After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 31

Chapter 31: “Don’t go.”

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The whole day, Zhao Jiu stayed by Song Youji’s side. Wherever Song Youji could go, Zhao Jiu could follow, and Song Youji couldn’t stop him.

Tan Yi, who accompanied Song Youji, went from shock to habit, and eventually, it became indifferent. 

In the evening, they discussed recruiting new members in the association’s meeting room. Talina, who arrived late, saw Zhao Jiu standing at the door and almost thought she was dreaming of being back in the capital.

“Marshal? What’s going on?” Talina came in and asked with mouth shapes.

Tan Yi nudged his lips, pointing to Song Youji, who was looking down at the registration form. He also mouthed, “Chasing after someone.”

“Oh~~” Talina was surprised and felt a bit uneasy.

After what Song Youji had experienced in the past few days, she felt uncomfortable just watching it, not to mention Song Youji himself. Out of trust in Song Youji’s character, she knew he would never engage in a fake marriage. He must have his reasons.

But since Song Youji didn’t mention it, they didn’t want to pry.

With Song Youji’s mood improving in the past few days, Zhao Jiu’s pursuit at this time seemed like pouring salt on his wounds.

Talina closed the meeting room door with a stern face.

Tan Yi was startled by her action, and Song Youji also looked up at her. She just waved her hand, asking them to sit down.

“This time, we received a total of 123 applications. After the initial screening, 72 people were shortlisted. Our funds are limited, and the preliminary plan is to recruit 5 to 7 people, plus 3 volunteers. Let’s take a look together and select some suitable candidates for interviews.”

The association primarily recruited Beta and Omega. During the initial screening, Song Youji had already filtered out most of the Alpha applicants, but he left behind one outstanding Alpha whose resume impressed him. He wanted to see during the interview.

Talina picked up one of the resumes and clicked her tongue twice. “Graduated from the Capital Military University? Shouldn’t someone with this graduation directly enter the Legion? How did they end up here?”

A-level Alpha, participated in the Three Summer Legion’s special training camp, scored full marks in Omega pheromone resistance class, and excelled in other courses. The awards he had won filled an entire page.

Tan Yi, glancing at it, also marveled, “Such an excellent person, why didn’t he join the Three Summer Legion?”

As the words came out, the meeting room fell into an awkward silence. Tan Yi glanced at Song Youji, who remained calm, but he felt extremely embarrassed.

Talina said with dissatisfaction, “The Marshal is at the door; you can ask him yourself.”

“…I dare not, I dare not,” Tan Yi quickly begged for mercy.

“This person not only graduated from the military academy but also has multiple skills like cooking, painting, pottery, etc. Even if these are not needed here, he can still go to headquarters in the future.” Song Youji had a favorable impression of this Alpha with diverse skills. This person might also be good at management, which the association needed.

The three of them quickly reached a consensus and decided to include this person in the interview.

They were busy until 10:30 in the evening before concluding. When they left the meeting room, they found Zhao Jiu still waiting there.

Tan Yi suppressed a yawn that had started, quickly retracted it, and pulled the displeased Talina away from the scene.

Song Youji and Zhao Jiu exchanged a glance, and the latter’s eyes were like a deep, unfathomable pool, filled with images of Song Youji.

“You should go back,” Song Youji said, shifting his gaze away. “I don’t need you to follow me. Having an Alpha stay at the Omega Rescue Association will cause us trouble.”

“I can suppress my pheromones,” Zhao Jiu said.

“You’re not…” sick?

Song Youji hesitated for a moment but didn’t voice the rest of his question.

Zhao Jiu guessed what he wanted to ask and explained, “It’s already better. The symptoms were from the after-effects of forcibly traversing the wormhole. Doing it again has alleviated them significantly.”

Doing it again.

Song Youji, who rarely engaged in interstellar travel, knew the dangers of traversing wormholes. Yet, Zhao Jiu spoke of it so casually.

“You are truly insane,” Song Youji muttered.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Jiu laughed, “Are you worried about me?”

“I just think those soldiers who accompany you are innocent.”

“I entered by myself; they’re waiting for me at the exit.”


He’s a complete lunatic. Suddenly, Song Youji recalled his older brother’s evaluation of Zhao Jiu.

However, this lunatic now appeared quite normal. He walked behind Song Youji, shortening the distance between them. From a distance, the two seemed to be walking side by side.

“Youji, don’t worry. I’m trying out the newly developed black hole jump technology for star pirates. It’s not dangerous; it’s very safe.”

“I’m not worrying about you,” Song Youji walked faster, and Zhao Jiu also caught up, maintaining a distance.

“You’re saying one thing but meaning another,” Zhao Jiu smirked, looking particularly spirited under the streetlights.

Song Youji chose to ignore him.

When they reached the apartment, Zhao Jiu stopped at the door, showing no intention of entering. He looked at Song Youji with hopeful eyes, seemingly waiting for an invitation.

Only a fool would invite him in.

Song Youji closed the door.

Without Zhao Jiu following behind, Song Youji felt incredibly relieved. After taking a shower and reviewing some documents in the living room, he intended to go to bed.

However, he tossed and turned for half an hour in bed and couldn’t fall asleep. Wouldn’t Zhao Jiu spend the whole night at the door?

Turning over, he thought again. Zhao Jiu probably wouldn’t be that foolish.

At one in the morning, Song Youji couldn’t resist checking the door.

As expected, Zhao Jiu was still squatting there, leaning against the wall. He wore ordinary long sleeves and pants, with only a thin windbreaker wrapped around him. His lips were a bit pale from the cold. He looked up at Song Youji, his eyes resembling those of an abandoned puppy.

Song Youji’s heart felt a twinge, and he said somewhat angrily, “What do you want to do?”

“I want you to come back with me,” Zhao Jiu said.

“It’s impossible,” Song Youji sighed and said helplessly, “I’m here for work, and I’m very busy. I don’t have time to waste with you.”

Zhao Jiu’s eyes flickered, “I can wait.”

Song Youji felt like scolding someone. He restrained his anger and closed the door again.

If he wanted to sleep in the corridor, let him. Besides, the weather wouldn’t freeze anyone to death.

Song Youji decided to ignore Zhao Jiu, treating him as if he were an invisible shadow. Even if Zhao Jiu wanted to stay here, the capital wouldn’t agree, and sooner or later, he would be sent back.

Despite saying so, Song Youji couldn’t shake off the irritation. He had become extremely disappointed with the people in the capital. Even more, he didn’t want to see Zhao Jiu, but emotions, once stirred, were not something he could stop at will. Zhao Jiu could still tug at his heartstrings unintentionally.

Zhao Jiu was an Alpha, and the two of them could never be together.

In the depths of the night, Song Youji sighed. He felt fortunate for his Beta status – luckily, he was a Beta; otherwise, he might have surrendered upon smelling Zhao Jiu’s pheromones.

Being a free person was more important than anything else.

The next day:

Zhao Jiu slept outside the door for a night, caught a bit of cold, but still energetically followed Song Youji.

Song Youji had decided to ignore him, not talking to him the entire day, and avoiding eye contact. Zhao Jiu visibly felt a bit lost, but when he remembered Song Youji coming out in the middle of the night to check on him, he regained his spirit.

At least, Song Youji would still soften towards him, giving him a chance!

Zhao Jiu continued to follow Song Youji like a shadow for two days, sleeping in the corridor for two nights. Song Youji treated him like air, but Zhao Jiu felt it was fantastic to be in a state where he could always look at his wife!

Moreover, Song Youji didn’t drive him away, which was equivalent to tacitly allowing him to stay by his side.

Until the afternoon of the third day, Song Youji suddenly turned around, looking at him with hesitation.

Zhao Jiu thought his turning point had come and looked back at Song Youji with anticipation. However, he heard Song Youji say, “Could you stop following me? I’m going to find Sang Tong. He’s an Omega, and it’s inconvenient for you to follow me.”

Sang Tong. It’s him.

Zhao Jiu’s pupils suddenly darkened, and a layer of coldness covered his black eyes. “Don’t go.”

“You can’t control me.” Song Youji found several suppressants in the association and planned to drive to Sang Tong’s house.

Sang Tong suddenly entered the heat, and there were no suppressants at home. Searching around, he found that Song Youji was the only person he could trust.

When he called Song Youji, his tone was so pitiful. Song Youji thought Sang Tong’s personality would make many friends. He didn’t expect him to be in a situation where he didn’t even have someone to talk to.

These years, what happened to make a lively and cheerful person turn into what he was now?

Song Youji felt heartbroken and anxious to go give Sang Tong the suppressants. He didn’t notice the surging possessiveness and restrained desperation in Zhao Jiu’s eyes.

Once again, Zhao Jiu spoke, his tone carrying a hint of pleading, “Don’t go.”

“Zhao Jiu, I have something important to do. I don’t have time to waste with you.”

After Song Youji finished speaking, he drove away without looking back. 

Zhao Jiu remained in place, watching as Song Youji’s figure in the rearview mirror grew smaller and smaller until it disappeared completely.

It’s really troublesome.

Song Youji’s eyebrows furrowed as he worried about Sang Tong’s situation and couldn’t help but think about Zhao Jiu’s expression just now.

In such a special situation, Zhao Jiu not going was for his own good. He shouldn’t be so clueless, right?

The author has something to say:

Zhao Jiu: Clueless? What’s that?

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