After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 4

Chapter 4: This is My Duty as a Fiancé

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Before heading to Area C, Song Youji went to see Cheng Yuan. Her mental state had improved a lot in the past few days, and Song Youji didn’t know how she suddenly came to terms with everything, but he was happy to see his mother recovering.

Cheng Yuan personally escorted him to the car, holding his hand affectionately, “When you come back, let’s have a meal together with your big brother. I’ve troubled you these days, and I haven’t properly apologized.”

“How could it be? You are our mother.” Song Youji hugged her and then got into the car.

Cheng Yuan’s figure slowly became a small dot in the rearview mirror, disappearing from Song Youji’s sight as the vehicle turned.

“Youji, your mother is so beautiful,” Talina said with hearts in her eyes.

“Of course, she’s General Song’s wife,” Tan Yi joked half-heartedly.

Talina glared at him fiercely, and Tan Yi immediately covered his mouth, apologizing repeatedly, “Sorry, sorry. I spoke without thinking. Youji, don’t take it to heart.”

“It’s okay.” Song Youji smiled.

After working with these two for such a long time, he knew Tan Yi’s personality well. He knew he didn’t have ill intentions, but his words still caused a momentary pang in Song Youji’s heart.

Since his father’s incident, the people only called him a criminal and a traitor. The title of General Song had become rare. The once proud man now looked emaciated, lacking vitality. Just looking at him made Song Youji feel heartache, not to mention his mother, who loved his father deeply.

But could marrying into the Zhao family really save his father?

A sudden thought flashed through Song Youji’s mind, making him panic for a moment. He shook his head to drive away this idea—Zhao family wouldn’t agree to marry them, and Zhao Jiu would never agree to marry him.

Moreover, he was a Beta, or maybe an Alpha, but definitely not an Omega.

By the time the three arrived at Area C, it was almost noon. The sun was shining brightly, making it difficult to open their eyes. Song Youji searched for the address of the person in need among the dilapidated houses. The streets were littered with garbage, and dirty water flowed intermittently. Occasionally, one or two burly men with fierce appearances walked by, staring at the three with malicious intent.

After being scrutinized by the fourth man with a lecherous gaze, Talina rolled up her sleeves, revealing her robust biceps, “This aunt is an A-level Alpha. Want to fight?”

The man was so scared that the fat on his face seemed to fly off. He quickly slipped away, hugging the wall.

Talina chuckled and turned to Song Youji and Tan Yi, saying, “Although I don’t have pheromones, the reputation of an A-level Alpha is still quite intimidating.”

She suffered from pheromone deficiency since differentiation, which was the reason she, an Alpha, could work in the rescue association.

Tan Yi pretended to be afraid, smiling as he lowered her sleeve. “Don’t get tan, Auntie.”

The three of them went from door to door on three streets. Finally, near a stinking ditch, they found a place that seemed to be the right address, but someone had already arrived before them.

It was a group of flashy gang members, seven or eight people, gathered in front of a dilapidated iron gate. The leader had green hair and green pupils, with a European appearance but a strong accent. He was pounding the door and cursing.

“Qiao Si, you b*stard! I’ve raised you for so long without knowing you’re an Omega! Anyway, you won’t survive as an O in Area C. Why not follow me? Open the door quickly and let me have some fun first!”

Others joined in the laughter, and they began to kick the door, not using too much force but enough to scare the Omega inside.

Song Youji frowned, stepped forward, and said, “Hello, we’re from the Capital Rescue Association. We’re here to take him away. Please make way.”

The green-haired guy turned his head, glimpsing at him. His expression changed from impatience to a creepy smile. “So, you’re from the capital. You look really good, with those slim arms and legs… You want to take him away? Why not stay with me first.”

As he reached out to grab Song Youji’s arm, before Song Youji could react, there was a loud bang. A tall figure covered him from behind. The guy who had insulted him moments ago was now trembling, kneeling on the ground with his arm twisted at an angle that looked very painful.

“Where did this b*stard come from?” Zhao Jiu lightly flicked, and the green-haired guy flew four or five meters, the broken arm hitting the ground first, causing secondary damage. The guy fainted without a chance to cry out.

Others, seeing their boss getting beaten, initially thought of revenge, but after seeing the military uniform on the man, along with the golden emblem on his chest, even if they didn’t recognize the real insignia of His Majesty above, they knew that the pattern was the emblem of the Three Summer Legion. The anger in them dissipated instantly, and several of them bowed neatly to Zhao Jiu before picking up their unconscious boss and fleeing.

Talina and Tan Yi took a few deep breaths. Compared to those hooligans, the pressure from this man was truly terrifying. Tan Yi was the first to react. He placed his right hand on his chest, slightly bowed, and said, “Thank you, General, for helping.”

“Thank you,” Song Youji also said.

Zhao Jiu sneered, thinking that Song Youji also had his days.

He came to Area C on a mission for Yuna today. When he saw the Omega Assistance Association’s car on the ground and faint traces of pheromones in the air, he originally didn’t want to meddle. However, he suddenly remembered Yuna saying that Song Youji was working at the rescue association now, so he landed on a whim.

Unexpectedly, he saw Song Youji being harassed as soon as he arrived. While it should have been enjoyable to see his rival suffer, an inexplicable anger filled Zhao Jiu’s mind. His body reacted faster than his mind. Unable to resist, he taught the green-haired guy a lesson.

This was perfectly normal, Zhao Jiu thought, considering it a righteous act.

Tan Yi swallowed nervously. “General, we’re from the Capital Rescue Association…”

Before he could finish his words, a passionate “Ah” filled with desire interrupted him. In the next moment, a sweet and creamy pudding-like aroma filled the air. Even Song Youji and Tan Yi, both Betas, could smell it, indicating that the pheromone concentration was at least at a dangerous level.

“He’s starting to differentiate.” Song Youji turned around, kicked the door open, and walked in.

Talina didn’t have pheromones, but she would still be affected by Omega pheromones to some extent. It was the first time she encountered such a strong scent. The fragrance enveloped her completely, seeping into every pore. The sweet scent made her legs go weak.

Talina quickly took a suppressant and intended to share it with the Alpha military officer next to her. However, she raised her head to find that this officer seemed unaffected by the pheromones. He furrowed his brow, looking in a bad mood, but his gaze was not on the Omega who had just differentiated but on the person holding him… Song Youji?

“Let him go.” Zhao Jiu, having gone through the cruelest training in the military camp, was unaffected by this concentration. But when he saw Song Youji holding the Omega, he still felt dizzy. His veins throbbed—especially when the daring Omega clung tightly to Song Youji, with a seductive look in his eyes and an intention to touch Song Youji’s fair neck with his lips?!

“You, an Omega in heat, what’s the use of finding a Beta!” Zhao Jiu took a few steps and reached Song Youji. He forcibly pulled the Omega hanging on him and threw him aside. Tan Yi, who caught the Omega, looked confused.

Tan Yi: ??? I’m also a Beta!

Song Youji suddenly found himself empty-handed. He looked up, staring at the man with a violent expression, half a head taller than himself. Surprisingly, this guy wasn’t just handsome to the point of making gods jealous; he also looked somewhat familiar.

Who was he again?

In that brief moment, Zhao Jiu caught a glimpse of the confusion in his eyes. The aggressive aura instantly overwhelmed him. The domineering alcohol scent enveloped everyone present, wrapping Song Youji tightly. “Song Youji! Don’t you remember me?!”

“Zhao, Zhao Jiu. I remember you.” Song Youji indeed took some brain cells to recall Zhao Jiu’s name. He didn’t pay much attention to military matters, and many things he heard were just rumors. He knew Zhao Jiu’s name was famous, but he had a momentary difficulty recognizing his face.

But what surprised him was that Zhao Jiu still remembered him. They were classmates for a short time in high school. Their only few interactions should have been when Zhao Jiu was disciplined for violating rules. Even for such a high-ranking marshal, Song Youji didn’t think he would hold a grudge over those trivial matters.

Song Youji forced a awkward smile. “Thank you, Marshal, for helping us out of this situation.”

Zhao Jiu drooped his mouth and said nothing. Song Youji’s subtle eye movements couldn’t escape his notice. He didn’t recognize Zhao Jiu right away.

The Omega that had just differentiated became even more sensitive and distressed due to Zhao Jiu’s pheromones. Tan Yi’s hair was almost pulled out, and the suppressant was still in Song Youji’s bag. However, Tan Yi didn’t dare to disturb Zhao Jiu and Song Youji’s “reminiscing.”

“Youji… suppressant…” Tan Yi whispered.

Song Youji quickly took out the suppressant and handed it over. “I’m sorry, we have a mission this time. After we return, I will report your kind act to the association!”

After the injection of the potent suppressant, the Omega’s condition gradually stabilized. However, he was still in a state of unease and panic, half-opening his watery eyes and asked, “Who are you?”

“We’re from the Omega Assistance Association. You called us, remember?” Song Youji spoke softly.

The young Omega was only sixteen or seventeen years old, looking thin and malnourished. His long hair was soaked in sweat and stuck to his forehead, making him appear fragile and pitiful. Around the same age as Song Youji’s brother, he had to go through his first heat in such a dangerous place. If they hadn’t come, the consequences could have been severe.

Feeling compassion, Song Youji used a tissue to wipe the sweat from his face and asked, “You’re safe now. Do you want to come with us?”

The young man stared straight into his eyes, nodded without hesitation, and said, “Thank you.”

Every time this happened, Talina would sigh at the president’s wisdom.

Ah! Inviting Youji in was such a correct decision. Looking at that innocent face, even the most cautious Omega would let go of their guard.

“I can go by myself.” The young man stumbled down and said, “My name is Qiao Si.”

“I’m Song Youji, this is Tan Yi, she’s Talina, and, um, he’s Zhao Jiu, the marshal of the Three Summer Legion.” Song Youji noticed that Zhao Jiu hadn’t left yet and followed them to the car, his face dark as ink.

“Would you, um, like to come with us?” Tan Yi asked.

Zhao Jiu’s gaze swept over Qiao Si’s face, landed on the arm where he touched Song Youji, and chuckled, “Of course, I will escort you back. It’s my duty as his fiancé.”

Author’s Note:

Zhao Jiu: With my handsome entrance, Youji must be impressed and captivated, right? He’s falling for me, huh? My d*mn charm.

Song Youji: Who is he again?

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