After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Are You His Omega?

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Song Youji bought a new bottle of odor suppressant and placed it back where it belonged, not mentioning the matter to Zhao Jiu.

In the evening, the two had dinner together. When Zhao Jiu saw the new suppressant, his heart sank. Nonchalantly, he asked, “Did the previous bottle run out?”


“But this morning, I felt like there was still a lot left.”

Song Youji calmly picked up a piece of food for him. “Don’t you dislike that scent? Why did you touch it?”

Zhao Jiu looked embarrassed. “I just passed by, and it happened.”

After saying that, he lowered his head to eat, avoiding eye contact with Song Youji.

Zhao Jiu was obviously not good at lying. He revealed numerous flaws in just a few sentences. Song Youji didn’t expose him but commanded him to wash the dishes after dinner and went to the study himself.

Returning from the kitchen, Zhao Jiu passed by the suppressant, took a photo, and sent it to Chen Yicheng, asking him to find a similar air freshener.

Chen Yicheng had received them when Song Youji first came to Xiaoman City. Now, for some reason, he had become Zhao Jiu’s errand boy, and he clearly felt that Zhao Jiu was up to no good.

“Marshal, doing these things for you, President Song won’t be angry, right?”

Zhao Jiu looked at the slightly open door of the study, lowered his voice, and said, “No, he hasn’t noticed. By the way, did you find the person I asked you to look for last time?”

Chen Yicheng said, “Found her. I went to great lengths to find this person…”

“Good, send me her address.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Jiu sneaked into the study.

“Youji—” Zhao Jiu dragged his tone and circled behind Song Youji, hugging him, placing his head on his shoulder, and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Report written by Jia Chengan. Xiaoman City Education Bureau applied for a group of professionals to conduct popular science on physiological health knowledge in major middle schools. There are two Alphas in the association, and we can do Alpha popular science together.” Song Youji looked up, facing Zhao Jiu, “Do you want to join?”

“No, I hate going to class.” Zhao Jiu shook his head repeatedly. He never liked these things. He had turned down all the lectures and interviews that invited him before.

“Are you going too?” Zhao Jiu asked. 

Song Youji nodded, “It’s not necessary for me to go, but I intend to go with them.” 

Zhao Jiu’s face fell, “You’ve been here for so long without taking a break. Doesn’t your association give you time off?” 

“Normally, we have weekends off, but we might have to work overtime when there’s something urgent.”

“I have never seen you take a break.”

There was a hint of grievance in Zhao Jiu’s tone. Since he and Song Youji got together, they had never had a proper date.

“Youji, since you don’t need to teach, then don’t go. Let’s go on a date.”


“Youji, don’t you want to go on a date with me?” Zhao Jiu rubbed against his cheek, sounding coquettish. “You’re with a group of Omegas every day, and you don’t let me follow you all the time. I also want to have private time with you, go shopping and date with you.”

Zhao Jiu’s words reminded Song Youji. He had been busy with work these days, and after they expressed their feelings for each other, they directly skipped the dating part and went straight to bed. Although neither of them felt there was any problem, compared to ordinary couples, they did miss many steps.

“Youji, can you spend this week with me?”

Zhao Jiu continued to act coquettish, and the soft-hearted Song Youji couldn’t resist.

“Okay, I’ll inform Talina and the others.”

With a positive response, Zhao Jiu happily hugged Song Youji and began to kiss. Teeth ground against his glands, not painful but slightly itchy.

“Youji, I want to do it here.”

During this time, Zhao Jiu had explored many new scenes—living room, bathroom, bedroom, but the study was the only place where Song Youji didn’t allow him to mess around. Feeling a bit complacent, he proposed doing it in the study.

Thinking of the air freshener incident, Song Youji decided to tell a little lie and teach Zhao Jiu a lesson.

He hooked Zhao Jiu’s neck and pretended to agree, “Sure, but you have to take a shower first.”

“You accompany me.” Zhao Jiu said, hugging him towards the bathroom.

Song Youji, with lingering fear of that cramped space in the bathroom, struggled to jump off him. “No! You go first, I need to send Jia Chengan’s report edits to him.”

He kissed Zhao Jiu’s cheek affectionately and said softly, “Be good, clean up, and wait for me.”

Zhao Jiu was coaxed into a state of floating happiness, obediently going to take a shower by himself. Listening to the sound of water from the bathroom, Song Youji held the computer and returned to the bedroom, locking the door seamlessly.

When Zhao Jiu finished showering and came out, he found that Song Youji was not in the study, and the door to the bedroom was locked.

He was shocked. “Youji, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Song Youji’s voice sounded calm.

“Then why did you lock the door?” Zhao Jiu pouted, drawing circles on the bedroom door.

“Guess.” Song Youji sent the editing comments to Jia Chengan, closed the computer, and prepared to sleep. “If you can’t guess, just sleep outside.”

Casting his gaze on the new bottle of odor suppressant in the living room, Zhao Jiu instantly understood. Song Youji had found out long ago!

“Youji, my love, I was wrong. I can explain.”

“Say it.”

“Let me in, and I’ll explain slowly.”

“Then you’d better sleep outside.”

Song Youji was determined to give Zhao Jiu a lesson. Regardless of what he said outside the door, Song Youji ignored him, turned off the lights, and went to sleep directly.

He had a dream, dreaming that he picked up a young golden retriever, one hand could hold it, and the little golden retriever liked him very much. It kept licking his face, and suddenly, the little golden retriever grew up, pressing him down, making Song Youji breathless.

Song Youji woke up in discomfort and then saw a furry head on his chest.

“Youji, are you awake?” Zhao Jiu came over to kiss his chin. “I know I was wrong. Can you let me sleep here tonight? I don’t want to sleep on the sofa.”

So, it was this thing in the dream. Song Youji pushed his head, “Come down first.”

“I won’t leave. Youji, don’t drive me away. This is abandonment! You picked me up, so you have to take responsibility for me!” Tears rushed out of Zhao Jiu’s eyes, and he took out a pair of handcuffs, shackling Song Youji to the bed. “You can’t go anywhere! From now on, you can only watch me every day. I want to mark your whole body with my scent!”


Song Youji woke up in shock!

There was no one else in the room except him, and the bedroom door was securely locked.

Song Youji, still shocked, walked to the living room and looked around. Zhao Jiu was curled up on the sofa, covered only with a small blanket, looking a bit pitiful. He squatted down beside the sofa, reached out, and pinched Zhao Jiu’s face.

Soft and a bit cool. It seemed that it wasn’t a dream.

“Youji?” Zhao Jiu woke up in a daze, looking at him with wide eyes, the eyes shining like stars in the dark night. “Have you calmed down?”

“No.” Thinking of the dream just now, Song Youji felt even more angry. “Why did you replace my suppressant?”

Zhao Jiu’s gaze dodged. “I don’t like those Omegas from your association. They don’t know their limits and keep rubbing against you. When you come back every day, there are all kinds of pheromone scents on you.”

“So, you intentionally left a strong pheromone scent on me?”

“Not very strong, just a little bit, to warn them.” Zhao Jiu gestured with his fingers, indicating a little.

Song Youji slapped his hand down. “This is my job. Living with Omegas, it’s inevitable to pick up some scent. Don’t you Alphas understand this? And I always take a shower when I come back to cover the scent.”

Zhao Jiu didn’t speak, but his eyes were full of disbelief.

“If you say it like this, then I don’t have pheromones. Even if you provoke other Omegas outside, I won’t be able to smell it. I can’t leave a mark on you either.”

“I follow you every day. When have you seen me provoke other Omegas?”

“I haven’t provoked anyone either. I’m just doing my job.”

Zhao Jiu pursed his lips, his eyes more defiant. Song Youji touched the back of his neck and said, “If you want to assert dominance in another way, for example…”

Song Youji lowered his head, bit Zhao Jiu’s throat, leaving a beautiful strawberry mark.

Zhao Jiu’s defiance in his eyes was replaced by burning desire. He looked at Song Youji intently, his voice hoarse, “Youji, you’re seducing me.”

“Congratulations, you guessed it right.” Song Youji continued upward, kissing his lips, nose, eyes, and forehead, igniting sparks everywhere.

Just when Zhao Jiu was about to uncover the blanket, Song Youji suddenly stopped and got up. “As a punishment for replacing my suppressant, you can’t sleep with me tonight.”

“…Youji, are you joking?”

Song Youji glanced down at him from a high vantage point. “I’m tired and going to sleep. Good night.”


Too cruel, arousing his desire and then letting him solve it himself?

Looking at Song Youji’s resolute back, Zhao Jiu, with a determined heart, lay down on the sofa, not bothering with his little brother.

Anyway, Song Youji said it was only for tonight. Tomorrow morning, they could still sleep together.


Song Youji took three days off, and Talina, who was in charge of approving his leave, asked gossipingly, “Do you have something important to do?”

“I have a date,” Song Youji said frankly. “Do you know any good places for a date around here?”

Talina, surprised, opened her mouth wide. “Really? I thought you and the Marshal were already an old couple, not going on dates like young people.”

“Zhao Jiu is younger than you,” Song Youji said.

“That’s true. If you’re looking for a good place for a date, the department stores in Xiaoman City are good. There are many scarce mineral resources around Xiaoman City, and their gemstone industry has been quite developed. They have produced many renowned designers. When you and the Marshal go on a date, you might even buy engagement rings together!”

“Just a date.” Song Youji signed the leave form. “It’s too early to buy rings and such.”

Zhao Jiu had apparently prepared for this date for a long time. He did everything that ordinary couples should do—dining, watching movies, shopping. They did everything together in the morning. Then, he took Song Youji to the clothing section.

The two of them looked outstanding, attracting a lot of attention when walking together. After someone discovered that Zhao Jiu was the Marshal of the Three Summer Legion, the situation became even more uncontrollable. However, they dared not approach Zhao Jiu or take pictures randomly; they just watched from a distance.

When Zhao Jiu went to choose clothes, some people approached Song Youji to strike up a conversation.

Two young and pretty girls, still wearing high school uniforms, boldly and shyly lingered around Song Youji for a long time. Finally, when Song Youji smiled and asked if there was anything they wanted, they spoke up.

“Excuse me, was the person with you just now Marshal Zhao Jiu?”

“Yes. Shh, keep it a secret,” Song Youji blinked.

The two girls held hands in excitement. “Then, are you his Omega?”

Song Youji was stunned for a moment and said, “No, I’m a Beta.”

“So that means you’re not a couple!”

“Uh, well…”

“Can I add your contact information? I, I really like your face. You’re very handsome.”


Song Youji was momentarily shocked by the young girl’s thought process. While he was trying to organize his words, Zhao Jiu came out. As soon as he saw the two girls next to him, his expression darkened.

“Youji.” He walked behind Song Youji, looking at the two naive girls with a somewhat intimidating aura.

The two were intimidated by his presence, but young people were never lacking in courage. The girl who wanted Song Youji’s contact information swallowed her saliva and forced a smile, “Marshal, hello, I’m your admirer.”

“Hello,” Zhao Jiu said in a deep voice.

“We, we were thinking of, of becoming friends with you…”

“He is my boyfriend,” Zhao Jiu said, wrapping his arm around Song Youji’s shoulder. Only then did the two notice the inconspicuous kiss mark on Song Youji’s neck.

Song Youji awkwardly smiled, “Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to explain.”

“N-no problem! Wishing you both a hundred years of happiness! Have many children early!” 

The two girls ran away holding hands. For some reason, Song Youji felt they were even more excited.

Before he could think further, a pair of hands covered his eyes. Zhao Jiu’s voice sounded low, “Don’t look.”

“If you can’t keep your eyes restrained, someone will come and chat with you.” With Zhao Jiu covering his eyes, he scared off the people around with a fierce look. “It’s because you’re always so gentle with them that they dare to be so unruly.”

“So, should I always walk around with a gloomy face like you? Who goes shopping with a gloomy face?” Holding Zhao Jiu’s wrist, Song Youji asked, “What did you buy, taking so long?”

“Clothes, just ordinary clothes.” Zhao Jiu’s palms were a bit warm, and he let go of Song Youji. “Let’s go over there and have a look. Xiaoman City’s jewelry is well-made.”

Just as they were discussing clothes, why did his attitude change so quickly? Song Youji glanced at the shopping bags in Zhao Jiu’s hands, feeling a bit curious.

Holding him, Zhao Jiu walked forward and said, “If you see something you like, you can buy it as our engagement ring. But these vulgar things, you probably wouldn’t like.”

Although Song Youji indeed had no interest in these things, when Zhao Jiu said that, he felt a bit unwilling, “Who said I don’t like them? Who would refuse these shiny things? I just don’t have a hobby of collecting, but everyone finds beautiful things pleasing.”

Zhao Jiu was taken aback, “Since you like it, then buy whatever you want!”

After saying that, he pulled Song Youji into the nearest store. Everything that caught Song Youji’s eyes for more than three seconds was wrapped up!

Zhao Jiu bought more and more enthusiastically. Song Youji could hardly control him. At this rate, would Zhao Jiu go bankrupt?

“That’s enough, that’s enough. I don’t actually like these things that much.” Song Youji, holding many bags, felt a bit distressed; this was all real money. “And why buy so many rings? What’s the use?”

“Wear them! If you wear a ring, I bet no one will dare to bother you again.”

The author has something to say:

Zhao Jiu (preparing a little surprise): All these vulgar fans, none of them is as good as me!


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