After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Azure Bird Clan

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Everyone’s attention followed Zhang Yiming, so it was only natural that they noticed the two men standing ten meters away amidst the falling purple leaves.

Their clothes billowed in the wind, displaying an extraordinary grace, hinting at their immense power.

The group of people gasped in surprise. They were young and inexperienced. It was their first time encountering such remarkable individuals, leaving them profoundly amazed.

The restless little red bird on Feng’s shoulder flapped its wings and let out furious cries, intensifying the envy of their adversaries.

Pei Jing didn’t want to acknowledge them there. He glanced at the plump red bird, and its defiant gaze made the divine beast so angry that it began biting its own wings.

Pei Jing walked and asked, “What brings you to Shangyang Peak?”

Chen Xu sighed and said, “Can you please refrain from being so impulsive next time?”

Pei Jing glanced back and whispered, “Let’s not talk here.”

Saying that, he walked deeper into the Purple Bamboo Forest. Chen Xu had no choice but to follow.

Feng Jin watched the scene unfold, hoping to find some amusement at someone else’s expense. He teasingly said, “What’s the matter? Scared someone will recognize you?”

The proud and noble emperor of the Phoenix Clan immediately turned into a snarky and mean-spirited person when he encountered Pei Yuzhi.

Lazily chuckling, he said, “You dare to do it but won’t admit it. If I were your mentor, I’d kick you out, even if you were the Sect Master.”

The little red bird on his shoulder flapped its wings, standing by its owner’s side.

Pei Jing knew that this master and servant pair who came to Yunxiao couldn’t be trusted to speak honestly.

Outside the Purple Bamboo Forest, the cloud cranes floated in the air, behaving obediently, with a hint of excitement and fear in their demeanor.

After the cloud crane spread its wings and Pei Jing stood firmly on it, he turned to Feng Jin and said, “Is all your progress limited to your sharp tongue?”

Chen Xu shook his head and followed closely, intentionally positioning himself between the two of them. After all, if they started fighting, all 108 peaks of Yunxiao would suffer.

Feng Jin gracefully stepped onto the cloud crane, his robe flowing, and he smiled, “Of course, you’ve made more progress than me. I mean, even if you can’t advance to the Nascent Soul stage, there’s no need for you to stoop so low and bully disciples at the Qi Gathering stage.”

As soon as he got on, the cloud crane visibly trembled, feeling the power of the Master of the hundred birds. It felt an instinctual reverence deep inside, but managed to steady itself and flew towards Tianqian Peak.

Pei Jing casually remarked, “Why do you call it stooping so low?”

Feng Jin seized on a point and mocked with certainty, “Bullying the weak, doesn’t that violate the rules of your Yunxiao Sect? You really bring shame to your ancestors, Pei Yuzhi.”

“What defines strength and weakness, anyway?” Without waiting for Feng Jin’s reply, he continued,  “Actually, Little Brother,” Pei Jing smiled at him, his expression bright and kind, “In my eyes, you and him aren’t that different. Both are failed subordinates. The only distinction is that this young one showed humility and respect, choosing to recognize me as his master after losing, proclaiming himself my disciple for life and even calling me ‘father’ directly.”

Feng Jin: “……”

Pei Jing continued to fuel the fire, “Do you want to learn the magnanimity of our Yunxiao disciples? If you call me ‘father’ like he did, then I might reluctantly accept your challenge today.”

The air instantly froze, and the temperature dropped several degrees.

Tension mounted, ready to explode at any moment.

Chen Xu took a deep breath, stepping in between the two before Feng Jin could lose control. He addressed Feng Jin, “Your Majesty, have you forgotten what you promised me?”

By addressing him as “Your Majesty,” Chen Xu reminded Feng Jin to be mindful of his status. Yunxiao was not Fengqi Mountain nor the Institute of Celestial Ascension. Every action he took concerned the dignity of the Phoenix Clan.

Feng Jin suppressed his anger, letting out a dismissive laugh and swept his sleeves to the side, his face becoming as calm as water.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Xu glared at Pei Jing again. “If you’re so eager to be a father, why don’t you have a child yourself?”

Pei Jing: “……” He was unable to give birth, which was indeed a regret.

The three of them departed, leaving behind a trail of ever-changing legends. The onlookers in front of the Purple Bamboo Forest were dumbfounded. Someone murmured, “I haven’t seen that person in the red clothes before, but they are definitely not someone we can approach. And the one in the blue clothes, if I’m not mistaken, should be Chen Xu, the Master of the Wenqing Peak, one of the Inner Peaks.”

A peak master of one of the three main peaks. Everyone was wide-eyed and speechless, even Xu Jing was stunned.

“I always knew Zhang Yiming had connections… but I didn’t expect them to be this significant.”

“If he knows the Peak Master Chen Xu, then he might directly enter the Inner Peak.”


So, the person who was scorned as a social climber turned out to be a self-reliant and proactive second-generation immortal?

Pei Jing and Feng Jin were accustomed to arguing even at the Institute of Celestial Ascension, so after their confrontation, they couldn’t be bothered to dwell on it.

Feng Jin, still in a good mood, raised an eyebrow and admired the scenery of Tianqian Peak. “Everyone says that Tianqian Peak holds the central position of Yunxiao. It is said to be extremely desolate and cold, devoid of clouds. It seems to be true.”

Pei Jing also had an interest in teasing the chubby bird. “Hey, why did you get even fatter?”


The divine beast of the Phoenix Clan buried its head in its wings, sulking and ignoring everyone.

Feng Jin rolled his eyes. “Its name is Crimson Iris.”

“Crimson Iris? How about calling it Little Red?” Pei Jing, back in his original form, casually plucked a branch with flowers and poked Crimson Iris’ fluffy head. “It’s not easy for you to come to Yunxiao. How about I play matchmaker for you? I have a bird on this mountain too. It may be a bit foolish but endearing, and although it fears death, it lives a long life. You two might complement each other.”

Chen Xu: “……”

Feng Jin: “……”

The poor little divine beast raised its head, let out a few shrill cries to express its vehement disagreement—I! Do! Not! Agree!

Pei Jing threw away the thing in his hand. “You really don’t know how to appreciate kindness.”

The chubby little bird clutched a tuft of its owner’s hair, tears welling up in its eyes, crying and demanding to return to the Fengqiu Mountain. This place was too terrifying. The demon in front of it not only wanted to stew it for soup at their first meeting but now also wanted to strip it of its precious bird innocence. It wanted to go back.

Feng Jin sighed helplessly. “Do you know how heavy you are now? If you move again, I might accidentally drop you.”

The chubby bird: “…chirp.”

Its tears were all sucked back.

Pei Jing couldn’t help but laugh, and so did Chen Xu. At this moment, a little yellow bird happily picking fruits on a hilltop at Tianqian Peak probably had no idea that it almost got married off by its unscrupulous owner.

Upon returning to Tianqian Peak, Pei Jing subconsciously glanced in the direction of Wuya Pavilion, and the smile on his lips gradually faded.

What is Chu Junyu doing now? Is he nursing his injuries alone or sitting in solitude? Gazing into the deep clouds and the wind-blown snow?

He often had a sense that Chu Junyu isolated himself from the world, feeling especially lonely. This thought became even clearer when he became aware of his own feelings. Bit by bit, he recalled their past interactions—back then, the young man with light-colored eyes from Yinghui Peak seemed to always be like this, neither warm nor cold, silent and reserved.

He had no friends, never took the initiative to approach anyone, and throughout, he was the only one who spoke.

Solitary and indifferent, but not evoking pity or sympathy. Chu Junyu had a bearing that seemed to come from the depths of an abyss. Even now, Pei Jing didn’t believe that he needed companionship.

However, just because he didn’t need companionship didn’t mean he should back down.

Just like Pei Jing, who was now looking into the distance, contemplating the twists and turns of fate, in the cold wind that lingered around Wuya Pavilion, Chu Junyu stood by the window, silently gazing ahead.

The paper stained with blood at the fingertips turned into bluish-gray ashes, scattered by the wind, dissipating into the thin mist.

He counted the days, and it was soon—Thousand-Faced Woman, Shu Yan, the next one, within Yunxiao.

As the embodiment of the heavenly rules, the Heavenly Dao had control over all things in the world, yet he had limitations. In the previous life, he shattered the void and reversed the sun and moon, while she exhausted her spiritual power by reversing the flow of time. To protect Ji Wuyou’s path to becoming a deity, she could only split her divine soul, scattering it across the mortal realm, thus becoming what they called the “Judicator.”

She granted immense power to those who died in extreme resentment and hatred, allowing them to obtain immortality, struggling out of the abyss of blood, becoming the arbiters who decided the fates of others. What did she want to tell him? What was she trying to prove?

“They were all once you.” In the pitch-black world inside the jar, within the pure white light and shadows, the woman’s voice drifted with a sense of ethereal sorrow. “They have experienced all your despair, so they are the most qualified to judge you.”

The snowy white flower buds on the branches outside trembled, portraying a delicate and pitiful appearance. Fragments of letters from Tianyan City, destroyed in the air, fluttered around him like butterflies.

“Who has the authority to judge me?”

Chu Junyu extended his hand, the black sleeve falling slightly, his wrist resembling a jade-colored river winding through the darkness. His blood-red eyes appeared deep, mysterious, and almost demonic. His voice carried an elusive tone. “You are confident in leaving behind a part of your consciousness in the mortal realm? After I eradicate them one by one, Ji Wuyou, how long can you continue to live?”

His lips curved into a smile, but his tone was as cold as frost.

Suddenly, a wave of killing intent and chilling air startled a little yellow bird that was returning from afar with flowers and fruits. Its wings trembled, and the items it held in its beak fell with a clatter.

With widened eyes, the little bird chirped and flew downward, darting through the blooming flowers. Its feathers collected a heap of leaves and petals before finally rediscovering the fruit.

The fruit was lush and dripping with freshness as the little yellow bird flew towards Wuya Pavilion. It immediately spotted Chu Junyu standing by the window.

Flapping its wings, the bird ascended and perched on the window frame, presenting the fruit as if offering a treasure to Chu Junyu. Its round, large eyes brimmed with pride and a yearning for praise.

Chu Junyu lowered his head, allowing his drooping eyelashes to conceal his emotions.

Little Yellow Bird: “Chirp, chirp, chirp!” Its tail almost reached for the sky, obediently awaiting compliments.

Chu Junyu raised an eyebrow and said, “After spending so many years by Pei Yuzhi’s side, is all you’ve learned to seek praise?”

Little Yellow Bird: “?”

Chu Junyu murmured softly, “He spoils you too much.”

He even hesitated to touch the bird’s head with his hand, as it reminded him of its owner.

That person he knew well, but due to a long absence, the memory had faded, making them constantly surprising.

“Open your mouth, I’ll feed you something specially sweet.” A youth in the street of Yunlan City, who laughed and stuffed overly sugary candy near his lips. Within the treacherous depths of the forest, filled with lurking demons, he teased and taunted playfully, concluding with a mischievous remark, “Can’t you ugly ones be a bit braver?” Amidst the falling dusk rain, clutching a wooden plank, he leaped onto the platform, proclaiming, “Today, I seek nothing but one defeat. As long as you find me handsome, that’s enough.”

In his youthful recklessness and overconfidence, Pei Yuzhi possessed a playful and unknown side that he kept hidden deep within. As his soul sank into the abyss, blood rolled through the mire, and memories ceased amidst the swirling snowflakes. But when he encountered his younger self again, it remained pure and bright, illuminated despite the stains of blood.

He became slightly absent-minded.

Chu Junyu’s gaze lowered, and after a long pause, he muttered softly, “Perhaps I have indulged him too much.”

Inside the main hall, in front of the mirror, Pei Jing retrieved a small bottle.

Inside lay the formations left behind by ancestors who had long ascended. No matter how formidable this bird’s vengeful spirit might be, it did not dare to act recklessly. Pei Jing uncorked the bottle, and instantly a mournful and furious howl echoed throughout the grand hall.

The azure bird transformed, taking on a fearsome appearance. Just as it was filled with hatred and about to pounce on Pei Jing, a calm gaze seemed to penetrate destiny itself, stripping away its consciousness and leaving behind boundless sorrow.

It remained suspended in mid-air, its green pupils slightly lowered, meeting the gaze of a small round red bird that had yet to fully mature, with eyes as pitch-black and translucent as obsidian.

A fledgling that seemed as if it could be easily squeezed to death. At that moment, it willingly lowered its head, as if submitting to authority.

The little red bird believed it should exude a profound and dignified aura, so it straightened its wings against its body, standing with its tiny claws held upright.

Little did it know, this only made it appear more foolish. It seemed like it was trying to act cute.

Nevertheless, it didn’t rely on its appearance to showcase its dignity.

The spirit of the azure bird was clearly only a trace of its original consciousness. Under the awe-inspiring might of the phoenix, it let out another roar, filled with despair and desolation. Its anger dissipated, and its aura gradually weakened. The illusion vanished, then reformed, and after a dazzling flash of azure light, a flurry of feathers descended from the sky.

It possessed an exquisite shade of deep azure, radiating utmost splendor.

Feng Jin extended his hand, and the cluster of azure feathers landed in his palm, prompting an inscrutable expression on the young Phoenix Emperor’s face.

Chen Xu raised an eyebrow, surprised to discover that this matter truly involved the Phoenix Clan, located thousands of miles away. He said, “It must be someone from your clan. It has been responsible for countless killings near our Yunxiao territory. The reason we invited you here is because of it.” Pei Jing then pointed at the little red bird with his hand and asked, “Do you recognize it?” The Phoenix Clan’s little divine beast, as haughty as its master, tilted its head upward and let out a dismissive hum, ignoring them. Now it understands its purpose, didn’t it?

In contrast to the nonchalant attitude of the other three, Feng Jin spoke, his tone carrying a hint of gravity. “It is someone from my clan.”


Feng Jin sighed. “I never expected that the sole bloodline of the Azure Bird Clan, which was annihilated three hundred years ago in the Western Kunlun, would end up here.”

Pei Jing was taken aback. “Azure Bird Clan?”

And Western Kunlun? Wasn’t that the place where the Queen Mother of the West resided in mythological legends?

Feng Jin carefully placed the cluster of feathers back into the bottle and explained, “The ancestors of the Azure Bird Clan were descendants of Peacock Clan.”

“The nine offspring born from the phoenix include the Golden Phoenix, the Rainbow Phoenix, the Fire Phoenix, the Snow Phoenix, the Blue Phoenix, the Peacock, the Giant Roc, the Thunderbird, and the Great Wind. Among the nine offspring, the Peacock was the most beautiful and favored by the Phoenix. It possessed resplendent beauty and radiated iridescent colors. According to ancient texts, Buddha once had an encounter with it. When the Peacock was unable to defeat him, it grew furious and challenged him to a great battle beneath Kunlun Mountains. The Peacock displayed a ferocious temperament, attempting to swallow Buddha, but Buddha managed to break free from its back, intending to kill it. However, fearing the Phoenix’s anger and due to the persuasion of others, he relented and the battle ceased.

“However, after that, the Peacock Clan resided beneath the Kunlun Mountains for generations. The Azure Bird is a descendant of the Peacock. The original owner of the Western Kunlun, the Queen Mother of the West, bestowed kindness upon the ancestors of the Azure Bird Clan, and as a result, the clan revered her as their leader and settled in the Western Kunlun Mountains.”

Despite Feng Jin’s solemn words, Pei Jing still managed to deduce the cause and effect.

“So, he is your grandson. According to the hierarchy, you should be addressed as grandfather.”

Feng Jin: “……”

Gripping the bottle tightly, he raised his head in anger and roared, “Shut up and let me finish!”

Due to the impending discussion of the annihilation of the Azure Bird Clan, which was particularly heavy, Pei Jing’s expression also turned serious.

Feng Jin continued, “Whether it’s the Phoenix or the Queen Mother of the West, it’s all ancient history. Afterward, the ladder to the cultivation realm collapsed, spiritual energy declined, and ascending to the heavens became an arduous task, while godhood became an empty phrase. Following in the footsteps of my Phoenix ancestors, the Queen Mother of the West also began the cycle of reincarnation for generations. When I was very young, I visited the Western Kunlun Mountains.”

At this point, Feng Jin frowned, lost in thought. “That generation’s Queen Mother of the West seemed to have made some kind of mistake. She was a girl without any spiritual energy. Despite being a hundred years old, she still had the appearance of a seven or eight-year-old, unable to grow taller. Moreover, she was reluctant to speak. The leader of the Azure Bird Clan told me that she seemed to be mute.

“It’s quite ironic. The Queen Mother of the West depicted in murals, with graceful gestures and flowing robes, exuding elegance and nobility. But the reality after reincarnation was a frail, ugly, timid girl who was afraid of people.

“Out of gratitude for the past kindness and filled with heartache, the Azure Bird Clan searched the mortal realm for extraordinary treasures to nurture her spiritual roots. They took great care of her but achieved no results. That girl seemed cursed and died prematurely. Before long, the reincarnated Queen Mother of the West was born on the lotus platform.”

Feng Jin said in a deep voice, “Another girl without spiritual roots.”

Pei Jing furrowed his brow.

Feng Jin continued, “In the last letter from the leader of the Azure Bird Clan, he mentioned that this newly born Queen Mother of the West had a stranger temperament than before. There were even signs of her falling into demonic cultivation. What frightened people the most was that her maidservant discovered bird bones beneath her pillow.”

Chen Xu raised his voice, “Bird bones?!”

Feng Jin nodded and said, “Yes. And at that time, coincidentally, several members of the Azure Bird Clan mysteriously disappeared.”

Pei Jing: “It seems she has truly fallen into demonic cultivation.”

Feng Jin: “Three hundred years ago, I was still young, and the elders of the clan informed me about the situation but forbade me from intervening. However, about a month later, I heard the news of the Azure Bird Clan’s annihilation. The Western Kunlun Mountains withered, blood flowed like rivers, and corpses covered the ground. The Peacock Clan leader, in great anger and sorrow, made corresponding inquiries and discovered that two individuals were missing from the deceased. One was the Queen Mother of the West, and the other was the then young leader of the Azure Bird Clan. If I recall correctly, her name was… Qingying.”

Qingying. A beautiful and gentle girl’s name.

Feng Jin fell into contemplation once again. “I saw her a few times. She appeared much weaker compared to the previous leaders of the Azure Bird Clan. She possessed inherited power but failed to awaken it, and as the clan leader, she was timid like a young girl from the mortal world. Many in the clan resented her for her lack of progress. Perhaps that’s why she became close to the Queen Mother of the West.”

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