After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I’m not idle; I have work to do.

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The taste of being drunk is unpleasant. Song Youji didn’t sleep well all night; his whole body felt like lying in a steamer. He was hot, dry-mouthed, and his head was throbbing.

In a semi-conscious state, someone fed him water; the person seemed very impatient, with rough movements, but when Song Youji accidentally choked, he picked him up and gently helped him breathe. That person then held him in his arms, gently massaging his head.

Who was taking care of him? Sang Tong? Or Tan Yi?

It couldn’t be Talina, right?

Sang Tong knew his residence was at the association; he should have brought him back. There were only two people he was familiar with here, apart from the three, who would take such good care of him.

But Song Youji didn’t understand why the person kept wiping his face and hands. The force seemed to want to rub off a layer of skin, and when he accidentally choked, the person hugged him more gently, gently massaging his head.

Was he treating him like a toy?

Song Youji didn’t have the energy to investigate. After the person finished playing with his hand, he started pinching his face and head, giving him a gentle head massage.

It felt quite comfortable. Song Youji hummed a few times, found a comfortable position, and relaxed his mind.

In the latter half of the night, Song Youji slept more comfortably, but when he tried to turn over, he found himself seemingly constrained by something. His legs couldn’t stretch out, and there seemed to be something lying beside him, stiff and unmoving. No matter how hard he pushed, he couldn’t move it.

The bed was too small. Who is this? Why do they have to squeeze into bed with him?

Although Song Youji was grateful for this person taking care of him, he had always slept alone since childhood and was very averse to being too intimate with others. This person’s sudden appearance in his bed made Song Youji very uncomfortable.

He opened his eyes, intending to quietly get out of bed and sleep elsewhere. But as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Zhao Jiu’s handsome face, magnified several times, quietly sleeping beside his head. Zhao Jiu’s eyelashes, like crow feathers, were within arm’s reach, and Zhao Jiu’s arms were tightly wrapped around him.


It’s a dream! Definitely a dream!!

In his dream, Zhao Jiu frowned slightly, leaned in with his eyes closed, and kissed him on the cheek, hugging him even tighter. As he approached, Song Youji caught a faint scent of alcohol on his gland.

Even dreams can feel so real.

Song Youji pursed his lips, carefully staring at Zhao Jiu for a while. Zhao Jiu’s face was really to his liking, if only he could stay quiet and obedient like this all the time.

Seemingly sensing someone watching him, Zhao Jiu’s eyelashes trembled, showing signs of waking up.

Song Youji quickly closed his eyes. If Zhao Jiu woke up, it would be a nightmare!

Already tired, he quickly fell asleep once his eyes were closed. When he woke up at dawn to the sound of his alarm clock, Song Youji opened his eyes.

He slept well in the latter half of the night, not dreaming about Zhao Jiu again, but still couldn’t stretch his arms and legs, feeling sore.

Song Youji wanted to stretch, but found he still couldn’t. He lowered his head and saw an arm draped over him.

No way…

Was that from last night not a dream?!

“Morning.” A familiar voice came from the side, causing Song Youji’s heart to jump to his throat.

He turned his head and met Zhao Jiu’s bright eyes, causing him to flinch backward in surprise.

This action was interpreted by Zhao Jiu as Song Youji still being angry and disdainful towards him. Reluctantly, Zhao Jiu released Song Youji, knelt on the bed, facing him with a look of loneliness and grievance in his eyes.

Song Youji also got up, momentarily at a loss for words. So, it was Zhao Jiu who took care of him last night. When did he come?

“When did you come back?” Song Youji bit his tongue as soon as the words were out. He had seen the news; Zhao Jiu only returned to the Kingdom of Keya yesterday morning. He was knowingly asking.

“You really don’t care about me at all.” Zhao Jiu felt wronged, but when he thought about what his father had done to Song Youji, Song Youji was considerate not to kick him out immediately.

Thinking about this, Zhao Jiu got off the bed, standing by the bedside with his head hanging down like a puppy being kicked out by its owner. “I came to find you to apologize for my father’s actions. Those were not my intention.”

He also wanted to bring Song Youji back to get married. But he didn’t dare say that now.

Those hard-to-forget hurtful words surfaced in Song Youji’s mind again. His hungover brain felt dizzy, and he rubbed his temples feeling irritated. “I know it’s not your intention. You don’t need to apologize, and there’s no need to come specially. You should know I’ve differentiated into a Beta. Our agreement has ended, and we have no relationship anymore.”

No relationship…

Zhao Jiu clenched his teeth, restraining the impulse to knock Song Youji out and take him away. He tried to act normal. “Because I caused you unfair treatment, I should apologize and make amends.”

Ah ah ah ah!

Why was Zhao Jiu starting to act like a human again now?

He just wanted to leave those unpleasant things in the capital behind, have a new environment. Why did Zhao Jiu have to chase after him?!

Song Youji’s good mood from the past few days ended early in the morning. He couldn’t help but lash out at Zhao Jiu with harsh words. “Is your way of apologizing climbing into my bed and touching me while I’m unconscious?”

“I was just taking care of you.” Zhao Jiu’s thick-skinned face remained unchanged.

Heh, look at this self-righteous face.

If it weren’t for that rock-hard thing pressed against him all night, he might have almost believed it.

Song Youji sighed. “Leave. I don’t need your apology.”

Zhao Jiu didn’t say anything, just stood still by the bed.

“At least, let me change my clothes. You should go out first,” Song Youji gritted his teeth.

This time, Zhao Jiu understood human language. He retreated from the room, but didn’t go far, just stood guard at the door.

Song Youji quickly put on his clothes and called Sang Tong to find out when Zhao Jiu had come over last night.

“Hello, good morning, Youji. Did you sleep well last night?” Sang Tong’s voice sounded quite normal, making Song Youji feel that he probably hadn’t seen Zhao Jiu. He replied, “Uh… I slept well. How about you?”

“That’s good. If I had known you had such a low alcohol tolerance, I wouldn’t have let you drink so much.”

“Sang Tong, last night, did you bring me back?”

“Otherwise, should I let a drunkard like you go back by yourself? You didn’t even know your own name when you were drunk.”

“Thanks for that.”

Song Youji smiled, not telling Sang Tong about Zhao Jiu’s actions. After a brief exchange, he hung up.

Outside the door, Zhao Jiu had waited anxiously. Blaming his keen hearing, he knew Song Youji was making a call and deliberately lowered his voice.

There was no need to guess; he knew it was a call to Sang Tong.

Zhao Jiu had checked Sang Tong’s presence in Xiaoman City earlier, but later, for various reasons, he forgot to inform Song Youji, and he himself forgot about it.

He never expected the two to meet again here, and their relationship had become so good in just a few days. They ate together, drank together, and Sang Tong even dared to let Song Youji touch his gland!

Both Alpha and Omega knew how important the gland was to them. It could be considered a sensitive area, and who would easily show it to others! He knew Sang Tong had ulterior motives towards Song Youji from high school!

At that time, Zhao Jiu wanted to rush in, take Song Youji away, and preferably beat Sang Tong again. But he didn’t have the qualifications or the position now. Doing so would only anger Song Youji, so he endured. Jealousy eroded his mind; Zhao Jiu was full of sourness. How could he cope if Song Youji was really taken away by Sang Tong?

Just thinking about it would drive him crazy. Song Youji should be his, and getting him once made him not want to lose him.

The bedroom door opened, and Zhao Jiu’s craziness turned into calmness in an instant. He turned around, a faint smile on his face. “Youji.”

“Why are you still here?” Song Youji felt helpless, turned his head, “Didn’t I tell you to leave?”

“I’m not leaving.” Zhao Jiu followed him, maintaining a not-too-close, not-too-distant distance.

“What do you want to do?” 

“I want to… compensate you. Youji, I’m sorry.”

On the way here, Zhao Jiu read the news of the past few days. When he saw the confused and helpless look of Song Youji, who had just awakened and was surrounded in the hospital room, the proud person was treated like this, Zhao Jiu’s heart almost broke.

Another sharp pain stabbed into Song Youji’s heart. He said, “You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t need to compensate.”

“Then I can let my father come and apologize to you, or hold a press conference.”

“Zhao Jiu, that’s enough. Do you want to push me into the limelight again?” Song Youji’s tone became severe, “Those people are right; it’s a fake marriage by the Song family. My current situation is my own fault!”

“Don’t say that about yourself, Youji. You’re also a victim.” Zhao Jiu took a half step forward. Song Youji immediately stepped back. He dared not approach, looking at Song Youji’s moist eyes with his head lowered. “If you insist on saying that, then I am an accomplice. I willingly conspired to be deceived.”


Oh no! He really couldn’t explain it to Zhao Jiu!

“In any case, we are now clear. Don’t follow me anymore. Go and do your own things in the capital. I’m not idle; I have work to do.”

Because of Zhao Jiu, Song Youji didn’t have time to make breakfast. He took two slices of bread from the refrigerator, planning to go to the police station to deal with Yu Ran’s matter.

When he left, Zhao Jiu was still following him.

Tan Yi, who was waiting outside, looked shocked, as if asking, “When did he come?!” Song Youji shook his head, signaling Tan Yi to ignore him.

As long as he ignored Zhao Jiu, he should eventually leave on his own.

In the reception room:

“If you don’t have any problems, just sign it here.” Song Youji pushed the divorce agreement he had drafted yesterday towards Aud.

Aud refused to sign and said, “Where is Yu Ran? I want to see him!”

“He doesn’t want to see you,” Song Youji urged him. “Even if you don’t sign now, the court will still rule for your divorce.”

“I want to see Yu Ran!” Aud repeated, his eyes bloodshot.

Song Youji coldly said, “He doesn’t want to see you. He won’t see you until the judgment is delivered.”

“It’s all because of you, because of you…” Aud erupted, standing up from the chair. But before he could make a move towards Song Youji, he saw the threatening look from the man behind Song Youji, like a fierce beast in the forest.

If he dared to touch Song Youji, he would surely be torn to pieces.

His anger was instantly extinguished, and Aud shivered, sitting back down. “I’ll sign, but please tell Yu Ran that I want to see him.”

Aud’s attitude made a 180-degree turn, and Song Youji knew it was related to Zhao Jiu.

It was troublesome. Zhao Jiu’s identity was there; even if he entered the police station, Zhao Jiu could follow him, and he showed no intention of leaving.

But he just followed from a distance, and Song Youji couldn’t find a reason to get angry.

At lunchtime, Tan Yi asked him quietly, “What is the Marshal doing?”

“I don’t know, going crazy, probably,” Song Youji replied indifferently.

Tan Yi dared not ask further, but during the meal, he frequently glanced at Zhao Jiu outside the window. Finally, when Song Youji finished quickly, Tan Yi asked, “Will he not eat forever?”

Hearing this, Song Youji glanced outside, only to meet Zhao Jiu’s eyes.

He quickly averted his gaze and said absentmindedly, “It’s fine; he can have nutrient solution.”

Author’s Note:

Confession is something kids do. Adults, just directly… the first step is to abandon humanity. Basically, there are three types of routines: become a cat, become a tiger, become a dog wet in the rain. – Yuji Sakamoto, “Quartet”

Zhao Jiu: Alright, then I’ll become a stalker.

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