shan had already graduated.


Tomorrow was the day to meet Qiao He. Qiao Si was very nervous the entire day, fidgeting and asking Song Youji repeatedly, “Will my brother not recognize me? They took my brother away. Will they harm him?”

Song Youji patiently replied, “No, your brother definitely wants to see you. If your brother didn’t commit a crime, they won’t harm him.”

Qiao Si: “What if my brother did commit a crime?”

Song Youji didn’t want to lie, “Then he might face the appropriate punishment.”

Song Youji’s straightforwardness made Qiao Si even more uneasy. What if Qiao He had indeed done something wrong before, helping the NL organization? What if he had committed crimes?

“Your brother has had no criminal record in the capital these past few years. You don’t need to worry.”

Song Youji could only reassure him this way. He dared not guarantee; what if Qiao He had really done something wrong in the past, then justice would have to be served.

After contemplating for a long time, Qiao Si suddenly looked up into his eyes and asked, “Brother Youji, do you and Marshal Zhao Jiu love each other?”


Song Youji was momentarily speechless. His engagement with Zhao Jiu was widely known across the country. Friends around him assumed that the two were forced into a bond due to the engagement. Some admired, some pitied, and some made jokes. Qiao Si was the first person to ask such a question.

“It can’t be stated as love,” Song Youji said.

He had a premonition that their separation was not far away.

Hearing his answer, a hint of surprise flashed in Qiao Si’s eyes. He continued to ask, “Brother Youji, if you were a Beta, would you choose a Beta or an Omega?”

“Well… I haven’t thought about that question yet. But it depends on the feeling. Gender doesn’t matter much,” Song Youji considered it seriously, then thought of the agreement with Zhao Jiu that had not expired yet, and he regarded it as a kind of emotional cheating.

Song Youji covered Qiao Si’s curious little eyes and said, “I am a person with an engagement now.”

“Oh.” Qiao Si lowered his head in disappointment. After a while, he asked again, “Brother Youji, will my brother not want to see me?”

Song Youji: “…”

Should have continued talking about the previous topic.

The day of the agreed meeting arrived quickly. Today, Qiao He was working in the stationery section of the department store. They planned to let Qiao Si and Song Youji persuade him first. If Qiao He didn’t cooperate, they would bring people in directly to control him.

Zhao Jiu looked at Song Youji, “Be careful, safety first.”

“I know.” Song Youji avoided his gaze.

After explaining the precautions, Song Youji and Qiao Si entered the stationery section together.

A different employee came up to them, wearing a sweet smile, and asked, “Is there anything you two need?”

“I want to buy some school supplies for my younger brother,” Song Youji said.

Seeing his smile, the female clerk blushed a bit, tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear, “This way. Do you need me to take you there?”

“No, we can browse on our own,” Song Youji smiled. They chose the morning when there were fewer customers, making it convenient for their actions.

After circling the store, Qiao Si was the first to spot Qiao He, who was cleaning the shelves in the corner. Excited, he was about to rush over.

Song Youji held him back, gently leading him towards the area where Qiao He was. When they were close enough, Song Youji picked up a pen holder and said in a moderate tone, “Qiao Si, do you want this?”

Qiao He, with his back turned to them, visibly trembled, staying frozen for a while. He finally turned his head carefully, the face that resembled Qiao Si’s by eight points confirmed to Song Youji that he was the person they were looking for.

When their eyes met, tears welled up in Qiao He’s eyes.

“Big Brother!” Qiao Si couldn’t hold back, rushing towards him.

Qiao He was a bit bewildered. He raised his hand, trembling slightly as he touched Qiao Si’s hair, asking in a trembling voice, “Why are you here?”

Qiao Si hugged his neck tightly, crying. Tears swirled in Qiao He’s eyes, never falling. He looked at Song Youji with vigilance.

“Who are you?”

“I’m a staff member of the Omega Rescue Association.”

“Omega Rescue Association…” Qiao He repeated in a low voice, a look of breakdown appearing on his face. He held Qiao Si’s shoulders tightly, sternly questioning, “Did you differentiate into an Omega?!”

Upon Qiao Si’s nod, his rationality completely collapsed. He angrily pushed Qiao Si aside, “How could this happen? Why did you differentiate into Omega? I did so much for them, even left home. Why did you still differentiate into Omega?!”

Song Youji caught the crucial information. He pulled the confused Qiao Si to his side, saying, “Differentiating into Omega is not something Qiao Si can decide on his own.”

While speaking, he activated the smart network on his wrist, opening a call with Zhao Jiu.

“Big Brother, what are you saying? What did you do for them? Why did you leave home? Why did you abandon me?!” The joy of reuniting with his brother had been diluted by fear. The words of Song Youji echoed in his mind, and if Qiao He had committed a crime, he would have to pay the price.

“What else could it be? Just to prevent you from being affected by my pheromones, to avoid differentiating into Omega,” Qiao He’s face showed a regretful expression, a hint of resentment appearing on his face. “D*mn it, they actually dared to deceive me!”

“Big Brother!” Qiao Si was frightened. He had never seen his brother in such a violent state.

“Song Youji, stay away from him. Leave the rest to us.”

Zhao Jiu’s voice came through the miniature earpiece, and Song Youji slowly retreated while holding Qiao Si’s wrist.

Sensing his intention, Qiao Si showed a hesitant and worried expression. Qiao He’s reaction told him that his brother had likely been manipulated into doing something wrong for his sake. If his brother fell into the hands of the police, he would surely suffer.

Noticing that the police had already entered, Qiao He’s emotional outburst overwhelmed his reason. He shouted to Qiao He, “Big Brother, run quickly! They’re coming to arrest you!”

Qiao Si’s sudden rebellion disrupted the entire plan. Zhao Jiu had to command them to act quickly and ordered Song Youji to withdraw.

“Run towards your 3 o’clock direction; it’s safe there. Don’t worry about Qiao Si. They are biological brothers…”

However, before Zhao Jiu could finish his words, Qiao He had already used an art knife he picked up from the shelf to press it against Song Youji’s neck. He kicked Qiao Si, who was crying by the side, and showed a crazy expression, accurately finding Zhao Jiu among the police.

They had underestimated Qiao He’s strength. The person in front of them had undoubtedly undergone professional combat training.

Seeing the knife at Song Youji’s neck, Zhao Jiu felt his breath stop. He clenched his fists, trying hard to make his voice sound calmer. He couldn’t let Qiao He know Song Youji’s identity.

“Let him go. We’re here to cooperate with you.”

“To arrest me, you actually need to mobilize the Marshal of the Three Summer Army. It’s truly my honor.” Qiao He’s face twisted in a grimace. He looked down at Song Youji’s face and said, “I’ve heard of the Marshal’s wife’s name for a long time. Seeing him today, he’s indeed a beauty.”

“Let him go,” Zhao Jiu felt his entire body’s blood solidify. He regretted involving Song Youji in this operation.

Qiao He: “Let me go.”

On the side, Qiao Si cried out, “Brother.”

“And him too, you must let us leave together,” Qiao He said.

“Brother, don’t hurt Brother Youji,” Qiao Si covered his abdomen, got up, and stumbled towards Qiao He.

As a result, he received another kick.

“Let us go,” Qiao He said word by word.

All the police officers turned to look at Zhao Jiu, who was firmly staring at the point where Song Youji’s knife met him. His face was pale. “Alright, I’ll let you go if you let him go.”

Qiao He dragged Song Youji, saying to Qiao Si on the ground, “Get up! Follow me.”

He was going to take Qiao Si to settle accounts with those people.

Song Youji, supported by him, felt very anxious, but he knew that if he let Qiao He go, he would lose an important lead to the NL organization. So, he used lip movements to tell Zhao Jiu: Don’t let him go.

It was just a utility knife, and the Association’s utility knives were purchased here. Song Youji was well aware that this thing wouldn’t take his life, but it would cause him harm.

But Zhao Jiu didn’t want to see that kind of consequence. What he wanted was Song Youji unharmed, standing in front of him healthy and well.

“Don’t send anyone to chase us. I’ll release him once we’re safe,” Qiao He said.

“You release him now!”

Zhao Jiu was on the verge of losing his composure. He calculated countless ways to subdue Qiao He, but he had Song Youji as a hostage and couldn’t take risks.

The moment he thought about the consequences of failure, he felt a chill throughout his body.

Seeing the panic on Zhao Jiu’s face, Song Youji unexpectedly felt a slight relief. In this short, dream-like agreement, he wasn’t the only one who got involved and succumbed.

Qiao He’s height should be around 176 cm, with a slender build. Though Song Youji was taller than him, their body sizes similar, and considering Qiao He’s professional training, after all he was still a general’s son, he was by no means an ordinary person.

Song Youji held his breath and concentrated on feeling Qiao He’s tone while he negotiated with Zhao Jiu.

Finally, due to excessive excitement, Qiao He’s knife momentarily left Song Youji’s neck.


Song Youji accurately and swiftly grabbed Qiao He’s wrist, twisting his arm behind him at lightning speed, causing the art knife to fall to the ground.

“Seize him!”

With Zhao Jiu’s command, Qiao He was surrounded, helpless, and could only comply.

Before Song Youji could cast a triumphant look at Zhao Jiu, he was pulled tightly into an embrace.

Zhao Jiu’s voice came from above, trembling with nervousness, “You scared me…”

“I didn’t…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Song Youji fainted in Zhao Jiu’s arms.

Author’s Note:

Zhao Jiu: My wife is so handsome; today is another day I’m moved by my wife.

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