After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Its name was “Execution”

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The disciples of Yunxiao stood drenched in the rain, their eyes wide and staring blankly like statues.

The Elders of Inner Peaks, too, had their serious facade broken, their faces stiff and weathered in the air.

Today, a battle of the gods unfolded, with consecutive unexpected changes leaving everyone caught off guard and on the verge of becoming numb. However, they never anticipated that the revelation truly overturning their worldview would come at the end—what did they just hear?! What did their Senior Brother say?!


Startled, Crimson Iris fell directly off Qingying’s shoulder, experiencing a painful fall and immediately bursting into tears.

Snapping out of her shock, Qingying hurriedly approached and gently cradled Crimson Iris in her hand.

Feng Jin remained relatively calm, probably due to their long association where nothing Pei Yuzhi did surprised him anymore.

With silent, dark golden eyes, he softly said, “So, he really was into men.” Enjoying their constant banter and any opportunity to undermine Pei Yuzhi, Feng Jin’s thought process was strange. Realizing this, his mood instantly improved.

Pei Yuzhi ended up falling for a man, and it seemed like his feelings were not reciprocated. He wanted to see the expressions of the other disciples at the Institute of Celestial Ascension when they found out about this.

The phrase “I like you” cut through the rain and reached the sky, shattering the hearts of the female disciples present. Considering Pei Yuzhi’s fame in the cultivation world, it wouldn’t take long for everyone to know.

Many female cultivators appeared anxious and saddened. They felt deep shock and sorrow, but when they looked at the two individuals, they couldn’t feel any jealousy. With one having black hair and wearing white clothes, and the other having silver hair and wearing black clothes, they looked like a naturally compatible pair.

Xu Jing almost thought his ears were malfunctioning. What was the name he just heard… Chu Junyu? Which Chu Junyu? It must be the same Chu Junyu! He had spent the past year with those two individuals. The disciple at the Qi Gathering Stage of Yunxiao, who entered with a resigned mindset, was heavily affected by the news and nearly fainted.

In a great battle, everyone couldn’t withstand the impact of Pei Yuzhi’s final words, causing them to collapse.

After the Elders of Inner Peaks recovered from their shock, they were deeply concerned—Sect Master’s Madam?! When did Yunxiao ever have a Sect Master’s Madam?! Moreover, this dangerous and powerful man in black seemed like someone not to be provoked.

Despite usually cursing Pei Yuzhi and disliking him intensely, the Elders couldn’t help but worry. After all, they had seen him grow up, and they were afraid their hot-headed new Sect Master might be mistreated.

Xiao Chen was probably the only winner present.

After being forced to gardening for a year and endure many hardships on Yinghui Peak, he finally experienced the sweet rewards. The mere appearance of Chu Junyu left a seed of shock and fear in his heart.

Xiaochen burst into laughter and slapped the floor, “Damn! I even have a mother who can directly kill a deity, hahaha!”

The exquisite beauty of Outer Peaks, Traceless Fairy, beside him clenched her teeth and gave him a resounding slap, teaching him a lesson on how to behave, knocking him to the ground before turning away.

After leaving a bombshell in the crowd, Pei Jing acted as if nothing had happened and soared towards Tianqian Peak on his flying sword. His figure was upright and unparalleled in grace.

However, Chen Xu knew that Pei Yuzhi must be feeling extremely chaotic right now, perhaps even wanting to flee in despair!

Damn it, he was shocked too and wanted to grab Pei Yuzhi and demand some answers, but he couldn’t. Ever since he was little, it was his mother’s order to handle these trivial matters.

Therefore, at this moment, he had to take charge and turn to face all the disciples. He shouted loudly, “The formation is unstable, and the Purple Jade Bead is in trouble. All disciples, listen up! Quickly return to your peaks and retreat to your caves. No matter what happens, do not come out. Go!”

The Elders of Inner Peaks could only sigh deeply and suppress their anxiousness. They began evacuating the disciples, leaving Xuanyun Peak.

The rain continued to fall.

Today, the land and rivers were destined to be restless.

In the sky, atop the black dragon.

Chu Junyu, frozen and dazed, gradually regained his composure. He lowered his gaze and gently touched his cold lips with his hand.

Remembering Pei Jing’s unexpected kiss, he recalled his crimson ears and slightly moist eyes.

Perhaps he had anticipated it early on, after all, he knew him so well.

The encounter on the snowy bridge, the vow under the starry sky, that night in Zhonglian Village when he lay beside him and asked that one question—didn’t he already have his suspicions then?

The corners of Chu Junyu’s lips curved slightly as he let out a low laughed.

Pei Yuzhi… This was indeed a pleasant surprise.

The young man’s robes almost blended with the dim surroundings, black merging into the rainwater.

When he raised his head, the smile on his face had already faded. He patted the head of the giant dragon beneath him.

The black dragon soared into the sky, roaring through the mountains and forests, traversing great distances.

He stood at the Ninth Heaven and left Yunxiao behind.

The moment he flew out of the mountain gate, the last trace of tenderness on Chu Junyu vanished. The emotions in his eyes became frozen, his black robe fluttering with a chilling aura.

When Pei Jing returned to Tianqian Peak, his ears were still red, and his face was flushed. He felt restless and confused, closing and opening his eyes countless times, still pondering over his recent actions. What had he just done?!

Gripping the Cloud Slayer Sword, he cursed under his breath.

Pei Jing was filled with frustration and annoyance. He could already guess what would be spread throughout the world after this.

However, he couldn’t afford to be distracted by this matter now.

A purple light radiated from Tianqian Hall. As soon as he entered, he felt the chilling, powerful, and profound sword intent that permeated the entire palace.

Upon the seat of the Yunxiao Sect Master, the Purple Jade Bead hovered in the air, faintly trembling.

Pei Jing hurriedly approached and gathered spiritual energy in his palm, infusing it into the Purple Jade Bead.

Having encountered the Yunxiao Sword Sovereign in Changtian Realm and on the suspension bridge, he had received his guidance and recognition, so naturally, he could also manipulate the Purple Jade Bead. It was just that the descent of divine punishment and the disturbance caused by the rain had alarmed the Purple Jade Bead, causing it to prepare for self-destruction in defense of the mountain.

Pei Jing’s reassurance stabilized the restless sword intent, causing the light to dim and the weight to lessen. The agitated Purple Jade Bead returned to a state of slumber.

At the same time, he pressed the switch on the seat.

With a clicking sound, the formation eyes returned to their original positions.

The hovering purple dragon above Xuanyun Peak contracted its body, emitting a low, long roar, dispersing into the essence of sword energy, and returning to a state of dormancy.

Pei Jing let out a long sigh of relief.

This time, he directly invoked the Mountain Protection Formation.

It could happen only once in a millennium. When the Mountain Protection Formation was activated, even the Nascent Soul seniors who secluded themselves outside the peak would know, including his Master who was far away at the Institute of Celestial Ascension.

Pei Jing was prepared for his Master to scold him through the water mirror.

However, after waiting for a while, there were no ripples in the central pond of the hall.

He didn’t receive an enraged response from his Master. The water remained calm, without any disturbance.

Golden light pierced through the clouds, illuminating the hall. Surprisingly, there were signs that the rain outside was about to stop.

Faint purple light seemed to exist and yet not exist in the air, gentle but chilling.

Pei Jing was stunned, feeling a profound sense of reverence welling up inside him.

Unconsciously, he stood upright and lifted his head.

This feeling… It deeply resonated with his childhood memories.

He knew who had arrived.

A figure appeared above the water mirror. Clad in a purple brocade robe with a longsword, their wide sleeves hung low, and their figure was slender. There was not even a trace of a cultivator’s aura emanating from them. They had a middle-aged appearance, with straight eyebrows and a prominent nose. However, their eyes alone made anyone who saw them involuntarily tremble in fear, as they were exceedingly sharp.

Throughout Yunxiao, only Tianqian Peak stood tall.

At this moment, all things submitted, and the Dao returned to its origin.

Unlike Tianya Daoren’s immortal aura and ethereal demeanor, or Immortal Xuhan’s unfathomable elusiveness.

This founder of the sect exuded a calm and reserved temperament, just like an ordinary swordsman in the mortal realm.

Pei Jing spoke softly, “Ancestor.”

Pei Jing had encountered the Sword Sovereign twice before, once in Changtian Realm and once on the suspension bridge at the mountain gate. Both encounters had greatly benefited him. In Changtian Realm, the Sword Sovereign assisted him in establishing his Foundation and solidifying his Dao heart while tempering his sword intent. When he emerged, he felt as if he had undergone a transformative rebirth. On the suspension bridge, all it took was for him to write seven words on the welcoming stone: “With unwavering dignity, verified by the sword.” The engraved words on stone, the sensation of the vast and clear breeze brushing against him as he rose—these were unforgettable experiences in his life.

Currently, it was only a strand of the Sword Sovereign’s divine consciousness, which had been hidden within the Purple Jade Bead for millions of years and was only awakened this time.

His gaze fell upon Pei Jing, deep and weighty, as if it had substance. He spoke, “It was the Queen Mother of the West and the Phoenix earlier, wasn’t it?”

Pei Jing dared not conceal the truth. “Yes.”

The Sword Sovereign of Yunxiao, awakened by an old acquaintance, with thoughts spanning millions of years, still wore an expressionless face. “The one who should have come has finally come.”

Pei Jing used to be less restrained in the presence of the Sword Sovereign. Back then, when they emerged from Changtian Realm, he even made a reckless bet with the ancestor: “In a hundred years, I will be ranked first on the Wentian Rankings.”

But this time, he faltered.

Just a moment ago, he confessed in front of everyone in Yunxiao. He didn’t believe the ancestor was unaware—after all, the purple dragon was still hovering in the air!

So now, Pei Jing was intimidated.

How could the Sword Sovereign not sense Pei Jing’s current apprehension? There was a moment of silence. But the time the divine consciousness could linger was brief, and he didn’t say much. Instead, he extended his hand.

A clear and melodious chirp resounded.

Pei Jing was taken aback.

The Cloud Slayer Sword at his waist unsheathed itself and flew into the air, its silver blade shimmering with a layer of purple light.

The Sword Sovereign said, “Pei Yuzhi, do you still remember what you promised me in Changtian Realm?”

Pei Jing lifted his head, slowly tightening his grip on the sword. “I remember.”

The Sword Sovereign’s voice turned icy. “You achieved the first place on the Wentian Rankings in a hundred years. Now, I want you to be the number one in the world for a thousand years.”

Pei Jing: “Ah?”

The Sword Sovereign made his move.

The Cloud Slayer Sword rolled amidst the purple thunder tribulation, emitting a furious roar and piercing shrieks. Pei Jing empathized with its agony, feeling an overwhelming wave of pain. However, with the ancestor present, even if his divine consciousness was being torn apart, he stood tall, biting his lip without speaking a word.

Amidst the electric blaze, the Cloud Slayer Sword underwent gradual transformations. As the flowing lights passed by, a coiling purple dragon emerged—the carved cloud dragon pattern on the hilt, its empty eyes suddenly emitting a dazzling light.

The commanding voice of the Sword Sovereign resonated, “I bestowed Lingchen to future generations, passing it on to every Yunxiao Sect Master. It was bestowed upon you when you were not yet a hundred years old because you once received my Dao. Among the eternal history of Yunxiao, you are the first.”

Pei Jing lifted his head, shaken in his heart for a long while.

The gaze of the Sword Sovereign turned distant. “Lingchen, surpassing the nine thousand realms of dust. Yuzhi. It means command the boundless realms. I granted you the name ‘Yuzhi.’ It is not only your Master’s idea but also mine. Pei Yuzhi, do you know the previous name of the Cloud Slayer Sword from ten thousand years ago?”

Pei Jing stiffened. “…What?”

The Sword Sovereign withdrew his hand, and as his voice fell, it caused Pei Jing’s eyes to widen.

“Ten thousand years ago, its name was ‘Execution’. It was taken from the heart of the Primordial Celestial Demon in the Nine Hidden Demon Realm. It was something I couldn’t break in the cycles of reincarnation, the karma I couldn’t sever. This time, I hope you can execute it on my behalf.”

Pei Jing was dumbfounded, listening to the ancestor’s words… Primordial Celestial Demon?!

And the previous name of the sword was Execution… the Executioner’s Sword?!!!

As the Sword Sovereign spoke, his tone suddenly turned desolate. “Before my transcendence, I left three strands of divine consciousness within Yunxiao, perhaps waiting for this moment. What you are facing today is not just the Queen Mother of the West, but an existence beyond your imagination. When the Heavenly Ladder collapsed, gods fell, and the Mythic Race entered the cycle of reincarnation. Cultivation for the Human Race became even more arduous. Overseas, the Three Mountains suffered a devastating massacre, and the Nine Heavens’ Buddha’s lotus platform shattered into pieces. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth scattered into the void. Despite exhausting all our efforts, we could only suppress the Primordial Celestial Demon in the Nine Hidden Demon Realm. When my sword awakened, my soul also scattered. Remember the words I am about to tell you.”

The expression of the Sword Sovereign suddenly turned cold.

An aura surpassing Nascent Soul emanated from him, distorting the air.

“You cannot break through the calamity that afflicts all living beings! You are a soul from beyond the mortal realm, and your inherent rejection and detachment from this world at the time of your birth are irreparable!”

Pei Jing’s eyes widened as he looked up. “Ancestor!”

The Sword Sovereign said, “What you need to comprehend is not Cangsheng! What you need to comprehend…

“…is ‘Wuhen’.”

[T/N] Cangsheng—the fate of all living beings or the eternity; Wuhen—emptiness without hatred/resentment

The word ‘Wuhen’ resounded.

The Cloud Slayer Sword emitted a dazzling light that shook the mountains and rivers!

At the same time, the figure of the Sword Sovereign also dissipated within the light. The last trace of his soul looked over, his gaze filled with deep sighs.

The sword, bathed in purple light, returned to Pei Jing’s hand. He stared blankly at the opened dragon eyes on the hilt of the sword and murmured softly, “…Wuhen.”

Everyone from Xuanyun Peak had left.

Chen Xu was busy attending to disciples, while Feng Jing accompanied Qingying back for healing. Almost everyone had forgotten about Ji Wuyou on the arena.

The injury on his neck caused by Chu Junyu felt cold and painful. His mind was blank as he took a step forward, accidentally tripping over Chang Wu’s body and falling down. Half-kneeling on the ground, his hair fell onto his scarred face, causing a sharp sting. Why… for him, merely staying alive was such a difficult task.


Suddenly, another object tumbled out from Chang Wu’s other sleeve. After slaughtering the Queen Mother of the West and devouring the Azure Bird, Chang Wu’s travels across the world were not solely for slaying demons and eliminating evil. He was also searching for another mask in case of emergencies, and fortunately, he had indeed found it.

Ji Wuyou lowered his head.

The mask rolled in front of him.

With closed eyes, willow-leaf eyebrows, ruby red lips, lightly blushed cheeks, it was the face of an enchanting and breathtaking beauty.

Ji Wuyou’s breathing became shallow and deep. Blood trickled down from the corner of his lips, dropping rhythmically.

The blood landed on the beauty’s forehead.

Then, the eyelashes trembled slightly, and the icy and eerie beauty mask slowly opened its eyes.

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