After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Feng Jin

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Pei Jing stared blankly and stammered, “You, you knew?”

When Chu Junyu looked at him closely, his eyes, tinged with a deep red color, seemed to hold a hint of affection. He nodded slowly, taking it seriously, “Yes.”

Pei Jing coughed awkwardly, realizing his own actions. His ears turned visibly red, and he spoke softly, “I…”

Chu Junyu calmly asked, “Is my opinion important to you?”

Pei Jing had argued with him about this topic more than once, according to his recollection.

“It didn’t matter before, but now it’s different.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt his gaze freeze. He wondered how he would answer if Chu Junyu pursued the topic. Why is it different now… because I think I might actually like you. His inner turmoil intensified, making his hands tremble. Pei Jing slightly regretted his words and turned his head away, thinking, “After all, you’re someone admired by millions of girls. Why am I behaving like an immature kid?”

Chu Junyu smiled briefly without saying anything. The pale yellow moonlight entered the room, casting a gentle white glow on the paper. He lifted his head slightly, his silver hair resembling snow, and his profile appeared cold and serious. His deep, distant gaze lingered beneath his long, thick lashes.

The paper sparked numerous discussions about Pei Yuzhi.

Someone said, “I had the chance to see him at the Yunxiao Sect gate. In the blossoming spring day, he gracefully descended from the sky, his hair adorned with flower petals. Truly, he was exceptionally elegant.”

Another person commented, “To experience even a moment with someone like him in the spring breeze would be enough contentment for a lifetime.” Someone else added, “You female cultivators have such confused thoughts, no wonder he doesn’t find you appealing.”

A person retorted, “Well, if he doesn’t like me, I wouldn’t go looking for you either.”

After exchanging heated words for a while.

Someone chimed in, “I genuinely wonder who will be his Dao companion centuries later.”

Beyond hundred of years, who would walk hand in hand with whom. Pei Jing avidly read until the last sentence, where he got a little lost in thought. He instinctively glanced at Chu Junyu, who seemed to be deep in contemplation.

Tapping the table, Pei Jing couldn’t help but daydream. The path of cultivation was long, but having someone to share the journey with might make every season in the future different. Tianqian Peak remained snow-covered throughout the year, especially in winter.

Changji Peak was ablaze with fiery maple leaves in autumn.

The suspension bridge offered a cool breeze in summer. And then… wait, what was he thinking? Snapping back to reality, Pei Jing slapped his forehead, his mouth helplessly tugging at the corner. What was going on? Had he been single for too long?

“Let’s go,” Chu Junyu suddenly said.

Pei Jing absentmindedly nodded, “Alright.”

Back at Tianqian Peak, on the cloud-covered corridor, Pei Jing couldn’t help but ask, “How’s your injury now? Have you fully recovered?”

Chu Junyu: “It’s fine.”

Pei Jing: “Once your injury is healed, will you leave?”

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze and responded, “Yes.”

Pei Jing hesitated to speak, and in the end, he stayed silent with frustration. He returned to the main hall of Tianqian Peak, which was empty and desolate. Sitting on the high seat, the candlelight on both sides flickered with a cold glow. Beside him, the little yellow bird slept soundly. The faint sound of the wind rustled his snowy white robes, tinged with a hint of pale blue, like a layer of icy blue gauze.

In the cold and lonely grand hall, a young man murmured with his head lowered, his words barely audible.

“If I have an inner demon… it must be you.”

Pei Jing had accumulated countless youthful thoughts about Chu Junyu, feeling dissatisfied. That was why he truly wanted to fight with Xiao Chen today, just to vent his frustration. As Xu Jing predicted, within three days, news of his duel with Xiao Chen had spread throughout Shangyang Peak. Even before dawn, people gathered at the arena in front of the Purple Bamboo Forest, bustling and eagerly awaiting the spectacle. After all, the two participants in the competition, both young, had already made a name for themselves on Shangyang Peak.

Among those who arrived out of curiosity were some Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters who had nothing better to do.

“Interesting. Losing and acknowledging one’s father, is this a new rule? Are we getting old?” They laughed heartily.

“Stop laughing. Any bets? Guess who will win?”

“Yes, yes! I bet on Xiao Chen. He’s the favored one with exceptional luck.”

“Count me in. That Zhang Yiming seems to have gained attention during the grand competition at Yinghui Peak, but it’s just a temporary breakthrough. I don’t trust his abilities.”

“I also bet on Xiao Chen.”

These words drifted to the ears of Pei Jing, who arrived later.

He clicked his tongue and muttered, “A bunch of blind speculators.”

Xu Jing became serious. “You better think it through and not lose too embarrassingly.” He thought Zhang Yiming would be diligently cultivating and practicing swordsmanship in his cave for these three days. Xu Jing even sent him the carefully prepared Purple Bamboo Shoot Soup to ease his nerves. But to his surprise, the cave was empty! Xu Jing couldn’t help but ask, “Where have you been these past three days?”

Pei Jing: “Obviously, I had important matters to attend to. I’ve been busy, as I’ve mentioned.”

Xu Jing: “What important matters could you possibly have? But, what about Brother Chu? I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. Is he still out on his journey? Weren’t you two supposed to go together? Why did you come back alone?”

Pei Jing truly dreaded hearing Chu Junyu’s name. Before, he thought Chu Junyu had a secret crush on him, and he didn’t know how to respond. But now, he realized that he had developed feelings for Chu Junyu, but he wasn’t sure about Chu Junyu’s thoughts and feelings.

But today, we’re here to fight and be father and son. Don’t think about love and romance for now.

He pulled Xu Jing’s sleeve and raised his chin towards the crowd. “Quickly join them and bet a few hundred spiritual stones on me winning. Today is the day to get rich.”

Xu Jing widened his eyes in horror and said, “Are you crazy, or am I just foolish? Although our relationship is good, it doesn’t mean I’ll bankrupt myself for you.”

Pei Jing pushed him playfully and laughed lazily, “You must have misunderstood me. Don’t worry, I don’t even care about someone like Xiao Chen.”

Xu Jing broke free from his grasp and squinted his eyes. “So confident, huh?”

“Are you joking with the most handsome guy of Yunxiao?”

Xu Jing’s mouth twitched. What a load of rubbish, the so-called most handsome guy of Yunxiao, more like the most shameless one.

Meanwhile, at the same time.

Wenqing Peak.

As soon as Chen Xu stepped outside, he sensed something was amiss.

Fluttering sounds filled the air as birds took off from the branches. He looked up and saw birds swirling in the forest, obscuring the sky, creating a magnificent scene of celebration and auspiciousness. The feathers of the birds emitted a radiant glow, sparkling and transparent. The chorus of hundreds of birds echoed, creating a roaring symphony. From a distance, it appeared dreamlike and enchanting.

The junior disciple following behind him exclaimed, “Peak Master, what is this?”

Chen Xu gazed at a point in the void, gathered his sleeves, and said, “What else could it be? Debt collectors have arrived.”

Feng Jin’s character was subject to various evaluations from the outside world, and many even deified him.

Second on the Wentian Rankings, a phoenix reincarnated.

Three thousand flames of karma, reborn through spiritual awakening.

In the words passed down among the cultivation world, “Relic Buddha’s Heart, Phoenix Eyes” referred to him and Wu Sheng.

The Five Champions of the World, each with a vastly different appearance.

The Blooming Green Flowers in a Pool of Blood, the future ruler of Yingzhou Island, her graceful figure hidden in the dreams of male cultivators. Her fingers were delicate, and her ankles slender. The golden bells tinkled softly as she walked. Her red skirt fluttered in the depths of the bamboo forest, resembling a cherry blossom kissed by rain.

The Blue Butterflies born from Ivory Bones. This young master, who had secluded himself in the Ghost Realm for a long time, carried a mysterious and eerie aura. Clad in a blue robe with black cuffs, he constantly surrounded himself with the aura of death, exuding frailty and weakness. As for Relic Buddha’s Heart, needless to say, he was the most renowned Buddhist disciple, with his heart made of relics and eyes veiled by silk, dressed in a golden-white monk’s robe and holding a Zen staff. Wherever he went, all things bloomed with spring, and evil spirits devoutly paid their respects.

The latter two, “Phoenix Eyes” and “One Sword Soaring through the Frost of Wuwang Peak,” had the most legends and popular folktales associated with them.

After all, among the first three, one was a female, another was a young master who only fancied the dead, and the third was a monk untainted by the six desires of the mortal realm. Among the Five Champions, the ones most often speculated upon are Feng Jin and Pei Yuzhi.

In the hearts of the people, Pei Yuzhi was the alpine flower that existed in the distant heavens, adorned in a snowy robe and silver sword, with jet-black hair and eyes that frosted everything they beheld.

On the other hand, Feng Jin was the epitome of another extreme, resembling a playful emperor who exuded charm and allure. With his devilish and bewitching nature, even a single smile could impregnate a woman.

Originally, they each had their own group of admirers. However, one day, rumors spread about Pei Yuzhi’s disinterest in the fairer sex. In the extreme despair of young maidens, their hearts twisted with distorted thoughts. Coincidentally, Feng Jin favored the earthly pleasures and luxuries, so the contrasting colors of white and red brought them together, providing some solace to the girls.

Chen Xu had the “privilege” of coming across such novels, nearly gouging out his own eyes and questioning the purpose of life itself. In these novels, Pei Yuzhi was portrayed as an aloof and taciturn immortal, blushing at the slightest provocation. Feng Jin, on the other hand, was depicted as a deranged lunatic, constantly seeking to make Pei Yuzhi blush. They loved and fought each other, their affections and conflicts intertwining, with their celestial union arranged by the Wentian Rankings.

He believed that if the people involved were to read these novels, the first one to go insane would be Feng Jin. The Institute of Celestial Ascension’s Wentian Peak could be excused, but if he had to be tied to Pei Yuzhi for the rest of his life, this Phoenix Emperor, who had not even lived a thousand years, would choose to undergo another rebirth.

After all, reality was completely opposite. Pei Yuzhi was not taciturn but rather talkative, and not only that but also quite deserving of a good scolding. Feng Jin’s laughter wasn’t charming, only twisted, and harbored ill intentions. Furthermore, only Pei Yuzhi could make Feng Jin blush. When these comparisons were made, one couldn’t fathom the extent of devastation that would befall the admirers of these two individuals if they were to learn the truth.

Wenqing Peak, with its exquisite beauty and enchanting aura, was best known for its magnificent Rainbow Bridge, spanning between two peaks, with surging clouds and mist, and beside it, crimson birch trees blazed like fire, casting a cold mist that gave rise to rainbows.

Chen Xu stepped onto the Rainbow Bridge, and the junior disciple beside him trembled, looking around anxiously. “Peak Master, who are we going to meet?” For someone to be received by the Master of Wenqing Peak on the Rainbow Bridge, their identity couldn’t be ordinary.

Chen Xu replied coolly, “We’re going to meet our Sect Master Pei’s old flame.”

The disciple was so frightened that his feet slipped, nearly causing him to fall off the Rainbow Bridge. Clinging to the bridge’s railing, his voice trembled even more as he stammered, “Peak Master, th-th-this.”

At the end of the Rainbow Bridge, a laughter rang out, with a cool and charming tone, truly resembling a wealthy young master who dallied with flowers and grass in the mortal realm.

“I heard Pei Yuzhi has become the Sect Master?”

Emerging from the Crimson Birch Forest, the person wore deep red robes adorned with exquisite golden phoenix embroideries, the workmanship of which was truly extraordinary. The wide hem of the robe trailed through the iridescent clouds of the rainbow.

Perched on his shoulder was a small red bird that had grown plumper. The sleepy Phoenix Clan divine beast, who only perked up upon entering Yunxiao, had jet-black eyes that rolled around, looking everywhere. It still enjoyed being here, as long as it hadn’t encountered the person who had cast a shadow over its childhood.

The junior disciple following behind Chen Xu stared in a daze at the approaching figure. The person who walked leisurely from the other end of the Rainbow Bridge had a golden crown atop bis flowing hair, adorned in magnificent attire that exuded an air of nobility and laziness. His smiling peach blossom eyes, reminiscent of someone passionate, caused the disciple to instantly lower his head in fear.

Feng Jin said, “Tsk, are all the disciples of your peak so timid? I thought they would be shameless like Pei Yuzhi.”

The junior disciple immediately raised his head, face flushed with a dignified air—how dare he insult Senior Brother Pei!

Chen Xu wasn’t particularly eager to meet this former classmate. He was fortunate enough to have ranked tenth in the Trial of Challenging the Heavens, which spared him from being bound to this group of people. After all, out of these five individuals, except for Wu Sheng, none of them were normal.

Giving a signal for the junior disciple to step back, Chen Xu asked, “You seem so delighted, did you break through to Nascent Soul?”

Feng Jin smiled faintly and said, “It’s coming soon. Do you know what I thought when I received the letter?”

Chen Xu: “You don’t have to say it.” It couldn’t be anything good, anyway.

Feng Jin: “I heard that Pei Yuzhi has taken on the role of Sect Master. I can’t help but worry for Yunxiao, even from afar in the Fengqiu Palace.”

Chen Xu conveyed Pei Yuzhi’s words to him, “Interestingly enough, Pei Yuzhi has always believed that the recent disturbances caused by demons and monsters near Yunxiao are the result of your Phoenix Clan refugees.”


Chen Xu, eager for the two to clash, replied, “He claims that with you in power, it’s normal for the Bird Clan to live in dire straits, and even accepting demonic influences.”

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