After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 69 Part 2

Chapter 69.2 Accepting disciples

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Immortal Xuhan, with a profound meaning in his words, said, “Is that so? Nature cannot be definitively judged. Many times, right and wrong can be reversed in an instant. It doesn’t matter if his inherent nature is good or evil, or what it used to be.”

Pei Jing paused, “Yes.”

Compared to the hesitant expression on Tianya Daoren’s face, Immortal Xuhan appeared more relaxed and open-minded.

“However, follow your own instincts. You are the future Yunxiao Sect Master, and many decisions should be made by you,” Immortal Xuhan said.

Pei Jing suddenly looked up, unable to believe it. He thought he still needed to bring Ji Wuyou over to show the grandmaster.

“Grandmaster, you… are you agreeing to this?”

Immortal Xuhan smiled, his youthful appearance devoid of childishness, with calmness in the depths of his eyes as if he had seen through countless experiences. “Right or wrong, time will prove it. Pei Jing, are you close to breaking through to Nascent Soul stage?”

Pei Jing paused for a moment and nodded, “Yes.”

Immortal Xuhan continued, “After you break through to Nascent Soul, come to the Celestial Scripture Academy promptly.”

Pei Jing froze, nodding again, “Yes.”

When Yu Qinglian had mentioned this matter before, her maternal grandmother warned her to go to the Institute of Celestial Ascension after breaking through to Nascent Soul. Even in Wu Sheng’s Buddhist Sect, there were similar instructions. Has something truly happened at the Institute of Celestial Ascension?

Tianya Daoren furrowed his graying eyebrows and spoke, “Grandmaster, is it appropriate to accept a son of a Celestial Demon into Tianqian Peak?”

Immortal Xuhan laughed, his words holding hidden meaning, “What is appropriate or inappropriate? We must handle it properly from the moment he was born.”

Tianya Daoren sighed. “It’s too dangerous.”

Immortal Xuhan gave him a disdainful look. “On this matter, you should learn from Pei Jing. Have a little confidence. He’s just a brat, what trouble can he cause?”

Pei Jing, suddenly called out, rubbed his nose in frustration. He couldn’t dare to accept the grandmaster’s praise.

With the grandmaster speaking like that, in front of his own disciple, Tianya Daoren couldn’t maintain his old face and fell silent.

“Yuzhi,” the ancestor suddenly called his name.

Pei Jing stood in the center of the main hall, tilting his head.

On the water mirror, the Nascent Soul stage ancestor dressed in radiant dust clothing, with eyes of three colors blending into a vast abyss, spoke with great earnestness, “Remember, this is a decision you made for yourself.”

Pei Jing’s hand, hidden within his snowy white sleeve, slowly clenched.


The water mirror slowly dissipated.

Pei Jing took a deep breath, unable to shake off the gaze of the grandmaster from his mind.

Looking out towards the entrance of the hall, purple light swirled, illuminating the mountains.

The leaders of the 108 peaks were hurrying towards this place.


Inside a palace at the Institute of Celestial Ascension.

Tianya Daoren still had concerns, “Grandmaster, how can Xiao Jing, who doesn’t even listen to discipline himself, have the ability to discipline someone with the blood of a Celestial Demon?”

Due to the issue of height, Immortal Xuhan casually grabbed a whisk and gave Tianya Daoren a hard knock on the head. Poor Tianya Daoren, who possessed an aura of immortality and a cultivated demeanor, was now being reprimanded, but he didn’t dare to resist.

Immortal Xuhan lazily said, “Why are you worrying so much? There’s a saying in the mortal realm, ‘Children and grandchildren bring their own blessings.'”

Tianya Daoren: “…”

Immortal Xuhan continued, “If it were in the past, I wouldn’t have allowed him to take on this disciple.”

Tianya Daoren was puzzled, “But what about today…”

Immortal Xuhan stretched lazily, devoid of the profound and mysterious aura one would expect from a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and shifted the topic, “Last time, you mentioned to me that Xiao Jing encountered a bottleneck while breaking through the Nascent Soul stage, constantly hindered by an inexplicable force.”

Tianya Daoren focused his thoughts, “Yes.” Only then did he realize—wait, was Xiao Jing about to break through the Nascent Soul stage?

Immortal Xuhan smiled. “When this child came to the Institute of Celestial Ascension, I noticed something—there was a lingering demonic aura within him, for some unknown reason.”

Tianya Daoren’s eyes widened.

Immortal Xuhan continued, “I knew he would fail in seclusion. That’s why I instructed you to advise him to first break through ‘Cangsheng’ stage, as the demonic aura is not easy to dispel. However, this time…” He narrowed his eyes, “The demonic aura within Xiao Jing has vanished.”

Tianya Daoren’s jaw dropped. “This…”

Immortal Xuhan laughed, “This little trickster, the blood of a Celestial Demon, isn’t something that can be recorded in ancient texts. However, the person who helped Xiao Jing draw out the demonic aura shouldn’t have any intention to harm him. With someone like that by Xiao Jing’s side, what is there to fear from the yet-to-awaken descendant of a Celestial Demon?”

Muttering to himself, he walked away, “To think he kept this from us.” The Nascent Soul stage cultivator shook his head, resembling an old man in the mortal realm sighing and worrying about his children, “Getting old, getting old, children have their secrets now.”

Tianya Daoren: “……”

He caught up with Immortal Xuhan, his pale hair flowing, “Grandmaster, why didn’t you eliminate him when the son of the Celestial Demon was still young?”

Immortal Xuhan looked up.

Above the Institute of Celestial Ascension stretched a vast expanse of stars, with galaxies swirling, profound and infinite, like the timeless river of time. He extended his hand, a young and vigorous hand, which gradually aged, turning grayish-brown with spots.

“Setting aside the fact that not all wicked individuals necessarily meet a wicked end.”

The voice of the Nascent Soul stage cultivator wafted ethereally, tinged with a hint of chilling coldness.

“And how can you be so certain that we will be able to kill him?”

At the highest point of the Institute of Celestial Ascension, where it touched the sky by three feet, golden hues shimmered within the layers of clouds.

Immortal Xuhan spoke, “Many cultivators uphold the supremacy of the Heavenly Dao in their cultivation. However, in the end, they will come to understand that cultivators tread a path contrary to the heavens.”

His voice gradually lowered, bearing a mysterious undertone.

“If you go against the heavens, how can you blame the Heavenly Dao for its lack of benevolence?”

Chen Xu nearly spurted out his tea as the purple light cascaded over Wenqing Peak.

Feng Jin, temporarily residing on Wenqing Peak, found the scene quite pleasing, as he had a penchant for earthly opulence. The grandeur of vibrant reds, golds, and purples all caught his eye.

“What is this? It’s even more splendid than earthly fireworks.”

Carrying his sword, Chen Xu stepped outside, his expression sinister, “Hehe.”

What is this? It’s the radiance of the Purple Jade Bead! It’s the Yunxiao’s core formation! It’s the Sect Master’s decree!

What was Pei Yuzhi up to?

By the time he arrived at Tianqian Peak, a crowd had already gathered, each one a prominent figure known for their power and influence.

Now, whether riding on cloud cranes, commanding long swords, or reclining on flying carpets, they descended from the heavens and treaded the chilly mountain path of Tianqian Peak. “What’s going on?” a man adorned in golden attire yawned, rubbing his eyes in a dazed state, “Why were we suddenly summoned here?” He was the Liuyan Peak Master, known for his love of sleep.

Following closely behind was the Feihong Peak Master, who kicked him. “You won’t die from not sleeping. Get out of the way. There are still others behind you.”

“Old woman! How dare you hit me!”

They began fighting.

However, Chen Xu was already feeling annoyed and couldn’t be bothered to intervene.

Leading the way were several experienced Elders from Inner Peaks, most of whom had already retreated from the limelight, having weathered numerous storms. Consequently, they remained composed.

Voices from the rear echoed as the Outer Peak Masters also arrived, one after another.

As everyone saw that all had gathered, their expressions turned solemn.

Someone asked Chen Xu, “What does the Sect Master mean by this?”

After all, as one of the three major main peaks, Changji Peak was primarily used for seclusion. As the Peak Master of Wenqing Peak and having a close relationship with Pei Yuzhi, he had the most authority to speak.

Chen Xu didn’t have a clue. “What’s the rush? We’ll find out soon enough.”

The atmosphere on Tianqian Peak that night was unusually lively.

Purple energies surged in the sky above the palace, while the cool moonlight bathed the surroundings.

As everyone entered the hall, they saw the lonely and serene Night Pearl, the pristine and flawless central pond, and the young temporary Sect Master standing before them, gazing their way.

Clad in snow-white garments and crowned with jade, radiating an air of purity and elegance.

“Greetings, Sect Master!” Over a hundred people kneeled in unison, their voices resounding.

Pei Jing glanced at each of them, meeting Chen Xu’s questioning and resentful gaze. He smiled faintly, “Everyone, I have gathered you here today to announce something. I will advance the once-in-a-decade Outer Peaks Grand Competition, scheduling it for one week from now. Furthermore, during this selection, I will be taking a disciple.”

The initially bewildered group of 108 Peak Masters suddenly erupted with excitement as they left.

Chen Xu’s expression became complex. “You’re truly remarkable.”

Pei Jing said, “I have already consulted with the Sect Master and the Ancestor.”

Chen Xu sometimes truly admired Pei Yuzhi’s courage. “So, this Outer Peaks Grand Competition has turned into a sect-wide event? Inner Peaks disciples in one arena, Outer Peaks disciples in another.”

Pei Jing said, “Yes, that’s right. What were they thinking, assuming I would choose the most outstanding disciples as my apprentices and insisting on giving Inner Peaks disciples a chance? Don’t they know that I have already made up my mind about someone?”

Chen Xu sighed. “So, you really intend to take Ji Wuyou as your disciple?”

Pei Jing laughed and lowered his head, his intentions unclear. “Perhaps.”

Chen Xu: “If the Sect Master and the Ancestor have agreed, then I won’t say anything more.”

Pei Jing: “Don’t worry, I might need your assistance in managing this competition.”

Chen Xu: “…” He was too tired to even muster a response.

Pei Jing smiled, his eyes glinting. “Arrange a match for me with the disciple from Zhongnan Peak. Remember, Zhang Yiming from Shangyang Peak.”

Chen Xu: “…” Why don’t you aim for the sky?

After bidding farewell to Chen Xu, Pei Jing heard a bird chirping. He stood in front of Tianqian Hall and turned his head. A little yellow bird flapped its wings and flew towards him. Chirping away, it landed in the palm of his hand. Perhaps it was the words of the Ancestor that had left him feeling a bit absent-minded, so he held onto the clumsy bird. Lowering his head, he remained silent for a long time before smiling and softly saying, “It seems that the key to the matter regarding the Celestial Demon race can only be found at the Institute of Celestial Ascension.”

The little yellow bird didn’t understand and blinked in confusion.

Pei Jing tapped its head gently, having made a decision. He turned around and headed towards the direction of the Wuya Pavilion.

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