After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 66 Part 2

Chapter 66.2 Feng Jin

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The air turned momentarily cold, and Feng Jin’s smile grew chilling, “Where is he?”

Chen Xu had initially planned to take him to Tianqian Peak but suddenly remembered that Pei Yuzhi had mentioned today’s competition with an Outer Peak disciple on Shangyang Peak. Chen Xu felt annoyed by Pei Yuzhi’s bullying behavior and found it difficult to voice his thoughts.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll find him myself.”

Chen Xu sighed inwardly and spoke earnestly, “Yunxiao is not the Institute of Celestial Ascension. If you engage in a fight and harm innocent people, even if I report it to the Institute’s ancestors and Senior Feng, I won’t spare you.” He had always been a bit of a nagging mother.

Feng Jin understood and regained his aristocratic demeanor. “Rest assured. As long as he doesn’t provoke me.”

He, in his noble and lofty position, traveled thousands of miles to Yunxiao. He didn’t come looking for trouble, of course, nor was he there to help Pei Yuzhi solve any problems. His purpose was to investigate his cultivation. He had already made up his mind to secure the top spot in the next Trial.

Chen Xu replied coldly, “Does it matter whether he provokes you or not?”

Anyway, you explode at the slightest provocation.

Feng Jin smiled at Chen Xu. He was the new emperor with a good temperament for now.

As they approached Shangyang Peak, the red bird on Feng Jin’s shoulder suddenly ruffled its feathers, chirping and becoming irritable. It flapped its wings, wanting to fly forward, but being lazy and gluttonous by nature, it ended up curling itself into a ball. It flew up and down, clumsily adorable, even more useless than the little yellow bird on Tianqian Peak.

Feng Jin couldn’t bear to look directly at it and tugged its tail with a raised eyebrow. “What are you in such a hurry for?”

The red bird flapped its tiny wings in all directions, its eyes wide.

Feng Jin suddenly realized and laughed, “Oh, it’s an old enemy.”

The Purple Bamboo Forest of Shangyang Peak could be seen from afar.

It appeared like a purple mist from a distance.

Feng Jin: “What is he doing on Shangyang Peak?”

Chen Xu pondered for a moment and carefully chose a pleasant explanation, “He’s testing the skills of the disciples under his sect.”

Feng Jin thought that this was a great opportunity to assess his current level of cultivation.

Xiao Chen had already been standing on the platform for a while.

Before Pei Jing stepped up, Xu Jing secretly handed him a candy. Pei Jing looked down and exclaimed, “How did you know I like eating candy?”

Xu Jing worriedly replied, “I noticed back in the Yunlan Mountain Range that you have a sweet tooth. I bought some extra at the market last time, and I brought it for you today. Don’t worry, just relax.” Pei Jing peeled open the candy wrapper with his fingers and popped the candy into his mouth, smiling. “Are you really not going to place a bet? This is a chance to strike it rich. Don’t regret it later.” Xu Jing snorted. “You better go up there now.”

There were no drums or fanfare, but as Xiao Chen stepped onto the stage, coupled with the sea of people in the audience, countless pairs of eyes watching, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Xiao Chen had grown quite sturdy, with his clothes seemingly fluttering without any wind, and a smug smile on his lips. In contrast, Pei Jing’s entrance seemed rather ordinary. It was even less impressive than when he was on Yinghui Peak, displaying a sign that read, “Only seeking for one defeat.”

Chewing on his candy, Pei Jing leisurely rolled up his sleeves, revealing his smooth wrists.

The youth wore a simple and rough gray-brown coarse cloth robe. It was Zhang Yiming’s usual attire, whether for convenience or out of habit. His hair was also simple, casually tied up with a grass rope. Such dressing might seem shabby on an ordinary person, but because he had always been like this, people were starting to consider it the appearance of a hidden genius.

Xiao Chen gritted his teeth, unable to stand his nonchalant attitude. “Let’s see how long you can remain relaxed!”

Pei Jing’s mouth was filled with sweetness, and so was his mood. “Of course, I’ll remain relaxed even when I become a father. I won’t need weapons to take care of you.”

As soon as those words were spoken, a wave of commotion swept through the crowd. Everyone below the stage was stunned.

“Is Zhang Yiming really that arrogant?”

A person from Yinghui Peak spoke up, “He has always been that arrogant.”

Someone chimed in, “No, I think he’s just putting on a show so that his defeat won’t be too embarrassing.”

“That makes sense! I think that’s it.”

“Little do he know, it only makes him more ridiculous.”

Xu Jing sighed with a troubled expression on his face.

Xiao Chen was so infuriated that he drew his sword and thrust it forward, “What are you pretending for! Today, you will be defeated by my hand!”

Pei Jing finished eating the candy and in the instant that Xiao Chen thrust his attack, he made his move.

Looking up, the air around Shangyang Peak instantly solidified.

The Purple Bamboo Forest frosted over, the water element in the air trembled and stiffened. Even the wind in the world seemed to be trapped in one place.

The onlookers were puzzled, unable to comprehend what was happening.

The anticipated clash of blades and dodging maneuvers, the back-and-forth exchanges of attacks—before absolute strength, they all paled in comparison.

Xiao Chen’s sword didn’t even manage to strike out. His hands and feet turned icy cold, his eyes widened in a seething rage and fury. That bastard Zhang Yiming! After causing him so much trouble, must he embarrass him once again in front of everyone’s eyes?

The dormant green flames within his dantian blazed fiercely. A bluish-green light emanated from his entire being. The flames dispelled the cold, but before Xiao Chen could rejoice, his mind suddenly became chaotic and pale. Within his mind, he saw a pair of cold green bird eyes, devoid of any emotion or desire.

“Aaaaah!” He suddenly let out a skyward roar. Then, his eyes were enveloped in strands of green, spreading across the whites of his eyes, horrifyingly intense.

The onlookers were on edge. “The opportunity he has obtained is unexpectedly powerful.”

Pei Jing was waiting for him to unleash the green fire from within his body.

Others couldn’t see it, but Pei Jing could clearly see that Xiao Chen had fallen into a frenzied state, his eyes brimming with a murderous intent, like a madman.

“Die!” He suddenly leaped into the air, his face contorted to the extreme, gripping his long sword, its edge ablaze, directly aiming for Pei Jing’s throat.

Pei Jing tilted his head back, the smile on his lips fading away, as he extended his hand, blending together a vast, icy blue spiritual power.

Gathering the elements of heaven and earth, it coalesced into a spear.

As Xiao Chen approached with a grim and monstrous expression on his face, Pei Jing’s spear pointed forward, piercing through Xiao Chen’s head, aiming straight at the empty sky behind him.

The onlookers below gasped, their eyes wide with astonishment and terror.

What was Zhang Yiming doing!

Xu Jing turned away, not wanting to witness a gruesome scene, but it suddenly dawned on him—Xiao Chen wanted his life! In an instant, his body and mind turned cold. Xu Jing’s face turned pale as he shouted loudly, “Zhang Yiming!” hoping to snap him out of it.

Panic ensued among everyone because if Xiao Chen’s sword pierced through his throat, it would undoubtedly result in a fatality. Within Yunxiao, this was a great taboo. Several Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters at the Foundation Establishment Stage rushed forward, attempting to intervene, but a mass of green flames enclosed the arena, blocking them off.

Fear gripped the hearts and souls of the onlookers, but the gruesome scene they imagined—blood splattering on the spot—didn’t unfold.


The sword fell from Xiao Chen’s hand, while his body remained suspended in mid-air.

Suddenly, an explosion-like sound echoed through the air, a piercing scream of a bird-like beast that everyone could hear.

Pei Jing’s spear struck the phantom behind Xiao Chen.

Only he could see it—the colossal azure bird.

The bird had an incredibly long beak, flowing azure feathers with flickering flames, wings spread like the wind, and a massive and ferocious body. Deep within its eyes lay intense resentment and bloodlust.

Pei Jing had gone through great efforts to lure it out, and he didn’t plan on letting it disappear just like that. He retrieved a small, delicate white jade bottle from his sleeve and, with a flick of his finger, gently sucked the phantom of the azurr bird into the bottle, as if lifting his hand casually to others’ eyes.

The heatwave dissipated, and the turmoil settled. Xiao Chen, in a dazed state, collapsed to the ground, lost and confused. Seeing this, Xu Jing was the first to rush forward. “Zhang Yiming, are you alright?” Several Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters in the audience also hurried over, their faces filled with concern.

Pei Jing held the jade bottle, and to his surprise, the Soul-Capturing Crystal Bottle in his hand felt warm. It seemed that this creature had an extraordinary origin.

He turned his head and smiled at everyone. “I’m fine.”

Then, he glanced at Xiao Chen kneeling on the ground and continued, “But it seems my son is not doing well. I kindly request all of you to take care of him.”

Xu Jing: “……”

Others: “……”

Xiao Chen felt as if he had just experienced a nightmare. The dream was filled with fire that burned his internal organs, causing intense pain. And then, a pair of bird’s eyes dominated his mind. Since returning from Crescent Moon Forest and discovering the strangeness within his body, he hadn’t seriously considered it. He believed it was a heavenly opportunity that aided his cultivation and led to continuous progress. It was only when Zhang Yiming forced out that flame, putting his life in peril, that he realized… it was a hidden danger lurking inside him.

Pei Jing had something to ask Xiao Chen, but given his current state, it was not the right time to inquire.

“Kind-hearted individuals, please assist my son in resting for a while. I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave.”

Xu Jing reached out from behind. “Hey.”

The onlookers were at a loss for words, now beginning to recall what had just happened. However, no matter how they reminisced, everything seemed off. What exactly had occurred just now? When Xiao Chen thrust his sword downward, it felt as if time had frozen.

The young man leaped off the platform like the wind. And as Pei Jing turned his head slightly, he saw two figures beyond the Purple Bamboo Forest. Chen Xu.

There was also someone dressed in red, Feng Jin.

The red bird perched on Feng Jin’s shoulder had been chirping incessantly and looking fierce upon seeing Pei Jing. But the moment the phantom of the green bird appeared, it froze and settled down, wearing a comical expression of deep contemplation on its round face.

Feng Jin: “Pei Yuzhi has fallen so low that he’s resorting to bullying Qi Gathering Stage kids to boost his confidence?”

Chen Xu: “……”

Even if his appearance and figure had changed, Feng Jin could still recognize Pei Yuzhi at a glance. After all, that kind of youthful arrogance and unruly temperament emanated from his very core. Whether he was clad in white robes, wielding a jade sword, or donned in gray-brown coarse clothes with his hair tied up with a grass rope, it was all the same.

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