After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Seclusion

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After arranging everything, Chen Xu hurriedly arrived and saw Pei Jing holding the transformed Cloud Slayer Sword, lost in thought in the center of the hall.

Chen Xu quickly looked at the main seat and, upon seeing the undamaged Purple Jade Bead, breathed a sigh of relief. “Luckily, the formation is fine, or else our master would have killed us when he returned.”

Pei Jing held the sword without moving.

Chen Xu raised an eyebrow but felt sick in his heart when he remembered Pei Yuzhi’s recent actions, although he was angry, he didn’t say anything. Now, seeing Pei Jing in such a dejected state, he couldn’t help but ask, “Are you alright?”

Pei Jing finally snapped out of his long-lasting shock and remembered the word “wuhen.”

Sheathing the sword and lifting his head, Pei Jing only discussed the important matters with Chen Xu. “Where is Ji Wuyou?”

It was only then that Chen Xu remembered they had left Ji Wuyou behind on the arena and furrowed his brow. “He should have returned to Shangyang Peak by himself.”

Pei Jing said, “Let’s go to Shangyang Peak.”

Chen Xu almost erupted in anger, following closely and saying in a straightforward manner, “Today’s chain of events was already enough! What else did you want to do? Aren’t the Elders worried enough about you? Being the Chief Disciple and the future Sect Master, you really have some nerve publicly confessing to a stranger. Couldn’t you choose a different time and place?”

Pei Jing remembered that kiss and still felt a bit guilty. However, he was only afraid of his master and ancestors. Facing Chen Xu’s questioning, he calmly said, “Why should the Elders worry about me? I found them such an excellent Sect Master’s Madam. They should be grateful.”

Chen Xu scoffed. “Grateful? That Madam of yours looks like a killer.”

Pei Jing: “But he treated me extremely well.”

Chen Xu: “……”


Pei Jing pulled him back. After all, Chen Xu had handled many things today, so he rarely lowered his voice and spoke kindly, “Do you remember what I told you before? It was at Yinghui Peak when I first experienced the feeling of being protected and promised by someone.”

Chen Xu stopped and turned around, feeling as if his neck had been caught. “It’s him?!”

Pei Jing nodded, his eyes bright and gentle, “Yes. He saved me many times, treated me exceptionally well, and even helped me break through the Nascent Soul stage.”

Chen Xu didn’t know how to feel, like a mother seeing her daughter getting married, feeling sour. “The debt of saving a life cannot be repaid, so you offered yourself?”

Pei Jing smiled slightly. “Well, maybe I really like him. My master wanted me to return to basics, and now I understand that it is futile in this lifetime. But if I were to have an inner demon, it can only be Chu Junyu.”

Chen Xu doubted his own ears. “Chu Junyu?”

The rain was too heavy at that time. He was initially stunned by Pei Jing’s confession and didn’t catch what he said afterwards. Now, as he calmed down, he broke out in a cold sweat. Chu Junyu?

Pei Jing looked ahead, feeling extremely good. “Yes.”

Chen Xu: “……”

Looking at Pei Yuzhi, who used to always have a smirk and an arrogant attitude, now having the appearance of someone in love, Chen Xu could only feel hatred. He hated Chu Junyu, that scoundrel, and regretted speaking up for him in the past, wanting to bring him into the Inner Peaks. But in the end, Chu Junyu had malicious intentions. In just one year, he had stolen their Sect Master’s heart. Chen Xu was also angry at Pei Jing—didn’t he go to the Outer Peaks to seek enlightenment and return to basics? Wasn’t it supposed to be about cultivating oneself, not getting involved in love affairs with random men?

Pei Jing sighed. “When I asked the Celestial Pavilion about returning to basics, most of them gave ambiguous answers, telling me to engage in romantic affairs. I never expected that by accident, it would actually become true.”

Chen Xu had become numb and didn’t want to hear anything about Pei Yuzhi’s emotions. “First, think about how you’re going to explain this to our master and ancestor.”

Pei Jing was also distressed when he thought about that.

He had always been free-spirited, doing things as he pleased and following his own happiness.

However, his hot-tempered but rule-abiding master was unpredictable.

Thinking about the smiling and unpredictable ancestral master, Pei Jing felt a headache coming on.

After reaching the Nascent Soul stage, he would have to make preparations to go to the Institute of Celestial Ascension.

He couldn’t help but sigh. “Liking someone is truly difficult.”

Chen Xu sneered. “Ha, Your identity lies here. Do you think holding the position of Sect Master’s Madam is a game?”

Pei Jing intentionally provoked him and smiled as he turned around. “But for him, no matter how much explanation is needed, it brings me happiness.”

Chen Xu was almost infuriated but couldn’t beat Pei Yuzhi. He could only grit his teeth and leave in a fit of anger.

He couldn’t take it anymore! Let these two men go away!

Pei Jing burst into laughter from behind.

He arrived at Shangyang Peak, and not long after, all the Peak Masters rushed over upon hearing the news.

The main hall was filled with people. Pairs of eyes stared at him with determination and persistence, almost blocking his path.

Pei Jing’s smile froze on his face. “Do the Elders have something to discuss?”

The Peak Masters no longer held grudges against his past misdeeds. Their hearts were only concerned about the future Sect Master’s emotional matters.

“Sect Master, we have only one question to ask regarding the Sect Master’s Madam. His appearance was inexplicable, and we fear he is not a good person.”

Immediately, someone forcefully resisted with straightforward words.

“Sect Master! That man is extremely dangerous and not a suitable match!”

“Sect Master! You are still young, don’t let yourself be deceived! It’s a bewitchment of the mind!”

“Even if you like men, we have no objections! But it must not be him! We know nothing about him, he is mysterious and wicked. The position of Sect Master’s Madam concerns the safety of all 108 disciples of our Yunxiao Sect. Please think twice!”

There were also self-proclaimed Elders who played the emotional card.

“Yuzhi, although you caused trouble and mischief when you were young, and it created some problems, they were all minor issues. But this matter, you better put an end to these feelings quickly and not act impulsively.”

“Yes, Yuzhi, listen to our advice. As the Chief Disciple of Yunxiao, your future is promising. Why risk everything for a man?”

The Nascent Soul Elders, the masters of each peak, who usually had different personalities, surprisingly formed a united front at this moment. Their faces carried the same meaning, “I do not agree to this marriage.”

Pei Jing rubbed his forehead, truly helpless.

Chen Xu chuckled, his face cold, silently amused, pleased to see this unfold.

Pei Jing had always been receptive to gentle persuasion rather than forceful demands. Not to mention that the Elders of Inner Peaks had watched him grow up. Seeing their worried expressions, it was difficult to say harsh words. He could only pacify them for now. “Elders, there’s no need to worry. My personal matters will be handled properly.”

The Elders didn’t believe a word he said.


Pei Jing noticed that they were about to speak again, but he quickly spotted Elder Fudan, the Shangyang Peak Maste, at the edge of the crowd. His eyes shifted, and a slow smile appeared on his lips. “Let’s not discuss this matter for now. Since everyone is here, I have an announcement to make.”

The Elders were mentally exhausted, unable to say a word.

Pei Jing took a step forward and said to Elder Fudan, “Go and summon Ji Wuyou.”

Elder Fudan, who had long known the truth, sighed and nodded.

Over a hundred Elders had a sense of impending doom.

When Ji Wuyou received the order, he hurriedly hid his mask under the pillow in a flurry of panic. Then he rushed to the main hall. Although he had lived in the main hall of Shangyang Peak for a long time, it still felt unfamiliar and intimidating.

After the Rain of Heavenly Punishment had passed, the mist gently veiled the mountain peaks. Amidst the white mountain haze, a line of green pine trees emerged, exuding a sense of clarity and freshness.

Ji Wuyou took a deep breath, clenched his fist, and thought, “It can’t get any worse than this.”

As soon as he entered the main hall, he nearly knelt down.

The main hall was filled with people.

The Elders of the 108 peaks of Yunxiao stood on both sides, wearing magnificent robes and exuding an imposing aura of the Golden Core Stage. Whether old or young, male or female, they all emitted a distant and profound aura.

Each person had a different expression, but their eyes were cold and scrutinizing.

Their piercing gazes seemed to strip him layer by layer, almost scraping off his skin.

Ji Wuyou couldn’t hold back and immediately knelt in the grand hall.

He lowered his head and bit his lip.

The Inner Peak Masters remained silent, but the coldness in their eyes intensified.

Pei Jing understood that the Peak Masters wanted to establish their authority over Ji Wuyou.

No one had high expectations for this disciple, but keeping him on Tianqian Peak was now the wisest course of action.

Ji Wuyou felt out of place in this environment.

It was an awkward, embarrassing, shameful, and resentful situation all at once.

He hated his own weakness and helplessness.

Suddenly, from high above the distant main seat, a familiar cold voice resounded.

“Ji Wuyou.”

Ji Wuyou lifted his head.

Separated by over a hundred Elders of Yunxiao, stood the main hall of Shangyang Peak. The person there wore luxurious robes and, when not smiling, appeared as distant as the moon in the sky.

Under the jade crown, a face of exquisite beauty, yet a voice as cold as shattered jade on Kunlun Mountains.

“Today, with the presence of the Peak Masters of the 108 peaks of Yunxiao as witnesses, I desire to take you as my disciple. Are you willing?”

Pei Jing was waiting for the right moment regarding Ji Wuyou’s matter.

Chen Xu was quite puzzled by this, his confusion even surpassing the annoyance he felt towards Pei Yuzhi and his vexing emotional entanglements.

“You like Chu Junyu, but Chu Junyu wants nothing more than to kill Ji Wuyou. What is your intention in insisting on taking him as your disciple?”

Pei Jing’s robe swept over the white steps of Tianqian Peak, and his slender fingers snapped a water-drenched branch. His tone was indifferent as he spoke, “It doesn’t mean much and is not contradictory. Ji Wuyou cannot die at the moment, so it’s better to let him stay on Tianqian Peak. The desolation and solitude here can change his character for the better. And if it fails, isn’t Tianqian Peak also a kind of prison?”

Chen Xu furrowed his brow, not saying anything, but thinking that he might have to take care of Tianqian Peak in the future.

Feng Jin and Qingying returned to Fengqiu Mountain not long after.

Qingying’s soul was heavily injured and might need to undergo reincarnation and be reborn. But for her, this was the best outcome.

Before leaving, Feng Jin smiled and said, “What kind of brother you are, keeping your beloved in a gilded chamber.”

Pei Jing said, “Get lost.”

After dealing with all the matters, Pei Jing returned to the main hall of Tianqian Peak and looked at the letters that had arrived from Shijia Temple and the Ghost Realm. It seemed that Wu Sheng and Ji Wuduan had started seclusion, and there was no further investigation into the Thousand-Face Woman’s matter.

Pei Jing slightly furrowed his brow. He remembered the words of his ancestors, that the Three Mountains would suffer a bloody massacre, and the Buddha’s Lotus Platform in the Nine Heavens would be scattered.

The Three Mountains Beyond the Seas, Penglai, Yingzhou, and the Abbot’s Chamber…

He lowered his gaze and murmured softly, “Perhaps, it is at the Institute of Celestial Ascension that I can unravel everything.”

Following Chu Junyu’s orders, he drove everyone from Changji Peak away.

One person stood once again in front of the cave where he had secluded himself years ago.

The peach blossoms were still blooming, and a little yellow bird perched on a branch, drowsy and ready to sleep.

Pei Jing laughed and poked the bird’s soft body. “Aren’t you going out yet? Once I enter seclusion, you won’t be able to leave even if you want to.”

The little yellow bird, deep in slumber, stirred a bit and ignored him.

Pei Jing laughed.

He dripped his blood in front of the cave, his expression solemn.

He commenced his second seclusion.

Breaking through the Nascent Soul stage.

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