After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 10

Chapter 10.1 Background

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Pei Jing decided to cultivate water, wood, and wind spiritual roots to make farming easier. These roots only had an effect before he reached the Nascent Soul stage. He was considered halfway to the Nascent Soul stage, establishing a connection with the natural elements. Even if he didn’t naturally possess wood or wind spiritual roots, he could still create illusions of wood and wind.

After finishing the morning class, the teacher asked some disciples to get their clothes.

The disciples from Yunxiao’s Outer Peaks wore simple clothes. They had a white brocade robe with a light blue gauze outer layer, which completely changed their appearance.

On the way back, they passed through lush and green forests.

The Senior Sister who brought him said softly, “Don’t hold a grudge against the Peak Master. That day, you tore up the cultivation method he personally wrote and embarrassed him in front of everyone. The Peak Master had to punish you to maintain his authority. This time, they assigned you to take care of the spiritual garden to help you grow as a person. Just focus on watering the plants, and the Peak Master will eventually forgive you.”

Pei Jing nodded and said, “Thank you, Senior Sister.”

The Senior Sister added, “There will be a selection in a year to decide where you will go in the future. Even if the conditions aren’t ideal, you should work hard and not slack off. Understand?”


The spiritual garden was situated on the mountainside behind Yinghui Peak. It was divided into grassy sections, filled with spirit herbs needed for alchemy.

Pei Jing couldn’t see the end in sight. He imagined that if he were truly a Qi Gathering disciple, it would take a whole day and night to water the entire area.

Before, a menial disciple managed the spiritual garden. They lacked skills and had a superiority complex. Seeing Pei Jing taking over the task, a mix of jealousy and sarcasm appeared on his face. He started with a mocking tone, “So, you made it to Outer Peaks. But in the end, you ended up in this position. I think the Peak Master has given up on you. You might as well change your clothes and peacefully take care of the spiritual garden here.”

Pei Jing looked at him with a half-smile and said seriously, “No, I can’t waste my triple Spiritual Roots. After all, this talent is something many people desire but can’t attain.”

The menial disciple could easily sense the underlying tone in his words, becoming so angry that his face turned fierce. He handed him the bucket with a serious tone. “There’s a well at the back of the mountain. Your task is to fetch water from it and water the spiritual garden twice a day. Apply fertilizer every two weeks using this bucket. If you keep walking for a few miles, there’s an outhouse. Great Immortal, please don’t mind its uncleanliness.”

Pei Jing took the bucket without hesitation and replied, “Got it.”

He didn’t mind the dirtiness at all since he knew this task wouldn’t end up being his responsibility.

The menial disciple gave him a stern look and walked away.

Once they left, a group of Outer Peak disciples arrived, wearing formal attire and carrying swords at their waists. They stood on cloud cranes, appearing ready to descend the mountain for demon hunting.

They took pleasure in his misfortune, especially the one leading the group. As the cloud crane flew over Pei Jing’s head, the leader leaned down and said loudly, “The spirit herbs in Yunxiao are highly valuable. Exercise caution while watering them with a mixture of manure and water. Don’t neglect them.”

Everyone burst into laughter.


Pei Jing didn’t know how he had provoked them to the point where this group of people came to mock him. He really wanted to ask them if they wanted to bring a chair and some melon seeds to enjoy the show. But now that they had arrived, they shouldn’t expect to leave so easily.

As the sun began to set, the disciples returned from their demon hunting expedition. They were full of excitement and high spirits, discussing their adventures in the cafeteria, embellishing the ferocity and terror of the demons. They claimed that a single roar could shake the mountains, and a simple leap could shatter the ground.

Pei Jing felt out of place among the crowd.

The cafeteria was small, and even in the corner, he couldn’t escape the presence of others. He absentmindedly poked at a piece of greasy pork belly with his chopsticks, listening to the lively discussions happening nearby.

“Initially, the demon intended to charge at me, its huge and sharp teeth just a hair’s breadth away. I thought I was about to meet my ancestors. But in that moment, my hand moved on its own. I closed my eyes and instinctively drew my sword, thrusting it forward. It pierced through the demon’s throat, and it spewed out a vile-smelling gush of blood before crashing to the ground. It was only then that I realized I had actually killed it.”

The speaker was enthusiastic, and the listeners were fully engaged, giving face by applauding and admiringly saying, “Brother He, that’s impressive!”

As one person finished speaking, another took their turn, sharing their own tales of outsmarting and unleashing hidden potential to conquer terrifying demons.

Pei Jing found it amusing. The forest where Yunxiao had new disciples practice demon hunting was completely artificial. The demons inside were no different from domesticated creatures— they could only run and eat, lacking even a hint of aggression. They were exaggerating without any basis, perhaps daydreaming about encountering gigantic demons the size of mountains.

Before he could finish his mockery, someone was already eager to mock him.

“Zhang Yiming, everyone has had their say. It’s your turn to speak.”

Pei Jing had lost all desire to argue. The piece of pork belly in his bowl had been poked to shreds, but he didn’t take a bite. When he heard his name, he raised his head and briefly pondered. His gaze swept across the faces of those around him, and then he pretended to feel uneasy as he leaned back slightly and whispered, “Not much, just spent the whole day carrying water. It was tough and exhausting.”

Hearing the words they wanted to hear, everyone was satisfied and continued with their insincere remarks, “Well, we can’t say that. You should know these herbs are precious to the Elders for their alchemy, and they’re hard to find outside.”

After contemplating for a moment, Pei Jing spoke softly and slowly, “Hard to find? No wonder…”

He spoke in a barely audible voice, like a mosquito, and no one caught what he said.

“What are you saying? Speak louder.”

Pei Jing turned pale with fright, hastily shaking his head, almost wearing his guilty conscience on his face, “Nothing, really.”

Now everyone was convinced that this boy was keeping something from them.

Startled by their probing gazes, Pei Jing stood up in a panic, as if his pants were on fire, and quickly excused himself, “You all continue eating, I’m full. I’ll go and focus on my practice.”

Everyone stared at his untouched bowl of rice, exchanging glances, all thinking, “There’s definitely something fishy about this boy.”

The Meditation Hall was filled with vibrant spiritual energy, serving as a place for new disciples to practice and contemplate. Each room could accommodate up to a hundred people. At night, the weary disciples sat on cushions, closing their eyes to rest. Elders were present in each hall to ensure everyone’s safety.

Pei Jing quickly spotted Chu Junyu among the crowd. No one dared to approach within a meter of him, as Chu Junyu wore the attire of the top disciple of Yunxiao. With his long, trailing blue robe and an inherent air of aloofness, he truly resembled a rare flower in the mountains. But considering his peculiar perspective on things, he might as well be a man-eating flower.

Pei Jing wasn’t afraid of him and simply sat down beside him.

Many eyes in the Meditation Hall secretly observed their interaction.

Chu Junyu and Pei Jing had gained some renown on Yinghui Peak. One was known for his exceptional talent, while the other was known for his streak of misfortune. After Pei Jing gave up his prestigious Heaven within Heaven abode, the Peak Master assigned it to Chu Junyu, displaying clear favoritism.

During the selection process, the participants had a vague sense of Chu Junyu’s prowess. However, they couldn’t understand why he hadn’t made it to the Inner Peaks. Some rumors suggested that he had offended someone, but nobody knew who it might be, and even if they did, they wouldn’t dare to speak of it.

They also wanted to impress Chu Junyu but he never looked their way. Seeing Pei Jing being overly proactive and trying to win his favor, they inwardly sneered, thinking he was overestimating himself.

In a corner of the Meditation Hall, Chu Junyu leaned against the wall, quietly perusing a book in his hands. His long and distinct eyelashes cast shadows on his fair face. When engrossed in reading, his sharpness softened, revealing a graceful and serene profile.

Pei Jing performed a little trick, taking a bracelet out from his sleeve. Everyone noticed the bracelet’s jade-green color, shimmering with hints of blue. It was clearly no ordinary item.

Holding up the bracelet as if presenting a treasure, Pei Jing whispered, unable to contain his satisfaction. “Take a look at what I found.”

Chu Junyu kept his gaze fixed on the book’s pages, paying no attention.

Pei Jing continued, “Just give it a glance. Let me tell you, this bracelet is extraordinary. When you wear it on your hand, it seems to have the ability to gather spiritual energy. Initially, I was thinking that with the worst room and being assigned to farming, it was such an unlucky start that I should just give up. But unexpectedly, when it seems there is no way out, a new village emerges amidst the dark willows and bright flowers. I actually stumbled upon this treasure.”

He spoke in a hushed tone, almost whispering into Chu Junyu’s ear, as if sharing a secret.

Chu Junyu felt a warm breath near his ear and turned his head, meeting Pei Jing’s face. The boy was smiling like a cunning fox, mischief gleaming in his eyes. He was clearly harboring ill intentions.

Chu Junyu lifted his gaze slightly and noticed a group of people nearby in the Meditation Hall, seemingly meditating with closed eyes but actually perking up their ears. Glancing at Pei Jing once more, he understood his intentions.

Closing his book, he played along and asked, “Is it really that impressive?”

Pei Jing hesitated for a moment, then eagerly nodded, “Yes, yes! Haven’t you noticed how the spiritual energy is the strongest on our side of the Meditation Hall? It’s all thanks to this little gem. It’s truly amazing! With it, our cultivation speed would increase several times, at the very least.”

Chu Junyu continued, “Where did you get it from?”

Pei Jing was taken aback, wondering why this guy was suddenly so curious, as if he had endless questions inside him. He pretended to be flustered, looking around anxiously. Once he confirmed that no one was paying attention, he nervously replied, “… I stumbled upon it by luck.”

Chu Junyu responded with a casual “Oh?”

Pei Jing felt his scalp tingle under Chu Junyu’s seemingly perceptive gaze. Once again, he made sure no one was paying attention before whispering very softly, “It’s true. Later tonight, I’ll take you to a place. You’re the first friend I made in Yunxiao, so I won’t deceive you.”

Chu Junyu smiled briefly, his light-colored eyes gleaming with charm. “I’m looking forward to it.”

With that, they had said all they needed to, and now they just had to wait for the others to take the bait.

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