After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 10 Part 2

Chapter 10.2 Background

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Pei Jing sincerely patted Chu Junyu’s shoulder. “You truly are my good brother!”

Chu Junyu withdrew his gaze and continued flipping through the book in his hands.

Pei Jing discreetly glanced and noticed that Chu Junyu was reading a set of beginner sword techniques, the kind taught to newcomers in Yunxiao Inner Peaks.

It didn’t require much thought—it must have been secretly given to him by Huang Fu Daoren. In Huang Fu’s mind, Chu Junyu was an unfortunate genius who had encountered a malicious Senior Brother and was sent to Outer Peaks. And Pei Jing himself was that malicious Senior Brother.

Pei Jing felt quite exasperated. That old man was just being ridiculous. Whether Chu Junyu was suitable or not was still uncertain, and he was misleading the younger disciples.

Pei Jing put on an enthusiastic expression and said, “The book you’re reading, is it given by the Peak Master? He gave me something too, but it was written on a piece of paper. I vaguely remember it.”

Chu Junyu replied, “I remember too. You tore it.”

Pei Jing chuckled and shifted the conversation, “Is this a set of sword techniques? I saw ‘Yunxiao Nine Forms’ written on it, and the first form was either ‘Flowing Cloud’ or ‘Flowing Water,’ I think.”

Chu Junyu looked down and said, “Flowing Cloud.”

“Oh, that’s the one. After reading it for so long, did you learn anything?” What he actually wanted to know was if he had doubts or uncertainties.

With Chu Junyu being so cooperative just now, Pei Jing felt a slight inclination to guide him.

Chu Junyu whispered, “None.”

Pei Jing asked back, “Really, none at all?”

This sword technique had been passed down through generations since the founding of Yunxiao. It was the first book that Inner Peak disciples came across. Pei Jing had started practicing it at the age of three, repeatedly reading it for a hundred years, and he knew its contents by heart. Thinking back, his Master gave him the character “Yu” which came from this book.

Control the heart, control all directions. Control the sword, control the world of mortals.

He felt a slightly stronger sense of familiarity with it compared to other disciples.

It took him a whole century of contemplation to fully understand the essence of Flowing Cloud. Pei Jing couldn’t believe that a disciple like Chu Junyu, who was at the Foundation Establishment Stage, had no questions.

Chu Junyu’s fingers gently traced over the characters, while deep within his eyes lay a calm and distant expression. The black ink seemed to carry the wisdom of ancient times.

After waiting for a while, he remained silent.

Pei Jing paused for a moment, then began to speak on his own, “You have no questions, but I certainly do. Yunxiao follows the path of righteousness, and the first principle of Flowing Cloud is to let go of suffering, worries, fear, and resentment, as well as all kinds of negative thoughts. I found it strange. If emotions could be controlled, there wouldn’t be so many tragedies in the world. Isn’t that beyond the abilities of ordinary people? What do you think?”

Indeed, it was a puzzling aspect he couldn’t understand in his childhood. If his guess was correct, it would also be a challenge that Chu Junyu couldn’t overcome.

Upon hearing this, Chu Junyu glanced at him, smiled briefly, and closed the book, saying calmly, “It is indeed a challenge beyond the abilities of ordinary people, so there’s no need to learn it.”

Pei Jing: “…”

Expulsion from the Sect seemed inevitable. There was no hope.

For now, he didn’t feel like talking to Chu Junyu.

After the evening meditation session in the Meditation Hall.

Pei Jing still remembered the plan to deceive those people. He pulled Chu Junyu aside, whispering quietly, intentionally waiting for everyone to leave before proceeding.

Of course, the more he acted like this, the more suspicious he seemed. Many people didn’t go far and secretly followed him.

He ignored them as if he hadn’t noticed.

The moon cast a gentle glow, and as they walked through the forest, they could faintly see fireflies dancing among the leaves.

They twinkled in the dark, exuding an enchanting charm. Tianqian Peak, where Pei Jing resided, although not covered in snow all year round, was still a chilly place, and he had never witnessed such a scene before. Feeling delighted, he even caught one and played with it in his hand.

The firefly’s glow was cool and faint, shimmering in his pristine palm.

Pei Jing asked, “Do you know how these insects produce light?”

Chu Junyu continued walking ahead, paying no attention.

Pei Jing, being in the cultivation world but having been a successor in a socialist society in his past life, had some basic knowledge of science. He smiled and said, “I heard people in our village say it’s a substance called fluorescein in their bodies. It’s hidden inside fluorescent cells, but you don’t need to know what fluorescent cells are.”

Chu Junyu smirked, his expression somewhere between a smile and not. “Your village seems impressive.”

Pei Jing also smiled. Being free from strong attachments to the modern world and having the years of longing emotions fade away, he said, “It’s just average, nothing more than being capable of anything.”

Chu Junyu asked, “Do you miss home?”

Pei Jing tilted his head, blinked, not understanding why Chu Junyu suddenly asked such an emotional question. He smiled and replied, “Not really. Since I came to Yunxiao, this place has become my home.”

He genuinely meant those words. He had been taken in by the Sect Master since birth, and he had spent countless years here. Every blade of grass and changing season on Tianqian Peak had been engraved in his mind.

He found fulfillment in his master, friends, and reputation here. This place was his home.

Chu Junyu made a sound of agreement. His expression was difficult to discern amidst the dim lights and shadows of the firefly forest. On closer observation, there seemed to be a touch of cold and mocking undertone.

Pei Jing replied in a courteous manner, “Didn’t you mention that your home is in a distant place? Do you miss home now?” The firefly in his palm fluttered, casting its light on his face, revealing his clear and innocent features like that of a child.

Chu Junyu appeared to smile briefly and said, “I don’t miss it.”

Pei Jing suggested, “You can also consider Yunxiao as your home.” If you can let go of the intent to kill in your heart.

A trace of coldness flashed in Chu Junyu’s eyes as he simply responded, “No need for a home.”

Pei Jing was taken aback and was about to ask further when Chu Junyu had already taken confident strides forward, leaving him with only a receding figure.

Pei Jing thought to himself, “This person is so young, yet his thoughts are so difficult to understand.”

Even now, he couldn’t comprehend Chu Junyu fully, feeling as if he was lost in a haze. Even Chu Junyu’s attitude towards him remained mysterious.

He allowed Chu Junyu to come closer but kept a certain distance, engaging in conversation yet withholding some words.

It was an odd sensation, as if Chu Junyu had seen through everything about him, standing aloof and observing him from a distant and blurry position.

A rather uncomfortable feeling. Pei Jing hoped it was just his imagination.

Pei Jing brought Chu Junyu to the spiritual garden.

Inside the spiritual garden, there were some grasses that emitted a soft and radiant glow at night. Under the night sky, it appeared stunningly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

After making sure that a group of followers were trailing behind, Pei Jing removed the bracelet from his wrist and whispered, “I thought being assigned to look after the spiritual garden by the Peak Master would be a dull task, but it turned out to be a stroke of luck. I got tired from fetching water today, so I sat down to rest. Thinking about the future, I couldn’t help feeling sad and vented my frustration by pulling out the weeds in the field. To my surprise, when I pulled, the ground flipped over, and this bracelet fell out.

“I guess the spiritual garden is a place where they cultivate spiritual herbs, and it probably requires a high level of spiritual energy. Since Yinghui Peak isn’t exactly a treasure trove, the only way to cultivate high-quality spiritual herbs is by burying some treasures in the soil that can gather spiritual energy. I suppose this bracelet is one of them.”

Chu Junyu listened to his nonsense, standing silently with his clothes billowing, but he didn’t reply.

Well, Pei Jing wasn’t really speaking to him, nor did he need his response. He continued, “I’ll share this secret with only you. From now on, whatever valuable things we find in this area, we’ll divide them between us. Let’s be cautious and discreetly take one or two items. The Peak Master will surely not notice.”

Chu Junyu’s expression turned indifferent. “Finished?”

Pei Jing responded, “Yes, I’m finished. Hey, why don’t you show any reaction? I’ve shared such a significant secret with you. Isn’t that considerate enough?”

Chu Junyu turned around and started walking.

Pei Jing quickly caught up with him.

Once they had distanced themselves, Pei Jing glanced back with a meaningful look and then turned around, smiling playfully. “Do you think those fools will fall for it?”

Chu Junyu replied, “Boring.”

Pei Jing chuckled and said, “They will fall for it. They are the most gullible people I have ever encountered.”

It should be noted that it took him several days of planning in order to get back at that annoying fellow, Feng Jin.

When they first entered the Institute of Celestial Ascension, they were considered among the most talented individuals in their clan, and everyone had their own pride. Pei Jing recalled that his dispute with Feng Jin began over the Dust Breaker Sword, a gift from the dean. Pei Jing managed to defeat Feng Jin with a close call and claim the sword, marking the beginning of their conflict.

If one disregarded Feng Jin’s true identity as a phoenix, Pei Jing would have mistaken him for an ordinary mountain chicken due to his competitive and petty nature.

There was an incident where Pei Jing played a prank on Feng Jin, resulting in the latter being punished to stand in front of the Heavenly Ladder for half a month.

Initially, Pei Jing had the intention to roast Feng Jin and eat him, but later on, he managed to turn the tables, and it was Feng Jin who ended up roasting himself.

Pei Jing had always excelled in creating fictional tales. He fabricated a secret technique called “Five Form Fusion,” claiming it involved encountering the □□ and utilizing fire with limitless mana. He declared it as an exclusive technique passed down in their family and not to be shared with outsiders. Feng Jin, known for his quick temper, couldn’t resist the provocation. While he coldly dismissed Pei Jing’s words as nonsense, he secretly gathered water with his left hand and lightning with his right. Within him, the phoenix fire burned fervently. The outcome was an electrifying display of sparks and lightning, nearly singeing Feng Jin’s majestic phoenix feathers.

Pei Jing couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of Feng Jin’s expression during that incident.

After secluding himself for a hundred years, it had been a while since he had seen his old friends. However, it seemed like they weren’t particularly interested in meeting him.

Pei Jing decided not to go back when he and Chu Junyu went their separate ways at the junction of the small path. He strolled around for a while, and by bedtime, he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since he began his seclusion. Even though he no longer had worldly desires, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t feel hungry.

Pei Jing’s mouth was now watering a bit. On the mountain road of Yinghui Peak, he picked a few fruits. The fruits were refreshing and tasty, bursting with sweet juice when he took a bite. Timing it perfectly, he then retraced his steps along the road.

As expected, not long after he and Chu Junyu departed…

Several people emerged from the darkness, precisely the group he had shared meals and conversations with during daylight.

The young man leading them clicked his tongue and wore a self-satisfied expression. “I told you that kid was always hesitant and secretive in his speech. I knew something was amiss when he took out that bracelet in the Meditation Hall. Sure enough, I’ve caught the evidence, haven’t I?”

Another slightly shorter and chubby young man spoke hesitantly, “Should we report this to the Peak Master, Brother Li, and have him take care of him?”

Brother Li rolled his eyes and replied, “Deal with him? Don’t be silly. Where would we find those precious items that gather spiritual energy? Let’s first search and collect everything here, and then we can blame it all on Zhang Yiming, hehe.”

The rest of them became excited and remarked, “Makes sense! Brother Li is really clever.”

Afterward, the group picked up tree branches as makeshift shovels and started digging the soil. It was a dark and windy night, making it hard to see clearly. They didn’t pay attention even if they trampled on some spiritual herbs. Their eyes grew red, consumed by thoughts of those precious items that gather spiritual energy.

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