After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 77 Part 2

Chapter 77.2 Choosing disciple

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How ridiculous it was that the last bloodline of the Celestial Demon was chosen by the Heavenly Dao as the savior.

The Heavenly Dao bestowed her with power to protect the Chosen Child, but who was she?

A cold, absolute smile gradually spread across Queen Mother’s lips.

She was the ruler of Peng Mountain, born with divine status.

She was a Deity residing in the royal palace of Kunlun Mountains.

Her inherent pride was so extreme that it sent shivers down people’s spines.

For one hatred, she annihilated an entire clan. For one humiliation, she slaughtered Yunxiao.

A person like her.

In this lifetime—how could she possibly understand and submit?

How could she possibly comprehend loyalty and righteousness?

“She will be furious, absolutely furious, hahaha!”

The Queen Mother of the West, drenched in blood, stood up with disheveled hair, her regal composure gone, her eyes filled with madness. “Rather than being sealed, it’s better to perish together with the heavens and the earth! No one can kill the Chosen Child, but the Heavenly Dao can. Hahaha! I am the one chosen by the Heavenly Dao—I can kill!

“Let her be furious, let order be overturned, let rules be reshaped! Let all of you accompany me to hell!”

She let out a final roar! Her eyes were filled with blood, and the energy within her dantian was on the verge of exploding, emitting a dazzling light. Unexpectedly, the Queen Mother’s final strike was aimed at Ji Wuyou who was lying on the ground!

As soon as the Yunxiao formation appeared, the disciples on Xuanyun Peak breathed a sigh of relief. Their wounds were healed, and they supported each other to stand up. The three forces had already receded, leaving behind calmness and silence. They could now clearly see everything happening on the arena. The terrifying woman standing in the clouds was now a madwoman—rushing forward, fingers stiff and contorted, her palms exuding a devastating power.

Striking towards the disciple who had been overlooked at the edge of the arena.

Each disciple’s eyes reflected deep shock. “…Ji…Wu…you…”

Pei Jing’s expression also changed.

She wanted to kill the protagonist!

Pei Jing didn’t know what would happen if the protagonist died, but judging from Queen Mother of the West’s expression, he could guess. After the protagonist’s death, the Heavenly Dao would be angered, and the rules would be overturned. The world would collapse—theQueen Mother of the West wanted to perish together with them. Regardless of the reason, Pei Jing couldn’t let her kill Ji Wuyou.

Ji Wuyou stared at the woman with a twisted expression, who was rushing towards him with an undisguised intent to kill. He looked somewhat bewildered, his eyes wide open.

In his entire life, it was the first time he truly felt the threat of death.


His face was thin, pale, and weak. For some reason, even though he had chosen not to trust anyone, he instinctively glanced in the direction of Zhang Yiming. It wasn’t a plea for help or fear, he simply wanted to catch a glimpse of him.

Someone who was consumed by envy, almost turning it into an obsession.

If there were a next life, he still wanted to become someone like him, free from the original sin of deep-rooted jealousy.

Born with a radiant brilliance, with a respected mentor and dear friends. Full of spirit, bright and arrogant.

…How wonderful it would be.

“Ji Wuyou!”

Pei Jing called out.

It was the Queen Mother of the West’s final desperate strike, with an overwhelming force that reached the heavens, resounding with a deafening roar.

However, the anticipated pain Ji Wuyou expected didn’t come.

A cool breeze brushed against his cheek, accompanied by a cascade of jet-black hair.

A towering and upright figure appeared before him.

Clad in a pristine snow-white robe, the person before him was as sharp as a sword, cutting through the heavens and earth.

Ji Wuyou’s eyes instantly welled up with tears, his voice trembling, “Senior Brother… Pei”

The Queen Mother of the West’s words were icy, “Do you think you can protect him?”

Pei Jing pointed his sword towards the earth and spoke with a heavy tone, “I am Pei Yuzhi’s disciple. Are you capable of harming me?”

The Queen Mother of the West’s eyes narrowed, and she burst into laughter, “What a deep bond between master and disciple. Then I shall cripple you first!”

The Yunxiao formation was meant to protect the 108 peaks and eliminate those with malicious intentions. However, it couldn’t stop the Queen Mother of the West now. Pei Jing’s thoughts were clear. Ji Wuyou must not die, not only because he was a disciple of Yunxiao. The consequences of his death, the collapse of rules, the reshaping of the world, and the annihilation of all beings were risks Pei Jing dared not take.

Holding the Cloud Slayer Sword before his eyes, radiating a purple aura, the young man’s brows furrowed with determination.

With his own strength, he would safeguard peace in the world.

That is the duty of a descendant of Yunxiao.

The Queen Mother of the West’s power was truly terrifying!

The point of blood between her eyebrows burst completely, shattering apart. Divine radiance self-destructed, and the blue vortex in her palm surged with restless energy, swallowing the rainbow’s brilliance. The wind whipped Pei Jing’s robe, causing his eyes to ache and his hair to scatter. The Cloud Slayer Sword turned icy cold, and blood froze inch by inch. Moreover, Pei Jing felt an unprecedented threat against his Golden Core, as if it were on the verge of shattering.

The oppressive aura from countless millennia ago, the power of the Divine Maiden, almost upheaved his sea of consciousness, turning everything upside down.

A metallic taste filled his throat as Pei Jing took a step back. He had already depleted his energy during the formation, and now he was at his last ounce of strength.

He planted his sword into the ground, lifted his head, his face displaying resolute determination.

The disciples of Yunxiao widened their eyes, their throats tearing as they screamed, “Senior Brother Pei!!”

The Queen Mother of the West smiled of imminent victory.

Suddenly, a chilling and damp wind swept through the heavens and earth, as if it had come from the depths of hell.

Another unexpected turn of events occurred. The purple dragon coiled, and the phoenix’s cry ceased, submitting to the winds of fate.

This time, it wasn’t the power that tore through time and space during the chaos of the primordial era. It seemed to originate beyond time and space, in the depths of the universe.

Beyond, a mysterious and chilling power that made one shudder, hidden within the depths of the cosmos.

The mighty Kunlun power that should have struck Pei Jing suddenly dissipated, swallowed whole!

The Queen Mother of the West’s smile froze, and then she let out another scream!

She fell prostrate on the ground, her face contorted in agony, pale and twisted. With hatred consuming her, her eyes bulged, her radiance faded, and she appeared disheveled.

The wind ceased, and the dry leaves on the arena floor rustled as the person’s robe brushed against him, creating a faint sound.

He landed silently.

Everyone on Xuanyun Peak looked up in astonishment, frozen in place, their breath held, watching the black-robed, silver-haired man slowly step onto the arena.

Pei Jing was also stunned, turning his head.

Stepping over the debris, against the light, this man, exuding an aura as if from hell, appeared as a savior at this moment.

His silver hair cascaded like snow, and his pale skin contrasted with the oversized black robe. His lips were red as if stained with blood, and his eyes emanated an icy and bloody hue.

“Chu Junyu…”

The Queen Mother of the West’s eyes widened significantly, bloodshot veins spreading across them. Her neck was gripped by an invisible force, and she trembled as she spoke with quivering lips, “…It’s you…!”

However, Chu Junyu paid her no attention. He walked up to Pei Jing, towering above him, and gazed down at the young man, who was now half-kneeling and heavily injured. His expression was full of disdain and coldness. With a long black robe trailing on the ground, he slowly squatted down, his slender pale fingers lifting the youth’s chin. His voice was as light as snowflakes, “You mentioned earlier, whom do you wish to take as your disciple?”

Pei Jing never expected to encounter him like this.

Their gazes silently met.

Chu Junyu remained calm. “How many times have you ended up in such a wretched state because of Ji Wuyou?”

His fingers suddenly exerted force, and Pei Jing could feel the anger suppressed beneath his cool exterior.

Black hair fell on Pei Jing’s now pale-to-translucent face, and his snowy robe revealed a hint of vulnerability rarely seen.

“Take Ji Wuyou as a disciple?” Chu Junyu suddenly let out a low laugh, then his calm facade shattered. In his eyes was the deepest and most fervent anger Pei Jing had ever witnessed, intense with a thick blood-red hue.

He enunciated each word, chilling to the bone, “Pei Yuzhi, is this the second surprise you’ve prepared for me?!”

Pei Jing attempted to speak but only managed to convulse, coughing up a mouthful of blood.

Chu Junyu sneered. “What a surprise, indeed. More surprising than pleasant!”

However, catching a glimpse of Pei Jing’s expression, he released his grip. Rising to his feet, his seething fury almost materialized. With a cold smile, he turned to look at thr Queen Mother of the West lying on the ground. “Someone like me, an executor… she really thinks highly of herself. Do you really think you’re all worthy?”

The Queen Mother of the West, unafraid of life or death, still sensed an abyssal aura from this man that she had never experienced before. Trembling, she laughed with blood trickling from the corner of her lips, her breath like a fragile thread, “Does it matter whether we are worthy or not? Your end… where will it lead? Opposing the will of heaven, you’re destined to die!”

Chu Junyu regarded her as one would an insignificant ant.

The frost in his eyes thawed, and a subtle, eerie enchantment graced his lips, “Do you think I’m as useless as you?”

The Queen Mother of the West could not endure such humiliation. She opened her mouth, felt a sharp pain in her chest, and coughed up another mouthful of blood.

“The Heavenly Dao is now in slumber, but when she truly awakens, haha, do you think you can still survive?”

Silver hair fluttered as Chu Junyu smirked, “Why do you think she is asleep?”

The Queen Mother of the West squinted her eyes into a tiny dot.

However, she could no longer ask that question.

Chu Junyu’s hand suddenly twisted.

“Aaaaagh—!” The Queen Mother of the West grabbed her throat, letting out a heart-wrenching scream. The heavens and earth trembled, the sky turned dark, and thunder and lightning roared. The cycles of nine reincarnations, the divine goddess of Peng Mountain. Her extreme arrogance in life couldn’t tolerate even a grain of sand.

And in the end, she died in a pool of blood, covered in filth.

On the arena, Qingying turned her gaze slowly, tears shimmering in her eyes.

However, the Queen Mother of the West’s death signaled the descent of the gods! There would be portents!

Pei Jing rose, gripping the Cloud Slayer Sword, only to find that rain began pouring down upon the world.

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