After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Little Yellow Bird

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Chen Xu was filled with resentment as Pei Jing read the concise reports. His final words were filled with anger: “If you don’t come back, Sect Master will strip your skin!”

Pei Jing couldn’t help but laugh. They really can’t stay calm.

He couldn’t face the Sect Master in his current state.

He said goodbye to Yu Qinglian and Wu Sheng at the Sect’s entrance.

Pei Jing asked a disciple to take the unconscious Ji Wuyou to Shangyang Peak.

Stepping onto the back of the cloud crane, Pei Jing untied the grass rope that held his hair.

His dark hair fell like a waterfall, as black as ink.

The youth’s stature grew taller. His dull gray clothes were replaced with bright white silk. He wore a jade crown, a jade hairpin, and had a long sword at his side. A faint glow surrounded him, making him look pure and untouched. The edges of his sleeves had subtle dark blue embroidery that fluttered in the wind.

The wind blew and the snow fell in this place, surrounded by misty mountain smoke. His demeanor was just as unattainable as the wind, snow, and mountain smoke.

Pei Jing raised his hand and took a moment to get used to his grown-up look.

After the crane took off, he turned back and said, “You can stay at Tianqian Peak for now. I’ll help you heal.”

Chu Junyu looked at his face and nodded.

“But you can’t suddenly enter Tianqian Peak like that. The main hall of Yunxiao Peak is not for outsiders. How about I tell them you’re my adopted younger brother?”

After changing his form, he found Chu Junyu, who was a bit shorter than him in his teenage appearance, quite cute.

He slightly bent over.

Suddenly, he remembered how Chu Junyu had lifted his chin back in Zhonglian Village. With a slight curve in his eyes, he gently hooked his chin and lifted the young man’s head.

“So, should we train a bit first? Start by calling me ‘Big Brother.'”

Chu Junyu: “Why don’t you call me instead?”

Pei Jing laughed. “With your current appearance, who would believe it?”

Chu Junyu suddenly grabbed his hand.

Amidst the morning mist and golden light of Yunxiao’s 108 peaks, the young man’s light-colored eyes turned blood-red. In just an instant, he had transformed into a young man. His black robe draped over the pristine feathers of the white crane, and his silver hair and red eyes met Pei Jing’s gaze. They could sense each other’s presence when they drew close.

Pei Jing’s smile momentarily froze.

Chu Junyu: “And now?”

Pei Jing: “I…”

Chu Junyu: “I still remember what you said about a father-son relationship. Doesn’t that give you an identity?”

Pei Jing also recalled the scene at that time, realizing Chu Junyu’s feelings for him and his attempt to care for him as an elder. But now, looking back, he felt rather foolish.

Who was to say who should act as an elder for whom?

Pei Jing awkwardly withdrew his hand and coughed. “Never mind. It’s fine. With my authority in Yunxiao, as long as I don’t mention it, they won’t dare to ask about your identity.”

Tianqian Peak, the main hall of Yunxiao. It was often desolate here, with few people coming close. Along the way, peach branches were tinged with frost, and willows stood one after another. As Pei Jing entered the mountain, a little yellow bird that had been dozing off on a tree branch instantly awakened. Fluttering its wings, it landed in his palm.

This yellow bird, aside from eating and sleeping, mostly served as a messenger for his master, delivering messages during seclusion. It was quite bothersome.

He lowered his head, a smile in his eyes and brows. “How did you know I was coming back and specifically waited here? Tsk, aren’t you afraid I’ll cook you and eat you?”

After all, he had often used that threat to intimidate the little bird before.

The round, angry eyes of the little yellow bird glared at Pei Jing, then it grabbed a strand of his hair with its tiny beak and flew forward with all its might.

Struggling to guide him towards the main hall.

It must have received some benefits from Chen Xu and was waiting for him here.

Pei Jing pulled his hair back and said, “Hold on, I’m going to meet outsiders as the Yunxiao Sect Master. Why the rush? The real experts always make their grand entrance at the end. Shouldn’t they wait for me? You see, you silly bird.”

The silly bird hovered in the air, flapping its wings and twisting around, chirping anxiously.

Pei Jing chuckled softly, “You don’t understand.”

The little yellow bird: “…”

Pei Jing pointed at its head with his finger, “I think you should go make friends with the silly bird perched on Feng Jin’s shoulder. Although it’s a divine beast of the Phoenix Clan, and you’re just a common bird. Both of you have annoying personalities, but there’s quite a significant difference in status.”

The little yellow bird: “…”

Damn it, it was furious! It truly didn’t welcome this person at all! It would never wait for him again!

The little yellow bird, feeling misunderstood and with a hint of dampness in its eyes, doubted its avian existence while floating alone in the sky, only to fall into the hands of another person.

The small yellow bird, which had lived on Tianqian Peak for hundreds of years without ever growing up, raised its head with a look of grievance.

What it saw was a stranger.

Along the mountain path of Tianqian Peak, nestled amidst the cool misty clouds, stood a young man with black robes and silver hair. His face was handsome, his aura cold and sinister, yet it gave the bird a strangely familiar feeling.

Pei Jing tilted his head, momentarily taken aback, but then continued to smile. “Oh, so you like small animals.”

Chu Junyu lowered his head and met the watery eyes of the little yellow bird. It landed lightly in his palm, its two small wings held against its chest, its expression filled with confusion.

The silver-haired youth spoke, “What’s its name?”

Pei Jing pondered for a moment. When he first arrived at Yunxiao, the bird was already there, and they had grown up together over the centuries, forming a companionship.

There seemed to have been a time when he had given it a name, but it was mostly a spontaneous act, fueled by revenge.

This bird was always eager to save its own life and would betray its owner without hesitation. If Pei Jing ever did something wrong, and their master discovered it and investigated, the bird would immediately hide itself, saying nothing and leaving Pei Jing to take all the blame.

On the rare occasions when Pei Jing decided to take it along for adventures in treacherous caves or demonic domains, it was no different. When disaster struck, the bird would fly a hundred times faster than usual.

Pei Jing laughed. “There are too many names: Silly Bird, Fatty, Scaredy-cat, Glutton, Ugly Bird. It changes every now and then, depending on my mood.”

The little yellow bird instantly became so frustrated that it started chirping and squawking even louder.

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Chu Junyu’s lips as he asked, “What was the most recent name?”

Pei Jing found his smile quite pleasant. It lacked any hidden darkness, appearing pure and clean. It left Pei Jing momentarily stunned.

After regaining his composure, he said, “The last name was Scaredy-cat… You have no idea how afraid it is of everything. When it encounters demons or monsters, it not only flies away as fast as it can, but also keeps chirping incessantly by your side, attracting all the enemies. Quite a cowardly creature, always seeking survival.”

The little yellow bird lowered its head with a resigned expression. Although it wanted to retort against that jerk, it… was truly afraid of death. It was just a pitiful and weak little bird. Was it wrong to act that way?

Chu Junyu’s smile remained. “It’s not cowardly.”

Pei Jing laughed. “And how do you know? Did you see it in its vacant, foolish eyes or in its clumsy and stiff flying posture?”

The little yellow bird had become immune to the jerk’s words, feeling full of anger. It looked at the stranger before it with starry eyes, eagerly extending its wings and landing on his fingertip. It really liked this person.

It sensed the soft feathers and warm temperature on its fingertip.

Chu Junyu let out a gentle laugh.

“It’s not afraid of death either. Well, it’s just incredibly foolish.”

Incredibly foolish. The distance between Yunxiao and the Institute of Celestial Ascension was vast, spanning millions of miles. However, a bird with no cultivation, usually only concerned with eating and drinking, secretly slipped away to deliver a message to him. However, at that time, Ji Wuyou had besieged the mountain, wreaking havoc upon the sect. It was a time of bloodshed and being trapped within a web of danger. What happened to the bird in the end? It might have fallen prey to someone’s appetite or perished midway. He didn’t know.

But from that moment on, no bird would chirp beside him as he left seclusion.

Pei Jing was taken aback.

He remained silent. He felt that Chu Junyu had become somewhat strange ever since he arrived at Tianqian Peak.

With an indifferent expression, Chu Junyu loosened his grip and placed the little yellow bird on a branch by the roadside. The bird, already falling out of favor even before fully expressing its fondness, held its wings and anxiously looked at him.

Chu Junyu sneered. “And I don’t like foolish things.”

The little yellow bird froze, its heart shattered, and a tear welled up in its eyes. It thought it had escaped from that jerk of an owner and found its true prince charming on this day! It was elated at the prospect of changing owners, only to realize that this person was an even bigger jerk.

Pei Jing was in the same predicament. He vividly remembered asking Chu Junyu about his opinion on Pei Yuzhi, and this person, fully aware of his identity, had still described him as “foolish.”

Not liking foolish things.

Pei Jing’s emotions were complicated as he glanced at the pitiful bird on the branch, on the verge of tears. Rarely did his conscience kick in, and he grasped its wing, taking it down and locking eyes with it. “Stop crying. Now you know how good I am to you, even though you’re foolish and afraid of death. I still bring you along every time I play.”

The little yellow bird, ungrateful as ever, opened its beak and directly bit his hand—what a joke! Clearly, it was up to no good, trying to shift blame onto someone else! It didn’t even spare a bird! A despicable creature!

Seizing the opportunity, it flew away, running as if pursued by ghosts.

“Hey, you wretched bird!” Pei Jing gritted his teeth and marched forward, determined to catch the bird and give it a good thrashing.


Chu Junyu watched them quarrel from behind.

However, the bird flew too swiftly and soon arrived in front of the main hall.

The enraged young man in white robes abruptly halted.

The palace stood with grandeur, adorned with blue tiles and white walls. Purple energy emanated from the sky, while the profound vitality of the Three Pure Ones pervaded endlessly. He was about to enter and meet the person inside as Yunxiao Sect Master Pei Yuzhi.

Pei Jing thought to himself, “You troublesome bird, I’ll let it slide this time.”

Instantly, his previously carefree demeanor vanished.

Basking in the serene moonlight, he stood as a peerless genius.

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