After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Return to Yunxiao

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Pei Jing asked, “But now that Shu Yan has already died, where are you going to investigate?”

Yu Qinglian answered, “I didn’t get much from him, but in that underground world, I sensed a mysterious and powerful force. You should have felt it too.”

Pei Jing nodded and said, “From Shu Yan and Chu Junyu’s conversation, I heard some information. There is someone behind Shu Yan.”

Yu Qinglian frowned and said, “Indeed, granting him an an immortal body and the power to shake the heavens. Does such great power really exist in the world?”

She had the same doubts as Pei Jing. During their childhood training at the Institute of Celestial Ascension, they encountered the most powerful individuals in the world, with an extraordinary understanding of strength and power. Now, this situation was reshaping their perspectives.

Cultivators, in their struggle against heaven and earth, sought everlasting life. And in a certain sense, Zhang Qingshu’s undying body could be considered a form of eternal life.

Lost in thought, Pei Jing suddenly said, “I remember you telling me that your mother instructed you to go to the Institute of Celestial Ascension after reaching the Qi Building stage. Does it have something to do with the Heavenly Ladder?”

Yu Qinglian blinked and nodded. “That’s how it is.”

Pei Jing: “I once encountered a demon named Thousand-Faced Woman who felt very similar to Shu Yan. Ji Wuduan said she comes from Tianyan City. Do you think there might be a demon lord in Tianyan City planning to bring destruction upon the world?”

“A demon lord?”

“Tianyan City has always been a gathering place for outlaws in the cultivation world. Who can say for sure what goes on in the city?” He looked into the distance, letting his imagination run wild. “Maybe Thousand-Faced Woman and Shu Yan are both working for him.”

Yu Qinglian tugged at the corner of her mouth. “And then?”

“And then it’s up to us to save this world.”

Her serious mood instantly disappeared, replaced by a mix of annoyance and amusement. “Impressive, hero. But before you save the world, how about making some progress yourself, like reaching the Nascent Soul stage?”

Pei Jing laughed as well. “That’s indeed a small step.”

As they descended the stairs, Yu Qinglian remembered something and turned back to look. “Chu Junyu should be awake. Do you want to go and check on him?”

Pei Jing paused for a moment. “Oh, right. I should.”

“While you’re at it, ask him about his background. I have a feeling that he poses some danger.”

Pei Jing lowered his gaze, pondering for a moment. “When he first entered Yunxiao’s suspension bridge for the trial, I had quite a prejudice against him. I thought he exuded a dangerous aura. But now, I feel that he’s probably a decent person.”

Yu Qinglian leaned against the stairs, casting a deep gaze at him.

Pei Jing felt a bit bewildered under her gaze.

After a while, Yu Qinglian said, “That works too, taking a risk.”

Pei Jing: “……”

Chu Junyu must have anticipated his visit. The moment the door creaked, Chu Junyu turned his head to look. They were still the teenagers from their youth, but as their eyes met, Pei Jing found himself momentarily at a loss for words—caught between asking, “How have you been?” and “Who are you, really?”

Finally, Pei Jing simply closed his mouth and said nothing.

It finally dawned on him that Chu Junyu likely knew his identity a long time ago. In the past, Chu Junyu had openly expressed his dislike for Pei Yuzhi… It seemed that he truly detested Pei Jing.

However, if he truly disliked him, why did he lend a hand in the maple forest and come to the rescue in Zhonglian Village… It was truly vexing.

Chu Junyu was also waiting for him to speak. The young man seemed genuinely injured, his face pale, lips devoid of color, and his pupils shallow, making him appear even more frail.

The room was nestled deep in the forest, with the morning mist swirling and gentle rays of light filtering through.

Pei Jing stepped forward and sat by Chu Junyu’s bedside. Since his true identity as Pei Yuzhi was already exposed, he felt somewhat awkward about putting on an act. With a serious expression on his face, he silently reminded himself that he was the next Sect Master of Yunxiao and should present a cold and imposing aura.

However, he quickly changed his mind. In Changtian Realm and the maple forest, he didn’t seem to have any airs in front of Chu Junyu. Besides, trying to be cold compared to Chu Junyu would only end in humiliation. So he instantly dropped the act. Grabbing an apple from the table, he took a bite to moisten his throat and gather some courage.

Chu Junyu silently watched his every move.

After swallowing what was in his mouth, Pei Jing spoke earnestly, “Did you enter Yunxiao with a hidden purpose?”

Chu Junyu looked at him as if he were an idiot and calmly replied, “I saved you, shouldn’t you first ask how my injuries are?”

Pei Jing went along with it, “…Then, how are your injuries?”

Chu Junyu responded with a casual, “Not a big deal.”

Pei Jing was taken aback. “Huh? You really got seriously injured?” He bit into the apple and reached out his hand, ready to examine Chu Junyu’s pulse.

Chu Junyu didn’t resist and lowered his gaze.

“Really injured?”

Pei Jing still found it hard to believe. In truth, he didn’t know how to examine pulses. He could only sense spiritual energy.

The brown-clad youth approached, carrying a scent reminiscent of fresh green grass and early snow—a familiar and yet deeply ingrained presence.

Chu Junyu lowered his head, his black hair falling, accentuating his already pale face. His gaze remained silent and profound, concealing his emotions deep inside.

He recalled the night he entered Yunxiao and was trapped in the well. Beneath his feet lay a cramped and gloomy muddy ground. When he looked up, he saw the clean and clear smile of a young man against the moonlight. A malicious intent had pulled him down into the well, but the young man had embraced him in midair, covering his eyes, telling him not to be afraid.

He had always possessed this meddlesome nature. It applied to everyone, without exception.

Pei Jing felt a bit embarrassed now. He couldn’t sense even a trace of spiritual energy flowing within Chu Junyu! He tried pressing for a while, but there was no result! …Blame his low cultivation level.

Chu Junyu observed Pei Jing’s hand awkwardly resting on his wrist and didn’t make things difficult for him. He calmly said, “Shelter me for a month.”

Pei Jing: “Huh?”

Chu Junyu: “I am currently in a state of incapacitation and need to recuperate in Yunxiao for a month. Is it possible, Sect Master?”

He addressed him as Sect Master.

The eyes of the Yunxiao’s Sect Master widened, “Is it that serious?”

Chu Junyu smirked ambiguously, “Indeed. You’re known for your kindness, aren’t you? I got injured because I saved you. How will you treat me now?”

Pei Jing furrowed his brow and earnestly said, “I will do my best to help you recover and ensure your safety in Yunxiao. We will return tomorrow. Take a good rest for now.”

As Pei Jing left and closed the door behind him.

After a while, Chu Junyu suddenly smiled, the sunlight shining on his face, obscuring his expression beneath his wing-like eyelashes.

His voice was low, almost like a sigh, “Fool, you can’t even protect yourself.”

Yu Qinglian received information from Yingzhou, while Pei Jing received a message from Chen Xu.

Initially, in order to investigate the matter of Shu Yan, he had set aside the man-eating demon causing trouble near Yunxiao. However, during the months he was away, that demon became increasingly audacious, resulting in more and more cultivators being brutally killed.

Sect Masters from various sects near Yunxiao, big and small, had even come personally to seek assistance. They crowded under Tianqian Peak, waiting for him to return and handle the situation.

It was Chen Xu’s final words that truly alarmed him.

Even disciples from the remote Zongnan Peak of Yunxiao had fallen victim to the ruthless attacks.

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