After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 51 Part 2

Chapter 51.2 Go out

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Pei Jing lifted his head in a daze.

Behind him, thousands of ferocious blood locks formed a cage, while the ground cracked open, and eerie entities surged forth. The world darkened, with Shu Yan laughing loudly and the creatures shrieking, entangled in a mixture of blood and darkness.

Against the light, Chu Junyu approached his ear and said, “Lend me the Cloud Slayer Sword.”

Pei Jing didn’t understand what he was up to, but he still released his grip on the Cloud Slayer Sword.

Every sword cultivator had a peculiar attachment to their own sword. And the swords reciprocated that sentiment. There was a sense of reliance after forming a spiritual connection. However, when Chu Junyu snatched the Cloud Slayer Sword from his hand, Pei Jing strangely felt no aversion.

He didn’t feel repulsed, and neither did the Cloud Slayer Sword.

Chu Junyu held the sword and smiled. He stood up, supporting himself with the sword.

Pei Jing pursed his lips—Chu Junyu was not a good person. He had known it from the first moment he saw him on the suspension bridge, and that impression hadn’t changed. This person harbored an indelible aura of bloodthirstiness, his temperament unpredictable, his soul seemingly bred in hell.

However, as Chu Junyu held the Cloud Slayer Sword, standing with his back to the light, Pei Jing suddenly felt a peculiar sense of familiarity in his heart.


Shu Yan growled angrily, “Don’t struggle. She possesses the power to keep you trapped here!”

Chu Junyu chuckled with amusement. “She already exhausted ninety percent of her energy to confine me this time—do you think she would still be here?”

Shu Yan’s eyes widened abruptly.

The same sword, in the hands of Pei Jing and Chu Junyu, evoked completely different sensations.

Cold light erupted, resonating with the cries of phoenixes and cranes. The entire world was torn apart by a force originating from beyond, obliterating all in its path, annihilating heaven and earth. The eternal life bestowed upon Shu Yan by the heavenly laws existed outside the boundaries of rules.

The vast sword intent, upon contact with the blood chains, severed them without exception.

This prison began to crumble, causing agonizing pain to surge through Shu Yan. Its eyes glared with fury, and with a pen held in its hand, transformed into a lethal weapon, it lunged at Chu Junyu’s face.


The blade of the Cloud Slayer Sword became a thousandfold sharper. As Shu Yan advanced, Chu Junyu stood in defense, and with a single strike, blood and ink scattered. A surge of blue light illuminated the chaotic and dazzling scene. Pei Jing sat on the ground, only hearing Shu Yan’s roar, shattering the tiles of Zhang’s residence.

Shu Yan froze in mid-air, eyes filled with disbelief. Its brush fell to the ground with a thud. It had not perished, as a monstrous being blessed by the heavenly laws, it was inherently a part of those laws, teetering on the brink of frenzy.

Malice, resentment, and all the negative emotions of the world reflected in its eyes.

A mysterious force accumulated around Shu Yan, and if it were to self-detonate at this moment, apart from Chu Junyu, every living and deceased person in this village would be buried with it.

Shu Yan’s body swelled slowly, becoming massive, and its face transformed into a horrifying visage.

Time seemed to stand still.

Pei Jing had a foreboding feeling in his heart. What kind of trouble was this madman stirring up again?

However, that gathering power did not last long.

The doors of the Zhang residence were once again pushed open, and a woman’s voice urgently rang out.

“Zhang Qingshu!”

This voice seemed to penetrate through life and death, transcending the ephemeral nature of a hundred years.

The deranged man’s eyes momentarily glazed over, and then slowly regained focus.

…Zhang Qingshu.

That voice felt incredibly familiar.

Amidst chaotic and painful memories, there was a tender image. It was the image of a young princess in her palace attire, her gown fluttering like pink butterflies on a bright afternoon. She ran lightly through the corridors of the palace, and before departing, she turned back with a startled gaze, meeting his weary eyes, revealing a shy smile. Everything appeared clear after the rain, and her eyes were like springs, flowing through the hearts of people.

She was his betrothed, the youngest princess, whom the emperor had decreed he would marry.

The young princess had secretly come to the Imperial Garden to see him but was stopped by a maid along the way, exposing her identity. In a flurry, she hurriedly ran away, feeling somewhat regretful and embarrassed.

The grass and trees stood lush, and the palace eaves resonated in harmony.



The creature suspended in mid-air suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood and plummeted to the ground.

Zhao Youqing ran over, her whole body trembling, her hands and feet icy cold, her heart devoid of warmth. She stiffly lifted the young man from the pool of blood, without saying a word, tears streaming down her face. Five hundred years, entangled in obsession for five hundred years, and at this moment, all the suppressed emotions surged forth.

“Zhang Qingshu, Zhang Qingshu…” Her fingers spasmed, tightly gripping his arm, repeatedly calling his name but unable to complete a sentence.

Zhang Qingshu slowly regained consciousness. His face was pale as paper, the burden of frustration lingering between his brows, but his gaze held a hint of relief. He was about to die. Chu Junyu’s sword had struck him down directly. So, there were other ways to die in this world… As his spiritual energy dissipated, he would soon revert to being a mortal. His internal organs writhed in intense pain, yet his state of mind surprisingly calmed.

Soft sobs of a young girl echoed in his ears.

In truth, he had heard her cries many times before.

Zhang Qingshu said, “Stop crying. It’s all over now.”

Zhao Youqing bit her lip, tears falling silently. However, her breathing quickly steadied, and her voice trembled as she spoke, “Don’t you realize that you are actually the greatest villain?”

Blood trickled from the corner of Zhang Qingshu’s lips as he adopted an indifferent expression. “I know. That’s why I deserve to die.”

Zhao Youqing: “Yes, you deserve to die. You are a villain. But I deserve to die even more because I have fallen in love with a villain.” She laughed, tears still lingering in the corners of her eyes, a mix of despair and madness. “So, my husband, let’s die together this time.”

Let’s die together.

Zhang Qingshu shook his head and said, “You won’t die.”

Tears streamed down Zhao Youqing’s face as she spoke, “Everyone says you are the reincarnation of the God of Literature, and the God of Literature is a deity devoid of emotions. But I feel that you, Zhang Qingshu, must have feelings for me, don’t you, husband?

“Three years ago, that person was you, right? On the Night of Inheritance, the girl who accidentally trespassed into the divine temple. You saved her, didn’t you?”

Zhang Qingshu: “Forget about it.”

Zhao Youqing: “You’re lying to me again. You placed a fragment of my soul within that girl’s body. For what purpose? For my rebirth? A human’s lifespan is only a hundred years. After a hundred years, I would become her. But when I truly crawled out of the coffin using someone else’s body, in a world where there is no one I love or who loves me, what is the meaning of rebirth?”

Zhang Qingshu remained silent.

Zhao Youqing lowered her head, tears hot as they rolled down the pale cheeks of the scholar. She kissed Zhang Qingshu’s lips. Their trembling lips expressed both despair and deep affection. “I beg you, let’s die together, husband.”

Let’s die together. The origin of this underground world lay within that jar.

Within the jar lay the power of the Heavenly Dao. Now that the Heavenly Dao was no more, Zhang Qingshu had also perished.

The white light around the jar gradually dimmed, fading away bit by bit.

Every blade of grass and every tree in this world turned into powder, transforming into starlight.

Pei Jing gazed at the embracing couple in the pool of blood, his expression complex.

A’ru could only see in black and white because a soul that didn’t belong to her, one that had passed away, slumbered within her, and he couldn’t expel it. Now he understood that the reason he couldn’t banish it was because of Shu Yan’s power.

Zhao Youqing influenced A’ru, her emotions and even her perception of the world. The deepest hues in Zhonglian Village were now black and white.

This time, it could be considered the true collapse of the heavens and the earth. The living beings, plants, and creatures of this world gradually stiffened, petrified, crumbled into ashes, and dissipated into nothingness.

They were the only ones left behind.

A force drew him away from this world. Pei Jing turned back one last time and noticed that the ancestral hall of the Zhang family was open, with a framed inscription hanging above. On white paper, black characters were meticulously written, clearly stating: “Love is poweful.”

“All things in the world nourish humans, yet people still complain of Heaven’s indifference. Unbeknownst to them, plagues and pests cover the world, causing suffering to all living beings and subjects.”


“The world turns upside down from this day forth, why spare effort in killing?”


When the ancestors of the Underworld traveled, what they probably saw was a painting hanging in the Zhang family’s ancestral hall.

——I was not born to compete for supremacy, but to fulfill a millennium of vicissitudes!

As Ji Wuyou’s body was drawn away from this chaotic and gloomy world, he felt a warm sensation all over. He rubbed his eyes, stood up, and found himself surrounded by gentle white light.

He was in the sky, and when he lowered his head, he saw that nightmare-like village—kneeling, screaming, running, glaring—everything transformed into stone statues, the surging green river frozen in stillness.

He had come out alive?! However, there was no joy of surviving the catastrophe. He simply stared at his own hands in silence for a long time.

Ji Wuyou heard someone calling his name.

“Wuyou.” The voice belonged to a woman, so gentle that it could bring tears to one’s eyes.

Ji Wuyou suddenly looked up but could only see a blurred figure in the light and shadows. Even though she had changed her appearance, Ji Wuyou instinctively knew who she was.

It was her—the elderly woman who had guided him before.

“You…” Ji Wuyou wanted to say something.

The person smiled and spoke first, interrupting his words.

“I’ve come to bid you farewell. I may fall into a deep slumber and can no longer accompany you.”

Ji Wuyou was taken aback.

The person said, “However, there’s no need to fear. For a long time, no one will harm you. I once hoped that you would take a different path without shortcuts, but the rules of the world have been disrupted by someone. You need to become stronger quickly.”

Ji Wuyou murmured, “Become stronger…”

The person’s voice sounded ethereal and distant. “You must reach the stage of Nascent Soul as soon as possible.”

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