After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Kindness

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Chu Junyu glanced at him and then lowered his head. “I’ll help you take a look.”

Pei Jing secretly pinched his arm, leaving a red mark. He rolled up his sleeve and said with a hint of pity, “Look, it’s all red and it hurt a lot.”

Chu Junyu didn’t know what to say at that moment.

Not knowing how to respond, Pei Jing playfully suggested, “So, do you want to help your life-saving benefactor blow on it?”

In an attempt to divert Chu Junyu’s attention, he never expected Chu Junyu to pause briefly and then reach out, grasp his wrist, lower his gaze, and blow on it.

Chu Junyu’s hand was quite cold, and upon their initial contact, Pei Jing felt a shiver run through him.

As the breath gently brushed against his skin, he was left dumbfounded, followed by a mix of laughter and bewilderment. This kid… he was a bit unpredictable, wasn’t he?

“Hahaha, stop blowing, it tickles. I was just joking with you.”

Upon hearing that, Chu Junyu’s expression turned cold, and he withdrew his hand with a stoic face.

The ghost on the well’s edge had already climbed halfway out, appearing to be a child who had drowned in the well. Without any hair, its face was swollen, pale with a bluish hue, and only had eye sockets. It opened its mouth, grinning at Pei Jing. The ghost baby had no teeth or tongue, creating a rather eerie presence.

Pei Jing placed her hand on Chu Junyu’s shoulder and feigned a request. “Could you lend me some support?”

Then, out of Chu Junyu’s sight, he swiftly made hand gestures, drawing a chilling symbol and placing it near the ghost’s face without physical contact.

The ghost baby let out a piercing scream, its face filled with fear as it quickly recoiled. The venomous snake, sensing the impending danger, curled its tail and cowered in a corner, trembling uncontrollably.

Pei Jing saw that they had calmed down, so he sat up, leaning against the wall, and smiled. “Looks like we’ll have to spend the night here.”

Chu Junyu pretended to ask casually, “Do you regret it?”

Pei Jing responded with a puzzled tone, “Hmm?”

Chu Junyu maintained a direct gaze, his eyes resembling pale-colored glass, pure but cold.

“You knew they weren’t a match for me, so you helped me chase them away. You knew I would get hurt if I fell, so you came down with me to protect me. But, in reality, it wasn’t necessary. I wouldn’t have harmed them, and even if I fell, I wouldn’t have died. All the injuries you’re suffering now are in vain.”

Pei Jing: “…” What good communication skills!

He wanted to knock some sense into him, but given his current situation, he could only put on a bewildered expression, awkwardly scratch his head, and say, “Huh? I didn’t think about all that at the time. I acted on impulse, following you in the heat of the moment.”

Chu Junyu’s lips slowly curved into a subtle smile, tinged with sarcasm and indifference. “When will you learn to tame your impulsive kindness?”

His mocking mood dissipated swiftly, even the smile disappeared in a blink. He turned his head away, returning to his usual distant and cold demeanor. His light-colored eyes stared ahead, but it was unclear what he was focused on.

Pei Jing: “…”

This was truly the most eccentric child he had ever come across. It was evident that this kid’s values were not entirely conventional, and he needed some proper guidance.

Let’s see who will influence whom in the end.

The two teenagers sat side by side at the bottom of the well. Pei Jing spoke first, “Don’t mind me asking, but back on the suspension bridge, when that person was about to fall, why didn’t you help him?”

Chu Junyu replied promptly, “Didn’t want to help.”

Pei Jing felt at a loss for words and rubbed his nose. “Alright, then.”

Being the temporary Sect Master, it was time to uphold the spirit of saving lives, healing the wounded, and eliminating evil among the new disciples of Yunxiao.

Pei Jing tried to persuade him with reason, “Have you ever thought about how if you had extended a helping hand and allowed him to join Yunxiao, he might have brought you significant opportunities in the future? After all, the cultivation world believes in the law of cause and effect.”

Chu Junyu let out a laugh and replied, “You’re really overestimating him. Even with his triple Spiritual Roots, I wouldn’t feel worthy of entering the cultivation world. The opportunities he could bring would probably be as insignificant as chicken ribs.”

Pei Jing, hearing his arrogant tone, genuinely wanted to give him a good thrashing and make him realize that there were others more talented. However, now that he had lost his identity as Zhang Yiming, it would be challenging to quietly blend in beside Chu Junyu.

In order to maintain his image, he had to endure.

Pei Jing forced a smile and said cheerfully, “Ah, I see. So, when you carried me on your back, you were actually impressed by my unique potential to achieve great things?”

Chu Junyu didn’t say anything, closed his eyes, and seemed to be ready to fall asleep.

Pei Jing smiled awkwardly and said, “I really appreciate your help once again, the kindness of saving me and recognizing my abilities.”

Chu Junyu impatiently said, “Just be quiet.”

Pei Jing asked in disbelief, “Seriously? You can actually fall asleep here without worrying that something might suddenly emerge from the well, like a ghost or a snake?”

Annoyed by the disturbance, Chu Junyu opened his eyes, turned around, and placed his hand over Pei Jing’s mouth.

Pei Jing, who hadn’t been touched like this in a century, was taken aback when Chu Junyu laid his hands on him. As his mouth touched the cold palm, he was momentarily bewildered.

In the moonlight, the youth dressed in black had a pair of remarkably pure light-colored eyes. When he looked at people, it seemed as if he could see beyond surface appearances. He leaned in slightly, adopting a cold and stern tone as he looked down at Pei Jing, and warned, “You’re the only one afraid of snakes.”

Pei Jing was certain that he would eventually be driven to frustration and annoyance by him.

What do you mean I’m the only one afraid of snakes? Your Senior Brother Pei fears nothing but snakes. You rude kid, don’t you understand the importance of respect?

However, afterwards, he refrained from bothering Chu Junyu.

He could sense that Chu Junyu was genuinely tired, in an unusual way, as if someone who hadn’t slept in centuries. In that moment, he himself began to feel drowsy.

Under the moonlight, which illuminated the dried-up well, the youth in black attire had a face as pale as snow. He closed his eyes, and the shadows of his eyelashes fell on his face, giving him a cold and noble beauty.

The youth in brown attire next to him appeared uninterested, with his hands resting on the back of his head, gazing absentmindedly at the sky outside the well.

It suddenly struck him— Wait? How did Chu Junyu know that he was afraid of snakes? This matter was so embarrassing, and only his Master was aware of it. Was it just a lucky guess?

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