After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 89 Part 2

Chapter 89.2 Entering Zhuihun Palace

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A long bridge made of crystal-clear ice stretched across the clouds. Two figures stood on the bridge. One had silver hair and wore black attire, tall and upright. The other person’s white dress fluttered, exuding a pure and ethereal beauty. They stood close together, their atmosphere filled with intense ambiguity. From a distance, they even looked like a match made in heaven. Startled by the voices, both turned around simultaneously. The man with silver hair had dark, narrow, and chilling eyes. Even before approaching, everyone could feel a wave of coldness coming from him.

Qiao Mucai trembled in fear as well. He wanted to hide behind the crowd. But he had just boasted so much, and if someone dared to bully Madam, what kind of man would he be if he didn’t step forward? In his eyes, Brother Zhang was being treated as a woman who had been mistreated, judging by the look in his eyes, as if there were traces of tears.

Qiao Mucai was also crying in his heart, but he had to pretend to be angry. With trembling feet, he walked over, thinking that Brother Zhang must give him some money after all of this.

Facing Chu Junyu’s icy gaze and Pei Jing’s stiff expression, he approached like a qualified man, grabbing Pei Jing’s arm and pulling him over, then shouted angrily, “This is my wife! What do you think you’re doing? Stay away from my wife!”

Chu Junyu: “……”

Pei Jing: “……” Damn it!

Chu Junyu smiled ambiguously and said, “Wife?”

Qiao Mucai was crying loudly inside, too afraid to look at Chu Junyu. He could only turn his head and pretend to be anxiously concerned as he asked Pei Jing, “A’Ming, how do you feel? Did this person bully you? Ah, did he make you cry?”

Just when Pei Jing had made bold claims about pursuing his wife, now a husband emerged, and he couldn’t help but feel unlucky. With a fierce expression, he pushed Qiao Mucai aside.

Pei Jing turned to Chu Junyu and said, “No, this person is someone I paid to pretend.”

Chu Junyu’s smile deepened, but the surrounding air instantly turned several degrees colder.

“Oh? So you bought yourself a husband.”

Pei Jing: Is he an idiot?

Chu Junyu looked at Qiao Mucai with extreme coldness.

The moment Pei Jing pushed Qiao Mucai away, Qiao Mucai collided heavily with the railing of the bridge, causing him intense pain that made him grimace. But being looked at like that, the pain in his waist became insignificant. He whimpered inwardly, wondering if it was too late to kneel down now.

Chu Junyu withdrew his gaze, turned around, and headed towards Zhuihun Palace.

Pei Jing hurriedly caught up, afraid of stepping on his skirt and falling again. He could only hold it up and hastily continue walking.

“No, let me explain to you.” My wife, I’m truly innocent.

He tugged at Chu Junyu’s sleeve.

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze and calmly said, “Madam, please behave yourself.”

Pei Jing paused for a moment and asked, “Are you jealous?”

Chu Junyu furrowed his brow slightly, choosing not to answer that question directly. His tone remained calm as he said, “Coming to Tianyan City and causing trouble, do you find it amusing?”

Pei Jing was taken aback, only then realizing that causing trouble referred to the fireworks incident.

He quickly put on a thick-skinned act and boasted, “Well, that was my doing. It was a smile. It was my way of joyfully announcing to the entire city my eagerness to see you.”

Chu Junyu: “…How foolish.”

Pei Jing: ???

Chu Junyu shook off his hand, continued walking, and gave an order, “Go back. This is not where you should be.”

Pei Jing refused to give in, “I insist on staying! Admit it, you’re jealous—liking me is nothing to be ashamed of. I have captivated millions of young girls. Not liking me would be the embarrassing thing.”

Chu Junyu rubbed his temples and laughed in exasperation.

This fool, thinking he could win someone over like this?

Pei Jing was used to praising himself, so he didn’t blush or hesitate. He even wanted to launch into a lengthy speech to pitch himself. However, Chu Junyu was walking too fast, and he had to keep up, so he spoke sparingly, “Not liking me is fine. But have you ever thought of me in these past ten years?”

Chu Junyu narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking in a somewhat malicious manner, wondering if saying he didn’t think about it would make him feel upset again?

However, the memory of the tear that suddenly fell from his eyes flashed in his mind, leaving him stunned before he dismissed the thought.

His voice was indifferent, “A meaningless question.”

Pei Jing: “Hey—”

They continued to argue as they walked across the green bridge.

The remaining people: “……”

Just as Qiao Mucai tried to get up, he realized—wait, why was his body connected to the bridge?

It was as if something had sealed him in place, rendering him unable to move.

Qiao Mucai shouted, “I can’t move?!”

The male cultivators who had envied him just moments ago now looked at him with some sympathy. Poor guy, his wife was kidnapped, and he was reprimanded by the adulterer himself.

Qiao Mucai’s eyes widened. “What’s with that look? Can’t someone lend me a hand first?”

However, among the people entering Tianyan City, how many had such kindness in their hearts? Having watched the spectacle, they shook their heads and showed no intention of helping, continuing on their way.

Qiao Mucai: “??? Can someone help me? I can’t move!”

In the end, he even shouted to the sky, “Brother Zhang, save me!”

However, his Brother Zhang was currently busy chasing after his wife, lost in desire and had no time to pay attention to him.

After crossing the Green Bridge, they arrived at Zhuihun Palace, perched halfway up the mountain.

With layers of mountain steps, this first palace of Tianyan City appeared like a righteous immortal sect. Before the sect’s entrance, there was a pool of fragrant and lush lotus flowers.

Chu Junyu waved his sleeve and walked directly into the palace.

Pei Jing also wanted to enter the palace but was blocked by a transparent barrier, causing him to bump his forehead and develop a bruise. He covered his head and shouted, “Wait for me!”

Chu Junyu said, “Both the outer and inner cities are too dangerous for you. Stay here and don’t think about going anywhere else.”

Pei Jing attempted to break the barrier but failed. He pounded on the door. “Fine, fine, I’ll listen to you, but you have to let me see you at least!”

But Chu Junyu didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

His figure vanished into the mist of a pond filled with lotus flowers.

Pei Jing was infuriated.

The maid who was guiding the new disciples beside him was on the verge of tears. Wasn’t that the man who had previously visited the Palace Lord? It was only after the man left that the maid dared to speak. Trembling, she approached the girl in the white dress with an angry expression and stammered, “M-Miss, are you… are you… a new disciple entering our Zhuihun Palace?”

Pei Jing stared at her with cold eyes. “How do I enter?”

The maid’s voice trembled even more. “Miss, th-that’s not a place you can enter. New disciples who enter the palace should go to the other side of the mountain. I’m here to guide you.”

Pei Jing became furious. “I want to go in! Didn’t you see that I had a fight with my lover?”

The maid exclaimed, “L-Lover?” Her eyes rolled back, and she fainted.

She fainted just like that?

Pei Jing felt that this palace was doomed sooner or later.

Annoyed and restless, he turned around and caught sight of a pond filled with blooming lotus flowers, which calmed his gaze.

The fragrance of the lotus flowers was gentle and pure, and the water in the pond was a shallow, vibrant blue. Suppressing his emotions, he furrowed his brow and recalled Yu Qinglian’s instructions.

There were two reasons for entering Zhuihun Palace.

One was to evade the pursuit of the Three Sects of the outer city, and the other was related to the matters of the Jade Lotus.

As soon as Pei Jing encountered Chu Junyu, all his important matters slipped from his mind.

Chu Junyu didn’t want to see him. Was he a member of Zhuihun Palace? What was he busy dealing with now?

Pei Jing knew Chu Junyu’s temperament well. He was always indifferent and unyielding. Waiting here for a whole day probably wouldn’t move him. It would be better to investigate other matters first. After realizing this, he stood there feeling gloomy.

The icy beauty exuded a cold aura.

Shortly after the maid recovered from her fainting spell, another guide approached from the east. He stepped on auspicious clouds and carried yellow talismans, emanating an eerie atmosphere.

He jumped down and said, “Why are there so many people entering Zhuihun Palace this time?”

The Green Bridge seemed to have turned into an ordinary bridge.

As long as they arrived today, everyone was allowed to pass.

The man’s face revealed a hint of doubt, but his eyes betrayed a fierce intensity.

Oh well, it didn’t matter how many people came, it would be the same.

“Once you cross the Green Bridge, you will be disciples of Zhuihun Palace. Now, line up in two rows and follow me.”

Pei Jing remained silent among the crowd.

Now everyone recognized him.

Various gazes, incredibly complex.

Some people showed disdain and disgust, while others were curious, and a few had lecherous glints in their eyes, itching with anticipation.

The maid also regained consciousness and grabbed the arm of another guide, trembling as she said, “Senior Hua Run, should we arrange a different place for this young lady?”

Hua Run’s eyes narrowed, showing impatience. “What’s wrong with her?”

The maid, almost trembling with fear, recalled the scene from earlier. “She… seems to have entered with that esteemed person who arrived at the palace a few days ago.”

Hua Run’s pupils contracted as he turned to look at Pei Jing.

But they saw a young girl with a snowy-white dress and a beautiful face, exuding an unparalleled elegance even when she wore a cold expression.

Hua Run’s heart skipped a beat as he carefully considered his options, glancing at the entrance of the palace. Taking a step forward, he asked Pei Jing, “Miss…”

Pei Jing met his gaze and then smiled. “No, no, no need for any special treatment. Don’t listen to that maid’s nonsense. I have no connection with anyone inside the palace. I genuinely want to become a disciple of Zhuihun Palace.”

Hua Run couldn’t easily believe her, but based on the maid’s testimony alone, he couldn’t make a definite judgment. There were no orders from above, but they couldn’t take lightly anyone who had even a slight association with the current situation in the palace.

With a sense of caution towards this woman, Hua Run could only fulfill his duty and say, “Very well, Miss. Please come with us for now.”

Pei Jing said, “No, wait a little longer. I want to wait for my darling Qiao Qiao.”

Finally, his conscience awakened, making him remembered Qiao Mucai.

The onlookers: Well, well… this fickle and flirtatious woman finally remembers her husband.

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