After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Ki*lli*ng formation

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Wuya Pavilion.

Chu Junyu held a pen and drew something on a plain black notebook with no words.

Pei Jing sat across from him, idly playing with the little yellow bird that had followed him. “I just gathered all the Peak Masters in Tianqian Hall and decided to move the Outer Peaks Grand Competition, which happens once every ten years, three years ahead. It will take place in seven days.”

Chu Junyu remained calm and asked, “Why?”

Pei Jing: “In the past few months, there have been demons causing trouble outside the mountain gate. As I investigated, I found out they were hiding among our disciples.”

Chu Junyu: “So you’re planning to lure them out like this?”

Pei Jing: “Yes.”

Chu Junyu raised an eyebrow and looked at her with a cold expression. “Just because of that?” The Yunxiao Purple Jade Bead had only been used twice in his previous life: once after his master’s death and once during the confrontation with Ji Wuyou. A mere Outer Peaks competition wouldn’t require the use of the core formation to transmit orders.

Pei Jing’s hand paused on the warm bird’s body. He used the Yunxiao Purple Jade Bead primarily to contact his master about taking disciples. However, the thought of Chu Junyu’s unmistakable disgust and even murderous intent towards Ji Wuyou made Pei Jing unsure how to bring it up.

The yellow bird gently tilted its head and pecked at his finger.

Pei Jing felt a pang of pain, snapped back to reality, and tried to lighten the mood. “There’s another matter you’ll find out about later.”

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze and silently bit his lip.

The topic he avoided discussing could only be about Ji Wuyou.

He had already reached the end of the thin book. Damn, almost everyone had died.

The final stroke exuded a chilling murderous intent, its vermilion color resembling blood, saturating the paper.

He smiled, a cold glint in his eyes. “Alright, I’ll wait.”

Pei Jing stared at the notebook in his hand, slightly puzzled. Chu Junyu often had it in Xuyia Courtyard. He hadn’t paid much attention before, but now, trying to change the subject, he asked, “You’ve been reading this wordless book for a year. Haven’t you finished it yet?” Chu Junyu responded, “I finished it today.”

Pei Jing didn’t have a chance to ask further. Suddenly, Chu Junyu stood up, and the completely black notebook in his hand ignited faint black flames, rapidly turning into blood-red ashes, scattering on the table, and then dissipating in the wind.


What kind of sinister book was this?

Chu Junyu walked out. “Follow me.”

The little yellow bird in Pei Jing’s arms had been pecking and exploring everywhere, becoming an ardent follower of Chu Junyu. It flapped its wings and flew up, chirping incessantly.

Pei Jing laughed. “Tomorrow, I’ll sell you to Fengqiu Mountain.”

He shook his snow-white sleeve and stood up, approaching. “Where are we going?”

Unexpectedly, there was a place in Yunxiao that Chu Junyu wanted to take him. Who was the true master here?

It caught Pei Jing by surprise.

Chu Junyu led him to Changji Peak.

The highest peak of Yunxiao. Passing through the moonlit peach blossom forest shimmering with silver brilliance, the spot where Chu Junyu stood was the secluded cave where Pei Jing had once closed himself off to break through Nascent Soul.

Pei Jing halted, his eyes widening. The little yellow bird was also very familiar with this place, perching on a nearby peach branch, chirping continuously, asserting its presence. Finding it too noisy, Pei Jing simply reached up, plucked it from the tree, pinched its beak, and took a step forward. “Why did you bring me here?”

Chu Junyu said, “Give me your hand.”

Pei Jing was completely confused, but he still released the bird from his hand and gave his hand to Chu Junyu.

At Chu Junyu’s feet, a swirling flow of blood-black energy expanded in all directions, resembling a formation centered around him. While Pei Jing was still puzzled, his hand was forcefully pulled towards Chu Junyu’s grasp. Chu Junyu inherently exuded a chilling aura, his fingers as pale as a corpse. Pei Jing suddenly looked up and saw Chu Junyu lifting his hand, leaning in, his silver hair contrasting against blood-red lips, teeth sinking firmly into Pei Jing’s fingertip.

Connected through his fingertip, there was pain, but the pain of flesh and skin was inconsequential to cultivators. Pei Jing was dumbfounded, gazing at Chu Junyu’s falling white hair and partially lowered eyelashes, starlight illuminating his earnest expression, and in that instant, even the wind around them turned gentle.

A drop of blood welled up from his fingertip, dripping, and falling to the ground. It seemed to be the center of the formation, causing the flora on Tianji Peak to sway and tremble, insects in their burrows to shiver in fear, and the little yellow bird clung tightly to the tree trunk, afraid of being shaken off.

Chu Junyu was using his blood to activate the formation.

Pei Jing’s emotions were complex, even… in disarray.

As the movement subsided, the formation took shape. Chu Junyu opened his eyes, about to release his hand. However, his gaze unintentionally caught a glimpse of a small piece of yellow bird feather in the palm of the youth’s jade-like hand. His expression turned cold, and he lightly blew a breath, blowing away that feather.

But the proximity of their breaths, to Pei Jing’s perception, was similar to a kiss planted on his palm.


This was madness!

Chu Junyu released his hand and said, “When you were in seclusion, you sprinkled blood outside the cave.”

Pei Jing, burning like fire, withdrew his hand and pressed it against his cold sleeve, trying to calm himself down. The little yellow bird, frightened by the scene, came crying for comfort, annoying Pei Jing to the point where he wanted to roast the bird. Pretending to be calm, Pei Jing asked, “You set up a formation at Changji Peak?”

Chu Junyu nodded.

Pei Jing: “What kind of formation?”

Chu Junyu: “A killing formation.”

Pei Jing laughed in exasperation, a mix of amusement and helplessness. “So, in Yunxiao, you used my blood to set up a killing formation, right?”

Chu Junyu glanced at him and slowly explained, “Your blood is the key to activate and break the formation. During your seclusion, remember to disperse everyone on Changji Peak. Before you emerge from seclusion, no one will dare to approach within one mile of this place.”

After his explanation, Pei Jing finally understood, and his frustration vanished. An inexplicable joy surged within him, and his eyes brightened. “You’re setting up the formation to protect me during my Nascent Soul formation, aren’t you?” It was an obvious fact, but Chu Junyu couldn’t be bothered to respond.

Pei Jing was ecstatic, even finding the chirping of the bird next to him pleasant, like heavenly music, both delightful and clear.

His ears turned red, and his lips couldn’t help but curl up. But he always acted coy when benefiting from something. Although he was overjoyed in his heart, he still said, “Actually, it’s not necessary to go through all this trouble. If I go into seclusion, the disciples of Yunxiao would naturally retreat in fear of my authority.”

Chu Junyu once again gazed at his reddened ears with amusement. “Are your ears easily turning red?”

“???” Pei Jing instinctively touched his ear and indeed felt the heat radiating from it.

Since he was young, he had a strange trait: his ears would turn red when he felt shy or nervous. However, in the hundreds of years that followed, he rarely felt shy or nervous, so he had almost forgotten about this characteristic. Now, suddenly reminded by Chu Junyu, he had to think about the reason and, once he figured it out, he instantly felt awkward—how could he say it was due to shyness?

However, as the Chief Disciple of Yunxiao, he had some surface-level skills. He pretended to be nonchalant and said, “It must be the chilly wind at Changji Peak.”

“Interesting. So, Changji Peak is even colder than Tianqian Peak?”

“I’ve already grown accustomed to Tianqian Peak. Isn’t that enough?”

Chu Junyu laughed and said, “Fine.”

Pei Jing’s mood was particularly good at the moment. Indeed, Chu Junyu had feelings for him that went beyond ordinary.

That was great. Confirmed. It wasn’t unrequited love.

However, speaking out of the blue like this may seem a bit abrupt. As the Sect Master and Madam of Yunxiao, they should marry with the heavens and earth as medium and the sun and moon as witnesses.

So now, when Pei Jing looked at Chu Junyu, his eyes were filled with tenderness, shining bright like water. After all, his beloved appeared outwardly cold and aloof, but in reality, he was gentle and caring. Yu Qinglian was right—investing in this relationship was worth it.

As they were leaving Changji Peak, Pei Jing spoke with such affection, “Could you not leave so quickly?”

However, what Pei Jing thought of as showing his tender side seemed to evoke a different sensation in Chu Junyu.

The young man’s words carried a softness in the wind, even a hint of playfulness. The little yellow bird, having plucked a fruit, was almost startled by the tone and nearly dropped its food. It looked at Pei Jing as if something had gone completely awry—had its arrogant and mischievous owner undergone a transformation?

Chu Junyu laughed and asked, “Are you scared?”

Scared of what? Pei Jing didn’t quite grasp Chu Junyu’s meaning, but it was alright. He smiled and said, “After the Outer Peaks’ Grand Competition, I’ll give you a surprise.”

The surprise is actually that I’m also fond of you. Stay at Yunxiao. You’ll have an abundance of mountain delicacies, breathtaking scenery throughout the seasons, and treasures from heaven and earth at your disposal.

However… Pei Jing thought with a touch of guilt, before the surprise, I might have to provoke you a little. But no need to worry, it’s not a big problem.

In the eyes of outsiders, Tianqian Peak Master appeared cold and distant, but now, his eyes were filled with overflowing joy. His snowy robes fluttered as he turned his gaze back, seizing all the charm and elegance.

Chu Junyu blinked, gazing at him. His eyes were deep and intense like blood, shining in the dark night. He smiled slowly and said, “Hmm, I’ll wait for you.”

The next morning, as the first rays of golden sunlight touched the mountaintop of Yinghui Peak, a message was conveyed to every disciple of the 108 peaks of Yunxiao. Whether they were traveling outside or cultivating within the peaks, they all received a message from their respective Peak Masters, either through letters or spiritual communication. The message contained news that made them jump to their feet in shock.

—— The Grand Competition of the Outer Peaks has been moved forward!

—— Not only moved forward, but this time it’s a competition for the entire Yunxiao! The Inner Peaks disciples will have one arena, while the Outer Peaks disciples will have another. It can be said that everyone has been given an opportunity to showcase themselves.

Although they didn’t know why it was arranged this way, after the Peak Masters transmitted their messages to each individual, there was one phrase that resonated with everyone: “Treat it with utmost care, for it may be the greatest chance in your life.” This phrase weighed heavily on the hearts of the Yunxiao disciples, and they stood up one after another, their eyes filled with fervent excitement. For a while, Yunxiao was engulfed in a mixture of surprise, astonishment, and anticipation.

At every moment, in every corner of Yunxiao, people were discussing this matter.

The words on everyone’s lips were, “Have you heard? In seven days’ time…”

Qingying’s spiritual presence resided within the feathers and was transcended by the Nirvana Fire of Crimson Iris. Crimson Iris informed Feng Jin that although Qingying’s physical body had perished, her spiritual presence remained, providing a glimmer of hope for the avian clan. Feng Jin’s heart also calmed down, no longer burdened by such heavy thoughts.

Now that the matter had been entrusted to Pei Yuzhi, Feng Jin could finally let go and ease his mind.

Having spent the night at the Wenqing Peak, feeling bored and uninterested in cultivation, Feng Jin sought something from Chen Xu to pass the time.

Chen Xu raised an eyebrow cautiously and said, “You’re not here to steal Yunxiao’s techniques, are you?”

Feng Jin smiled lazily and replied, “I haven’t sunk so low. Your Yunxiao’s techniques, or even your Yunxiao’s rules, are not particularly renowned. Ten thousand rules, three thousand precepts—just hearing about them is intimidating.”

“To enter Yunxiao, these rules must be followed.”

Feng Jin scoffed. “Really? Pei Yuzhi doesn’t seem like someone who has grown up under ten thousand rules and constraints.”

When Chen Xu mentioned Pei Yuzhi, he became filled with anger, gritting his teeth in frustration. “You treat him as someone special in Yunxiao. No, don’t even consider him human.”

Upon hearing the name of their lifelong enemy, Crimson Iris struggled to open its weary eyes, and upon hearing those words, it nodded in feigned profundity.

Feng Jin laughed gracefully. “Tsk, if Pei Yuzhi is so unpopular, it seems Yunxiao is truly doomed. If one day Yunxiao really falls, I wouldn’t mind if you seek refuge in my Fengqiu Palace.”

Chen Xu used to be concerned about this Phoenix Emperor’s reputation. However, having spent years by Pei Yuzhi’s side and three more years at the Institute of Celestial Ascension, his perception of his little brother’s image had been deeply ingrained in his mind. He smirked and pulled out a confiscated manuscript from the bookshelf at the Wenqing Peak, originally taken from a junior disciple.

Because it had been carelessly left on the bottom shelf, it was now finally seeing the light of day, presented to the person involved.

“He may not have the people’s favor, but he has your heart.”

Feng Jin took the manuscript, his tone languid. “What kind of heart? The kind that wants to beat him up?”

“See for yourself.”

He couldn’t bring himself to say it.

Leaning against the wall with his lazy demeanor, Feng Jin read the manuscript alongside the little red bird perched on his shoulder. However, as he read the first line, his body stiffened.

The first section was titled “Love Destined by the Wentian Rankings”… Love Destined by the Wentian Rankings???

Crimson Iris was also literate.

As their master read through the pages at a rapid pace, both the master and the bird fell into contemplation.

Feng Jin made a comment, “If I really had such a fateful entanglement with Pei Yuzhi, I’d better undergo a Nirvana first.” He turned to Crimson Iris and said, “Take care of yourself while I’m away.” Crimson Iris nodded solemnly.

Chen Xu burst into laughter. “Don’t complain. In fact, Pei Yuzhi probably wouldn’t agree to it either.”

“Let’s go, Crimson Iris. We’re heading to Tianqian Peak. I can’t bear to shoulder the burden alone. He should see this too.”

Chen Xu quickly stopped him. “What are you going to do at Tianqian Peak?”

Feng Jin raised an eyebrow and asked, “What? Am I not allowed to enter?”

“Before, it was fine for you to go in as you pleased, but now it’s different. Tianqian Peak has other guests.”

Feng Jin became interested and asked, “Oh, who is it? Is Pei Yuzhi hiding someone in a gilded chamber?”

Chen Xu: “…Pei Yuzhi’s Big Brother.”

“Oh, then I definitely have to go.”

Don’t think that Feng Jin didn’t hear the repeated calls of “Little Brother” behind him. Even a strand of hair could tell that it wasn’t a favorable term. With a mischievous smile in his peach blossom eyes, Feng Jin said, “Accepting a Big Brother, then he becomes a Little Brother too.”

Chen Xu: “……”

Perhaps this was the first time Pei Yuzhi had dug a pit for himself to jump into.

Feng Jin wouldn’t miss this opportunity, of course.

In truth, Feng Jin had another reason in his heart. He wanted to know the cultivation level of the guest residing at Tianqian Peak. He wanted to compete with them and determine who would emerge victorious.

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