After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Underground

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Pei Jing had only taken a few steps forward when he spotted the well.

Next to the dried-up well, the neglected grass grew untamed, casting overlapping shadows. Everything beneath appeared pitch black, making it impossible to see anything clearly.

Pei Jing leaned against the edge and cautiously leaned forward, calling out, “Chu Junyu, are you in there?”

There was no response.

Pei Jing picked up a fallen branch and flicked his fingers to ignite a fire.

He held up the torch, bent forward, and continued calling, “Chu Junyu!”

A young man’s voice from the well sounded cold and emotionless.

“Be quiet.”

Pei Jing could now discern the scene below.

Chu Junyu stood at the center of the well, looking upwards. The dim light of the fire cast a subtle crimson glow in his eyes, giving them an otherworldly appearance, like pale-colored glass.

Pei Jing thought, “This guy sure has potential. Despite being in this situation, he remains arrogantly defiant. As someone who has just started establishing a foundation, it’s impossible for him to fly out of here. Hasn’t he figured out who can actually help him?”

Pei Jing clung to the well’s edge and spoke with a slightly self-congratulatory tone, “I saw those four suspicious individuals earlier and decided to secretly follow them. Turns out, they had wicked intentions. But I never expected that you were their target. So, tell me, I pretended to be a ghost and scared them away. Does that count as saving you once?”

Chu Junyu didn’t say a word, his gaze silently fixed on Pei Jing, revealing no sign of joy or sadness.

Pei Jing chuckled and said, “Do you still remember me? I’m Zhang Yiming.”

Pei Jing continued, “Last time, you carried me across the bridge, and now I’ve rescued you from the well. We’re even. Just wait here, I’ll go find a rope.”

Chu Junyu finally spoke again, “Do you always enjoy meddling in other people’s business?”

Pei Jing: “…Huh?”

Chu Junyu pursed his lips and then lowered his gaze, his voice turning cold, “Never mind.”

Pei Jing: “???”

Pei Jing looked around and plucked a few thick vine tendrils from a nearby tree. He tied them together, creating a long rope. Returning to the edge of the well, he tossed one end down, calling out, “Catch it! I’ll secure the other end to a tree. You can use it to climb up. Got it?”

The vine descended into the well, and Chu Junyu reached out, slowly grasping it. His expression remained hidden in the dim light, appearing elusive and fragmented.

As Pei Jing finished fastening the rope around the tree, he felt some resistance when he tugged on it.

Chu Junyu raised his eyes and cast a glance upward.

The young face at the well’s edge was fair and smooth, featuring two dimples. His dark and clear eyes sparkled when he smiled.

Outside the well, a gentle breeze and the moonlight created a tranquil scene, but inside the well lay a world like an abyss.

Dark creatures and venomous snakes thrived in the shadows, rendering the graves prepared for murder meaningless in that moment.

The simmering desire for bloodshed in their hearts dissipated upon a single gaze.

Pei Jing prompted him, “Can you hear me speaking?”

Chu Junyu bowed his head and responded, “I can.”

“Then, come up quickly.”

Chu Junyu planted his foot on the well’s edge, climbing upward. However, his fingers searched for a particular point. One, two, three. His eyes grew cold, and he swiftly retracted his hand.

A chilling breeze traveled along the rope.

Pei Jing stood outside, waiting for him to emerge. Just as he was about to climb out, an unexpected turn of events took place.

A faint noise resonated—a snapping sound of the vine. The spot where it was tied to the tree had an accidentally loose knot.

Chu Junyu remained suspended in mid-air, with no support to be found. Beneath Pei Jing’s gaze, he descended straight down—falling from such a height would leave him gravely injured, if not dead.

Pei Jing froze, swiftly grasping Chu Junyu’s hand. However, before he could fully react, an overpowering and unyielding force pulled him down, dragging his entire body downwards.

The well’s edge wasn’t tall, causing him to tumble down in that position.

Pei Jing felt utterly bewildered, unable to comprehend why the vine snapped, why he couldn’t hold onto the young boy.

While descending, Pei Jing held Chu Junyu and shielded the back of his head with his hand. However, he, too, had a youthful physique, even frailer than Chu Junyu’s, and was incapable of providing real protection.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe,” Pei Jing managed to say.

Chu Junyu appeared to give a faint smile. Extending his hand, he returned the embrace, saying, “Alright.”

Just before they landed, Pei Jing instructed, “Close your eyes!”

Chu Junyu’s expression remained impassive as he slowly closed his pensive eyes. The fragrance of early snow on the fresh grass, just as he had envisioned.

Concealing his true abilities, Pei Jing could only serve as a cushion for Chu Junyu.

Even though his body as a Golden Core cultivator differed from that of an ordinary person, he still felt a jolt of pain when his back hit the cold, hard well bottom. Golden stars danced in front of his eyes.

When was the last time he experienced such pure, excruciating pain? This turn of events was undeniably unfortunate.

Chu Junyu rose from his position and asked, “Are you okay?”

Pei Jing propped himself up with one hand and partially sat up, replying, “I’m alright. I have a tough hide… Wait a moment…” His gaze fixated on a specific spot, and the gentle moonlight revealed what lay behind Chu Junyu.

On the well wall, a pale hand with decaying spots emerged slowly, trembling and grotesque, while a venomous snake coiled at the well’s bottom.

Pei Jing’s scalp tingled. Was this for real?

He had a fear of snakes!

Creatures like snakes were simply his psychological shadow. In modern times, he was bitten by a snake when he was very young, causing him to panic whenever he encountered one.

What kind of bizarre well was this? Ghosts and venomous snakes together.

Chu Junyu was about to turn his head in the direction Pei Jing was looking.

Reacting swiftly, Pei Jing pulled him back and exclaimed with a sharp intake of breath, “Ouch, it looks like I really took a heavy fall.”

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