After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 9

Chapter 009 The current situation of the competition, run laps for me

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The Mathematical Olympiad class of Linnan No. 1 High School was very famous in Linhuai City.

One reason was Xu Jing, the expert who carried the stage who was able to find talents.

Second, in the past many years, this class had been fruitful, and it had brought the school a lot of honour.

Every year, they would definitely have the first prize of the provincial competition, not even mentioning the second and third prize. There are also students in the winter camp who would make it to the finals. Reportedly last last last last year, there were two senior brothers who entered the national training squad and stood on the winner’s podium, winning glory for the country.

The photos were still hanging by the window.

After the two, Xu Jing had never met such a good seedling again. Ling Xuan from class one was barely one, and he was also the most promising seed player to enter the winter camp this year.

Xu Jing usually paid attention.


Looking at the back of Jiang Fuyue’s departure, he suddenly had a strong premonition that this girl would bring unexpected surprises to everyone in the near future!

“Lao Xu! Eh—” the form teacher of class seven called him, “The person is gone, why are you still staring?”

“You don’t understand.” He grinned happily.

“Didn’t you just snagged a student into your math Olympiad class? What’s the big deal? I seriously suspect that she agreed to it because of the 500 yuan the school subsidizes every month.”

He finally looked at him squarely. Don’t look at Xu Jing’s lukewarmness, in fact, he was prouder than anyone else.

It’s not that he’s rude, but that when people reach a certain height and realm, they will naturally stand at a bird’s-eye view, and many people and things are easily out of sight.

But just now with his diligence, he even used the trick of coaxing, which was not like his usual style.

“That student is really that good?”

Xu Jing sneered and directly picked up the test paper in front of him and threw it to him: “See for yourself.”

Two minutes passed –

“Full score?”


“You’re not afraid she didn’t memorize the answer?”

“I called her here last minute, can you memorize it for me?”

“Hehe…” That’s not necessary.

Xu Jing picked up the tea cup, took a sip, and said leisurely, “I’m looking forward to this year…” 

“Be careful, the bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment.”

“Get lost, you’re just being saying the grapes are sour because you can’t have them. You are just envious!”

Meng Zhijian couldn’t believe it: “Me? Envious? What a joke!”

“How many do you plan to send to the national training team for this year’s IPhO?”

Meng Zhijian was stunned.

IPhO, International Physics Olympiad.

Their school had not even entered the provincial finals in the past three years, not to mention the national team?

“You are ridiculing me,” Meng Zhijian curled his lips and sat back, “It is estimated that this time next year, it will be time to disband the group. If there are no good seedlings, it is useless to raise them, and it is impossible for me to live. It just so happens that I need to cleanse… “

Having said that, regret flashed in his eyes.

Originally, Ling Xuan was also gifted, but unfortunately his energy was limited, so he could only choose between the Math Olympiad class and the Physics Competition class.

“By the way, who is that student? Why do I have no impression at all? It stands to reason that such a good seedling should have been famous in their grade.”

“Oh, Jiang Fuyue.” Xu Jing said lightly.

Meng Zhijian almost spat out the sip of water he just drank: “Who?!”

Xu Jing repeated in a good-natured manner, the same three words.

Teacher Meng was confused: “Apart from the person in last place in their grade, does our school still have a girl named ‘Jiang Fuyue’?”

“There should be none.”


After the last class in the afternoon, the classroom was quickly emptied.

“Sister Han,” Ge Meng came over cautiously, “Should we still go?”

Jiang Han’s heart was fighting all day.

For a moment, it was Jiang Fuyue’s dangerous eyes that were cold enough to freeze people to death, and then it was the torture of facing the practice papers.

After a long while, she gritted her teeth, as if she made up her mind: “Let’s go!”

Ge Meng was surprised, full of admiration, and even moved to tears – she knew that Sister Han would not be cowardly, she would definitely take them to escape Jiang Fuyue’s perverted claws! 

But the next second—

Jiang Han: “The toilet smells disgusting, do you have any more earplugs? Give me a pair, and I’ll use them to plug the nostrils.”

Ge Meng: “?”

The other supporter followed silently.

When the three of them arrived, Jiang Fuyue was already standing where she was yesterday, leaning against the railing with her back, so she could relax.

“Did you bring homework?” she asked.

Jiang Han nodded indifferently: “Brought it…”

As for Ge Meng and Liu Sisi behind them, they didn’t dare to open their mouths.

“Then let’s get started.”

“We’ve almost finished writing in class time! Really!”

“Yes yes yes…” Ge Meng nodded hurriedly.

Liu Sisi also followed suit.

“Oh?” Jiang Fuyue raised her eyebrows.

Jiang Han hurriedly flipped through her schoolbag, “I’ll show you if you don’t believe me…”

“No need.”


“Since the homework is over, let’s play something else.”

Jiang Fuyue hooked her lips, and Jiang Han’s heart felt cold.

Ten minutes later, the sports field.

Jiang Fuyue stood at the starting point and raised her chin forward: “Five laps, go home after running.”

Jiang Han could not wait to fall to the ground on the spot and go into a severe coma.

Five laps? ! Won’t this kill her?

“Don’t… let’s talk this through slowly, everything can be discussed.”

Jiang Fuyue’s expression remained unchanged, she only squeezed her fists and moved her toes. The seemingly random movements made Jiang Han’s scalp tighten.

Ge Meng jumped away immediately, she didn’t want to take a second kick: “Han, Sister Han, why don’t we run?”

Jiang Han gritted her teeth: “…Run!” In fact, her heart was bleeding .

In the evening of midsummer, the wind was warm, and the ground was enveloped by the transpiring heat. The whole sports field was like a simmering pot with a lid on it.

Jiang Han started panting within two steps, and in less than half a circle, she was already sweating like rain.

When the first lap was over, she looked like she was scooped up from the river.

Under the setting sun, the trembling fat flesh seemed to be engaged in a party that they haven’t gone to in a long time, “No… I can’t… I can’t run…”

Jiang Fuyue rubbed her wrists and stepped closer.

Jiang Han’s pupils shrank, “I’m running! Can’t I run?” 

On the third lap, Jiang Han felt that her legs were not her own.

On the last lap, she was carried by Ge Meng and Liu Sisi to the end.

At that time, Jiang Fuyue had already finished seven sets of mathematics papers and ten sets of physics papers. She put away her school bag, stood up, turned around and left without saying anything.

“Wait…wait a minute…” Jiang Han was panting, “Can I…do my homework tomorrow?”

She was about to cry, how can running compare to homework?

Jiang Fuyue didn’t look back: “It depends on which subject you want to do.” Physical education homework is also homework.

“…Written! The writing kind!” Jiang Han opened her throat.

When the person walked away and could no longer be seen, Jiang Han rested in place for ten minutes before recovering.

“Sister Han…” Liu Sisi hesitated.

“If you have fart, let it out!” Jiang Han poured out most of the mineral water handed by Ge Meng.

“Why should we endure Jiang Fuyue? Why should we be bullied by her? How old is she?”

Jiang Han was taken aback.

Yeah, why?

It’s not that she can’t be beat, cough… well, even if she can’t beat her herself, can’t she ask for help?

How can she be slaughtered foolishly?

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