After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 77

Chapter 77.1 Choosing disciple

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The Queen Mother of the West had turned completely dark. Not just Xuanyun Peak, but all the creatures of the 108 peaks were trembling and cowering under this powerful and terrifying force. The wind blew strongly, the beings seemed tiny. Pei Jing remained silent, lifted his head, and looked at the gloomy surroundings. His black eyes shone brightly like lightning. Was this the strength of an expert in the Nascent Soul stage?

Chen Xu looked worried and walked up. “None of the Nascent Soul ancestors from the Yunxiao Sect are here. What were we going to do?”

Pei Jing picked up his sword and comforted him, “I planned to lure her out. Once she’s out, there is a way to deal with her. You should quickly take the disciples from Outer Peaks and leave this place.”

Chen Xu grabbed his sleeve, his eyes showing fear. “What are you going to do?”

Pei Jing’s tone remained calm. “If something happened to Yunxiao under my watch, the master would have skinned me alive. Even though she was a Nascent Soul cultivator, she couldn’t act recklessly within Yunxiao’s territory.”

Chen Xu’s eyes widened. “Are you going to activate the formation?”

Pei Jing stared at Queen Mother of the West, whose dress fluttered at the top of the distant storm. “What other choice do we have? Quickly take these Outer Peaks disciples and leave.”

Chen Xu wanted to speak but was stopped by a glance from Pei Jing.

He clenched his teeth, tightly gripped his sword, and jumped down from the platform. The Dust Breaker Sword symbolized the ancestral prestige of Yunxiao, and as the Peak Master of Wenqing, he had the authority to use it. With a flick of his finger, an orange light appeared above Xuanyun Peak, casting a glow on everyone and temporarily shielding them from the chaotic winds. It granted the suffering disciples a moment of respite. The disciples struggled to get up, but they heard the cold voice of the Wenqing Peak Master shouting, “Go!”

On the Elder’s platform, the Elders from Inner Peaks also descended. Upon receiving Pei Jing’s signal, they refrained from approaching the platform and chose to protect the less experienced disciples and retreat together.

Feng Jin’s expression became serious. “How long will it take for you to activate the formation?”

Pei Jing raised his head, his snowy robes fluttering, his black hair brushing his cold eyebrows and eyes. “Fifteen minutes.”

“I’ll stall for time.”

Pei Jing nodded.

Yunxiao’s formation could only be activated by the Sect Master. Although he wasn’t the Sect Master yet, he had gained recognition from the Yunxiao Sword Sovereign in his childhood, giving him the same ability.

Pei Jing closed his eyes, and the Cloud Slayer Sword began to emit a humming sound.

Suddenly, a purple aura emerged, swirling around the sword.


An ancient sword intent, comparable to the power of Queen Mother of the West, surged from under Pei Jing’s feet, breaking through the earth.

Purple dragon thunderbolts shook the mountains and sea, sweeping over the mountaintops. It was the sword intent that resembled the majestic power of the ancient Sword Sovereign, pressing directly against the heavens!

Queen Mother of the West sneered, “Do you think you can summon the Yunxiao Mountain Protection Formation?!”

Her sleeves brushed past, causing winds on both sides to gather and form a giant bird-like shape. Her face twisted in a monstrous manner as she screamed towards Pei Jing.

Meanwhile, Pei Jing closed his eyes, fully focusing on summoning the formation, with purple aura swirling around.

Feng Jin’s eyes sharpened, quickly making a move. The Nirvana Fire burned fiercely, forming a fiery wall of reddish-gold, blocking Queen Mothers attack. However, he hadn’t fully awakened, and his power seemed insignificant compared to the ancient deities. Just this single encounter was already unbearable for him. He took a step back, a trace of blood appearing at the corner of his lips.

The gap between each cultivation stage of cultivators was like a chasm, let alone the gap between Golden Core and Nascent Soul.

Qingying anxiously stepped forward, “Phoenix Emperor, let me stall her.”

Feng Jin looked at her disapprovingly, fearing she would act recklessly. He coldly said, “Step back!”

The young girl’s azure eyes revealed sadness. “Your Highness, I have already wiped out the Azure Bird Clan on the summit of the Western Kunlun Mountains. How can I stand by and watch you get hurt? You haven’t fully awakened yet and won’t last until the formation is activated. Let me handle it.”

A hint of fierceness flashed in Feng Jin’s eyes, “Am I the Phoenix or are you the Phoenix? I want you to step back! Do you hear me?”

Qingying’s gaze grew even more sorrowful, but she was pulled back by Crimson Iris, tugging at her clothes.

Crimson Iris transformed from the flames of karma, possessing more memories than Feng Jin inherited. He truly regarded Qingying as his own child.

Qingying’s current condition was not good at all. The only thing she could use to fight against Queen Mother of the West was the Southern Ming’s Dividing Fire.

How could Crimson Iris bear to let his child go to her death?

“Chirp, chirp, chirp.”

Crimson Iris made a strong effort to pull her back.

Qingying bit her lip, her gaze drifting towards the divine maiden in the sky.

The Queen Mother also seemed to sense something. She glanced in their direction, with an extremely cold and sinister look, before quickly shifting her gaze away. She coldly sneered at Feng Jin. “A mantis trying to stop a chariot.”

Feng Jin wiped away the blood from his lips. His eyes, filled with deep-seated enmity towards Queen Mother, were bone-chillingly cold. The Nirvana Fire burned brightly in his eyes.

Although he hadn’t fully awakened, as the Phoenix, in this life-or-death moment, the slumbering souls of ancient ancestors would be with him.

The Yunxiao disciples who were struggling to escape from this place heard the resounding cry of the Phoenix, resonant and melodious.

The flames illuminated the disciples’ pale faces, their eyes filled with endless trembling and fear—fear of the three intertwined powers on the arena.

This realm had become an ancient battlefield, a terror of unprecedented proportions in thousands of years of Canghua history.

The pinnacle powers from the Primordial Era gathered here.

The Queen of the Divine Race, the Pheonix Lord of the Mythic Race, and the Sword Sovereign of the Human Race.

The winds of creation transformed into a giant bird, tearing through the heavens and the earth.

The Nirvana Fire took the form of a phoenix, incinerating all living beings.

Simultaneously, the purple dragon surged like lightning, and the icy formation crackled, shaking mountains and rivers.

The Queen Mother’s exquisite face twisted, and she sneered, “You’re just relying on the power of your ancestors to resist desperately. How long do you think you can hold on?”

The winds and the fire clashed with equal intensity, the two primeval forces tearing and entangling each other. However, the Nirvana Fire summoned by Feng Jin, being an ancestral legacy rather than true karma fire, gradually weakened. In the end, a burst of radiance erupted, and the blue-winged wind bird gained the upper hand, biting off the fiery phoenix’s neck.

“Ahh—” Feng Jin spat out a mouthful of blood. His initially dark golden eyes turned icy cold.

The Queen Mother burst into laughter as she leaped down from the clouds, her water-blue robes rippling. Her expression froze into ice. “The sins committed by the Azure Bird Clan will be repaid by the entire Phoenix Clan. The Scarlet Lotus Eye, the Fire of Three Thousand Sins. Ha! I shall pluck out your eyes right now.”

With bloodstained fingers extended, her face contorted in a ferocious manner as she aimed to gouge out Feng Jin’s eyes.

“No!” Qingying’s face turned pale, disregarding the obstruction from Crimson Iris, and directly pounced forward.

She opened her arms, blocking Feng Jin’s path.

The Queen Mother of the West’s pupils contracted, her finger abruptly halting in mid-air.

How familiar this scene was!

On that rainy night atop the Western Kunlun Mountains, that frail young girl also cried incessantly and threw herself in front of her.

After the intense waves of pain came a seething anger of betrayal, causing her teeth to tremble.


A harsh slap landed forcefully.

Qingying was smacked to the ground, her facial wound splitting open, blood staining her face. However, she couldn’t care for herself and worriedly looked at Feng Jin, trembling as she asked, “Phoenix Emperor, are you alright?”

Feng Jin, frustrated, said, “Didn’t I tell you not to come? Cough!”

Before finishing his words, he spat out more blood.

The Queen Mother of the West’s expression grew calm, her tone chilly. “You are as kind as ever, so you shall die together with your dearest ones.”

The blue creation wind rumbled behind her.

The vast plain rose!

No longer reminiscing about past affections, just like on that rainy night when a sudden gust extinguished all life on the Western Kunlun Mountains.

Now, it was the same deathly aura that filled people with fear.

However, she couldn’t tear apart Kunlun.

“Done!” The young man’s icy voice rang out.

The heavens and earth turned dark yellow as the dragon roared in the wilderness—dragon’s cry emanated from the center of Yunxiao, and the purple jade radiated brightly!

Decimating everything, heavens crumbled and earth split. Yunxiao’s founding ancestor, the ancient Human Race supreme, wielded a sword that brought calamity to all, immortal for eternity.

This was the array created by the utmost effort of Yunxiao Sword Sovereign, just before his ascension.

Its power was comparable to his prime.

Sword intent transformed into a purple thunderous dragon, entangling the body of the Queen Mother of the West.

The Queen Mother’s expression abruptly froze, her eyes widened with an intent to burst. Now residing in the cycle of reincarnation, her power was inferior to her former self. Even with the partial inheritance of the power from the Heavenly Dao, she couldn’t match the true ancient Sword Sovereign. As the purple dragon tore at her soul, she let out a loud scream, clutching her hair in agony.

Her hairpin and ornaments fell as her blue locks fluttered in the raging wind, forcing her to kneel.

Pei Jing opened his eyes and activated the Yunxiao Mountain Protection Formation, nearly depleting all his strength. The young man in the snow-white garment turned pale and took a step forward.

Feng Jin wiped the blood from his lips and struggled to stand up. “Fortunately, you didn’t disappoint me.”

Pei Jing’s gaze, however, only fell upon Queen Mother of the West kneeling on the ground. “How could I let Yunxiao suffer under my hands?”

The Queen Mother of the West’s head throbbed with excruciating pain, and she let out a loud cry! Being devoured alive in two lifetimes, the torment seeped into her bones. Now, pierced by the sharp and boundless sword intent, the pain reached its peak, but it strangely felt familiar, evoking distant memories.

When she was severely injured by the three Elders, her primordial spirit scattered, on the verge of death, a soft sigh came from the depths of the ethereal sky. Someone reached out and lifted her shattered soul, gentle like a faint speck of dust. Unable to discern their age or gender, she knew who it was! It was an existence beyond reach in this world, the most fundamental and primal rule, the Heavenly Dao!

The Heavenly Dao granted her redemption, granted her eternal life, and entrusted her with the task of protecting the so-called Son of Heaven.

Son of Heaven.

“Hehehe.” Queen Mother of the West suddenly laughed sinisterly. She was now in a sorry state, but her madness had grown stronger.

The Heavenly Dao bestowed her with eternal life! Eternal life meant she wouldn’t die, even if trapped in Yunxiao for ten thousand years! However… How proud she was, she had to pay back every bit of shame a hundredfold. How could she allow herself to be sealed like this?

Son of Heaven… she whispered softly, “If I were to kill the Chosen Child, what would happen to this world?”

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