After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 89

Chapter 89.1 Entering Zhuihun Palace

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This wasn’t an inner demon.

It was real.

Pei Jing was stunned. He opened his mouth and nearly bit his tongue out of panic.

Everyone knew about the commotion ten years ago when he learned that Chu Junyu was about to leave. He gathered his courage, forcefully kissed him, and poured out his feelings. But as soon as the teasing was over, he ran away, avoiding the aftermath. After confessing, he didn’t dare to meet Chu Junyu’s gaze. His heart was racing, and he hastily retreated to Tianqian Peak.

However, on the bridge.

Now, just a moment ago, what had he done?

Pei Jing’s ears visibly and quickly turned red. “I…” He, who was always confident and carefree, now felt nervous and struggled to find the right words.

It was the first time he had liked someone so much, and it was also the first time he had made such a flirtatious move.

However, he could never quite understand what was on Chu Junyu’s mind. Before falling in love, Pei Jing was convinced that Chu Junyu had come for him. But once he developed feelings, his confidence waned. How did Chu Junyu truly see him? And how did he feel after that forceful kiss?

Pei Jing tried to explain his behavior, “I just mistook you for an inner demon, thinking you were an illusion.”

But as soon as he spoke those words, he wished he could strangle himself.

Chu Junyu laughed and glanced at him. He looked incredibly shy now. Without mentioning their recent encounter, he asked with genuine curiosity, “So, am I your inner demon?”

Pei Jing: “……”

He longed to break free from his anxiety, but he was afraid of scaring his beloved.

Pei Jing clenched his teeth and reluctantly replied, “Yes.” If he had an inner demon, it could only be Chu Junyu.

Chu Junyu: “How much longer do you plan to crouch there?”

Pei Jing, a bit slow on the uptake, stood up and felt a slight numbness in his legs.

The snowy robe fluttered in the cold wind, and the peach blossom petals in his hair were blown away.

Pei Jing took a deep breath, finally managing to suppress the panic inisde him.

He fixed his gaze on Chu Junyu, his eyes dark and composed. “So, after all these years, you still haven’t come up with an answer to the words I said to you back then?”

After asking the question, he felt his heart rise up to his throat.

He anxiously waited for an answer, more nervous than when he broke through to Nascent Soul.

Chu Junyu tilted his head, his deep, dark blood-colored eyes twinkling as he smiled and asked, “Why do you like me?”

Pei Jing pursed his lips.

Chu Junyu’s tone was calm. “Is it because I saved you? Because I promised to protect you for a lifetime?”

Pei Jing shook his head. “Yes, but it’s not only that.”

It began inexplicably, but it grew deeper and deeper.

“But did you know that before going to Yunxiao, I despised you a lot. I even thought of killing you.”

Pei Jing felt a bit hurt, but he still spoke softly, “That’s all in the past and doesn’t matter anymore. Chu Junyu, what about now? How do you see me?” He furrowed his brows and added, “Or, to put it differently, do you have even the slightest liking for me?” His voice lowered, blending with the wind, revealing a hint of grievance.

Chu Junyu gazed at him for a long time. The smile at the corner of his lips vanished, and his voice turned cold yet distant as he said, “You shouldn’t like me. I come from hell, and my past, present, and even future will be your nightmares.”

“Do you think I would be afraid? I just want to know, do you like me or not?”

The young man’s fervent and unwavering gaze caused Chu Junyu to feel a faint sense of confusion, a sensation he had long forgotten. After a while, he calmly said, “Don’t like.”

Pei Jing had prepared himself for the worst. However, upon hearing those words from Chu Junyu’s mouth, he still felt deeply hurt, aching and bitter, as if his heart had turned hollow. It turned out that he had foolishly deceived himself. Then, he blinked his eyes, and a tear escaped.

Chu Junyu’s eyes narrowed, his fingers slightly clenched.

Pei Jing gritted his teeth, feeling angry, but he accepted that he wouldn’t easily let go of this person. He wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes with his sleeve and then put on a fierce and feigned expression. Stepping forward, he attempted to grab hold of Chu Junyu’s collar. However, due to his transformed feminine appearance, he couldn’t reach high enough, only managing to reach the lapel of his clothes by tiptoeing.

The young man’s eyes appeared clear and bright, as if they had been washed by water.

Pei Jing said, “That’s fine. Even though I’ve never been rejected before, it doesn’t matter. I’ve traveled a long way to Tianyan City, and I won’t return empty-handed.”

Yes, indeed. If it was not a mutual affection, then he would pursue it.

After all, in front of Chu Junyu, it seemed that he had no outstanding qualities other than his handsome appearance.

With these thoughts, Pei Jing felt a sense of grievance. Why did he have to fall in love with someone who regarded him as foolish?

“Chu Junyu, I will make you like me and then return with me to be the Sect Master’s Madam of my Yunxiao Sect.”

Well, confidence was all he needed, after all.

He looked up, and Chu Junyu’s eyes remained calm and undisturbed.

Pei Jing’s heart suddenly sank.

Then, a wave of regret washed over him. Why did he transform himself into a youthful appearance? From this angle of looking up, he couldn’t display his domineering aura at all. But he couldn’t lose his momentum. He spoke seriously, “Now, you should consider me as one of your pursuers! Just wait for me—” until I win you over.

The bridge surface was made of ice crystals, and because he was wearing soft-soled shoes meant for women, he lost his balance and slipped harshly, falling forward. His words abruptly halted in his throat, as he could already see himself about to faceplant.

Chu Junyu sighed helplessly, reaching out to embrace Pei Jing’s waist and pulling him into his arms.

Pei Jing was taken aback.

Overwhelmingly, he was met with the familiar cold fragrance, like that of the moon in the lofty sky, but stemming from a sinister abyss.

Chu Junyu said, “It’s not that I dislike you. It’s just that I have no liking towards you. So, there’s no need for you to feel so upset.”

No ‘liking.’ However, you will always be the most special person in my world. Therefore, there’s no need for you to cry either.

Pei Jing: “……” There’s no damn difference between “not liking” and “no liking”.

Chu Junyu lowered his gaze, observing the young man in his arms, who was trying so hard to appear fierce and domineering, yet full of anger and grievances. A smile tugged at the corner of Chu Junyu’s lips, but the tenderness in his eyes quickly faded. He couldn’t quite grasp what his feelings for Pei Yuzhi were. The confession was expected, but his own reaction was unexpected.

However, perhaps there was no need for understanding after all.

The cycle of karmic retribution, where his destiny could only end in demise alongside the Heavenly Dao.

Once upon a time, he had also wished to let his past recklessness and audacity stumble and fall, plunging into the dust, paying the price for foolishness.

But in the end, he couldn’t bear to do it.

Chu Junyu steadied him and calmly said, “You shouldn’t stay in Tianyan City anymore.”

Pei Jing composed himself and said fiercely, “Why not? I’ve come to pursue my wife.”

He finished speaking.

Suddenly, there was a clamor from behind.

After entangling with Chu Junyu for so long, that group of people should have almost reached this place, even if they were moving slowly.

The woman in green attire from Meixiang School was intercepted by her accompanying beast halfway, as she had stepped onto the Green Bridge. Even though she had set foot in Zhuihun Palace, it was considered betraying her sect. Now, the group coming over was led by Qiao Mucai.

Qiao Mucai had been both anxious and angry when Pei Jing left earlier. However, unexpectedly, the fact that two stunning beauties from Meixiang School had fought over him had earned him admiration from many.

With a single sentence, “Brother Qiao, you’re truly blessed with beauty.”

“Brother Qiao, you have quite the charm. So many admirers, and Madam herself possesses heavenly grace and beauty.”

Although it was difficult to discern the true intentions behind the words spoken by the people in Tianyan City, whether they were jesting or probing.

However, as he was praised along the way, Qiao Mucai couldn’t help but feel elated.

Thinking that this was also a way to conceal Brother Zhang’s identity, he decided to boast further, “Not bad, not bad. I have known my wife since we were children. Childhood sweethearts, innocent and carefree. But life is unpredictable, and we were separated for a long time after growing up. However, during those countless years, her yearning for me remained unyielding. When we reunited, she shed tears and poured out her heart to me. Alas, I am not made of stone, how could I remain unaffected? So, it naturally followed that we ended up together, hehehehehe.”

As his words fell, it caused a group of male cultivators to inhale sharply in astonishment.

That beauty in white running with her skirt lifted, casting a tearful glance back, surpassed the enchantment of these ten miles of crimson blossoms. They were captivated by her stunning appearance, etching the image in their hearts. Now, knowing about the devotion of this beauty, they couldn’t help but sigh in lamentation. Why couldn’t they encounter such a connection?

Qiao Mucai, full of pride, continued his fabrication, “A’Ming’s sincerity towards me can be attested by heaven and earth. And I, too, am sincerely devoted to her. Although I originally cultivated the Heartless Path, I cannot bear to let down such a wonderful woman. I will rebuild my cultivation for her sake. Alas, we have both sacrificed a great deal for each other. This girl, A’Ming, is indispensable in my life.”

Drawing from the dramas he had seen before, he planned to add some scenes of hardship, highlighting A’Ming’s unwavering loyalty to him.

Suddenly, he noticed a drastic change in the atmosphere around him.

A silence fell, not even a crow or sparrow made a sound.

Qiao Mucai felt a pat on his shoulder.

The cultivator next to him stepped forward, his expression stunned, and said, “Brother Qiao, is that person your wife?”

Qiao Mucai looked ahead and nearly spewed blood in anger.

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