After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 68

Chapter 68.1 Awakening

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After Pei Jing listened to his words, he took the white jade bottle and inside was a calm, pure azure feather. It seemed like a soul was sleeping in it. “So, you mean the missing Queen Mother of the West and the young clan leader are causing trouble in Yunxiao?”

Feng Jin snapped out of his memories, his face looking unpleasant. For him, as a Phoenix, the extermination of the Azure Bird Clan was a painful experience. “I’m not sure, but I need to find Qingying. She’s the last descendant of the Azure Bird Clan.”

Pei Jing raised an eyebrow, his expression becoming more serious. He initially thought they were dealing with a defected demonic cultivator from the Phoenix Clan, but it turned out to be connected to many other things. The mention of the Queen Mother of the West alone was shocking. After all, she was an ancient deity, a figure from the same era as Yunxiao’s founder. Even with the cycle of reincarnation, their power wouldn’t weaken much.

Chen Xu pondered for a moment and spoke, “But recently, the deceased have been found with their bodies opened and their organs missing. Does the Azure Bird Clan resort to cannibalism?”

Feng Jin became displeased upon hearing this. “What do you mean by resorting to cannibalism? Even if the Azure Bird Clan is in decline, they wouldn’t stoop so low, especially not the young clan leader.”

Pei Jing interrupted their conversation and asked, “Did you manage to find out the truth about what happened in the Western Kunlun Mountains back then?”

The Western Kunlun Mountains were brutally attacked overnight, and it was no small matter. The leader of the Azure Bird Clan had at least reached the Nascent Soul cultivation level, with a mountain peak guarded by a powerful Nascent Soul cultivator. The fact that this place could be destroyed in an instant indicated the arrival of a disastrous event.

Feng Jin remained silent for a long time before speaking, “Everyone in the Western Kunlun Mountains died due to a sudden gust of wind.”

“A gust of wind?”

“The trees in the Western Kunlun Mountains were snapped, and the houses crumbled. The Azure Bird Clan members lying on the ground had their organs crushed by the wind. Moreover, in ancient times, the Queen Mother of the West had the ability to… ” He paused and continued, “control the Yin energy of the Human Realm, the wind of creation.”

Pei Jing grasped the meaning. “Are you saying that the Queen Mother of the West is responsible for the annihilation of the Azure Bird Clan?”

Feng Jin didn’t speak.

Pei Jing also found it hard to believe. They had lived peacefully together for thousands of years, so why would the Queen Mother of the West suddenly attack the Azure Bird Clan? According to Feng Jin, when the Queen Mother of the West failed in her reincarnation and became a powerless individual, the Azure Bird Clan had taken care of her and treated her kindly.

At that moment, a faint light emanated from the azure feather inside the jade bottle, capturing everyone’s attention.

The dim, azurr light was delicate and soft, similar to a dying person’s faint plea.

“Chirp!” The red-eyed bird perched on Feng Jin’s shoulder suddenly sensed something and let out a cry. It clumsily flew forward, its small claws gripping the edge of the bottle.

It lowered its head, its eyes fixated on the azure feather inside the bottle.

The divine beast of the Phoenix Clan was born from the Nirvana Fire, emerging from the pinnacle of the sacred palace’s wutong tree alongside the Phoenix itself. While Feng Jin’s memories were completely wiped clean, the red-eyed bird, in its animal form, retained some fragments. It could be said that Crimson Iris understood more than what Feng Jin was capable of comprehending.

“Chirp, chirp.”

Faint glimmers flickered as the azure feather weakly responded to it, devoid of the earth-shattering hostility it initially possessed.

Crimson Iris stared for a long time, its wings drooping, as if filled with sadness. After exchanging words with the azure feather, it turned its head, revealing moist, pitch-black eyes. It hopped onto Feng Jin’s palm, letting out a couple of chirps before tears started trickling down.

Feng Jin frowned. “What did it tell you?”

Crimson Iris let out a mournful cry.

As Feng Jin listened, his amber eyes widened in surprise.

Pei Jing tilted his head. “What did it say?”

Feng Jin’s expression became complex, a mixture of absent-mindedness and bewilderment. “It said, ‘I’m sorry.'”

“I’m sorry.”

Pei Jing redirected his gaze to the feather inside the bottle.

It contained a trace of spiritual essence and soul, originating from the last remaining Azure Bird bloodline in the Western Kunlun Mountains.

With their people perishing and scattered in a foreign land, this child, bearing numerous scars, stood before the Phoenix—the person it was closest to and trusted the most—and the first words it said were an apology.

Crimson Iris cried, filled with sorrow.

Feng Jin offered it some consolation, his previously carefree demeanor giving way to a grave expression. “Lead me to your disciple.”

“That was my intention.”

Xiao Chen knelt inside the grand hall of the Shangyang Palace, still feeling lost. Ever since his confrontation with Zhang Yiming in the martial arts competition, he had been in a daze for a long time. His mind was filled with bizarre and fragmented images, unable to piece together a complete picture. The ground beneath him was cold, polished like a mirror. The Master of Shangyang Peak stood at the side, his gaze complex, as if waiting for someone.

Xiao Chen’s heart and mind were still in turmoil, growing increasingly uneasy. However, in the presence of the Peak Master, he felt a sense of trepidation and dared not inquire about his purpose.

Then, he heard the Peak Master’s respectful voice, “Senior Brother Pei.”

The sun was setting, casting a warm glow throughout the Shangyang Palace. As someone walked in from outside the hall, their aura dispersed the brilliance of the sunset, exuding a coolness similar to the moon.

Xiao Chen abruptly turned his head, as if a bucket of cold water had been mercilessly poured over him, chilling him to the bone. Shocked to the point where his breath halted, he stood motionless.

Pei Jing nodded to the Peak Master, then strode forward.

Xiao Chen’s mouth hung open, his heart pounding in his throat.

Then, he saw the corner of Senior Brother Pei’s snowy white robe come to a stop right before his eyes.

“Xiao Chen.”

Rumored to be the cold and aloof top-ranked individual of the Tianqian Peak, his words matched the description—icy and distant.

“Tell me everything you heard and saw in the Crescent Moon Forest.”

Xiao Chen couldn’t even fathom why Pei Yuzhi would know the name of an insignificant person like himself. The mere mention of the words “Crescent Moon Forest” had already caused his entire head to throb—staggering, he clasped his head, painfully bowing down.

Chen Xu and Feng Jin also stepped forward.


The little red bird, Crimson Iris, opened its eyes and let out a questioning and tentative chirp.

When it came to matters concerning the bird clan, this adorable-looking divine beast played a significant role.

Xiao Chen’s pupils suddenly contracted, the whites of his eyes widening as the torment inflicted by the spirit of the Azure Bird eased. The events of that night started to come back to him clearly, fragmented and bewildering. He began to speak in bits and pieces.

“On that day, I went to the Crescent Moon Forest to gather Mist Shadow Grass. I forgot to mark my way and got lost in the mountains. I couldn’t find my way out until it was already evening. The Crescent Moon Forest is devoid of any light at night. I placed my basket under a tree, planning to rest for the night and search for the path in the daylight. However, in the middle of the night, I suddenly heard an extremely mournful cry of a bird.”

As he spoke, Xiao Chen’s face turned deathly pale. The sights he had witnessed that day had left an indelible shadow on his soul.

“From deep within the forest, there emanated a visible stream of azure-colored energy, intensely hot. The entire forest was bathed in a pale blue light. And then, I saw it too—coiled around the tree I was resting on, there was a gigantic python. The commotion had startled the snake, causing it to slither towards me. I was so frightened that I abandoned my basket and ran towards the source of the light. And then… I saw it.”

Xiao Chen’s voice rose abruptly, “A large bird of azure color, over three meters tall, an enormous bird. It stood in the clearing at the heart of the forest, drenched in blood, its eyes also filled with blood, its neck strained as it cried out in despair.

“The light was too dazzling, and I couldn’t see clearly. But the closer I got to that bird, the stronger the terrifying power became. The bird’s body contorted, and there was a person standing on its back, using a long whip to strangle its neck. I was terrified and dared not make a sound. The bird was strangled to death, and its body exploded after death, blood and flesh splattering everywhere. Some of it even landed on me. I don’t know if that person noticed me. I ran in the opposite direction as if I had gone mad. The ground trembled, and I stumbled, rolling in front of a cave. The cave was damp, but I didn’t have time to care. I continued running forward. Finally, I discovered that the end of the cave led to a waterfall. I passed through the waterfall and arrived inside Zhongnan Peak.”

That night, starting from when he got lost, was nothing short of a nightmare for him. After recounting everything, Xiao Chen was drenched in cold sweat. Ever since returning to Yunxiao, he had avoided discussing this matter, fearing it would lead to trouble. Now, he felt a chilling sensation all over his body.

Feng Jin, suppressing his anger, asked, “Could you see who that person was?”

Xiao Chen was at a loss. “That person had their back turned to me, so I couldn’t see… but…” A look of fear appeared on Xiao Chen’s face, “In the end, it seemed like they turned around. A mask! They were wearing a mask!”

All their conjectures had been confirmed.

Pei Jing took a deep breath and spoke, “Was it a woman’s face?”

Recalling the mask of the Thousand-Faced Woman he had found in the Yunlan Mountain Range, he added, “Smudged with rouge, lips bright red, eyes closed?”

Xiao Chen’s pupils contracted into tiny dots, and he let out a cry of agony.

Finally, everything became clear. The root of his nightmares. In the depths of the forest, where blood and feathers scattered, where moonlight couldn’t penetrate the darkness.

The person in the air suddenly turned their head, a woman’s face with a sinister smile amidst the bloodstains.

Pei Jing looked at him writhing on the ground and turned to the Peak Master of Shangyang. “You take him down to rest first. I’ll go check on Ji Wuyou.”

The Peak Master of Shangyang nodded. “Alright.”

After giving the instructions, Pei Jing walked directly outside the Shangyang Hall and motioned for Feng Jin to follow. “Come with me.”

Upon learning about the tragic death of the azure bird, Feng Jin trembled with anger, wishing to tear the evil person into a thousand pieces.

This visit to Yunxiao was not in vain. He must make that person pay for their blood debt!

Following Pei Jing out, Feng Jin asked, “Do you know something?”

Pei Jing walked confidently towards the room where Ji Wuyou was in a deep slumber.

“I do, but the time is not yet right.”

He had been pondering the main storyline of “Executioner’s Sword” ever since he transmigrated to the present.

After the awakening of Ji Wuyou, what twists and turns would the plot take?

At this point in time, he found himself in the early stages of the protagonist’s enlightenment, where two significant events occurred—Shangyang Peak being subjected to mistreatment by others and Pei Yuzhi taking him as a disciple.

Now, inexplicably plunged into a deep coma, the plot had taken an unexpected turn. Pei Jing had anticipated this and foreseen it, for he was a variable in the grand scheme of things.

Ever since he made contact with Ji Wuyou under the guise of Zhang Yiming, the slightest deviation had sent the entire trajectory into chaos. But the plot had to change—otherwise, Pei Yuzhi’s fate would be a tragic end, leaving no trace of his existence.

Pei Jing’s expression grew solemn, reflecting the weight of the situation.

The threads of the Thousand-Faced Woman, Shu Yan, and the Queen Mother of the West were intricately intertwined, encompassing the Phoenix Clan, Yingzhou, and extending to Yunxiao and Tianyan City. It was like an enormous web stretching across the heavens and earth, with the mastermind hidden above the clouds.

The only certainty at this moment was Ji Wuyou.

The power system in this world—the Celestial Demon Race—was the strongest and most enigmatic, with roots tracing back to ancient times. Ji Wuyou, as the protagonist, would ultimately become entangled in all the unfolding events.

Even a trace of the Celestial Demon’s aura could obliterate him as an infant. Being a true descendant of the Celestial Demon, Ji Wuyou’s potential for immense power was unimaginable.

Regardless of the circumstances, Ji Wuyou’s awakening was an absolute necessity.

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