After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Do I Have to Marry Zhao Jiu?

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Ignoring Qiao Si’s confusion, both Tan Yi and Talina looked at Song Youji simultaneously.

The engagement between the Song and Zhao families was well-known throughout the empire. However, after the Song family’s downfall, they assumed the engagement would be annulled. 

Moreover, with three siblings in the Song family having already differentiated into Alphas, leaving only Song Youji beyond the differentiation age, people in the association treated him as a Beta.

Did Zhao Jiu mean he wanted to marry a Beta?!

Tan Yi and Talina both admit that Song Youji is the most handsome person they’ve ever seen, both in terms of personality and character. They can’t find any flaws, and they would dreamily wake up with a smile if they could marry someone like him — but that’s the Zhao family. It’s a prestigious and renowned family recorded in the history of the Keya nation. Would they allow Zhao Jiu to marry a Beta? 

However, Song Youji has not yet differentiated, and it’s uncertain if he will become an Omega in the future. 

But they still feel unhappy about it! 

Tan Yi & Talina: Youji belongs to everyone, how can he be snatched away by someone else! But then again, it’s Zhao Jiu…

Song Youji was unaware of their thoughts. He just felt awkward and embarrassed. When the two families agreed to the engagement, the Song family was thriving, competing on equal footing with the Zhao family. But now, with his father imprisoned for treason and carrying the family’s disgrace, they faced criticism and ridicule from the outside world. The way Zhao Jiu spoke made it sound like he was mocking him.

“Marshal, you’re joking,” Song Youji forced a smile. “Your concern for the people and the personal escort are much appreciated.”

After the pleasantries, Song Youji quickly got into the car. He felt like he couldn’t breathe for another second.

Zhao Jiu was satisfied with his reaction. After many years, he finally saw Song Youji losing face. However, seeing that lonely expression on that face so beautiful that it could stir pity, Zhao Jiu felt a sudden twinge of pain in his heart.

Unfazed by these thoughts,  Zhao Jiu piloted the spacecraft leisurely trailing behind the car. Sometimes, he could see Song Youji’s profile through the car window, gazing into the distance with deep and profound eyes. He looked like a delicate and fragile doll, making one want to hold him in their arms and play with him. 

In the future, he would be the only one to play with this doll. Is there any revenge better than marrying someone he dislikes and making him watch as he thrives day by day? 

No, Song Youji would spend the rest of his life regretting the things he did to him back then! 

With these thoughts,  Zhao Jiu was in high spirits.


Song Youji couldn’t recall how he got back to the association headquarters. All the way, his mind was filled with Zhao Jiu’s words. The phrase “fiancé” had completely broken his defense. Did the Zhao family not intend to annul the engagement?

Was Zhao Jiu mocking him by saying such things?

Song Youji felt all mixed up, only to be awakened when Qiao Si called him softly.

“Mr. Song, that marshal has left.”

Zhao Jiu had left?

Song Youji looked out of the car window, and indeed, the flying vehicle with the emblem of the Three Summer Legion had flown some distance away from the ground. He inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief but quickly became nervous again.

He needed to tell his big brother about this.

On the flying vehicle, Zhao Jiu was reporting today’s actions to the young king.

Zhao Jiu: “You guessed it right. Someone was secretly building a gland modification organization in Area C, but when I got there, they had already disappeared, and all the data had been destroyed. I caught a suspicious person who claimed to be a cleaner, and he has been sent to court.”

Yuna: “I have already sent someone to investigate this matter secretly in other parts of the country. Let the Eagle Wing Team handle this later. You don’t need to be involved.”

“Even if you want me to help, I won’t.” Zhao Jiu resumed his casual and carefree appearance. “I still need to prepare for my wedding. I don’t have time to help you with these things.”

Yuna stopped his work, raised an eyebrow, and looked at the camera. “Did you convince your family?”

Zhao Jiu was puzzled. “What do I need to tell them? You agreed, so it should be fine. Wait, do I need you guys’ approval for my marriage?”

“Zhao Jiu, you’re the marshal of the empire, and your father is a senior figure who contributed significantly to the empire. The crimes committed by Song Shoucheng are treasonous, and according to the previous laws of Keya Country, his children are also considered criminals. Not expelling them from citizenship is already the empire’s mercy. Your marriage with Song Youji is not just a matter between the two of you.”

Zhao Jiu, maintaining a nonchalant demeanor, speaking with seriousness, “Is it the mercy of the empire or your concern for the relationship between you and Song Jing?”


Yuna: “Zhao Jiu, I am the king. You cannot speak to me in such a manner.”

Zhao Jiu responded, “Boring. Every time you can’t argue with me, you use your status to suppress me. It’s really lame. You said it’s the previous laws. Now that the laws have changed, the deeds of Song Youji’s father won’t affect my marriage with him. Anyway, I’ve made up my mind about this marriage. As for my parents, you don’t need to worry. Just get the sky garden cleaned up soon. I’m going to have the grandest global wedding when the time comes.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Zhao Jiu, you’re so childish!”

“Pot calling the kettle black.”

Yuna angrily ended the call.

Receiving a call from Song Youji, Song Jing was flipping through ancient texts, trying to find the cause of Zhao Jiu’s pheromone imbalance.

“Big brother…” Hearing Song Youji’s distressed voice on the phone, Song Jing’s heart jumped into his throat.

“What happened?!”

Song Youji: “Big brother, I met Zhao Jiu.”

Song Jing’s heart sank. “What did he do to you?”

“He didn’t do anything to me. He helped me and even sent us back to headquarters. But, but…” Song Youji hesitated, finding it difficult to utter the words “fiancé.”

Song Jing reassured him, “Don’t be nervous. Take your time, I’ll help you.”

With a teary voice, Song Youji said, “Big brother, if I differentiate into an Omega, do I have to marry Zhao Jiu?”


It wasn’t a question of whether he would differentiate into an Omega. Zhao Jiu had already set his sights on Song Youji. Even if he differentiated into a Beta, Zhao Jiu would still continue the engagement.

Zhao Jiu’s persistence had roots from high school. He had jumped grades twice, the first time sharing a class with Song Youji and the second time being companions with Song Jing.

Song Jing remembered Zhao Jiu approaching him on the first day: “Are you Song Youji’s big brother? Tell him that starting next Monday, I’ll be going to school with him.”

Considering Zhao Jiu had been skipping grades since elementary school and was younger than them, Song Jing regarded him as a child. He didn’t take Zhao Jiu’s words seriously. He casually mentioned it to Song Youji, who claimed not to know Zhao Jiu well. Song Jing didn’t bring it up again.

Looking back, Song Jing realized he might have played a part in Zhao Jiu turning into what he was now. A friend once told him, “Zhao Jiu has a wayward and stubborn personality. If nurtured properly, he could benefit the people, but if led astray, he could harm others.”

After going through military training, Zhao Jiu had become a beloved marshal, but the remaining negative traits seemed to have transferred onto Song Youji.

In his first year in the military camp, Song Youji had received more than ten letters, arrogant and unsigned, which Song Youji considered harassment and threw away. Song Jing never told Song Youji who wrote them.

Getting involved with such a person was definitely not a good thing. Song Jing wanted to keep his younger brother away from danger, but in the end, he inadvertently catalyzed Zhao Jiu’s stubbornness.

Now Song Jing could only sigh over the phone, “Don’t worry. With your current physical indicators, the likelihood of differentiating into an Omega is very low.”

The marriage of the chief marshal of the Three Summer Legion was not only his personal matter. Keya Country and even the entire Nine Heavens system were watching. As long as Song Youji didn’t differentiate into an Omega, someone would make sure this paper engagement would be nullified.

Song Jing continued, “I heard that the youngest son of the Pulan family differentiated into an Omega recently. They are considering an alliance with the Zhao family. General Zhao values reputation the most. Between the Song and Pulan families, he knows how to choose.”

Those words injected confidence into Song Youji. Even if Zhao Jiu deviated, the decision to continue the engagement was still in his father’s hands.

As long as he could annul the engagement, his mother could let go of her lingering thoughts. Then, their family could finally lead a peaceful life. Song Youji devoutly prayed, hoping that day would come soon.

Qiao Si was placed in the employee apartment. The predecessor of the Omega Rescue Association was an Omega mutual aid organization established by the third princess of the royal family sixty years ago. Now, that princess holds a prominent position in the finance department. Although the Rescue Association is no longer directly under her jurisdiction, with the support of the third princess, the organization’s funds are quite substantial.

Song Youji also lived in the staff apartment. However, due to Cheng Yuan’s unstable condition recently, Song Youji had to frequently return home to accompany her. The apartment he stayed in was temporarily given to Song Lan and Song Shan, who were about to take the college entrance examination.

One day, Cheng Yuan expressed her desire to go to the beauty salon again. Having been there once before, Song Youji didn’t suspect anything and accompanied her. He waited for her in the salon director’s office as he did last time.

The front desk lady brought him coffee and snacks. “Mr. Song, the coffee is freshly ground. I hope it suits your taste.”

She looked shy, making Song Youji feel a bit awkward. Taking a sip, he found it to be just right—sweetness balanced with bitterness. He genuinely praised, “Very good, thank you.”

“If you like it, that’s great.” She shyly tucked the loose strands of hair by her temples, “Are you bored here? Let me turn on the TV for you.”

The director’s office was equipped with a holographic projector covering half of the wall. The TV switched to the official channel, showing news of the triumphant return of the Three Summer Legion after wiping out space pirates. Zhao Jiu, dressed in black and red military uniform, stood in front of the battleship, his handsome face exuding a fearless youthful spirit, vigorous and full of energy.

He was not only a hero of Keya Country but also an admired figure for countless people.

“Ah, it’s Marshal Zhao.” The front desk lady’s eyes sparkled with hearts. “I heard that the general is now of marriageable age. He has requested a three-month marriage leave from His Majesty. I wonder which Omega is so lucky to become General Zhao’s partner.”

She glanced at Song Youji’s expression and panicked, “I didn’t mean to say you’re not good. You, you’re also very good-looking, very gentle. I just admire General Zhao.”

Song Youji smiled, “Don’t be nervous.”

“O-Okay.” The front desk lady blushed, her heart pounding. She quickly pulled herself out of the infatuated state, turning back into Song Youji’s fangirl. Although Marshal Zhao was handsome to them, he was still unattainable, while Mr. Song in front of her was more heartwarming.

She needed to find a way to get his contact information.

Song Youji kept his eyes on the TV, watching the enthusiastic host praising Zhao Jiu’s heroic deeds for over ten minutes. Then, the conversation shifted to the engagement between the Song and Zhao families.

Seeing the scene of his father being arrested on TV, Song Youji’s heart tightened, and he turned off the projection.

The front desk lady was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

Song Youji lifted his cup and asked gently, “The coffee is finished. Could you please get me another cup? Your craftsmanship is excellent.”

“Of course!” The front desk lady said happily.

The author has something to say:

Zhao Jiu has been skipping grades since elementary school, experiencing military training, and lacks stable friendships. Few have taught him about emotions, making him appear as a “madman” to many unfamiliar people. He might do crazy things, but it’s not surprising.

Well, that’s roughly the character. If Zhao Jiu does anything unlikable, please be gentle.

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