After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Youji, Long Time No See

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“Marshal, CJ36 Star Cloud detected a small black hole. About 50 light-years away, traces of a large spaceship activity were found. Marshal, should we approach?”

“Activate the defense system, intercept them before they enter the black hole.”


In the command cabin, Zhao Jiu and Newman were discussing the latest interception route based on the information from the rear. According to the latest intelligence, the core personnel who developed black hole jumping technology were on the spaceship in front of them.

If only the spaceship were to be destroyed, the distance was already enough. However, capturing a living person was a challenge.

Star pirates were ruthless; if their intentions were detected, they would rather both parties suffer losses than hand over the technical personnel.

“Marshal, their spaceship has stopped, at planet CJA18. It’s an unexplored desolate star, mainly characterized by high mountains and canyons.”

Zhao Jiu carefully studied the trajectory of the pirate spaceship. They were originally getting closer to the black hole, but ten minutes after he ordered the interception, they urgently changed direction and stopped at the nearest planet.

“They seem to be sending signals outward, and the content is not yet known. We’re deciphering it.”

“They’ve found us,” Zhao Jiu said decisively. “The signal sent by the spaceship is an ancient encryption method called Morse Code. They are communicating with us, or rather, with me.”

Although cryptography was not their major, Zhao Jiu had seen this encryption method while studying Blue Star culture. Morse Code had been outdated by high technology, and only a few books on this subject were still preserved in Keya Country’s universities.

The core members within the star pirates might not even be aware of the existence of such a code; the person capable of sending this signal is undoubtedly a scholar.

Newman asked, “Marshal, should we take this opportunity to launch a strong attack?”

Zhao Jiu said, “No need. He said he wants to meet me.”

Both of them paused for a moment, saying cautiously, “Could it be a trap? Pirates often set such traps, perhaps it’s a frequent occurrence.”

“No matter what he intends to do, we’ll only know after meeting him,” Zhao Jiu said as he put on his protective suit. “I’ll go in person.”

The star pirate ship was parked on a steep cliff. Zhao Jiu piloted the stealth aircraft slowly towards it. Just as he saw the shadow of the spaceship, its defense system automatically activated, detecting his stealth aircraft.

A metallic cylinder, emitting a silver glow, extended from the top of the spaceship. With a flash of white light, a small missile headed towards Zhao Jiu. Unable to dodge in time, Zhao Jiu’s stealth aircraft was shot down. The capsule he was in automatically detached from the aircraft, turning into a small flying device.

After capturing the wreckage of the stealth aircraft, the metallic cylinder retracted.

Witnessing all this, Zhao Jiu’s lips curled into a pleased smile. In just a month, the pirates’ technology had improved. It seemed that this time, not only could they obtain black hole jump technology, but their reconnaissance technology had also been enhanced.

He activated the invisibility system of his flying device and entered through the ventilation opening at the back of the spaceship, encountering no obstacles as if someone had opened a convenient door for him.

Zhao Jiu was not worried about an ambush. During the last raid, he had already noticed that not only did they want to eliminate this group of pirates, but there was also a traitor among the pirates. However, at the end of the last mission, he didn’t find the person who was secretly assisting them. He thought that person had died in the chaos.

It seemed that person was still alive.

Entering the interior of the spaceship, Zhao Jiu retracted the flying device and observed the nearby layout, guessing he had entered the resting compartment.

Before he could continue further, a cabin door opened, and a man in a white lab coat walked out. His hair was messy, and a single-sided eyeglass rested on his nose. He immediately saw through Zhao Jiu’s disguise and walked excitedly towards him. “Marshal Zhao Jiu, you’ve finally arrived.”

“Who are you?” Zhao Jiu pulled out a gun.

The man raised both arms. “Calm down, calm down. I’m just a defenseless researcher. My name is Yang Zhengying, a former researcher at the Blue Star Physics Institute. I’m glad that you, Marshal, have come. It’s not in vain that I’ve been wandering within your detectable range. Once I detected you, I immediately managed to stop the spaceship here.”

So, it was this person. Zhao Jiu put away the gun and replaced it with a small military knife.

Yang Zhengying touched his nose, raising his hands again. “Marshal, let’s discuss in a safe place.”

The reason he wanted to cooperate with Zhao Jiu was simple. “I was just an ordinary researcher and was kidnapped by the star pirates due to an accident. You’ve already killed their leader and second-in-command last time. The current leader is just a useless fool. The entire spaceship has less than five hundred people left, and that leader is lecherous, wasting no time in searching for fun on various planets, even not sparing his own brothers…”

Yang Zhengying spoke very straightforwardly. Although he was a Beta, he was considered outstanding in appearance among the pirates. Now, he was responsible for repairing the spaceship, and the leader dared not touch him. However, he couldn’t guarantee that the leader wouldn’t get ideas someday.

Hearing Yang Zhengying’s worries about his good looks, Zhao Jiu gave him a glance.

“What’s that look for! I used to be the school grass too! Just because you’re good-looking, doesn’t mean you can look down on those who aren’t as good-looking as you. In this world, having beauty alone is a sin.” Yang Zhengying said indignantly.

“Alright, I promise to take you back, and I will help you avoid punishment in front of the monarch. But before that, shut your mouth,” Zhao Jiu said, feeling a bit chilly in his heart.

“I’ve activated the spaceship’s self-destruct system. You have three hours to take what you want.” Yang Zhengying said. He, who seemed like an ordinary scientist, turned out to be quite ruthless.

Zhao Jiu became more cautious of him. “My team will be here in twenty minutes.”

“Alright! I’ll pack my bags. Marshal, you can believe that you won’t lose in this deal.” Yang Zhengying couldn’t resist his own nagging. “I heard that Marshal is about to get married. When the time comes, I’ll pack the research data as your wedding gift. If Marshal can help me obtain citizenship, that would be even better.”

When a lackey of star pirates had to constantly protect his own backside, it was better to become a legal citizen of the Keya Country. Yang Zhengying had already planned his way out.

With his words, Zhao Jiu remembered Song Youji.

It had been five days. The mission was smoother than he had imagined, but due to the intense pursuit in the past few days, he had no time to contact Song Youji.

He wondered how Song Youji was doing, whether he missed him.

Zhao Jiu curled his fingers, feeling a hint of embarrassment. Even though he found it embarrassing to use such a term, he had to admit that he missed Song Youji a lot.

Xiaoman City.

It took two days to reach the destination from the capital. As one of the few cities that still preserved the use of trains, the development level of Xiaoman City could be seen. 

However, the environment in Xiaoman City was surprisingly good. There was natural fresh air without the need for air purifiers. The sky was clear, the leaves lush, and even the sunlight seemed warmer. There were no tall buildings; the most were two or three-story standalone houses. Balconies were filled with flowers and plants, and colorful clothes danced in the wind as they hung out to dry.

Talina exclaimed, “No wonder it’s the city with the highest happiness index in many years. Moreover, it’s not as backward as rumored, just not highly modernized.”

Tan Yi nodded proudly, “I used to come here often to play. My grandfather still has farmland and a pond here.”

“I want to see!” Talina exclaimed.

Song Youji waved at the reception personnel, “The branch’s vehicle will arrive soon. Currently, including us, there are only eight people in the branch. We need to complete the registration for Omegas in Xiaoman City as soon as possible, negotiate with the city hospital on the procedures and conditions for distributing suppressants, and apply for them. In the past, Xiaoman City relied on purchasing suppressants from other cities, but the transportation time was too long. Sister Jia wants the city hospital here to learn to produce their own.”

Talina said, “Sister Jia’s idea is not bad, but the production of suppressants requires high-quality equipment. Doesn’t that equipment cost a lot of money?”

Song Youji replied, “Sister Jia paid for it herself and it’s on the way.”

“D*mn!” Both of them exclaimed. They knew Sister Jia’s identity was extraordinary, but they didn’t expect her to have so much money.

Tan Yi said, “Sister Jia is so capable, why did she divorce?”

Song Youji shook his head, “Perhaps she has her own pursuits.”

While the three of them chatted, the government’s car arrived. A middle-aged man got out of the passenger seat and jogged over, saying, “Are you the ones from the capital? I’m responsible for picking you up. My name is Chen Yicheng. Sorry, there was some traffic on the way, so we took a detour. We’ve also brought people from the hospital. It’s just right for us to have a meal together later and discuss the workflow for the upcoming work.”

Chen Yicheng shook hands with each of them, helping them load their luggage into the trunk.

Song Youji saw a person sitting in the back seat of the car, wearing a hat and a mask, leaning against the window and sleeping.

“This is a doctor from our city hospital. He might be tired.” Chen Yicheng smiled awkwardly and invited the three to get in. He also carefully woke up the man, saying, “Dr. Sang, people from the capital have arrived. Let’s go.”

Dr. Sang opened his eyes and coincidentally met Song Youji’s gaze. In that gaze, Song Youji felt a hint of familiarity.

He sat next to the man and extended his hand, “Hello, I’m Song Youji from the Rescue Association.”

Dr. Sang didn’t shake hands but stared at him without looking away. Song Youji felt a bit embarrassed, worried that he might know about the news, recognizing him. Just as he was about to retract his hand, the man suddenly held onto it.

“Hello.” Dr. Sang not only held his hand but also squeezed it lightly.

His voice also sounded somewhat familiar.

Song Youji tried to recall if he had heard this voice somewhere. Dr. Sang had already removed his mask, revealing a face that Song Youji was once very familiar with.

“I am Sang Tong. Youji, long time no see.”

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