After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 51

Chapter 51.1 Go out

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Pei Jing squatted by the jar, his pupils shrinking, mouth wide open, wearing a complicated expression. He knew Chu Junyu was no ordinary person, but he never expected it would be him.

He suddenly remembered their last encounter when he asked Chu Junyu who he was, and received a mysterious answer — “You’ll find out when we meet next time.” And indeed… this time, he found out.

“Chu… Junyu?” Pei Jing whispered in disbelief.

Despite being so close, Chu Junyu could hear him even if he spoke softly.

Chu Junyu glanced at him, lowering his gaze, and suddenly smiled.

Pei Jing trembled and looked up.

A faint smile appeared on Chu Junyu’s lips, his eyes like pure blood jade, an unfathomable abyss. He bent down and said, “Pei Yuzhi, thank you.”

The voice was barely audible, tender like meeting a long-lost friend.

Pei Jing felt strangely uneasy upon hearing it.

But he didn’t like how Chu Junyu spoke, it rubbed him the wrong way.

Pei Jing stood there bewildered for a few seconds, then snapped back to reality and quickly grabbed Chu Junyu’s hand, feeling awkward. “Hold off on the thanks for now. Let’s figure out how to get out of here first.”

Before he could finish, a loud explosion echoed from behind.

Boom! Dark green and black light burst forth, and the monsters let out painful cries. Suddenly, Zhang Qingshu looked up and let out a menacing laugh. Pei Jing turned around, meeting a pair of eyes devoid of white.

Zhang Qingshu’s appearance slowly transformed. His hair grew longer, his skin grew paler, as if soaked in water for too long, gradually becoming see-through. His figure shot up abruptly.

Floating in mid-air, he lowered his head and locked eyes with Pei Jing.

The undead monsters beneath his feet went into a frenzy, contorting and writhing, trapped in a twisted posture, screaming in despair and pain.

Zhang Qingshu chuckled, laughing until the end, emitting a sound that couldn’t be distinguished as male or female, now completely transformed into a monster.

“You won’t let me die, so I’ll have to kill you first. Let’s kill each other! After all, plenty of people have already died in this place!”

The pen in his hand transformed into a sharp blade, and an eerie pressure permeated the space from all directions. The floating blood locks trembled and rattled. This time, the aura was overwhelmingly intense, stirring up a whirlwind of dust that shook the doors in the courtyard.

Ever since encountering the Thousand-Faced Woman, Pei Jing had been speculating about the terrifying power of these monsters during their prime. Now, he was witnessing it firsthand. As Zhang Qingshu succumbed to demonic influence, the rain began to pour in Zhonglian Village, an unnerving and chilling downpour of black rain.

The sky and earth were shrouded in dense black clouds, obscuring the daylight.

Suspended in mid-air, the monster, standing on countless horizontal locks, wielded a single pen, and with a single stroke, the heavens and earth seemed to crumble.

Pei Jing: “Is he going insane?!”

Strangely enough, even amidst the world’s raging storms, the area surrounding the jar seemed like a sacred sanctuary, bathed in a faint white light, protected by a force harmonizing with the heavens and earth. Zhang Qingshu’s power couldn’t even reach this patch of ground.

No wonder he relied on Ji Wuyou to dismantle this jar.

Pei Jing felt no fear within the range of that light, but once Ji Wuyou collapsed, he lay there in the rain.

Each blood blade that descended from the sky left deep, charred marks on the ground. If they were to strike a person, they would undoubtedly tear them apart.

He couldn’t let Ji Wuyou die in this place after bringing him out.

“You figure out a way first. I’ll go save him.”

After Pei Jing finished speaking, he stood up and silently recited an incantation. A thin, ice-blue barrier formed around him. Holding his sword, he charged into the rain and swiftly reached Ji Wuyou’s side. The malevolence in this place was overwhelming. Even in his unconscious state, Ji Wuyou appeared disturbed and filled with fear and despair, drenched in sweat, and trembling.

Blood blades descended from all directions. Pei Jing carefully dodged them, rolling on the ground and picking up Ji Wuyou in his arms.

The protagonist at this age was a bit heavy. Pei Jing glanced down at him, his furrowed brow causing him to think, “Perhaps this is what it means to be a protagonist. Enduring countless trials and tribulations in the early stages.”

Zhang Qingshu laughed heartily. “I knew you would come to save him.”

The raindrops, falling from the sky, suddenly slowed down. They suspended in mid-air, time came to a halt, and then drop by drop, they began to converge. They gathered densely, forming a massive black monster.

Although it had no physical form or facial features, the moment the monster stomped its foot, the ice-blue barrier around Pei Jing shattered.

He desperately dodged while holding Ji Wuyou.

Zhang Qingshu’s mouth twisted into a sinister smile.

With the heavens and earth as his canvas, he wielded the pen and wrote something.

A buzzing sound echoed in Pei Jing’s ears. The monster was right behind him, nearing the edge of the jar and the range of the white light. Suddenly, a line of pitch-black characters appeared beside him, blocking his every retreat.

Every word became visible, crystal clear. Pei Jing looked up and discovered that each raindrop suspended in the air had transformed into a character. Countless characters, descending from top to bottom.

This scene sent shivers down his spine.

The dilapidated courtyard, the blood-red locks spanning the sky, and the rainwater transforming into shifting words. Among them, the word “kill” was the most prevalent.

That infamous Seventh Killing Song.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Pei Jing thought to himself that Zhang Qingshu had truly gone insane.

A person who took their own moral principles of right and wrong to extremes, demanding even more from others but holding themselves to a stricter standard.

Zhang Qingshu had pursued benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and trust throughout his life. However, when faced with the monsters bred inside the jar, he was finally driven mad by inner rage and despair. He realized he had caused a catastrophe and desired nothing but death. Only when faced with the grim reality, drenched in blood, would he comprehend the depths of his guilt.

Pei Jing unsheathed the Cloud Slayer Sword, expecting a fierce battle to unfold. However, it never came. After a faint sound, those accumulated characters in the air suddenly seemed to be wiped away, fading and disappearing.

The rain ceased, and even the dark clouds began to dissipate.

The sky gradually brightened. Footsteps could be heard from behind.

Startled, Pei Jing turned around and the first thing he saw was Chu Junyu’s lapel. It was pure darkness with silver embroidery, and the wide sleeves added to the attire. Emerging from the light, Chu Junyu had a slender figure, silver hair like snow, seamlessly blending with the surrounding atmosphere, appearing even more mysterious and chilling.

Zhang Qingshu’s gaze fell upon Chu Junyu, and after a moment, he chuckled in a bizarre  manner. “You’re still alive, huh?”

Chu Junyu averted his gaze. Truth be told, he had no intention of paying attention to Zhang Qingshu. Even if the world was engulfed in a deluge and overturned, what difference would it make?

He hadn’t even had the chance to stop it, yet he had already witnessed Pei Jing rushing out to save Ji Wuyou.

Pei Jing, who had just experienced a heart-pounding ordeal, narrowly escaping danger at every turn, could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Seated, he looked down at Ji Wuyou. The chubby boy was still trembling in the midst of his nightmare, but thankfully unharmed.

Pei Jing wiped away his sweat and said to Chu Junyu, “Thank you.”

Having rolled on the ground a moment ago, his face was smudged with mud, and there were stains and marks on his robe, presenting a rather disheveled appearance.

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze, observing him.

Pei Jing felt a bit guilty. He had initially deceived Chu Junyu to keep him away from Ji Wuyou when they arrived at Shangyang Peak. But now he had risked his life for Ji Wuyou right in front of Chu Junyu.

The young man awkwardly scratched his head.

Chu Junyu half-squatted, his robe pooling around him, and his cool silver hair brushed against Pei Jing’s arm. His blood-red eyes showed no emotion, their intentions unfathomable.

Pei Jing didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, Chu Junyu reached out, his fingers pale and icy, gently touching his cheek.

Pei Jing: “?”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Chu Junyu’s mouth.

What awaited those who persisted in their delusions? In that space where the heavenly laws existed, time stood still, replaying the past incompetence and despair over and over again. It was a torment that wrenched the soul, repeating endlessly in an unending cycle.

The Yunxiao Sect annihilated, and Wentian Peak suffered a devastating defeat.

Dignity and hope crumbled into dust, the youthful spirit becoming a suffocating breath held deep inside the heart, enduring throughout countless lifetimes in an unending hell.

His expression remained incredibly calm as he slowly spoke, “She made me feel the pain of Ji Wuyou, his remorse in this lifetime, and the lingering kindness that still exists in him.”

His hand slid down slowly, lifting Pei Jing’s chin, and a trace of mocking and cold amusement curved his lips.

“So, who will show compassion for you?”

“…For your present kindness, your present courage, and your unwavering sincerity.”

Shu Yan roared angrily, “Ha! So, you’ve managed to survive? Well, since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving!”

A sudden gust of wind swept across the flat ground, and Zhang Qingshu was already the nightmare of this underworld, ruling over everything. With a crash, the once-unmoved blood locks finally revealed their true nature, causing the earth to crack apart except for the area around the jar.

The tightly bound locks emerged from the ground, forming a cage. The essence of the locks originated from the bottom of the jar, possessing a mysterious and profound power.

Pei Jing felt the ground beneath him surging, while a murderous aura and a crimson color flew behind him.

He wanted to turn back, but Chu Junyu held his chin firmly, preventing him from doing so.

Lowering his head, Chu Junyu’s silver hair almost blended into the white light, while his blood-red eyes revealed genuine emotions for the first time—icy yet gentle.

His tone was as soft as a lover’s whisper, but the coldness within sent chills down one’s spine.

“Though your kindness is unfathomable and your bravery akin to seeking death. Though I am currently furious, I promised to protect you, and I won’t break that promise.”

Pei Jing was overwhelmed by the oppressive aura emanating from him. The power within Chu Junyu seemed to transcend the laws of this world—it was as if it originated from beyond the five elements of heaven and earth. Centered around Chu Junyu, a black energy began to spread.

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