After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 10

Chapter 010 She is too cool, beautiful and perfect

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As soon as Jiang Fuyue stood still, the door opened, and Little Brother Jiang stood behind the door, still looking timid.


“How did you know I was back?” It seemed that every time he would run to open the door for her.

“I heard footsteps.”

“Oh.” Jiang Fuyue lowered her head to change her shoes, “I have the key, so I can open it by myself, you don’t have to…”

“It’s okay!” Little Brother Jiang suddenly interrupted her, and his voice weakened again. , “That…the meal is ready, there’s scrambled eggs with tomatoes.”

Jiang Fuyue took two steps, and suddenly her feet stagnated.

Tomato scrambled eggs, the original owner’s favorite dish.

Little Brother Jiang stared at her back, and the corners of his mouth pursed slightly. At this moment, Jiang Fuyue turned her head and called him——

“Come here.”


She was already walking towards the sofa, and little Brother Jiang quickly followed.

“Sit.” Jiang Fuyue pointed to the opposite side.

The little boy walked over obediently.

“Head up.”

He obeyed obediently, and at the same time his thin back subconsciously straightened. He was so serious that it was a little cute.

Jiang Fuyue chuckled: “What are you nervous about? Am I scary?”

Jiang Chenxing shook his head subconsciously, thinking that Jiang Fuyue didn’t like this, he said, “You’re not scary.”

“Then why are you cautious every time you see me?” “

“…I’m afraid you will be angry.”

Jiang Fuyue remembered the character of the original owner, not only for her classmates, but also for her family.

“Jiang Chenxing.” She called him by his first name.

Little Brother Jiang raised his eyes blankly.

“Let’s get along peacefully in the future.”

After she finished speaking, she walked straight to the dining table, “Why are you still standing still? Let’s go eat.”

Little Brother Jiang seemed to be floating in the clouds, and he was completely dumbfounded until his sister finished the meal and pushed the pot in front of him.

“Sister, aren’t you angry with me?”

“When did I get angry?”

“Last night…”

Jiang Fuyue paused, raised her hand and touched his head: “I’m not angry with you.”

Jiang Chenxing felt at that moment of touch, it was as sweet as eating honey; then, shyly, he retracted his head into his collar, and the corners of his mouth rose unconsciously.

Sister is really different…

After dinner, Jiang Chenxing washed the dishes, Jiang Fuyue swept the floor, the division of labor was clear.

After cleaning up, the siblings huddled together on the same desk to do their homework as they did yesterday.

Jiang Chenxing: “Sister, I don’t know this question…”

Xu Jing was an activist.

Yesterday, he said that he wanted Jiang Fuyue to take part in the Olympiad, and today he threw a bunch of papers over, “Write as much as you can.”

After speaking, he left with a teacup.

This scene was seen by many students.

Wan Xiutong: “Why did Lao Xu give you so many exam papers?”

“To do.”

“Hmm…why are they all Olympiad questions? Did he get the wrong ones?”


“That’s right,” Wan Xiutong was a little shy. She pursed her lips and showed two small dimples, “I forgot two steps in the second big question, have you written it?”

Jiang Fuyue shook her head, but——

“My test paper has it.” After speaking, she took out the test paper that she had just stuffed into the hole in the table.

Wan Xiutong was stunned at a glance, 1..170 points? !

The first reaction was that Jiang Fuyue had a 1 in front of 70, but when she saw the whole test paper, she realized how wrong she was.

All correct except for the additional questions.

Thirty points of additional questions, due to incomplete steps, she was deducted ten points and got twenty.

That adds up to exactly 170!

The real deal!

Wan Xiutong stared at the test for two minutes, then hugged Jiang Fuyue: “Ah, ah, Jiang Jiang, you are so awesome! Why are you so awesome?!”

She howled. Not to mention Jiang Fuyue being dumbfounded, other students were also dumbfounded.

The main reason was that Wan Xiutong was usually too inconspicuous in class. It seems that she had never spoken aloud, this sudden explosion shocked everyone.

Including herself. 

“Jiang Jiang, you got full marks!” She reacted, her cheeks flushed crimson. Although she deliberately lowered her voice, there was uncontrollable excitement in her eyes, “How did you do it? Why is it so good?”

Could it be that to soar from the dregs of school to the top student, you only need to read all the textbooks?

Jiang Jiang?

The person who was called this raised her eyebrows, it seemed quite pleasing to her ears: “Don’t you need to see the steps? There are still two minutes before class.”

“Ah! I’ll copy it down first and then study it slowly…”

Jiang Fuyue hooked her lips, how silly…

Wan Xiutong glanced out of the corner, that look… 

Ah! She is too cool!!! 

Xu Jing gave a total of 36 test papers. By the end of school in the afternoon, Jiang Fuyue had finished 20 pieces, and the remaining 16 pieces should be completed today, no problem.

Wan Xiutong lingered for a long time. Jiang Fuyue saw that she had been collecting things, and when the classroom was empty, she still hadn’t finished collecting.

“What are you doing?”

“That…” Student Wan stammered, “Let’s leave together?”

“No need.”

“Okay then.” There was a sense of loss that rushed to her head, “I’ll leave first.”

“I need to go do something, you probably wouldn’t be used to that kind of scene.” Jiang Fuyue said.

Wan Xiutong regained her vigor in her eyes and smiled brightly at her: “It doesn’t matter if you are busy! I will go home first, see you tomorrow!”

When Jiang Fuyue arrived at the women’s toilet after this delay, Jiang Han had already brought the two followers to squat on one side and had started to do their homework.

That’s called being clever.

“I thought you weren’t coming.” Jiang Fuyue leaned against the railing with a half smile.

Jiang Han was stared at by her, and habitually broke into a cold sweat: “How, how could that be…”

In fact, she really didn’t want to come.

Especially after hearing what Liu Sisi said yesterday, the more she thought about it, the more she felt aggrieved.

Yes, she was a dignified Sister Han, who has money and status, why should she lie down and be beaten by Jiang Fuyue?

Later, Jiang Han figured it out – 

Of course, it’s because the other person’s fists were harder than hers!

If she wanted to resist, she also needed to have that ability. The bruise on Ge Meng’s kick has not gone away, and she did not have an iron head, absolutely wanting to “challenge the law”.

Thinking of this, Jiang Han was suddenly no longer depressed, and even thought to herself—

Do homework, it’s not running, what’s so difficult about it?

Jiang Fuyue looked at her with mysterious and wonderful eyes.

Jiang Han cautiously said, “Then, shall we continue?”


When Xie Dingyuan arrived, the teaching building was already empty.

On the way, he received a phone call from Xie Yunzao: “…you can beat him or scold him, in short, just help me teach him a hard lesson, don’t leave any kindness behind…”

Xie Dingyuan, who was in the corridor, suddenly stopped and narrowed his eyes. To the other end of the phone: “Sister, hang up first.”

“…Oh, okay, then you…”

Xie Dingyuan put away the phone and narrowed his eyes.

On the opposite corridor, leaning against a back railing, the girl was wearing a black suspender, her shoulders were thinly cut, her figure slender, and her exposed skin cold, white and lustrous, in sharp contrast to the black fabric.

At this moment, she was holding a test paper and writing, holding it above her head, scribbling lazily.

The raised neck was stretched into a tight arc, and her wicker arms were stretched out in the sun with her ponytail swaying lightly.

The man frowned slightly, his indifferent eyes showed a hint of disgust.

This was after the scene in front of the school gate, he once again had doubts about the school atmosphere of Linnan No.1 High School.

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