After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 28

Chapter 28: “Deceiver.”

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Although Xiaoman City has a large land area, the population density was low. With the help of the city hospital, they only took two days to complete the registration of Omegas in the city. As expected, the number of Omega in Xiaoman City was small, and their overall condition was better than in other places.

Stable families with married Omegas receive suppressants regularly, and those without spouses can also receive them.

Even so, they received a divorce application. The marriage contract procedures in the Keya Country were complicated, and divorces were even more complex, requiring a series of processes, taking a minimum of half a year. However, if an Omega is harmed in the marriage, they can apply for the intervention of the Rescue Association, not only for protection but also to reduce the required time for divorce.

Today, a man in his thirties came, thin and weak. On a hot summer day, he was wearing long pants and long sleeves. He hesitated in front of the temporary office of the Rescue Association set up by the city government, but Song Youji saw him and invited him in.

Song Youji poured him some water, and seeing him hesitating like a frightened bird, Song Youji didn’t ask proactively. Instead, he placed a compilation of “Rescue Association Case Summaries” in front of him.

The man trembled and flipped through a few pages, looked up at Song Youji, and asked, “I, I want to divorce my husband.”

Song Youji took out a pen, “Can you describe the situation in detail?”

The man pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

“The duty of the Rescue Association is to help Omega in distress. If it’s just a relationship breakdown or similar issues, we can only help you apply for legal aid, but we can’t provide judicial protection.” Judging from the man’s state, he seemed to need protection.

“My husband… my husband is a Beta.” The man spoke with emotion, placing his hand on his lower abdomen. “We’ve known each other since childhood, and we liked each other from a young age. In high school, I differentiated into an Omega, and he became a Beta. At that time, our parents didn’t support us being together, but we felt that as long as we loved each other, gender wasn’t a problem. But…”

The man said as he cried, and Song Youji handed him a pack of tissues.

“Yes, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yu Ran, a small clerk at the city health bureau. My husband, Aud, is a doctor at the city hospital.” Yu Ran took a deep breath and continued to tell his story, “The most unbearable thing for an Omega is the monthly heat cycle. Although my husband doesn’t have pheromones, relying on suppressants and other methods, we’ve been married for ten years, and my heat cycles have been stable. Until six months ago, my heat cycle unexpectedly advanced, causing quite a stir at work. Aud also learned about it.”

Song Youji asked, “Didn’t you carry suppressants with you?”

“I did, but for Omegas like me who are not marked, the pheromones released can affect other Alphas. The unit didn’t investigate this matter, but Aud felt guilty. He thought that because he was a Beta and couldn’t mark me, such an accident occurred.”

“At first, he just felt guilty, but later he became angry, started becoming suspicious, and became paranoid. Not marking me made him sensitive and irritable. He suspected that I was having an affair, suspected that I intentionally released pheromones in front of colleagues, and even physically attacked me.”

The story took a sudden turn. Yu Ran and his husband’s many years of love did not deteriorate due to a single accident. It must be that over the years, Aud had accumulated a lot of anxiety and insecurity in his heart, and the long-term suppression finally erupted into the current state.

Song Youji fell silent, and Zhao Jiu’s image suddenly appeared in his mind. AB relationships are not accepted, let alone BO.

Yu Ran touched his small belly, tears streaming down his face, “Half a month ago, I found out I was pregnant. Originally, I thought this was an opportunity to improve our relationship, but unexpectedly… unexpectedly, he suspected that the child was not his at all. He caused a scene at my workplace, and even the Alphas in the office were implicated. He forced me to resign and stay at home, and he wanted to take the child for genetic testing… These years, except for him, I’ve never been with anyone else. I thought he would understand the hardships I endured for the child, but I didn’t expect him… to doubt me!”

As he spoke, his emotions became intense, and Song Youji quickly held his wrist. “Calm down a bit. Being overly emotional is not good for you or the child.”

Yu Ran sat down, tears in his eyes, and asked, “Can I divorce him?”

“Yes, you can. Forgive my bluntness, but when he first laid hands on you, you should have considered leaving him. Domestic violence is either zero times or countless times.” Song Youji made notes and told him, “After the review, we will apply to the city government for your protection. Before the divorce, you can stay in the apartment provided by the Rescue Association. I’ll send you the necessary materials, and you may also need to go to the city hospital for a medical examination.”

Yu Ran shivered, “Will Aud find out?”

Song Youji said, “We can accompany you throughout.”

After getting Yu Ran’s nod of agreement, Song Youji first called Talina and then contacted Sang Tong.

Although they exchanged contact information the day they met, they had hardly chatted beyond work. Despite being high school friends, the reunion was hasty, and Song Youji didn’t know what to say.

The phone connected, and Song Youji felt a bit nervous. He informed Sang Tong about Yu Ran’s situation, holding the phone with both hands, waiting for Sang Tong’s response.

“Alright, bring him to me.” Sang Tong’s voice was somewhat indifferent.

Well, it’s indeed different from before.

Song Youji felt a bit disappointed. “See you later.”



The triumphant return of the Three Summer Legion was celebrated, claiming to have not only eradicated the remnants of the Star Pirates but also brought back core technical personnel from Blue Star. This development was expected to lead to the advancement and popularization of black hole jump technology, marking a milestone in the history of Keya.

The military and the royal family held a grand welcome ceremony for the Three Summer Legion. The highest level of the palace’s star lights would shine for three days, and the people of the capital lined the streets with flowers to welcome them. As the ship with the emblem of the Three Summer Legion landed, the media broadcasted in real-time, and cheers erupted throughout the capital.

Yuna stood at the cabin door. Compared to the excited ministers behind him, his expression was solemn.

As the cabin door opened, Zhao Jiu appeared in front of everyone, dressed in black military uniform, contrasting sharply with the surrounding pure white. He had no expression, exuding an imposing aura as he walked down, like a descending deity.

“Welcome back,” Yuna smiled.

“Your Majesty.” Zhao Jiu saluted him. When their eyes met, Yuna felt a slight tremor in his heart.

The ministers behind him and the reporters not far away were eager to approach, but Zhao Jiu casually glanced at them, and the imposing aura he emitted shocked everyone, instantly silencing the surroundings.

“Come this way,” Yuna whispered.


Zhao Jiu coldly refused, walking forward towards the cameras.

As he walked down the red carpet, the reporters surrounding him became excited. This was their chance to get a big story, but none dared to ask the burning question.

Finally, just as Zhao Jiu was about to leave the welcoming party, a brave reporter raised a microphone and mustered all his courage to ask, “Marshal, welcome back! Congratulations on annihilating the star bandits, obtaining secrets, and congratulations on your double happiness.”

Unexpectedly, Zhao Jiu stopped and looked down at him, asking, “Where does the double happiness come from?”

The reporter, thinking he had caught the Marshal’s attention, foolishly smiled and said, “Marshal, not only have you achieved success in your career, but you have also freed yourself from the Song family’s constraints, which is indeed a double happiness.”

Zhao Jiu remained silent, slightly curling his lips, his aura suddenly cold and mocking.


The Marshal is happy, right?

The reporter’s heart skipped a beat, feeling an inexplicable unease.

Ignoring him, Zhao Jiu walked straight ahead, not waiting for the rest of the welcoming party, and left the airport alone.

The live broadcast captured Zhao Jiu’s actions, but those who weren’t present couldn’t feel his pressure. They only saw the smile on his lips.

Their suspicions grew stronger. The Marshal was deceived into marriage!

Not only did he achieve military success this time, but he also freed himself from the engagement, a double happiness! Worth celebrating!

However, at the celebration banquet, Nord and Newman searched the palace high and low but couldn’t find Zhao Jiu’s figure. They had to seek help from the king.

Yuna sighed, “Don’t bother with him; it’s his business.”

He originally wanted to wait for Zhao Jiu to return before telling him about Song Youji. However, he couldn’t keep it a secret.

Three days ago, Zhao Jiu couldn’t contact Song Youji and came to him directly. Yuna told him that Song Youji had differentiated into a Beta.

As Yuna expected, Zhao Jiu didn’t care about Song Youji’s gender at all. He only asked if AB marriage could be registered normally.

“It can be… but…” Yuna furrowed his brows, and Zhao Jiu keenly sensed that something was wrong.

“Youji? Where is Youji?”

“…Song Youji has already left the capital.”

After that call, Zhao Jiu never contacted him again. Yuna tried to have others on the ship contact Zhao Jiu, but he only received a reply that Zhao Jiu locked himself in the resting cabin and refused to see anyone.

Song Youji left without a sound, and the person who helped him leave even used the royal-issued pass badge. Yuna couldn’t trace his whereabouts.

Although Yuna guessed who that person was, Song Jing asked him not to tell Zhao Jiu where Song Youji went… Yuna felt a bit helpless. He had already helped Zhao Jiu by rejecting Father Zhao’s request to annul the marriage contract offending him. If he revealed Song Youji’s whereabouts to Zhao Jiu, it might cause trouble with the old men in the military and political departments.

Yuna sighed. He would leave it to Zhao Jiu to find his wife. If he wanted to bring him back, he had to have the ability himself.


Zhao Jiu returned to his residence, where Father Zhao had sent people to bring him back to the old house.

“Young Master, please come with us…”

Before the person finished speaking, Zhao Jiu threw him out.

“Tell Zhao Tong that if he dares to enter my place without permission again, I will sue him for trespassing. We’ll settle our accounts later.”

Locking the door behind him, Zhao Jiu went straight to the room where Song Youji had lived.

The floor, wardrobe, and bedding were all cleaned spotlessly, dust-free. The wardrobe was empty, and new bedsheets and pillowcases adorned the bed.

Zhao Jiu, who had been holding back his rationality all the way, finally collapsed. He frantically searched through the villa, and finally found the bedding and pillow Song Youji had used in the utility room near the stairs. He tightly hugged that pillow, his heart shrinking into a bundle, releasing the sorrow from the depths of his soul into every vein in his body.


Zhao Jiu buried his head in the pillow, tears welling up at the corners of his eyes.

Deceiver. Song Youji had promised to wait for him and get married when he returned. How dare he leave without a word!

“Youji, Song Youji…”

The vast villa was silent and dark, with only the old robot slowly cleaning between the floors. The utility room on the first floor had a dim light, and the echoes of Zhao Jiu’s cries reverberated at the stairwell, filled with the bitterness and melancholy of losing what had been regained.

Author’s Note:

Song Youji undertaking work in Xiaoman City.

Zhao Jiu, in the utility room, yearning for his wife every night.

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